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  • phal_candy 45m

    One cannot relate a Writer's life to their writings. They write about anything and eveything.
    #writer #writerslife #reality #fiction

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    Writer's life

    Writer :
    Feel the emotions
    Write about it
    Curate it
    Add fiction to it
    Post it

    People :
    "Are you in love?"
    "What's wrong with you?"
    "A feminist?"
    "Stressed? Mentally fine? What's all that post about? Going through something?"
    "I know you, it's about your life right?"

    Writers can do anything,
    They can kill you,
    They can make you a billionaire,
    They can make you feel dumb,
    They can do anything to you in their stories.

    That's a Writer's Life.


  • nayan_nahar 2h

    The horrors of my mind
    scared the child who
    used to be kind

    Stories of the world being
    cruel were bestowed in me
    None of them seemed
    true to be

    So in search of the evil
    The naive me became
    the devil

    Soon the stories I was living
    never felt like leaving

    @writersnetwork @mirakee @writerstolli
    #story #small #fiction #blood

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    A small story


  • shubhmm 4h

    I've read books,
    Harry Potter
    Jane Eyre
    and believed in them.

    Everytime someone asked me,
    They're fictional,
    Miracles don't happen in real life.

    And here i think,
    Miracles do happen in reality.
    You,me and we all are miracles.
    Because,just like the heroes.
    We all go through hell,
    We carry that sunshine on our face,
    for the ones we love.
    We try to spread the moonlight,
    even we're broken inside.
    We all lose hope,
    and still go on like a comet streaking through sky.

    And next time,
    Someone asks me,
    Do miracles happen?
    Do things change?
    Does happiness comes back in life?
    I'll say yes,
    And it happens,
    when you least expect them to.


    #mirakee #miracles #books #fiction

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  • prasanth8820 1d

    Ghost Rendezvous....

    I met a ghost today. Was just sitting at the bus stop late at night and he just came and sat beside me.

    Me : Who are you?
    Ghost: What do you think I am? Dead obviously. Can't you make out from the rotten skin and blood?
    Me: (Frozen with fear) I have alwayswondered how I would react when I saw one in person. But I think I am handling well. Don't you?
    Ghost: (Laughing) You are funny bro...So waiting for bus??
    Me: Yupp... Wonder why it's late...
    Ghost: Hmmm...Is that your Bus ?
    Me: I just looked and saw it coming. Yes , that's mine.
    Ghost: hmm... Okay so let's see. It stopped get on it.
    I Got inside.I was shocked. All the inside of the bus was burnt and in flames. People inside where all engulfed in fire. They suddenly looked at me. Then they all started laughing. And then I saw my charred body smiling at me in the front seat.
    I got down gasping for breath and saw the ghost looking at me with pity.
    Ghost: Come buddy. You died two hours back when your bus exploded. Let's go. It's time for you to join us....
    -----------End of Story----------

  • varisha__rehman 4d

    Hi babesssssss
    I m writing this book #fiction
    Help me plssss
    The title is not yet decided
    Do give suggestion ����
    Love Live Laugh

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    You want to hear my story.
    It is full of teenhood tales and romance and god knows what all
    So here it begins.
    I was really scared of dating and unknown numbers...
    It's not like I have any kind of syndrome or anything..Hell I have just dated once in my life that too when I was a teen...
    But in my college year. He came and it was like a fiction novel playing... just like when the time stops wind blows ..and the hero enters all the girls turning to look who the handsome boy is ..yes that's how the starting was..but as always all the handsome boys at the starting are a dick and so was he ...
    I'm Ziya Vindon and this my story.

    Hey there! I am Adrian Won.....

    U need more ..I'm handsome, wealthy, 6 feet 1 inch, sweetheart to girls, competition to boys, smart have straight A's, I love clubbing and I hate relationships, never was in one until I saw her, Ziya Vindon, she is a total bitch but something in her makes me consider her mine. Yes, you heard right She Is Mine.

