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  • coldstar 1d

    Once upon a time, I met you. We were both young and naive, but we were kind and generous enough to get to know one another.

    Soon we became great friends, we seized the world and became a part of something greater than ourselves. We marveled at how far we had come and the trials and had triumphed.

    Then reality sunk in with its illusionary claws.

    We were separated by our demons and friends alike, down we fell, into an inky abyss- still kept apart by the lines we hadn't realised we drew.

    Heartache rang out for years to come as we stubbornly stumbled around in the dark, trying to find one another by listening to each others helpless cries.

    Eventually though, our voices gave out and we stopped trying to find each other. And in this quiet darkness I found myself, and fell in love all over again. I gave myself the strength to carry on without you. I marched, limped and crawled in one stubborn straight line until I found a wall and clawed my way to the top- only to find that you were already there. You had found yourself as well. You had made your way out of the pit and forgotten about me and moved on and I... I cried silently as I crawled into a dark cave I would make my own.

    Months turned to years as my cave turned into my home, decorated with some things stolen and some things gained, some things shiny and some things stained.

    And then I heard footsteps at the very entrance of my cave. I turned around and saw your traitorous smile, and you said-

    "I knew you'd make it. I've missed you."


  • randomrhapsody 1d

    Once upon a time, as a tiny girl of four, she had stood in front of a towering building admiring the way it had been constructed. She loved the world of beams, mortar and cement.

    Once upon a time, she had reluctantly kept the civil engineering admission form aside and started filling in her application for home sciences. Her parents had both agreed that fine arts suited their daughter much more than being in a man's world loitering around half constructed buildings.

    Once upon a time, she had dressed up in her mother's silk saree and carried a tray full of tea cups and savories for the family sitting in her living room. She felt her soul entangle endlessly in the folds of the saree but she had learnt to paint a smile on her face and present it to the world.

    Once upon a time, she had tearfully folded her offer letter as a professor at a local college and stashed it away. Her husband assured her lovingly that he was earning enough to support the family and she should just relax and enjoy her life. 'It's so easy for women', he had said with a wry smile. 'No stress of making ends meet or climbing the corporate ladder.'

    Once upon a time, she had hoped that the little baby inside her ever expanding belly was a boy. Atleast he wouldn't have to conform to the society's expectations and rules. She remembered a tear escape the corner of her eye as she looked at her little princess sleeping soundly in the crib next to her three days later.

    Once upon a time, she had held her daughter's hand and walked upto to the principal's office to speak about the class bully. 'Girls shouldn't try to fight back boys', the principal had said. 'They will lose the fight however hard they try'. She had held on tightly to her daughter's little hand and walked away fighting back tears. 'You will never take injustice done to you. Stand up for your rights and dreams! I will always have your back, no matter what!', she told her wide eyed daughter on the way back home.

    Today as she watched her teenage daughter score goal after goal in the national level football game, she couldn't stop feeling excited. Her interior decoration course was starting next week. A new chapter which her daughter had urged her to begin.

    A brand-new 'Once Upon a time'


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    Once upon a time....

    Story in Captions


  • odysseus 1d

    If life is a tournament, I am a vanquished participant who has been knocked out in the preliminary rounds - that's what I feel sometimes. It's been four years since I left my parents' house - yes, their house, not my house. My father, a self-made man told me in no unclear terms that I wouldn't get a penny from him if I married my sweetheart, of course, against his wishes. Dad had built his house and his business brick by brick and I wouldn't be allowed to enter his house after crossing the threshold.

    For the first time in my life, I had had a heated argument with him. He is a stubborn man and his "no" was firm and final. "Forget him else forget us." he said and I began to pack my bags. Mom didn't intervene. In fact, she never does.

    Was it a blunder? My old buddies and my well-wishers believe it wasn't. Most of them were supportive and helped as much as they could.
    "He" was known for his ability to think outside the box. We were in the same college and he was one year my senior. His immense potential became evident during the various activities conducted by the college and the university.

    He was picked up by a leading business house. I too joined a year later. Though not an experienced guy, he helped the company complete successfully some very challenging projects. His colleagues and even his bosses would be full of praise for him. Everything seemed fine. We were happy in our own small world.

    And then there was that mega project. He was required to work overtime, I wasn't. He became very busy, working long hours, visiting work-sites and attending meetings - sometimes in the town, sometimes outside.

