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  • eyeteejay 1d

    My fear

    I feel safe with glimpse of her
    I feel elated with a smile from her
    I feel serene with a word from her .

    My heart skips with a call from her
    My system crash when I see her down
    My eyes flows with a sigh from her
    My heart aches when her smile fades away

    I dread the day when I can no longer see her
    I fear the day I can no longer hold her

    My pearl
    My rarest gem

    Peace be upon you the day you were born
    Peace be upon you the day you die
    Loads of love from yours ....,

  • rasmi_ranjan 2d

    It was just like 'that'

    It was just like that dream of which,
    I was the most afraid of.
    I even have had told her about this,
    When she hadn't stopped to love.

    That man would come back and ask,
    You to sit with him and to flee from.
    Here to there where I can never go.
    And you choose him then while I
    Was standing and watching you go.

    But that was just a dream of which
    I was the most afraid of.
    But that was not a dream anymore
    When another man came for you

    And in front of me he didn't even ask,
    To sit with him you hopped in his horse
    And before I could understand anything
    You were gone as if the life goes from body

    The dream of which I was scared of.
    Became reality in front of my eyes wet.
    The heart broke, the lungs paused
    Even the life it self stopped a bit for

    If this is love for which a man - who
    Doesn't care of his dignity and honor
    Put everything on stake for the beloved
    He love - And in return if he is to witness

    The pain and this fearful dream as reality
    Then this sinful earth must be cursed and
    No man shall love again or be ruled by the
    Empress and her king and court.



  • pyro_sagen 2d


    Feeling that same fear
    Like rag in my mouth
    Like skin in my teeth
    Rattling me
    Right down to my bones
    But I cannot show it

    Run away little rabbit
    For running is all you can do
    You've lost many fingers
    As they bite the hand that feeds
    Eyes wide
    Can't hide
    But you still try too

    Once beaten twice shy
    No one understands why
    Cross my heart hope to die
    Bind my hands in your lies
    Why do I have to repeat this spiral
    This panic over those pretty words
    Go with your gut little rabbit you'll never get hurt

    Something ease my suffering
    I've been here before
    And I will be trapped here
    A reject and a whore
    Tell me we are the same
    When if we were you'd spare me of this indifference and give me my peace
    You cannot calm a rabbit if you still bare to your teeth

  • kittuhopeful 3d

    दिल की किताब

    हम सोचते है कि
    दिल टूटता या जुड़ता है
    ये तो बस हमारा एक वहम है
    अगर कुछ टूटता है तो विश्वास
    जुड़ता है तो विश्वास
    दिल तो बस जरिया है
    खुद को पागल बनाने का।

    ©Shruti Yadav

  • _writer_at_heart_ 3d


    Fear our state of mind,
    Escaping door where seems out of sight.
    A fear of a life without my love ;
    a fear of losing that love, in the flow of life.

    A fear of failure that often comes in hand and what remains in the other hand is a fear of losing myself again into shattered pieces, building again which takes time.⌚

    A fear of not being able to stand on my dear's expectations.
    A fear of pros and cons.
    A fear of losing hope and courage in the race of life,
    A fear of getting tired and weak again after acting strong for a while.
    I don't fear the darkness in my room but the darkness of life.
    I don't fear the water, but i do fear the watery eyes that shed when things not go right.
    I fear the negative thoughts that are really cruel,
    cruel enough to frighten me, to break me..
    But when i ponder deep and talk to my fear,
    I realize it is just a negative energy so called fear.
    Break the negativities, kick it out,
    Shout at it and tell them to go.
    Strong i was, stronger i have been.
    Strongly i will keep facing all my fears with a smile and pride.

  • oddgoddess 4d

    You yearn for me
    Are you willing to learn from me?
    Please don't turn from me when I show you all of my shades Blues and hues that don't seem inviting

    I hope they're to your liking and if not that you'll learn to love them

    Your demons were touch starved nights and honey-dipped lies
    I can love them to silence so they don't torment you when you close your eyelids

    Your skeletons can be mine and still kept private
    Love doesn't have to be sulfuric acid
    That's not how I want to break down your walls

    I want to grow in love
    Not fall

  • _writer_at_heart_ 4d


    Overcome your fear,
    Glory lies there!