  • upsilon400 1w

    #Medieval #song #reality #realisticstories

    Image source: "Tom Bombadil" by BorjaPindado from DeviantArt

    1st line = a bill is a polearm weapon used by some Medieval infantrymen.
    3rd line = debts
    Lines 4 to 6 = illiteracy
    Line 8 = disease

    Note: If you're name so happens to be William Miller then please take no offense in this as it is a work of #fiction and the mention of your name is merely coincidental.

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    The song of William Miller

    Ill-willed is the bill
    of the man whose mill
    he works to pay bills.

    But not with the quill,
    not even his will
    would he sign with quill,
    so his name unfilled.

    Sadly he fell ill,
    unremembered Will,
    or was his name Bill
    who worked the old mill.

  • logophile394 1w

    Guardian Of The Flames: Chapter One [Part Two]

    Ms Woodcott nearly tore through the door at the end of the hallway, barging into a poorly kept office. The floor was coated with a thick layer of dust ,the walls were bare and the only pieces of furniture were a small desk located in the middle of the room and behind it a rickety chair in which was seated a sour faced man currently busy in glaring at the papers scattered on his desk.

    "I thought I sent Gibson to deal with your case, Ms Woodcott," he said, slowly raising his head to look at them. "But I presume a suitable conclusion has not yet been reached?"

    "I thought I made my requirements perfectly clear to you Carlston," Ms Woodcott snarled.

    Mr Carlston sighed in annoyance."So you have. And so have I, as I would like to believe. The conditions remain the same-tell me for whom it is you work and this boy-, "he gestured towards Kevin with his hand "will be accepted immediately, without the trials."

    Ms Woodcott let out a frustrated scream, pointing her knife at Carlston. "I cannot tell you that'! You have to accept him; I refuse to deal with this menace any longer. I want my freedom."

    His fright kept Kevin from groaning aloud. This had been happening for the past two years- Ms Woodcott would demand that Mr Carlston 'accepted' him (whatever that was supposed to mean), Carlston would refuse, Ms Woodcott would threaten him after which she would be refused again and then sent away.

    Carlston looked back at his papers."You know my answer to that and point that knife somewhere else Ms Woodcott. You know that if you kill me, you will never get what you want. My decision is final. And might I request you to stop murdering my employees? It is quite tedious to find people ready to work here as it is. As a matter of fact-," he continued his voice rising towards the end "I now refuse to ever again consider your case."

    Kevin had never understood how Carlston wasn't terrified of Ms Woodcott. Neither did he understand why he was the only one Ms Woodcott couldn't harm while she could inflict as much pain as she liked upon anyone else. To be honest, he didn't know much of anything that was going on and while he would very much like to, he was never going to. Ms Woodcott wasn't exactly the kind of person that appreciated curiosity or anything that required him to speak. She had informed him long ago that she wouldn't hesitate to kill him if he did something to 'displease' her.

    Another scream wrenched itself out of her throat as Ms Woodcott's black eyes changed to a blood red. She turned and stormed out of the office. Kevin was left standing in the room, blinking in surprise. He hadn't realized when she had let go of his arm.

    Had she really just left him all alone?

    "Well boy, are you just going to stand there?" Carlston said, not looking up from his papers. 

    Dazed, Kevin let himself out of the office and moved down the long hallway. She had never let him out of her sight since he had tried to run away last year ; locking him up , binding his hands whenever they had to go outside , 'training' him indoors. He didn't know what to expect at the moment and that scared him more than anything else. As he approached the front door, he dwelled on the different possibilities.

    Would he be dragged back to house and tied up again or would he be tied up and left out in the rain? 

    Someone grabbed his right hand, making him gasp in surprise. Turning around he saw the guard from earlier standing beside him who reached out a scarred hand and took the oil lamp from Kevin's grasp which he hadn't even noticed he was still holding. The guard then moved to stand in the corner, almost hidden by the shadows. After standing near the door for what seemed like quite some time, he nervously opened the door and stepped out into the rain.