    Then I sensed it... I thought something was amiss... His behaviour had changed. Where was the ever-romantic, over enthusiastic lover in him? I thought I was wrong...I thought he was exhausted from overwork and it was quite obvious... And then the truth struck me like a thunderbolt... He had been two-timing me! It was one of his colleagues. How could he do this to me? I had antagonised and left my parents for this person!

    But it was true. He didn't seem to be repentant. In fact, it was my turn to regret. There was ample evidence to prove his infidelity and I have filed for divorce.

    I have walked out on him but there is no question of quitting the job. Not all is lost though I have learnt my lessons the hard way.

    I had to struggle to find a decent place to live. My impressive resume and academic credentials didn't help much. Finally I managed to get a room in a working women's hostel. The room is not exactly spacious and airy, but it's big enough for me. It's not the closed window(or the closed door) that suffocates me, it's my past that chokes me...

    I fail to understand what exactly went wrong. I try to forget everything but the memories are indelible. Actually it's the pleasant memories which cause more pain than the painful ones. I have volunteered to be part of a project that requires me to work overtime. However, Sundays are different. I love to be left alone... I sincerely believe that a few hours of solitude can refresh and rejuvenate me and I make it a point to visit this quiet and beautiful place every Sunday.

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    If life is a tournament, I am a player who has been knocked out in the preliminary rounds...

  • sadness 1d


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    Once upon a time

    There was this little girl
    Who is Drowning
    Because everyone she loved left
    Now it feels like the Whole world is swallowing her
    Everything around her is suffocating her
    Because every breath feels like your last because she can’t move her lungs up and down anymore without it feeling like the weight of the world is on her chest


  • nasreen 1d

    Once upon a time, My child, there was a world,
    A world of harmonious melodies,
    Sunshines and pretty skies, moonlight and twinkling stars;
    It was a beautiful world to live in, My love,
    So serene and bright, it might seem like a miracle now.

    Oh! What a world to live in, it was,
    Fictional it may seem to you, Alas! It not your fault.

    But it's a pity truly, to be alive at a time like this,
    Love being long lost, and envy at it's place,
    Over and everywhere, with hopelessness in the air;
    Oh! My darling, I wished for you not to live in here,
    Dead and lifeless, with the humanity gone, in this oasis of blood and an endless war.

  • 2chinmayee 1d

    Once upon time the fairy dressed herself with fragranced flowers,dazzling jewels, shinning beads along with glowing golden coloured saree & started her tour for world by silvery wings.
    Accidentally she met a sage who was busy in gardening & watering. She changed her original identify & was disguised as a musk deer. She entered into the premises & destroyed the crops. But the sage had no idea about that.
    The nymph astonished and finally took her original shape & questioned eagerly why did not he beat the deer. The saint answerd that " I knew that you were destroying the crops but I was silent only for you. You had no knowledge about ur enemies. There are some venators falling behind you. But they didn't entered as they have the dare of curse."
    The angel got satisfacation and sprinkled the magic water and all the crops regained their shape and became greenish and the fairy returned to her land.
    **"Sometimes silent treatment is best. Let the time to heal everything."**

    (Too long. Read if u want to)

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    **"Sometimes silent treatment is best. Let the time to heal everything."**


  • cardelljhardy 2d

    Church of Christ

    Once upon a time, in space.
    All emptiness and blank.
    Popped in the planet earth.
    But humanity treated it like dirt!
    God's mighty Son came down!
    And walked from town to town!
    And for the sake of our iniquity
    His blood poured red
    A lamb was slain
    But He fought the pain!
    He walked out of the tomb.
    Like a new baby from the womb!
    The news of him spread!
    And Satan's strength was torn!
    The church of Christ was born!
    With people celebrating him worldwide!
    In His word is where we must abide!
    And our faults we cannot hide!
    He paid the ultimate price there on that tree
    But he is the one who had resurrected me!
    And here we are happily ever after!
    Lifting our hands up to the Father!!!

  • xxbrokenrainbowxx 2d

    Once Upon a Time

    Once upon a time, I longed to see the castle. Huge and elegant. But I was poor. I was the odd one out in the kingdom. I was thrown around. But all I want is to see the castle up close.
    Once upon a time, I made a mistake or a few too many. Now my mates and I are outsiders. But it do but it doesn't matter because one day there will be no "once upon a time".

  • namii11 2d

    Once upon a time in her moddy flight !!!

    She ask for her significance in his sight !!

    He utter " just like any other you know might"!!

    After this she hold her heart so tight !!

    And distant herself from his so called "lime light" !!

    Though she feel so restless & cried overnight !!

    But very courageously she decided to be her own white knight !!

