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  • adunihal 11h

    If you prayed for my exam means...
    Like, then I will understand..
    That you prayed for me..


  • wendi61 16h


    Why do we fear death?
    We are born to die,
    From our conception
    To our first breath in this world
    The ultimate goal
    What we need to focus on
    Is how we live between
    Between our birth and death
    The hrs, days, weeks, months, years.
    No matter how short or how long,
    Make it worthwhile,
    Make it fun
    Fill it with love
    As there is no guarantee of after
    Just man made places
    Called Heaven and Hell
    Our souls may return to the Universe
    With every living species
    But then again we may be nothing
    Nothing but elements
    Skin and bone.

  • ananizapta 1d

    My Universe

    Too many cigarettes have smoked me to death,
    Left to wonder what's the sense in anything
    Memories are better off forgotten but they remain in every breath
    Sins gets rewritten because all you understand is nothing

    We bury our despair in dark places in the name of sinning
    Turning your very rarely visited existence blasphemous
    But Nobody tells you what to do or say because words lose meaning
    When all you ever loved is no more and you're left with regrets

    Perhaps all am doing is wrecking myself apart lost in ghost of you
    But that will not bring you back since yoou were never there
    Will the death of me help me to let go of you
    But where do I go when all I know is that you were and still are my universe

  • rohinisarah 1d

    Sleep Paralysis!

    Can you sleep peacefully when you feel like someone is constantly staring at you from a corner of your room.!?

    One night, I suddenly woke up from my deep sleep. It was around 2 am and for a few seconds, I got lost in some pieces of my nightmares that sounded like fine glasses shattering which was wakening my solace.

    I looked around desperately and I saw my roommate sleeping under her blanket with her legs flexed upwards! It looked exactly like someone sitting over her, on the bed under her blanket! I gazed at that for some time and convinced my mind that it's just her legs and nothing. But, the moment I was about to close my eyes again to sleep, it got stuck on something in the corner!

    A black-cloaked devilish figure was standing tall and staring at me, straight next to my roommate's bedside! It looked inhuman and wasn't taking its eyes off from me! I wanted to scream and wake up my roommate, but my hands became dormant and I could hardly feel my breath. I could feel a thrust on me that made me unable to move and felt so helpless!

    I was scared to death. But, It didn't take so long for that inhuman figure to run faster than anything else towards me!

    I took all my power and belief and cried, "God, help me...!" Suddenly I opened my eyes to reality. Everything became still. I took a deep breath and realized that it was just a vivid dream. I turned my head towards my roommate, but her legs were still flexed upwards and covered with a blanket, like someone bending over on the bed!


  • passerby_ 1d

    The Things That Break Us

    The things that break us are never the big ones.
    The things that could kill us often seem so invisible.
    The things that makes one write on a scrambled piece of paper "I hate myself"
    are often so small;
    like an unkind glare over an untrue rumour,
    like those silly comments passed off as a joke,
    like a little rejection from someone we adore,
    like a tiny push over the edge...


  • getinthecarthy 1d


    Sleepwalking specter in splashes of light
    follows the labyrinth of blue city nights.
    Nocturne of silence so ghostly and cold
    hums in the hallway where madness is sold.

    Within the cabinet your dream’s hypnotized.
    No master guides your hand, you can’t understand.

    Tinges of dawnlight, ocher and teal
    pour through the windows of houses unreal.
    Queen of the shadows painted across
    an illusory chamber where sadness is lost.

    Within the cabinet your chronicle’s told.
    No speaking role is cast, no players amassed.

  • killedbymyheart 2d

    In My Mind

    The colors within your gaze slay my very soul
    Crawl into the crevices between my agony and desire
    Inspire hope. Love. Fear
    Have I created you in my mind?
    Surely nothing so divine is tangible

    Sweep me away to the insanity of believing the impossible
    Foxtrot through the fire of all that is beautiful
    All that will repair my soul
    And surely destroy it once more

    Gladly I rip the beating heart from my hollow chest
    Humbly, on bended knee
    Bow my head and offer my entirety

    Where am I? This place doesn't exist
    I've created you in my mind
    Oh this madness is like leaves falling from the branch
    Gently floating to the cold ground

    Hold me as I change into all the colors swirling in your eyes
    This fall is never ending
    Illusion of safety as I fall to my death
    Sweep me away

    I can only exist with you
    And you only exist in my mind
    Ethereal darkness
    Cease with me

  • yogiii_s_adhiiira 2d

    #Fear#Who is she ? Is she ghost ?

