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  • rajatksingh10 3w

    For seniors

    ful khila hai wo gulab ka hai,
    aur koi junior kharab nikla hai to galti apka hai.
    aur pyar kia hai to nibhana padega
    jate jate ham juniors ko khilana parega..

  • rajatksingh10 3w

    jab raste itne hasen ho to dil ruk jana chahata hai,
    par manzil tak jana hai na, isliya keep moving on.

  • sahil_sankhe_1796 3w


    All the moments together we had
    Will make me more sad
    But this had to end one day
    Of course in a promising way!
    But now I don't have much to say,
    Just stay delighted wherever you all are
    I shall be content from far
    Be optimistic where you are!


  • callouschibi 4w

    The End.

    Sometimes we start fresh.
    The ones we loved show us who they are.
    Years waste away as time fails the test.
    The thorned halo's glow can be seen afar.

    Harrowing wind blows throughout the heart.
    I've got a secret, care to hear it?
    Everything is not alright.
    Not within this small circle, let it fall to the deepest pit.

  • karenallen284 4w

    All over the world there are mothers who have to
    Say goodbye to babies they haven't met but have planned an entire future with
    Say goodbye to babies they haven't smelled or hugged but have memorised their heartbeat
    Bid farewell to babies before they had a chance to say hello
    Bid farewell as they leave the most comforting home they know - the womb

    And what unites these mothers is their silent grief and endless thoughts of ifs and whys and hows.

  • singhkajal 4w


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    Kuch tod gye kuch chhor gye,
    Kuch ohde s DIL taul gye,
    Kyyiiii arso bad mile kuchh...
    ,jo phli dfa m "Abeyy b**k " bol gye!!
    Kuch ajeeb tha vo lmhaaa
    Jb saf inkar krne pr "chl chl bhav mt kha"
    Chup hone pr " bol tu bol ....aj sunenge teri"
    Bolne pr "abey gawar, tu muh bnd rkh"
    Kvi Hsne pr "bhut hsi aa rhi kya bat h??"
    To rone pr "abeyy lga isko do or ,,feel ni aa rhi "...........k shor hr or the!!
    Aj sb thk v kuch na-thk sa h..
    Tb kuch na-thk v sb thk tha...
    Jb puchhne pr "aree bhaia All is well"
    Na puchne pr" lgta h kisi or gali jane lge ho"
    Shakhtt hone pr"Tu single hi mregi ..likh k le le"
    To line dene pr "abeyyy sudhar ja ..pitwaegi hme v"..jaise bato m hi life bhutee aziz sa tha!!
    Kuch the "Nikammee" ,,nam to suna hi hoga...
    Kuch the nikamme jo chale the kuch dur sath,ab aage bdh gye...
    Kuch the nikamme jo av to the yhi... ab khi or gye....
    (Ha thk h ...i miss u..)
    Av to kyi or chay ki tafri lgane the yrrr..
    Av to kyi or uljhi masle, suljhane the yrr..
    Av to kyi or kissee likhne the yrr..
    Av to "Abeyyy yhi hu hm"
    ...kuch or dur khna tha na yrrr✨!!!

  • off_tsi9g 5w

    The So Called Closure_!!!

    Even though no one wants it, even if roots were the only place to thrive, even when the sun is to greet the fall, death must be treated with utmost admiration.

    My love for you will never change, it is indeed frail right now, more than it ever will be. Yet, it's not faded. I am being reminiscent.

    I owe you an eulogy, but it's better not to share it with everyone i guess. If this is absolute selfishness, so be it. Your tombstone will not be carved with guilt and expectations.

    A verse written for you, will not pave the path for your mighty chariot. Your ups and downs will never taint your legacy. Me on my very high, was a push to your extreme bounds. You even at your worst, would make the world fall for me.

    I am flawed in every possible way, yet you made me feel equality. I believe it's quite long for a confession, yet you vouched for every part of us...

    To you, to love, to peace and to quietus,
    May you be of oblivion, me grace.

  • luminosity_espied 7w

    Within your soul, there's a spot I'd prefer, to be buried in and be loved forever.
    For coffins are for those who grieve the absence and search the light of peace.
    Your heart is my presence and the warmth, my peace.

  • sumantune 7w


    Great thing begins with courage
    Great men are the men of trust
    Great time comes with a break
    Let's goodbye to the past.

    The sorrow, the grief remind us
    The beginning was with a blast
    We are people who shed tears
    Let's goodbye to the past.

    No one is eternal but we are
    The work we do that we must
    It remains in the galaxy of hope
    Let's goodbye to the past.

    You and me are so small like a dot
    But that's the beginning of the Universe
    And I look at you and see the kingdom
    Let's goodbye to the past.