  • pakhi1738 4d

    They say you are free
    To do whatever you want
    If only it was true
    'cause now here you stand
    Trying to breathe in the air
    But breathing in chaos instead

    They say you are stronger
    Than you know
    When they know
    Nothing about you
    They don't understand
    What you're feeling,
    What you've been through
    They tell you that they care
    But no one ever really sees you,
    For you!

    They don't know
    That you keep yourself busy
    By burying your head in stories
    'cause it help slow down
    These unbearable voices
    That keep you awake
    When you're trying to sleep
    And won't let you wake up
    In the mornin'

    They say you were meant to be
    A doll from their dreams
    The one, born to fly
    So why do you feel suffocated
    All the damn time
    And would rather prefer dying

    So why do you feel like
    Locked up in a coffin,
    A coffin of their expectations
    Deep down the ocean
    Drowning you
    over and over again

    They say, you doubt yourself
    You underestimate your worth
    Then why does cutting yourself
    And bleeding to unconsciousness
    Sounds much easier

    It's funny, how they keep telling you
    You are ruining your life
    But never really care!
    You make heroes
    Out of the survivors
    Searching for hope
    But when it's you,
    It hurts way more
    And you know,
    God! You know,
    You are just another
    Ticking time bomb
    Waiting for one last blow
    To give up and finally explode

    You plug in your earphones
    And hurt your ear drums
    With the loud music
    All day
    To flush out the noise from your brain!
    You keep ignoring people
    Who really care
    'cause you're afraid
    You tell them
    Everything's all right
    When you just wanna say,
    "I'm not okay!"


    P.C.- @azureabyss

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  • suruchimallik 4d

    Fear and Oblivion

    Your worst nightmare or your darkest fear,
    Can be the most blissfull thing that ever happened to you...
    Cuz sometimes we fear things, moments, people whom we don't want to loose, are afraid to face or just because we are living in the Oblivion to push it as far as we can.
    So buck up and face your fears!

  • heclamation 4d

    Fear to lose you

    Even though I know,
    My heart will always choose you,
    But there's one hitch,
    This fear to lose you.

    I wish that,
    I could hold your soft hands,
    But since I'm not here I have
    This fear to lose you.

    In my heart,
    You perpetually stay,
    But when you're not present I have
    This fear to lose you.

    On my lips,
    Your name keeps coming,
    I keep calling you because of
    This fear to lose you.

    These lines are,
    Always written for you,
    No matter how much I love you I have
    This fear to lose you.

    I hope that,
    We don't see the past again,
    Well then I won't have
    This fear to lose you.

  • alexi_silver 5d

    My secret fear,
    The one that I carry as my soulmate,
    Imbued with endurance and etched onto my veins,
    Is that one fine day,
    Everyone will see me the way I do,
    See me from the other side of the mirror I look into,
    I'm afraid they'll see that,
    I'm neither amazing nor good,
    They'll finally see,
    That I am painfully unworthy,
    I'm far too ugly for all the love this world offers,
    Full of frustration and hypocrisy and clingy needs,

    The mirror doesn't lie,
    It knows the truth,
    And I'm afraid one day,
    The world will know me for the scamster I am,
    And leave me behind in darkness and loneliness,

    Everyone lives with the knowledge of death,
    The single irrefutable fact that the scythe of death will come for us one day,
    But I have one more sword hanging above my head,
    I live with the knowledge that one day,
    Sooner or later,
    The world will walk away,
    Recognizing an unsalvageable soul lost in the cosmos.


  • the_alchemiist 5d

    My pen either inks romanticism or seclusion. Do you agree with this...!?
    (The Ongoing Battles With My Demons)
    I peek through blinds that are tightly drawn,
    Shocked by the glow of the breaking dawn.
    I shun the brilliance of another day,
    Enslaved and entombed, I stay hidden away.

    The night was long as I lay awake,
    Anxiety choking like a poisonous snake.
    My self-hatred grows like some malady,
    That I pray will soon be the death of me.

    Being hated and scorned is painful indeed,
    And that love can be torture, we all must concede.
    But to be ignored and forgotten can vanquish one's heart,
    Until it's in pieces, just shattered apart.

    To feel non-existent is so hard to abide,
    When you know that your heart is still beating inside.
    And how do you save your sinking soul,
    When you feel yourself plummeting into that hole?

    My dreams don't provide any rest or relief;
    They only replay my regrets and my grief.
    I honestly don't know how I came to this place,
    But it's clear to me now that there is no escape.