    This is how she won over her own fright !!

    Now she find herself who don't compromise for what's not right !!

    Here ends a tale where only "she" shine so bright !!


  • _griffindork 2d

    Once upon a time...

    Once upon a time, there was a little girl who dreamed to fly high.
    She wanted to get lost in the orange hued sky,
    Soar among the birds, touch the silver lined clouds.
    But there were storms, which could tear her wings apart, leave her broken.
    Still she remained strong,
    Proved them wrong.
    Cause she knew even the heaviest storms are temporary,
    Leaving behind a rainbow and taking away the worries.

  • dinfazil 2d

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    Once upon a time
    There was a place
    Where everyone used to feel free and safe
    It was called paradise on earth
    But few hypocrites ruined its name
    And turned it into the deadliest place
    Where a human life had no worth
    Those who tried to raise their voices
    system changed their fate
    Trusts were betrayed
    Dreams were murdered
    bloodshed on every road
    Hands full of blood
    Guns in their hand
    Feelingless hearts and Meaningless life.
    Helpless souls with tears in their eyes
    Madly Begging for their lives.
    If this is how heaven looks like
    Then i wonder how dangerous
    hell may look like.


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    Once upon a time
    There was a place
    Where everyone used to feel free and safe
    It was called paradise on earth
    But few hypocrites ruined its name
    And turned it into the deadliest place
    Where a human life had no worth
    Those who tried to raise their voices
    system changed their fate
    Trusts were betrayed
    Dreams were murdered
    bloodshed on every road
    Hands full of blood
    Guns in their hand
    Feelingless hearts and Meaningless life.
    Helpless souls with tears in their eyes
    Madly Begging for their lives.
    If this is how heaven looks like
    Then i wonder how dangerous
    hell may look like.


  • nigarrao 2d

    Once upon a time...

    Once upon a time there lived a race,
    All humane, and each other they embrace.
    No hatred rather not even a trace,
    They dwelled in oneness, cordial was the case...
    Then the century turned and the seed was sown,
    That Seed of hatred and intolerance, into a tree it has grown!
    A tree with a collosal bark as a mighty monster,
    Has seeped its roots in the deepest, and far deeper!
    Being nourished with hate and watered with sadism,
    It has parted my land into chunks, following vandalism!
    But you see that hope still lurks in each eye,
    Each night shall pass and we'll bid goodbye.
    Goodbye to the streaks of the darkest dark,
    And welcome the rays of light, quite Stark!
    Every nook and corner will be illuminated,
    And that golden era of Justice reiterated!
    All living in peace and harmony,
    Soaring in a soul-soothing symphony...

  • pandubooram 1d

    Strangers theory

    Once up on a time
    Love happened blw 2 strangers
    Over a sustained period
    They meant to be one in love
    But people changes from day to day
    They again became strangers
    But this time the strangers became
    Up to death...

  • venkat3nath 2d

    Sloppy Happy..!

    On a regular evening two friends are sitting in a park. they don't see each other very often but they feel each other every now and then. In fact now they both are feeling each other. Ok enough with pre-talk. Their names are Happiness and Sadness. As per the pre-talk now happiness is very sad, and Sadness is very happy.
    Sadness : hey bro, you yourself Happiness, why are you so sad, I mean why are you so "ME"
    Happiness : I don't understand people re. I always stay with them. But they scared of me. They are so insecure of me. Hence they always hold on to you.
    Sadness : Yeah.. You know what? you are always their favourite and they expect more of you. they never want you to leave. They don't know you and I complete each other and everything is part of the game. Hence the insecurity. They don't trust things about you. They admire the moment when you are with them, but what they forget is they don't enjoy the moment when you are with them. Always looking for you to stay/be with them "tomorrow" and leaving the today's moment.
    Happiness : that's why you are only one feeling "ME" as they always feeling "YOU"
    Both chuckle and see a guy who is playing with his infant baby girl. They both were so happy. Happiness immediately goes to them and play with them. That girl is so happy to play with Happiness, as she doesn't have expectations with Happiness. Kids right? Ultimate realization:: knowledge and expectations sucks.

  • shazia_fatima 2d

    Vo waqt bi ajeeb tha
    Vo din bi ajeeb tha
    Vo pal bi ajeeb tha
    Jo pal me hum dono mile
    Kash vo waqt na ata vo din na ata aur vo pal na ata
    Aj humara yea haal na hota

  • ner 3d


    Once upon a time
    an island
    where the muses
    walked on water.
    There they saw them,
    the ghost poets
    writing verses
    admiring their beauty.
    His words today lie
    in books of light,
    are still living,
    they're still writing.