  • miss_silentlyweird 7w


    It's difficult to bid farewell
    It appears to lose strength
    With the likelihood that there might be no tomorrow

    #Filipino #farewell

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    Mahirap magsabi ng pahimakas
    Tila nakakawala ng lakas
    Sa posibilidad na maaaring wala na bukas


  • afzalhakim 7w

    The last drops of tear

    It's now been a year since you bid your adieus and left me a void I could never fill. I remember the last talk we had, where I was holding your soft but icy hand and you were encouraging me not to lose hope. You told me jokingly that I had but just a few drops of tears left in me and to save those for after many years when we both are old and frail. I have still held on to them and I swear each time my eyes well up, I push them further inside my withering heart and let it mix with my blood and run down through my spine.

    Before you had left me broken and shaken you had run your fingers through my hair and told me how you'd miss messing it all up and watching me get annoyed at this habit of yours. I cannot find the courage in me to have my hair trimmed now, even if the strands constantly poke me in the eye and even if at night my hair just covers my eyes stopping them from glimpsing at the moonlight outside, thinking to myself about the nights we spent gazing at the dark black sky. I think even my hair misses you and has been cautiously trying to save those last drops of tear, preventing me from dust and taking the full force of the rain and snow.

    Even if it's been more than 365 days since I have heard that cackle in your laughter that would throw me off guard and make me cringe. I would gladly give up my own life just to hear an echo of that laughter in the air, one last time. I know that once in a fit of anger and because you were frustrated you told me that you hated the sound of your laughter and how it reminded you of painful howling. I had wrapped my arms around you consoling you and I had said that i'd take that sweet torture for the rest of my life because I love you so much. I hope you know how much I meant it but I guess you did not. You just stood there in my embrace and called it a night. You should have really heard me place emphasis on "rest of my life" because that's how long I had imagined us to long.

    Life sometime has a sick sense of humour. I remember pulling up a prank upon you about how I have little time to live and I saw pearls of emotions lining up inside your eyes because you thought I was a buffoon to joke around death. Right now when I write this whatever, I feel those pearls mounting up inside my eyelids and I just want to tell you that you were right. I was stupid and I kept my tomfoolery going, and little did I know that fate would pull up a mirror right in my face. I wish it wasn't a mirror but a reflection, I wish it was me and not you. Because I bear this pain in silence like I always have and like I always will and you knew that.

    You were there to coax the emotions right out of me like yanking carrots out of a kitchen garden. I remember feeling so light and so relaxed because you would be there as my personal whoopee cushion to bury my face in and let my emotions go wild and rampant. Now, here I am holding all of it back, all the feelings penting up inside me and I can't explode because I don't want to obliterate those last droplets of tears inside of me that I have promised you i'd hold on to. But it's hard. It's so damn hard.

    I have been writing this for the past three hours and I don't know if I have gotten anywhere at all with it. I will probably end up erasing all of it but would that help? Would I be able to clean the slate I have inside of me. A slate that you and I had decorated together and made a tacit promise of never wiping it clean. We decided to put all our memories there like that damn scrap book that I gifted you on your birthday, which had all our conversations since the day we met neatly scribbled onto pieces of paper meticulously stuck in a classic messaging format. I remember the look on your face when you started reading through those texts. You just did not want it to cease at all.

    Now what do I have left to show from it? Perhaps one day, when I am old and recollecting upon my life, I will mentally go through our conversations like in that scrapbook because I have them seared in my brain like etchings on a moon ruin that shines under special moonlight. It is only then that with the last breath escaping out of my lungs, I will let those last drops of tear fall out of my eyes and onto my cheeks hoping that when my soul moves on, I see you sitting there wiping that droplet from my cheek and smiling at me like you did when we saw each other after a few days.

    I hope the first thing you do when we see each other is laugh at me with your signature cackle and tell me that I was a buffoon to have pulled that prank on you. Now, I will leave it at this hoping that as the years go by I live up to the promise and that this pain and vacuum that I feel right now gets a little sweeter. But, you and I know that while wounds heal, scars never really go away. You have left a scar on my heart that even the worms in the ground can't scratch away after I have been put to rest. So, so long my dear friend and I pray that your soul rests at ease. I will love you forever.

    Your crazy stupid friend,

  • nahithaaaa 8w


    Sometimes I feel drained
    Sometimes my heart melts off
    Still with the prevailing bit of desire
    I treasure the last piece of hope for her.

    Heaven gazed at me in rage
    flowers revealed reluctance with breeze
    Stars lost the blithe they earned
    Still I accept her exit.

    My soul left me in dark
    My heart stopped its accent
    My joys ran away with her farewell
    Still I accept her exit.

    Completely ruined,
    Completely in vain,
    I accept to let her go
    Still want to possess my last gasp for her.
    ~ Poem by Nahitha��

    Thank you��

    Pc credit : Pinterest

    Hey! Here is a poem which I inked from the prompt
    "I accept to let her go". Hope you guys get the essence.