    Screams and hysterical laughter filled his ears as soon as he stepped out. Glancing down the street, he could spot her figure, still clutching the knife. She seemed to be moving from house to house, attacking the doors with her knife. Or at least that was what it looked like; it was hard to make out through the rain. He could only imagine her crazed eyes , her sinister smile as she moved farther down the street. He tried not to think about what would happen if she noticed him. She wasn't yet very far from where he was standing but was at a safe distance. The rain was increasing; the winds were getting stronger as the howled past him. Lightning flashed in the sky above and thunder rolled in the distance. And even though he could barely stand or even see clearly, in that moment he made his decision. His heart pounding against his chest, he turned in the other direction and took off into the night.


    He didn't remember ever running this fast. He didn't really know where he was going, he just ran through the streets, through the winding paths and alleys, even as the rain soaked him to the bone and he was very nearly on the verge of passing out. He had even tried knocking on the doors, after he felt like he had run some distance, begging for help but everyone had recognized him (Ms Woodcott had dragged him down the streets too many times for them not to) and they shut the door in his face.

    He had realized his mistake in asking for help much later, when he had heard the screams and laughter following him. Of course everyone would point her in the direction of where he had gone, they lived in constant fear of being slaughtered by her. He ran even faster, trying to hold back a sob. She could not catch him; he would be dead before the end of the night. After running a while, the streets almost fading to a blur, the laughter had stopped. He had continued to run, not wanting to take any chances before he felt like he couldn't do it anymore. He ducked into a narrow alleyway between two buildings and stopped, leaning back against one of the walls.

    He was breathing hard, coughing and spluttering ; having no idea as to what he was going to do. He could run through the entire down for as many days as he wanted but she would find him. There was nowhere for him to hide.

    'Maybe dying won't be so bad' he thought to himself 'At least I'll be away from her.'

    Despite what he was thinking, he turned to look towards the entrance to the alleyway and what he saw made his heart nearly stop in his chest.

    Dark red eyes were staring directly at him through the rain and the fog. A crazed grin was etched onto her face, her pale hand clutching a knife dripping with blood. He let out a yell as he turned and pelted in the other direction. He could hear her running after him.

    "You can't run," he could hear her yell."I'll catch you and make sure you never run again. You're not fearful enough! You'll learn to feel fear, I'll make you be afraid."

    Trying and failing to block out her voice, he made sharp turns, following the narrowest of paths. After a while the laughter was starting to fade a little again.

    'Please let her be falling behind. Please let her be falling behind' he thought desperately. He turned the next corner into another alley. 'She can't catch me, she can't catch me, she can't-'

    He slipped and fell face first on the ground, the impact knocking the wind out of him. He couldn't get up, couldn't move. Tears leaked out of his eyes as the laughter became louder and his vision grew blurrier. He faintly heard footsteps coming towards him and his heart sank.

    The last thing he saw was a gloved hand reaching toward him before everything went black.

  • harf__ 1w

    Once upon a time there was a princess who encountered a lone wolf the same lone wolf everybody has awared her about they have told her to see him as a monster but less she knew that the moment she will encounter the monster she wouldn't look for his restless and powerful structure but she would got to see the tender bruises that could make her think about him as nothing more than a hurt being, they saw, they tingle eachother, and finally they cried in each others arms without knowing eachother and there it started.

  • shruti_bhatt 1w


    Instead of saying
    "I love you"everyday,
    He tries to
    understand me
    When we fight
    Over something.
    And believe me,
    It's much better.

