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  • chabala_vii 50m

    Fantasizing about
    what could have been
    Is not healthy reflecting


  • hunny_1104 4h

    Pixie Dust

    All I need is some patience
    & a little bit of Pixie Dust
    In order to get the power to fly
    In order to discover the solemny blue sky

    There I will meet the stars
    & they will clear all my scars
    With their pleasant light
    & with this light I will continue my flight

    There I will meet the great Moon
    I have always talked to him from the Earth
    I will tell him that the earthlings are his fans
    Cuz he's the only one who guides us in the dark lanes

    There I will reach Galaxies
    To explore the unknown seas
    & then I will share some pixie dust with you
    To make you believe that all this is true

    In this heart hitting fantasy of mine
    I am stuck
    Not wanting to come out
    I just need a little bit of Pixie Dust to shine

  • tanyanottonya 9h

    Apocalyptic Love

    To love again is like
    a zombie apocalypse
    Epic terror
    Never actualized
    Moments of relief
    A series of non-committal screams
    Periods of frantic silence
    Isolated pockets of disbelief
    Panicked collapse of normalcy.
    to have you seek refuge
    in me.

  • charlin29 11h

    Still here.

    I'm still here, I'm still alive, fighting through this hell of a life, that I'am in. All the pain that I have to suffer, makes me want to cut my skin, but I write instead. I write what I feel, so deep inside of me. Some of you don't understand what I'm saying and how I'm feeling, but it's all right. It's my feeling's, so it would be hard for you to understand me.

  • hunny_1104 21h


    God Bless! to those who stay away

    & also to those who enlighten my day.

    Hearing the pitter patter of the raindrops,
    I lay down & say...

    I wish this world could turn into a miracle,

    & end all the games that people play.

    For all those who have lost their way,

    Closing my eyes, from the depth I pray.

    Clumsy, uneasy, in the dark

    I come out of my fantasy, rubbing my eyes.

    I get up, blow the candles & switch on the lights!


  • minihappythings 1d

    Dawn Love

    Like Icarus, he fell and drown when he’s close to the sun,
    I could never be too close to you.
    I don’t deserve a daylight love.
    I belong to the moon
    When a cold hand of Selene touch me,
    Where Artemis start her night hunting,
    That is where I stand and live
    So let me call you before the dawn,
    When Aurora go to the sky before Helios did,
    With her dew, I try to wake you up
    With her little light, I am trying to reach you.
    Come on, answer my call, find me
    It is a very close time.
    Before I knew,
    Helios has his carriage and up to the sky,
    And once again I am lost to Chronos

  • preetkanwal 1d

    Once upon a time
    when I was a young girl
    Standing on the cliff
    amidst my lonesome world
    I was fantasising
    a castle of my dreams
    tho’ my feet were fastened
    with earthly chains
    But i was like a stream
    having eternal verities
    always moving ahead with
    unstoppable speed
    Floating between reality n dreams
    on the wings of imagination
    merging into the sea of life
    looking upto the sky
    I was on cloud nine
    moving into realm of fantasy


  • logophile394 1d

    Guardian Of The Flames: Chapter One [Part Two]

    Ms Woodcott nearly tore through the door at the end of the hallway, barging into a poorly kept office. The floor was coated with a thick layer of dust ,the walls were bare and the only pieces of furniture were a small desk located in the middle of the room and behind it a rickety chair in which was seated a sour faced man currently busy in glaring at the papers scattered on his desk.

    "I thought I sent Gibson to deal with your case, Ms Woodcott," he said, slowly raising his head to look at them. "But I presume a suitable conclusion has not yet been reached?"

    "I thought I made my requirements perfectly clear to you Carlston," Ms Woodcott snarled.

    Mr Carlston sighed in annoyance."So you have. And so have I, as I would like to believe. The conditions remain the same-tell me for whom it is you work and this boy-, "he gestured towards Kevin with his hand "will be accepted immediately, without the trials."

    Ms Woodcott let out a frustrated scream, pointing her knife at Carlston. "I cannot tell you that'! You have to accept him; I refuse to deal with this menace any longer. I want my freedom."

    His fright kept Kevin from groaning aloud. This had been happening for the past two years- Ms Woodcott would demand that Mr Carlston 'accepted' him (whatever that was supposed to mean), Carlston would refuse, Ms Woodcott would threaten him after which she would be refused again and then sent away.

    Carlston looked back at his papers."You know my answer to that and point that knife somewhere else Ms Woodcott. You know that if you kill me, you will never get what you want. My decision is final. And might I request you to stop murdering my employees? It is quite tedious to find people ready to work here as it is. As a matter of fact-," he continued his voice rising towards the end "I now refuse to ever again consider your case."