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    कल रात वो सपने मे आयी ,अचानक से...

    चेहरा तो नाही देख पाया उस हसीना का;

    कयुकी गर्दन जो उलटी थी....!!

    @योगिता साळवी_अधिरा

  • deeproots 3d

    To let you see me,
    I have to break my shelter wall,
    If I don't I'm paranoid.


  • yashiism 3d

    Fear is constant!

    Fear is one of those things that continuously lingers around you.
    It toys with you, reminding you that the worst outcomes aren't impossible.
    In fact, though arrogant, he plays the perfect spoon while he feeds your mind with memories and possible occurrences that you wish stayed hidden in forgotten nightmares.
    If you believed that, 'Fear does not exist', doesn't it then become convenient to call a dozen other fears like Rape, Discrimination, and an Abuse of Power - non-existent?
    What do you have to say about the thoughts and fears that flash through a victim's mind during rape?
    If fear is not real, then courage isn't worth an award nor respect, not even a mention..!!!

  • azazel 3d

    Devour the darkness is not a step in redemption
    Step 1 fear the darkness
    Step 2 accept the darkness
    Step 3 embrace the darkness
    Step 4 weild the darkness
    Step 5 become the darkness
    Step 6 fight the darkness
    Step 7 vanquish the darkness

  • _akshitaaa_ 3d

    Dedicated to mom.
    Well life without mother will surely be hell so the options you hold are both hell


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    What will it be like?

    The thought of her
    Not being around
    Darkens my eye
    How'll I live?
    Who'll love me;
    If she ain't around.
    What will it be like without her?
    Hell or Hell

  • diksha_singh 3d


    I beg to be spared
    From the illiterate rampage
    As my soul is already scared
    Of the climate's unstoppable wage

    I would rather die as nature's wrongdoers
    Than being killed by useless hewers.


  • pacifierpunch 3d

    Every drop of fear
    thrives on our longing
    for certainty in life...


  • shubhamjoshi 3d

    डरती है वो

    डरती है वो..
    यूँ तो लड़ सकती है सारी दुनिया से
    पर जब अपनी दुनिया बसाने की बात हो तो
    डरती है वो..
    यूँ तो मनवा लेती है अपनी बात हर किसी से
    पर जब मेरी बात करने की बात हो तो
    डरती है वो..

    अक्सर सहमी सी रहती है
    जैसे डरती हो एक बच्ची
    जब पहला इम्तेहान हो और पेन घर छूट जाए
    जैसे कि एक बच्चा मेले में अकेला रह जाए
    यूँ तो अकेले आधा देश घूम चुकी है
    पर जब मेरे साथ दो पल बैठने की बात हो तो
    डरती है वो..
    यूँ तो हर इम्तेहान में पहले आती थी वो
    पर जब इम्तेहान -ए-इश्क़ की बात हो तो
    डरती है वो..

    शायद समझा पाता मैं
    कि ये उम्र नही है कच्ची अभी
    समय की कीमत समझ ना सके ऐसी नहीं है बच्ची अभी
    डरते डरते उम्र एक निकल जाएगी
    इस इंतज़ार में यौवन की शाम भी ढल जाएगी
    यूँ तो इंतज़ार तेरा ताउम्र रहेगा पर एक झिझक उम्र खा गई,
    ये बात ईश्वर को भी खल जाएगी
    यूँ तो हर उम्र में सदाबहार रहने की कशिश है उसकी
    पर जब जीवन मे बहार लाने की बात हो तो
    डरती है वो..
    यूँ तो हर बात हर गलती पे मुझे टोकना आदत है उसकी
    पर सबके सामने अपनापन जताने से
    डरती है वो..

  • shinchan__ 4d

    Tell her, tell her why you think she is beautiful,
    Tell her you love her every single thing.
    Hold her hand and run, just run.

