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  • e_v_e_n_i_n_g_l_i_g_h_t 6h

    Stereotype (1)

    From "what women want" to "what women demand" we all break that sassy secular racism!


  • arunaarjunram 3d

    what kind of
    machismo lacks

    a flawed one


  • msupraja 1w

    Last night I wrote about feminism,
    So let me bleed it out.
    I heard she was called slut because
    She wore shorts and moving on the streets.
    I then smiled and told then how cheap your
    Mentality is.
    I heard the girl was left by her partner after been used and broked her apart,
    Oh guys!! Don't get offend stay chill, I know girls do also break you..........but last night I wrote about feminism so let me bleed it out.
    I heard about nirbhaya when I was in 9th grade,that she was raped and it's 8 yrs justice is not in the Name of our country. So how could her soul will rest in peace.
    My body became cold and goosebumps arrived because every girl like me scares to step out of home.
    Then I saw the land of culprits where once a girl I know who believed her partner and removed the last cloth she wored from her body,
    Oh guys !! Don't get offend stay chill, I know girls too like have pleasure with her partner but I heard she was been hustled, bdw last night I wrote about feminism, so let me bleed it out.
    She bleeds every month with pain, they saw stain on her skirt and mocked upon her badly, let me say bleeding girl is hygienic as her blood purifies every month as one day she will carry her child for 9 months in her woumb, let me tell them you are born from your mother woumb.
    Apart from this I saw a hustler who feeds her own stomach and family being doll everyday , a rage in my soul arises and say to her "you are not a toy to be an entertainer you have other ways to feed stomach " then I rushed her from the room and slapped her Tightly not because she is shameless, but she thought of no other ways.
    So last night I wrote about feminism,so let me bleed it out.
    I heard that corner house of my street where lady was harassed and was forced for dowry , my blood boiled and turned thunderbolt towards our society and felt shame. So last night I wrote about feminism so let me bleed it out.

    Why why? Girls? Why we?why us ? Are lamed into the eyes of society everytime? So last night I wrote about feminism so let me bleed it out.

    #women #womensera #feminism #staystrongwomen

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  • herscribbledfables 1w


    I am not a pseudo womanist,
    neither any anti feminist;
    I am just a female writing out,
    What true feminism is all about!

    Some say "I am a male, I am superior
    Women are soft, they are inferior"
    He says "Why females should be given seat,
    Even I am tired, let me sit.
    Why do modern cities need feminism
    This is fraud and all narcissim"

    I don't want your seat in any space,
    I just want my rights in a place,
    We both bare pain, here no one's superior;
    There should be no differentiation in behavior.

    She claims to be a girl so glad ,
    She makes selfish use of this feminism;
    "Boy you hurt me bad,
    Now let me take revenge using this socialism." Even boys need respect, they should be unabused,
    You hurt him, even misbehaved, yet he falsely got accused.
    Just because of this gender game,
    you cannot use feminism against his name.

    Here's a harsh truth for both the types,
    Some hate feminism because of their stereotype,
    Others because of the feminists that are pseudo
    Don't play the victim card, being a girl is a blessing of Juno.
    You make it look like feminism is all about superiority,
    When actually it's about equality

    You have problem with preference given to girls,
    From childhood, teen to job relocation.
    I never asked for this biasness hurls,
    Because I want to travel and reach every ocean.

    Rural villages, even today,
    kill innocent babies day by day.
    They burn women's face with acid,
    just because respectfully they got rejected.

    Even modern cities have those rules standardised,
    I still can't go out late at night.
    Gotta get married by 25.
    Need to dress proper , keeping gaze polite
    Give up my dreams and stay at home
    Becuase he's a boy, and girls can't go alone.
    Despite all of that "feminism",
    Did it change any of those social norm?


  • smriti_21 1w

    Aisa Kyu hota hai
    Ki har bar humme ye sikhaya jata hai ki ladkiyan Sab kuch nai kar sakti, Unhe apni limits me rehna chahie, vo bahar Raat me ghume to Galat hai, short dresses pehnne to Galat hai kyuki ladke dekhenge, tameez me rahe, respect de, Kaam kare ghar aur bahar ka.
    Agar kuch Galat hua h Uske Sath to zimmedar vo khud hai par ladka nai.
    Instagram pe ladke group chat pe models ki pics share kare and batein kare to sahi par agar ladki ne khud ki short dress me bas ek pic daal di to Galat h vo ladki, character Thik ni hai uska.