    Kevin had never understood how Carlston wasn't terrified of Ms Woodcott. Neither did he understand why he was the only one Ms Woodcott couldn't harm while she could inflict as much pain as she liked upon anyone else. To be honest, he didn't know much of anything that was going on and while he would very much like to, he was never going to. Ms Woodcott wasn't exactly the kind of person that appreciated curiosity or anything that required him to speak. She had informed him long ago that she wouldn't hesitate to kill him if he did something to 'displease' her.

    Another scream wrenched itself out of her throat as Ms Woodcott's black eyes changed to a blood red. She turned and stormed out of the office. Kevin was left standing in the room, blinking in surprise. He hadn't realized when she had let go of his arm.

    Had she really just left him all alone?

    "Well boy, are you just going to stand there?" Carlston said, not looking up from his papers. 

    Dazed, Kevin let himself out of the office and moved down the long hallway. She had never let him out of her sight since he had tried to run away last year ; locking him up , binding his hands whenever they had to go outside , 'training' him indoors. He didn't know what to expect at the moment and that scared him more than anything else. As he approached the front door, he dwelled on the different possibilities.

    Would he be dragged back to house and tied up again or would he be tied up and left out in the rain? 

    Someone grabbed his right hand, making him gasp in surprise. Turning around he saw the guard from earlier standing beside him who reached out a scarred hand and took the oil lamp from Kevin's grasp which he hadn't even noticed he was still holding. The guard then moved to stand in the corner, almost hidden by the shadows. After standing near the door for what seemed like quite some time, he nervously opened the door and stepped out into the rain.

    Screams and hysterical laughter filled his ears as soon as he stepped out. Glancing down the street, he could spot her figure, still clutching the knife. She seemed to be moving from house to house, attacking the doors with her knife. Or at least that was what it looked like; it was hard to make out through the rain. He could only imagine her crazed eyes , her sinister smile as she moved farther down the street. He tried not to think about what would happen if she noticed him. She wasn't yet very far from where he was standing but was at a safe distance. The rain was increasing; the winds were getting stronger as the howled past him. Lightning flashed in the sky above and thunder rolled in the distance. And even though he could barely stand or even see clearly, in that moment he made his decision. His heart pounding against his chest, he turned in the other direction and took off into the night.


    He didn't remember ever running this fast. He didn't really know where he was going, he just ran through the streets, through the winding paths and alleys, even as the rain soaked him to the bone and he was very nearly on the verge of passing out. He had even tried knocking on the doors, after he felt like he had run some distance, begging for help but everyone had recognized him (Ms Woodcott had dragged him down the streets too many times for them not to) and they shut the door in his face.

    He had realized his mistake in asking for help much later, when he had heard the screams and laughter following him. Of course everyone would point her in the direction of where he had gone, they lived in constant fear of being slaughtered by her. He ran even faster, trying to hold back a sob. She could not catch him; he would be dead before the end of the night. After running a while, the streets almost fading to a blur, the laughter had stopped. He had continued to run, not wanting to take any chances before he felt like he couldn't do it anymore. He ducked into a narrow alleyway between two buildings and stopped, leaning back against one of the walls.

    He was breathing hard, coughing and spluttering ; having no idea as to what he was going to do. He could run through the entire down for as many days as he wanted but she would find him. There was nowhere for him to hide.

    'Maybe dying won't be so bad' he thought to himself 'At least I'll be away from her.'

    Despite what he was thinking, he turned to look towards the entrance to the alleyway and what he saw made his heart nearly stop in his chest.

    Dark red eyes were staring directly at him through the rain and the fog. A crazed grin was etched onto her face, her pale hand clutching a knife dripping with blood. He let out a yell as he turned and pelted in the other direction. He could hear her running after him.

    "You can't run," he could hear her yell."I'll catch you and make sure you never run again. You're not fearful enough! You'll learn to feel fear, I'll make you be afraid."

    Trying and failing to block out her voice, he made sharp turns, following the narrowest of paths. After a while the laughter was starting to fade a little again.

    'Please let her be falling behind. Please let her be falling behind' he thought desperately. He turned the next corner into another alley. 'She can't catch me, she can't catch me, she can't-'

    He slipped and fell face first on the ground, the impact knocking the wind out of him. He couldn't get up, couldn't move. Tears leaked out of his eyes as the laughter became louder and his vision grew blurrier. He faintly heard footsteps coming towards him and his heart sank.

    The last thing he saw was a gloved hand reaching toward him before everything went black.

  • logophile394 1d

    Guardian Of The Flames : Chapter One [Part One]

    Kevin awoke to the sound of glass shattering. There was darkness all around him, so much so that there seemed to be no difference between keeping his eyes closed or open. He shot up in alarm, trying to sit up but was pulled back down, his wrists stinging. His hands seemed to be bound on either side of him and so were his legs, leaving him lying on the cold ground disoriented and panicking. He repeatedly yanked at his bindings but all that achieved was a sound of rattling metal and the worsening of pain in his wrists. He couldn't recall when he had fallen asleep or how he had gotten in this current predicament.