  • wonderleni 3d

    Once upon a time

    I am just a Sophia the first kind of princess
    I was in the village doing all right
    Okay, I didn't become a princess overnight
    I would work all day like Cinderella just so I wouldn't feel trapped like Rapunzel
    I threw my life away into the hands of the beast that now lead my hands and my mind
    I am a real fairytale
    I am a warrior princess
    You will find me soaked in the bravery of Mulan, the determination of Moana, the fierce love of Pocahontas
    You will find me drenched in the Peace of Aurora's sleep, the naivety of Snow White, the sacrifice of Elsa
    My life is frozen, these are fantasies
    My fairytale is not the Jasmine kind of beautiful
    I have no magic mats or genie
    I have my broken self


  • moon_at_heart 3d

    The Land of Sniddle, Snodle, and Sneed
    (Saucerful of Secrets)

    Once upon a time,
    T'was neither here nor there,
    I found myself seated
    Upon a magical chair.

    As I sat and pondered,
    The legs began to twisted.
    With a squeal and a wheeze,
    Another time began to exist.

    Twisting and turning,
    I started to shout,
    But all that squeeze-wheezing
    Just drowned out.

    Off like a jet plane,
    With a shower of Sparks,
    We shot through the heavens,
    Into fathomless dark.

    We zoomed past the Moon,
    My chair and I.
    Mr. Moon was a-snoozn'.
    The poor 'ol guy.

    On past the Milky Way,
    Out past the Stars,
    We flew past a Planet.
    I think it was Mars.

    On and on we went,
    Zigging and zagging.
    With my eyes opened wide,
    And my head a-wagging.

    And then! All of a sudden,
    We burst through a hole.
    My chair went a-tumbling,
    And I said, "Whoa!"

    I found myself sprawled,
    Lying in a sea of blue.
    Lost and bewildered,
    I knew not what to do.

    The sea of blue was grass,
    Waving gently there.
    I shook myself off,
    And looked around for my chair.

    I spotted it at once,
    Howbeit, empty it was not.
    For there was a creature
    Perched quite proudly in my spot.

    "You have entered the Land
    Of Sniddle, Snodle, and Sneed.
    Why have you come,
    And what do you need?"

    I stumbled and stammered,
    In awe and rather shocked,
    Yet, I could go nowhere.
    My way was quite blocked.

    For those creatures were everywhere
    In colorful array
    They were more than raindrops
    On a very rainy day.

    I did not know if I should fear,
    Or be affrighted,
    But by the look on their faces,
    They were quite delighted.

    "We are Snoodles,
    And I am King of them all.
    Who and what are you?
    We've seen your great fall."

    Said I to them, "I am but a human,
    From the Land of the Free.
    Please do not eat me,
    But be gentle with me."

    "I wish no harm,
    And would not be here
    Except for this twisting,
    Turning, magical chair."

    "If you'll but let me,
    I'll surely leave you alone.
    If only I could find
    My way back home."

    And right then and there,
    In a raucous fit of Glee,
    That King Snoodle began
    To seriously tickle me.

    Was that good or bad?
    I surely did not know!
    "Please Mr. King Snoodle,
    Just let me go!"

    Then all of a sudden,
    Just like that, he let me go.
    "Please forgive me.
    I'm really sorry, you know."

    "You have said the magic word
    Which is please.
    Forgive my senseless
    Ability to tickle and tease."

    "You've returned our
    Twisting, turning, magical chair.
    I'll surely let you go,
    I'm truly known to be fair."

    And with a pinch and a sneeze,
    He let me go.
    Soon I was falling home
    To Earth so far below.

    In my Homeland my folks,
    They did not believe.
    In fact, they had the nerve
    To act rather peeved!

    Yet that's my story,
    I don't mean to bother,
    But if you'll stop to listen,
    I'll tell you another.
    (Sparrow on the housetop)

    #fairytale #writerstolli

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    Saucerful of Secrets

  • lilithpo 3d

    Once upon a time, there was a brave knight. 

    He always wanted to have everything right.

    His bloody sword,

    was his mighty lord.

    The old Death stared at him,

    adoring his poor whim.

    Then the truth has become a lie, 

    so she turned off the light. 

    The time has come and he died, 

    his courageous soul sighed. 

    Everything he fought for,

    was no more right.

  • diverzain 3d

    Once upon a time
    There was "us"
    Now, there's only me
    And a little bit of you
    Living in my poetry