    Kabhi ye Ni sochte ki humari bhi apni choice hai
    Hum bhi chahe to ladko ki nudes share kar sakte hn, batein kar sakte hn, party kar sakte h

    Jo Mann ho vo kar sakte hn

    Baat simple si hai
    ladke Jo Kare sab sahi par ladkiyon ko sab chezin dhyaan me rakh kr chalna hai kyuki
    "Vo ek ladki hai"
    Are equality to bht dur hai pehle khud ke lie jagah bana le is society me Vhi kaafi hai


  • thatmoonygirl 2w

    Women in Science

    Her father bought her a doll grooming set when she was pointing at the Robot and told her - "You are gonna love this more"
    They stared when she questioned how things work rather than being satisfied just with names. With the worst sympathetic smile, grandpa replied "You won't understand"
    She used to get scolding when trying to fix things because no one likes a girl with ruined face and hands. "It's not your work", her brother ordered her again.
    Her mother told her how girl's brain aren't good enough for logic and numbers and why she should choose any useful subject because apparently "women don't need science"
    "Girls here aren't attractive enough.They are just a mess, that's why we have to wait for fests. Its so unfair to us", privileged boy whined to a girl who wears a t-shirt saying-"too pretty to do math"
    "Which man is going to wait for her to finish the Ph.D. Also, men don't like their own wife too qualified. Do they? Your priorty should be to get married" her relatives explained.
    "So now she wanted to do research even after having kids. Doesn't she worry about the cruel world naming her a bad mother. Also, she can teach her own kids if she is so qualified. Why go outside?" Society inquired.
    Her suggestions were subtly ignored and when same words came out of a male colleague,they are hailed as gold. "You lack the proper insights" boss declared with a smirk.
    She was one of many who loved science. Not all reached here. Some were forced to leave schools, others got trained in house chores. Many took the easier path because they were supposed to balance jobs with homes.

  • eden_with_eve 2w

    Her lips are red, the best color to speak for a Mother.
    She has bitten her tongue, the red isn't lipstick, it's blood.
    Beautiful in its passion, manic without ration, and wild.
    Colors like pink and brown are too mild.
    Her armor is her skin, sheerness striking fear, because fabric is just an accessory to her battle.
    You heard her delicate voice sing, the scream of a womans war cry.
    You call her perverse for her natural elegance.
    Your anger is irrelevant, her independence the insult, but she is beyond repression.
    Mother, lover, absolute in the boardroom or under bed covers.
    A War Goddess, shameless, and shaped beyond your censure.

  • onebornon911 2w

    Most of us believe in what people tell us about someone ignoring the person's point of view and truth. Most of what people talk turn out to be rumours and their guesses instead of truth.
    Let's change our perspective and learn to know the difference between conjectures and facts.
    Let's start talking to persons instead of talking about them.
    @writersnetwork @piu_writes @writersnetwork @wizzkid @writerstolli @quotes_mirakee
    #quote #feminism #belief

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    #writerstolli #herstory #girls

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    The world will turn upside down when her tale will be told inside out.

  • soamsushmita_09 2w


    Kehte hai mard ko dard nahi hota,
    Kehte hai mard ko dard nahi hota,
    Dard toh hota hai Janaab....Magar..
    Dard chupana har kisi k bas me nahi hota.

  • jynxielynn85 3w

    Feminism is not the eradication
    Of "being feminine."
    It is about the right of choice.
    It is the right to decide if you
    Want to wear makeup or not wear makeup,
    To be a dancer or a wrestler; or both.
    It is about equality
    Not about hating men.
    I can be sexy, love my body,
    Have larger breasts and hips,
    Appreciate gentlemanly
    "Old fashioned behavior,"
    Use makeup, paint my nails, curl my hair,
    And still, be a feminist.
    It is about my right to be treated
    As an equal at the table.
    Not about controlling the table.
    I can be all of these things
    And be a feminist.
    I will not apologize,
    For not fitting into
    A mold designed by agencies
    Built to keep us divided.
    I am who I am, your approval is not needed.

    The Turbulent Mind Of Jynxie Lynn ©JynxieLynn85 Imagery ©Unknown

    #feminist #feminism #feminine #feminineenergy #poetessofig #poetryoftheday #femalepoet #thepoetsociety
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  • feelingfunnel 3w

    Red lipstick gained more gasps than red eyes.

  • __red__ 3w

    He is still a man, he still has needs. But she is a mother now, a housekeeper, a nurterer, but she is still not aware of her needs, she never was.

    Why do they say she needs to be a mother to be a complete woman? No she was never complete and she couldn't be because of your whims: she turns into a daughter, sister, mother, but never a woman who knows her emotional and physical needs. But a man is always a man, with his needs superior to others, the one who can mould his other half in the way he wants. A man is born as a man and dies as one. But a women, she dies as a servant to others expectations, not a complete woman.
    #red #bymepoetryasia #bymepoetry #bleedingsoulpoetry #globalagepoetry #poetsofindia #poetsofig #writeindia #writersociety #indianwriterscommunity #indianwritersofig #womanhood #women #needs #feminism #equalsex #sex #freedom

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    I'm not a complete woman (read in caption)


  • anonymous_aj 3w


    They prayed HER but some cursed HER
    They educated HER but some education limited to housekeeping.
    They gave HER importance but gave more importance to HIS demands.
    They celebrated HER victory but SHE isn't pious to be in the celebration.
    They eat HER cooking but SHE can't touch the food.
    They wear clothes SHE washed but HER clothes are always soiled.
    They show HER love but don't love HER.