  • rodrigo_souza 2w

    Dracula's Marriage

    Innocent blue-eyed girl
    Nobody ever had your heart
    You have such a lovely soul
    But that innocence I will kill

    Welcome to my darkness
    My bride under my spell
    There is no way back
    Just a road to the deepest hell

    I can't let you go
    Welcome to my darkness
    Now you are my queen
    Under the great full moon

    You belong to the shadows
    The cursed twilight burns
    Welcome to my darkness
    Painful sun, delightful night

    Receive my eternal time
    The never ending sin
    Tonight our future is sealed
    Welcome to my darkness

  • peachywriter 2w


    little darling by day
    little darling by night
    darling little needles
    wounds being broken
    stitches littering paper thin skin
    little darling oh so bright
    your crimson might
    by day nor by night
    your endeavoring torture
    ever so bright

  • upsilon400 2w

    #love #woman (about one who does not exist, no joke it's #fiction)
    This sounds alright. Just so you know, I've never watched or read any of the books and movies of the "50 Shades of Grey" series, and I don't intend on reading or watching any of them.

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    A typical romance

    You warm my arterial heart like a furnace fire,
    and if my heart were gold it would be so cold
    until you came to me and filled me with desire.

    Merry as summertime, I could just embrace you,
    but why the face which does betray my soul?
    You hid away those tears and hid from what was true.

    The drink I held reeked blood, knives were in the closet,
    and then for what I knew, I still loved you.
    All the more I sought your affections and secrets,

    and I will not forget nor shall regret
    my choice to be with you and you with one like me
    for the truths, the lies, and shadowy shards I see.
    For you are no burden, what a woman.

  • upsilon400 2w

    a #fiction based on fiction #China

    BASED ON THIS THING (that and I found it on a page from my great uncle's book):
    This post was based on a fictionalized story of the downfall of king Zhou of Shang. The story is about the king meeting a beautiful girl and then he marries her but she doesn't smile so he does everything in his power to make her happy. She only laughs after he set alight the beacon fire to summon his army, then he does it two more times before the soldiers started to ignore his calls when an army from Zhou (a different kingdom, not the king) attacks and overthrows the Shang.

    My first thoughts were that the queen was secretly a spy until I realized that after I searched online, king Zhou of Shang and his wife Daji were actually very, very sadistic rulers.

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    Appeasing his queen

    There once was a king
    who went out hunting
    but stopped when he saw a girl
    he coveted like a pearl,
    daughter of the local earl.

    How selfish he had been
    throughout his reign of sin
    that he wedded his bride
    who frowned while by his side
    so he tried to make her smile
    with all of his mustered guile
    but all to no avail.

    He thought of as he failed
    then lit the signal fire,
    his soldiers came so dire.

    How now she chuckled,
    the king caught baffled
    so he did again twice
    what he thought what seemed nice
    but at a sacrifice
    when rebels came one day
    so he lights wood and hay
    but no leal man comes
    to their king struck dumb.

  • arshia_gulrays 2w

    The Shield And The Sword
    (Pt 1)

    Ari woke up around 10.30 am in her hotel room. Her dog Padfoot was still asleep. Padfoot was a cute black dog she had adopted. She was in London for the first time in her life. She had won a holiday in London and had come here all the way from India. She was tired because she had a late check in but still too excited to sleep more. She got out of the bed and brushed her teeth. She had a quick shower and wore her bathrobe.

    She gave Padfoot some buscuits and went to her suitcase. She opened her suitcase and started browsing through her clothes. Sje picked out a nice blue sweatshirt and black shorts. She combed her little longer than shoulder lengthy black hair and applied maroonish lipstick which complemented her dusky colour.

    She dressed up and started to pack her bag with water, money, etc. She ate cereal while Padfoot chased around his own tail. Once done, she put the bowls outside her suite, locked the doors and with Padfoot, happily marched out of the hotel. She hailed a taxi and asked the driver to go to Privet Drive. She is definitely seeing all the places harry potter was shot.

  • meerulfat 3w


    Can't voice her true feelings"Got from the @erypoetry 's writeup.

    She can't voice out her true feelings even to herself.
    If she does, she would be declared as a characterless girl.
    Even you too will declare her as a characterless
    And will disrespect her.

    Let me tell you one thing, she has collapsed in loving you as such,
    she herself is oblivious of the reason.

    She knows her feelings are true and belives angels will come and intuit you about her feelings

    She has claded her self in silence.