    A shriek sounded from somewhere above and for a moment he stopped struggling. There was a clanging noise and suddenly, bright light filtered into the room making his eyes squint.

    "You do not give me orders!" someone shrieked and terror filled him as he recognized whom that voice belonged to. "You will do as I say!"

    "Ms Woodcott," another voice spoke "T-there is hardly any need for this. It is a simply a waste of time. You know it will not be permitted until-"

    "Shut up!" Ms Woodcott said, her voice sending shivers down his spine. He lay perfectly still, not making a sound and prayed for her to go away. He couldn't care less about how long he was trapped in this position for as long as she didn't come near him.

    As his eyes adjusted to the light, he could make out a small flight of stairs leading up to a doorway; a few feet from where he lay. Ms Woodcott was making her way down the stairs while the other person stood near the doorway. His heart was beating rapidly in fear as she came closer and he could see her face looming over him. As she relieved him of his bindings, he desperately tried to remember what he had done to deserve this treatment. Had he disobeyed an order? No matter how much he tried, he couldn't recall anything in that moment.

    "Up!" she yelled, yanking him to his feet. She grabbed his arm in a death grip and started dragging him up the stairs.

    "Quickly!" she would shout every time he stumbled or fell.

    As soon as they reached the top, entering a long corridor, she threw him in front of the person she had previously been conversing with- a tall man with his hands clasped behind his back and a terribly nervous look on his face.

    "So?" Ms Woodcott demanded, glaring at the man.

    "W-well, h-he is y-young, "stuttered the man giving Kevin a once-over. "N-not ready."

    Ms Woodcott's eyes glinted dangerously. Off to the side, Kevin could see the remains of what used to be either a glass sculpture or vase lying on the wooden floor, next to a stand it must have been knocked off from.

    "He is thirteen! Old enough I should think."

    The tall man was nearly trembling in fright. "Ma'am, w-we a-are ready to a-accept your situation if y-you would j-just p-provide the-"

    "And I have said to that fool Carlston multiple times that I cannot provide the name of whom I work for!" Ms Woodcott nearly screamed.

    The man took in a deep breath, as if that would assist him in regaining some of his courage. "Well then, I am afraid I cannot help you."

    Fury flooded her eyes. Her pale skin had taken on a red tinge. Releasing Kevin's arm she moved to stand in front of the man who took an automatic step backwards. Dreading what was about to happen, Kevin closed his eyes.

    "Well then," he heard Ms Woodcott say, her voice shriller than usual."I believe there is only one thing left to do."

    A slash sounded through the air followed by something falling to the ground with a thump. Kevin kept his eyes shut, not wanting to face what had just happened. He just hoped-

    A slap to the side of his face forced him to open his eyes and cut across his thoughts.

    "Keep your eyes open!"

    Ms Woodcott stood clutching a knife in one hand, her expression maniacal. He tried his best not to look at the body lying on the ground behind her. She clutched his arm with her other hand and once again dragged him down the corridor, the flight of stairs at the end of it , the foyer and through the front door into the thunderous , rainy night. She continued down the street, ignoring his sounds of protest.

    "I haven't done anything," he said, somehow managing to find his voice through the terror. "Where are you taking me?"

    But she had only shot him a murderous glare, causing him to keep completely silent as they made their way through the cobblestone paths of the town. On seeing them, people on the streets started rushing back to their houses, to bolt their doors and windows shut and lock themselves inside. He shivered in the rain, barely being able to walk. Whenever he fell, Ms Woodcott roughly pulled him to his feet and proceeded to pull him forward. H e couldn't tell for how far into the town they had travelled but by the time he was pulled to a stop in front of their destination, he nearly passed out. He fought to stay conscious; there was no saying that she wouldn't leave him lying out in the rain.

    They were standing in front of a building, the wooden door of which was covered in the scratch marks and dried blood.

    'Not again,' he thought nervously.

    He knew where they were and in the last two years, he had been here far too many times for his liking. Ms Woodcott raised her hand which still held the knife and banged on the door, screaming for someone to open it up. There was grunting and the shuffling of feet from the other side before the door was opened revealing an old man- the guard standing at the entrance holding an oil lamp. She stormed through the doorway and momentarily let go of his arm as she snatched the oil lamp out of the guard's hands, thrusting it at Kevin. As soon as he took the lamp from her, she grabbed him again, steering him past the musty foyer. They continued straight down the long hallway leading off the foyer, consumed almost completely by darkness. There was an odd smell of limestone about. He tried to keep his eyes fixed ahead, not wanting to look as the oil lamp shone its light on the walls. He knew what they looked like and in his opinion; they were better left in the dark.