  • passerby_ 3w

    God gave women power and empathy;
    then he gave men muscles and ego.

    Do the math to determine the gender differentiation in this creation inequality.

    society says:

    "If you're a woman, though you have the ability to sleep with anyone you wish to and sometimes, life is gracious enough to offer you liberty with that ability; but don't ever use it! You must consider the man less you wound his fragile superiority"

    "And if you're a man, you have the ability to sleep with anyone and most times, with encouraged liberty too; please use it! If you don't, what good is all that ego built up in your groins?"

    it's a man's world after all...

    when a woman cheats, she's a slut
    when a man cheats, he's a player.

    it's a man's world and this wasn't written out of spite.

    it's a man's world and women must learn to tame their strength.

    but these wild little beasts are becoming impossible to chain - they want to intimidate the men and take control. These haughty wildings are starting to see the power they possess and they seriously threaten the survival of men.

    take a man's ego, and what is left? muscles waiting to be harnessed by those who possess the power.


  • delicate_dreamer_forever 3w


    Oh please! Be careful!
    The worth of this girl is higher than your standards...

  • 17sassygirl 4w

    An ode to Gender Equality

    It's the Fourth Wave in progression
    We call it the 21st century
    Still no sign of real reformation
    While, Men roll in the Epicurean debauchery

    We cannot adorn
    Oh! It leads to objectionable revelation
    Some prying eyes call it gallantry
    Oh! It's his right to own her as property

    Call her a Feminist
    For its beyond your prowess
    to clip her wings;
    Cold bloodedly you butchered her
    genitals to make her a pessimist
    For its time from Mohan (Raja Ram Mohan Roy) to Madonna , from Oprah to Emma ferociously sing.

    An ode to Olympe de Gouges
    We call her True inspiration
    Oh! How valiantly she fought for revolution
    But alas! executed for treason

    We hanker no pomp of #MeToo
    For its no honour to chastise his unsullied reputation
    We behest the laurels of #HeforShe
    For its his solidarity to galvanize her into unremitting action.


  • alpha_writes 4w


    Wish I had wings to fly
    Not like a bird but like a woman.
    From birth place to his heart
    From his heart to his place
    From his place to her child's place
    From there to heaven.
    But look at the irony...
    Her only wish was to cut her wings.
    And be independent.

  • eden_with_eve 4w

    Humble, they told me.
    Be humble in your heart. Break your own legs if you have to. Make sure you don't stand higher than your husband. Don't be low by slouching though because a man likes a straight back. Men like lace. They like lovely women with rosebud mouths absent of actual speech. The only word you need to know is love.
    Love him, they told me.
    Love your man and it must be a man not another woman. God made sexes equal to one another, but not equal in life. More like 1+1=2, but no more than 1. There has to be 1 because 2 or more makes you a whore. No one likes a whore, well men do, but only when it's convenient. Be a lady on the streets and a freak in the sheets. Don't freak out it's just an expression.
    Learn your lesson, they told me.
    Don't learn too much because your man doesn't want to feel less if your intellect indicates more. Flex your smile, clean your teeth, paint your lips, and be happy he chose you. You're one in a few, but he'll tell you you're one in a million. The truth is you're just the one with the ring. That symbolic thing that ties you together, it's not a marital tether just a chain. You're a woman, not a dog, but he'll make you feel like one. Tugging you back when you act out, telling you not to bark, threatening you if you take too big a bite from the food in his hand.
    I'll be damned if I'm told another stupid thing. They can go to hell.

  • ajaygrover 4w


    झुमके , जुड़ा , बिंदिया , पायल और सिंदूर
    आधुनिकता के नाम पे बदल गए सब दस्तूर

  • loginfaith 4w

    Great Ladies

    Let me speak of the great ladies
    Let me speak in gratitude,
    And model.

    For it takes hard work
    To succeed,
    So let me speak highly of them
    Let me be proud of them
    Let me show-cast their legacy.

    It takes circumstances to build a
    Big story.
    It takes Admirations
    To have a role Model.

    Oprah Winfrey,
    Ellen Degenerous,
    Mitchell Obama,
    Jessica tan,
    Ruth Porat,
    Not the real Least in
    Forbes Magazine
    But a creation
    Of great things.

    Let me speak of
    The generosity,
    The confidence,
    The love,
    The greatness,
    And the inspiration
    They all are.