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    Quelled her feelings
    In the fear of disrespect


  • mrgrey 3w

    #grey♥️�� #fiction
    to protect my rights from federal writers lol

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    Another 24 ♥️

    24 hours awake ♥️,
    I said I would keep you informed,
    I'm sorry for being this way,
    But you know like I know,
    I have to play with the evil,
    To live amongst the good.

  • anjalitushir 3w

    किसी न किसी लाइन में हमेशा मिलेंगे कुछ जज़्बात , साँस लेते हुए... हर्फो में तुम्हारे नाम के....मेरे हर्फो में तुम आज भी मेरे हो.....क्योंकि मुझे टूटने से ख़ौफ़ आता है....

    #fiction #harf

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    आखिरी ख़त

    वो पेज आखिरी नही था उस डायरी में तुम्हारे नाम का ....हाँ .....पर खत आख़िरी था....
    उस ख़त में मैंने कुछ नही लिखा है ....कोरा छोड़ा है और पेज के आखिर में एक डॉट(.) लगा दिया है.....शायद किसी दिन ये डॉट(.) ....to be continued हो जाए......

  • blackangel_ 4w

    My insignificant existence
    in the world became
    significant with my ability
    to attract abstacles and I
    became the c/o address
    for broken heart which left
    me like an emotional wreck
    crying helplessly like a lonely
    ghost for the one who ghosted
    me since forever..


  • apurvascribbles 4w

    / There's always a dark side /

    There's always a dark side to every story. The one that isn't always in the forefront. But it's still there, lurking around, waiting for its golden opportunity. To strike when I'm at my weakest so that I do not have any other chance but to surrender. To let the darkness in and let it consume every inch of the mind and body. When the clock shows that it's way past my time, and I know I shouldn't have let these memories come back, and I know now that I have over-indulge in the memories of the past, of how every thing was rosy and sweet and there was no pain, but now it's creeping into every inch.
    So, now here I am curled up on the hard, cold floor. Feels like home. The tears won't stop. And so doesn't the pain, it keeps coming and takes me back to the time, when it was the beginning of the end.
    That's how I know I have paid my price. By dying everytime I think of the memories- the happy and the sad ones.

    Tags -
    #writersnetwork #pod #mirakee #darkside #fiction

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  • upsilon400 4w

    #breakup_wt #writerstolli #diss (dissing a person who doesn't even exist, hence the title)

    Image source: the "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster from wikipedia. I found this on knowyourmeme.com

    A/N: I am not in nor have I ever been in a romantic relationship before. This #song is purely #fiction and is nowhere whatsoever related to scenarios in my life. However, the last 3 stanzas though, I really would outright say that to a girl if she's being unfaithful. I wouldn't put curse words because I'm just that good of a person.
    This was also inspired by "Nothing Left to Say" by Imagine Dragons.

    Edit: Well I had fun.

    Title: I don't care, not like it's real

    What with all your malice
    put me on your blacklist.
    I don't care, can't repair
    that love that once was promised.

    I made you swear with all your heart
    and you told me 'I won't depart',
    but then you went and left me.

    I guess I wasn't so good
    that your clues were understood.
    Well I don't care, it's not fair,
    it's you who's always been rude.

    You think I'm always stupid,
    nothing like the cool kids
    but you're wrong, I am strong
    so hear me sing along this song:

    "I don't want to diss you
    I just want to kiss you.
    But who's that guy? What a lie,
    and now I so regret you.

    So how many have you been,
    are you even a virgin?
    I don't know, I don't care.
    Just so you know I can't despair.

    I won't cry, can't deny
    the fact that you're a harlot."
    And now I'm sober even though I wasn't drunk.
    Keep it clean, live the dream
    there's plenty fish left in the sea.

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    I don't care, not like it's real

    You think I'm always stupid,
    nothing like the cool kids
    but you're wrong, I am strong
    so hear me sing along this song:
    (Read the captions for the full text)