  • farukh_thoughts_ 1d

    Farukh thoughts:;

    Zulf k phande se Niklo,

    3 D chasme Tod do...

    Filmo vale pyaar ko,

    Filmo Tak hi chhor do..!

    © Unknown

  • ananya_aiswarya 1d

    Once upon a time, she lived in a castle constructed over years with her aspirations tangled up with some fairy dust, reflecting all shades of the vibrant rainbow.
    A marvel of fine artwork.
    Glistering day and night with fantasies. Her fantasies.
    A castle of glass.
    And just like any brittle object a crack broke it open from ground level up, destroying all those years of pain and hard work.
    #fantasy #mirakee

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    It was a her castle,
    a castle of glass.

  • sunflower_snowflake 1d

    Let the wind carry my voice
    Being bad is choice
    You didn't have to do all that things
    But still you did,even without wings
    You are enough powerful to destroy us all
    But don't you see,you are loved
    I know you had hard time
    And maybe you didn't have choice
    But you should listen my voice
    I didn't want all of this
    Innocent people are lost,is
    This what you wanted
    You could just kill me and finish
    Still,I believe there is love in you
    Wandering the dark paths and looking for a way out
    But will it come out in time
    Let's hope,that is all we can do #inspiration #thoughts #friendship #life #poetry #fantasy #Mirakee #writersnetwork

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  • shelovestowrite 2d

    Once upon a time, there lived a wingless mermaid with glittering green scales, light blue eyes, beautiful little face and a brimming smile. She waited for the waves to take her to the shore, where she could witness the setting sun. A wave comes and goes, failing in giving the mermaid a drag to the shore. Several such waves followed, but none could take her along. The mermaid stagnates at her place endlessly, waiting and waiting. Her hope getting numb along with her wingless body.

    As for the sun, it doesn't wait for anyone. Why does it even have to wait, as it is free, independent, on its own. So the sun sets, and with it sets the hope of the mermaid. She floats on the surface of water, waiting herself to be pulled inside sooner by the weight of her own wingless body. Sinking deeper into the dark scary water, she tries to conjure up an image of herself facing the setting sun. Her face illuminated by the orange hue, her skin glistened by the flickering light. Her dream gets broken with a thud, when she hits the lap of water. There she lies curled up, waiting for some turmoil to hit on her and take her again on the surface, rekindling the desire to live her dream.

    #fantasy #mermaid #dream #sun #brave #life #hope #pod @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @writerstolli

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    Once upon a time, there lived a wingless mermaid with glittering green scales, light blue eyes, beautiful little face and a brimming smile.


  • harf__ 2d

    Once upon a time there was a princess who encountered a lone wolf the same lone wolf everybody has awared her about they have told her to see him as a monster but less she knew that the moment she will encounter the monster she wouldn't look for his restless and powerful structure but she would got to see the tender bruises that could make her think about him as nothing more than a hurt being, they saw, they tingle eachother, and finally they cried in each others arms without knowing eachother and there it started.

  • deepflowarts 2d


    Creator of Flora and Fauna the wonderful goddess of nectar and freedom.
    Such is the pain in your heart as your creations become corrupted by greedy veins.
    Cursing the blackened Morgoth and the unquenched Ungoliant you watch your masterpieces fall from fame.
    The Shepard's of the forest worship your creation as they remind the children of Illúvatar who to deliver thanks.

  • deepflowarts 2d


    The wisest come with few words, holding their tongue to master a listener. The knower of seas watches alone as he ponders, so be wary what you speak since he follows beneath you unclouded. A lowly position isn't locked to equate a lowly status, just a different perspective. The shapeless quiet provide hidden roots until their time ignites with a dream-filled voice. Ulmo the wise seldom offers his precious words, so they are meant to be learned. Always keep them in your heart, and you will become unearthed.

  • yangvie 2d

    Tune in, into my thoughts.
    I will be a lullaby for you.

  • cgcastle 4d


    Hidden behind the pages;
    Imprisoned in the lyrics,
    Hypnotized with paragraphs?
    Excited with your subjects.

    I've been in pain;
    I found love,
    I have left a book,
    Hurt, scratched and hit.

    I never thought they could;
    Change my mood in seconds,
    They neutralize my senses,
    And overwhelm my thoughts.

    They are able to do;
    May my heart stop,
    They can achieve,
    My emotions alter.

    They transport me to another world;
    One out of reality,
    They fill me with fantasies,
    In them I find peace.


  • kumarramesh 4d


  • perfidious_soul 4d

    Luscious lips,
    Tasty sips.
    Scrumptious curves,
    Fantasies served.
    Fingers gliding,
    Urges enkindling.
    Eyes talking,
    Hands groping.
    Souls salacious,
    Bodies audacious.
    Every thrust,
    Juices burst.
    Deeper inside,
    Moans amplified.
    Cravings knead,
    Satisfaction guaranteed.