    You may call me weak and lowly at best.
    I'm trapped in self-pity, I must confess.
    I long for some quiet, just a moment of peace,
    But my negative voice refuses to cease.

    My greatest enemy resides within,
    But how can I battle myself and win?
    I find this a callous, duplicitous life,
    Not worth any effort to fight the good fight.

    Surviving..., instead of living each day,
    Sheltered inside sturdy walls I create.
    Fleeting moments when hope will linger so nigh,
    But those feelings of wretchedness still once again rise.

    Getting through every moment and each empty day,
    Feeling lost and panicked in this chaotic maze.
    Still not giving up and not giving in,
    With my greatest fear being that it won't ever end...!!
    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @writersbay #pod #mirakee_reposters #mirakee #seclusion #dark #demons #fear
    02/03/2021 (Tuesday)

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    Still not giving up and not giving in,
    With my greatest fear being that it won't ever end...!!

  • mazingmee 1w

    Knowing #how deep is this ❤️ #fear of being #

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    कभी जाना नही,पर जबसे पाया तुम्हे,खो जाने का डर लगता है।
    कभी पहचाना नहीं,पर जबसे चाहा तुम्हे,दुनिया भुलाने का डर लगता है।
    कभी देखा नहीं,पर जबसे देखा खुदको तुम्हारी आंखों में,मुझे उन आंखों से ओझल होने का डर लगता है!

  • girlnextdoor477 1w

    Fear of Change

    I took a chance, a chance I never thought would happen.

    Each step I took I came closer to the thing I feared most, change.

    Do not get me wrong there were many pep talks amongst myself and at times I was ready to runaway, the fear of failing or being embarrassed kept creeping up.

    My self talk would start ridiculing me for everything I did and felt and when I tried to stop it, it was like a bully laughing at me, taunting, and belittling me in hopes that it would break me.

    Next thing I knew, I made it, I made it through the day, made it through the obstacle that I feared.

    Sometimes it takes every part of your life to crumble in order to become a new person, it’s a new slate, a fresh start and there is no option of turning back.

    You’re tested to see if you can stand on your own two feet despite having every reason to fall.

    There is no safeguard, no net, nothing. If you fall, that’s it.

    Before I was afraid of taking a chance and resisted change at all cost because at least if I stayed the same, I would always know the outcome even if it wasn’t good, but I think a part of me became afraid of staying still.

    I guess reality is pretty ironic at times.

  • girlnextdoor477 1w

    What Do You Do?

    What do you do when he doesn’t want you anymore, and he discards you like yesterday’s trash?

    There’s no rhyme or reason for why you’re no longer good enough, there’s no “let’s talk about it” there is absolutely nothing.

    What do you do when he was your everything? He was the honeymoon period that never ended until today.

    He was your comfort blanket that you brought everywhere, because with him you were safe.
    What do you do, when deep down you knew he was drifting away from you? The nights where you’re crying so hard you must muffle your mouth while he sleeps so soundly right beside you.

    What do you do, when you have the same talks over and over again and the promise to do better never happens?

    What do you do, when you know deep down that something isn’t right.

    You cling on to the hope that maybe you’re wrong, and maybe part of him is better than nothing.

    What do you do when you’re left all alone, empty inside with nothing but questions?

    What do you do?

    You live.

  • gaamir 1w


    Reh Gaye wo vaade adhure Jo usne Hume btaye the
    Hum sach kehte rahe jhut ke parde usne lagaye the
    Dar nhi tha humare kho Jaane Ka unhe
    Shayad humare Jaise bazaar me or bhi Kayi Aaye the

  • suryaansh 1w


    Fear- Game of stressed mind

  • gaamir 1w


    Sau sach se bhi ishq na Mila,
    Darta Hu kahi ek Fareb se mil na Jaye

  • devilfish 1w

    Darkness Swallowing Light

    Splashes of the night
    Lick seductively at the moonbeams
    And firelight
    Sands of solemnity eating spontaneity
    And in it's place
    It leaves monotony
    Nightmarish oddities poking out
    From the fingers of triggers
    That rip out the wires of your fears
    Year after year you tire of sin
    Bathing in tears just to feel like you aren't

  • eva_17 1w

    She was so done with everything she was going through. She looked fine but there was a chaos raging inside her. #tired#rage#fear#anxiety#mirakee

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    Every night she ends up being tired....
    Fighting with her own self
    Fighting with her own emotions
    She wants liberty
    A bird of golden cage,
    Wants to be a free spirit