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    Heaven gazed at me in rage
    flowers revealed reluctance with breeze
    Stars lost the blithe they earned
    Still I accept her exit.


  • sharma_ji_ki_kalam 8w


    ना जानू में तुझसे मेरा रिश्ता है क्या,
    उससे मिलना तो तकदीर मे लिखा भी नही,
    लेकिन वक्त ने कैसे बदल दी, तेरे मेरे रिश्ते की परिभाषा,
    पहले अजनबी फिर अपनापन और अब दोस्ती सा अहसास।
    मानो कुछ ही पल पहले की बात है,
    और आज ये मकाम है।
    भले अंजाम तक हमारा साथ नही,
    इस सफर का एहसास काफी है।
    आज इस मोड़ छूट रहे,
    फिर अगले मोड़ इंतज़ार रहेगा।
    चेहरे अजनबी हो भी जायें तो कोई बात नहीं लेकिन,
    रवैये अजनबी न होने देना।

  • knowingly_unknown 8w


    Aaj koi teachers se behes nahi karega,
    Aaj koi kisi se ladaee nahi karega,
    Jo log ek dusre se kabhi sidhe muh baat taq nahi karte the
    Aaj wahi log gale lag ke kahenge,
    "Yaar! Tu bada yaad ayega"
    Jis kameez ko hum pehele ghar jate hi uhi laparwahi se phenk diya karte the
    Aaj se wohi kapda school life ka evocative ban jayega,
    Aaj koi school se jaane ko nahi,
    School mai thoda aur waqt bitane ko chahega,
    Aaj farewell hai,
    hume school se alvida kaha jayega....

  • sumantune 8w


    Great things begin with courage
    Great men are the men of trust
    Great time comes with a break
    Let's goodbye to the past.

    The sorrow, the grief remind us
    The beginning was with a blust
    We are people who shed tears
    Let's goodbye to the past.

    No one is eternal but we are
    The work we do that we must
    It remains in the galaxy of hope
    Let's goodbye to the past.

    You and me are so small like a dot
    But that's the beginning of the Universe
    And I look at you and see the kingdom
    Let's goodbye to the past.


  • flatbrush 8w


    Good-bye to my past...
    No! Not yet, not so fast!
    I miss those moments...
    Why don't they last?

    Good-bye to my past...
    No! Please, it seems too fast!
    Have I made enough memories?
    The thought just leaves me aghast!


  • _riaa_ 8w

    Goodbye Memories Of The Past

    Goodbye memories of the past
    Thank you for the tears and very little laughs,
    I'm ecstatic your gone, finally at last
    There was too much sadness, confusion, and heartbreak
    So I'm forever grateful those times have passed
    I pray this year's filled with love and laughter
    So my friends, family and I make new memories while having a blast


  • hilary 8w

    Farewell 2020

    2020, what a year you were
    You started sweet
    And in a second turned to soar
    You took so many great people
    You came with so many comrades
    To make life unbearable
    But noted amongst them most
    Is your dear friend the Corona Virus
    So after 12 months, 52 weeks and 366 days
    We, won't miss you, so
    Au Revoir

  • the_speccy_outsider 8w

    Goodbye to the past for it showed us what we weren't aware of. This ferocious wave of discrepancies that was going to engulf the entire world.

    Some of us learnt new skills, some polished their existing ones. Some stayed at home in the comforts of being amidst family members, some worked day and night to save a plethora of lives. Some got much addicted to the digital medium, some had to learn the basics of the same from scratch. Some were faced with the dilemma of physical pain, some had to bear the burn of mental ones.

    Some were draped with the rug of warmth from loved ones, some couldn't even see their near and dear ones. Some broke rules to go out just for the sake of it, some had to walk miles to reach their respective houses. Some were adamant on spreading venom and pessimism, some taught us to stay positive and to hope, for a merrier morning. Some earned huge amounts, some lost everything they ever had.

    Some found ways to stay fit, some fell down deep in the abyss of indolence. Some welcomed their little ones into this world, some bid sorrowful goodbyes to their family members or acquaintances. Some got along with the new normal, some were exasperated with their caged life.

    But the common thought that each and every individual in this world had, was to see a new year. A year of hope, of a better start. Where all the wrongs will be converted into rights. All sorrows into happiness. All tears into glee. And ironically, all the Positives into the Negatives. And that too, forever.



    Picture credits: To my cousin brother.

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    A Year Less Ordinary

  • roel_gonz 8w

    All the bad memories
    All unwanted pains
    All unsaid forgiveness
    All the bad decisions
    All harsh words I spoken
    All the sins I committed
    All the bad name I give for love

    Billion of stars revolving
    Millions of exo planets rotating
    Life is only a star dust in the galaxies
    Its better to put love in your heart before
    your life expires and fall like a star...