    Pick roses from someone's garden and Give it to her.
    Take her to your favourite places and cafes.
    Write poems about her.
    Send them to her.
    Just talk to her and listen to her very closely and every little thing she says.
    Sing songs for her, no matter how bad at it.
    Make her feel beautiful.
    Watch her favorite movie or series even though it sucks you.
    Take her hairs out of her face and tuck it behind her ear.
    Sit beside her on your bike if she want to ride it.
    Talk about her parents with her.
    Give her some nicknames.
    Make her cry with your lame jokes.
    Play with her hairs.
    Face her fears with her.
    If she is sad go out with her or stay on call with her.
    Never let her sleep sad.
    Look into those beautiful eyes.
    Kiss her in the rain.

    Most Importantly love her...

    #tell #her #she #beautiful #love #write #nickname #eyes #kiss #hand #roses #face #fear #talk
    @writersnetwork @mirakee

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  • avyakt 4d

    आपल्या आयुष्यात आपल्याला बऱ्याच गोष्टी शिकायच्या असतात. आपणही ते सगळं काही शिकण्याचा आपल्याला जमेल तसं प्रयत्न करत असतो. कधी त्याबद्दल वाचून, कधी बोलून, तर कधी इतरांना बघून आपण त्याबद्दल सगळी माहिती गोळा करत असतो.
    आपल्याला वाटतं, माहिती मिळवली म्हणजे आपण ती गोष्ट करायला शिकलो. पण खरं तर, तस काही नसतं.
    जोपर्यंत मिळालेल्या माहितिच्या मदतीने, आपण प्रत्यक्ष कृती करत नाही तोपर्यंत सगळं काही मनाचे खेळ.

    #avyakt #marathi #learning #fear #trust #life
    #moment #decision #inspiration #thoughts #diary

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    पाण्याच्या काठावर उभं राहून, फक्त विचार करून,
    पोहणं शिकता येत नाही.
    त्यासाठी पाण्यात उतरावं लागतं.
    स्वतः अनुभव घ्यायला लागतो.
    काठावर का होईना, सराव करावा लागतो.
    हळूहळू उथळ पाण्यातून पूढे खोलआत जावं लागतं.
    पायाखाली आधार असे पर्यंत सर्व सोप्प वाटत असतं.
    या पुढे घ्यायची असते ती झेप. हा निर्णय आपला असतो.
    आपल्या स्वतःवरच्या विश्वासाची कस इथेच लागते.
    बुडेल, मरेल ही भीती असतेच. मागे फिरणं सोप्प असतं.
    हृदयाची वाढलेली धडधड स्पष्ट ऐकू येते.
    आपण एक दिर्घ श्वास आत घेऊन पुढे झेप घेतो.
    सर्व बाजूला पाणीच पाणी. कसलाच आधार नाही.
    आपण पाण्यावर तरंगत असतो.
    हृदयाची धडधड हळूहळू कमी होते.
    आता बुडून मरण्याची भीती नसते.
    हा क्षण मनात साठवला जातो.
    याआधी फक्त भीतीमुळे आपण कितीवेळा मागे गेलो,
    याचा विचार मनात येतो. हसायला येत.
    शिकणं चालूच राहतं.

    © अव्यक्त © avyakt

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  • gelukzoeker 5d

    Nowadays,people are going to judge you for every little thing.Whether its the way you speak or the way you dress,goddamn every small thing.You can't love yourself,cause the fear will always be inside you.That if I do this,he/she may think that I'm doing this because of this and that.Well...I,for a fact know that I'm not but in the end,it hurts.I can't take the same shit more.Its enough.Those people need to stop having problem for those little things.Its very annoying...also very mean,selfish,cheap and hurtful.I've been judged so much that the next thing I hear someone say something,I'll get annoyed like wtf,shut the running mouth of yours.
    At first,it hurted like hell but as time passed I got used to it and it doesnt affect me anymore.

  • callingcrows 5d

    Into The Wilderwood.

    As we drove further into The Wilderwood, the edges of the grand pines reached out towards us with great verdant arms, and as the wind weaved up and along their branches, they became beckoning hands. It was almost as if they were calling, "yes, come here. Come further into the deep dark wood..."

    February 23, 2020.