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  • vijaysharma3530 10w

    So, when we hold someone's hand or hug them, we feel every bit of them and our brains react. When we reach out, a chemical called oxytocin — also dubbed the “love hormone".The guy feels strong and protective. He the guy is hugging the smaller girl and offering her warmth and comfort and protection.When a man hugs you first, it means he trusts you, he has complete faith in you, and he wants you to trust him and much as he trusts you. When your partner hugs you first, it means they want you to know that they love you and will always be there for you. Most vital moment of my life keep talking while hugging her. #firsthug

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    1:45pm Saturday
    September 19th 2015

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  • akanshasingh166 24w


    सोचती हूं वो भी क्या नजारा था
    सब कुछ खामोश और वक्त हमारा था
    करने आया था वो इजहार मुझसे
    मेरी आंखों में भी हा का इशारा था
    पलके झुकी और दिल घबराया था
    मन ही मन हमने मुस्कुराया था
    शुरुआत कैसे हो मोहब्बत की
    हम दोनों को ही ये समझ ना आया था
    मंजूर था मुझे भी प्यार उसका
    फिर भी दिल कहने से हिचकिचाया आया था
    हुआ अचानक फिर प्यार का एहसास
    जब हाथ पकड़ उसने नजरें मिलाया था
    खुद को रोक ना सकी उसके इजहार करने तक
    बस खामोश होकर उसे गले लगाया था


  • takytales 53w

    ० मेरा कुर्ता ०


    हमारी ख़ुशबू आज भी मौजूद, गवाह है तेरा बुर्क़ा ...
    मैंने भी रखा है संजोएं, मेरा वो सफेद कुर्ता ...

    एक दूसरे के बाहों में पहली बार साथ थे जब ...
    कितना ख़ुश नसीब था तेरा बुर्क़ा , मेरा कुर्ता ...

  • poeticallynoob 62w

    U plan the future
    I will make u live the present.

  • poeticallynoob 63w


    Appreciate the efforts
    Thank for the care
    Respect the time
    Kiss for the love

    Hold when he falls
    Question his no's
    Scold when he's wrong
    Don't daubt his love

    Making u smile
    When distance hurts the
    Was an achievement for him
    And baby trust me
    That's all he wants.

  • poeticallynoob 64w

    Tham gaya vo pal

    Pheli baar dekha tha us khoobsurat chereh ko tab
    Vo pheli mulakaat ko yaad kar muskurata hun har pal
    Ek din aisa na beeta jab na yaad keyin hon vo pal
    Han me chahta tha ki bas ruk jaye pura jahan ussi sadak par
    Aur Me tham lu uska hath aur mila lu usse nazaren
    kehdu vo har baat jo chupi thi dilme
    Aur itna soch te hi jab suni uski aavaz
    Dantate hui chalti aa rahi thi vo mere pass
    Han nahi bataya tha usse ki milne aa raha tha me uske pass
    Thodi si khushi hum bhi lana chahate the uske pass
    Aur phirvo pal aaya jab vo ruki mere samne aake
    Na kuch samaj pa raha tha vahan pe
    Kuch palo me khud ko sambhala
    Vo kya bol gayi kuch samaj na paya
    Gale se lagaya aur

  • scribbles_of_anonymity 66w

    Unplanned, suddenly she said, "I wanna hug you" and in some moments we hugged as if we will never meet again.

    #hug #love #firsthug #romantic #

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    First Hug

    first hug
    was so intense
    as if it was
    last hug


  • sometimes 72w


    Magical ? No, Real !

    In due process of getting lost and locked in each other's embrace~(clasp, cuddle, clutch)
    It felt like a never-ending spark when our hearts finally touched !
    " Our First Hug ~ Twice "

    ~( " Love You ! " )


  • leonine1896 82w

    Every time I kiss you I feel like I'm kissing you for the first time. Aroma of your hair, your body, your sweat- Everything of yours makes me fall in love with you over and over.

  • ash_95 92w

    It was day of pride,day of happiness to flow
    Love was out on street,queerness was at peak
    All was going good,people were too doing well too
    All had someone along to celebrate,friends family or someone special;someone great
    Out there was a boy walking alone,but was happy to be part of pride
    Soon destination came pride walk came to end;everyone hugging ones who came along
    The boy alone,stood there smiling all alone
    Alas came,a guy to him asking if he's doing good
    "Why you so silent" his words sounded so fruitful,
    The boy could no longer control himself,out came tears of emotions
    He wept in joy,at last someone asked him at all
    Not knowing what more to do,the guy hugged the boy to make him feel good.
    Asked upon what it was,the boy replied my first pride it was.

  • durga_prasad 102w

    Conversation b/w a boy and girl

    After so many fights first tight hug
    Boy : Do you feel my heart baby
    Girl : hmm hu
    Boy : do you know what it saying.
    Girl : huh...?
    Boy : it is saying that it works only for
    Girl : This is why I fall for you idiot

  • karnjagriti11 133w

    First Hug

    They held each others' hand.
    Standing at a distance.
    And then he says, "Come here."

    She couldn't feel any touch.
    Her eyes closed. No visions of nothin' at all.
    Her mind hit the pause button. Complete blank.
    Her fingers gripped his shirt.
    His heartbeats, so soothing.

    Damn! That hug!

  • mehulrathi_ 133w

    Some moments
    So beautiful and special
    That can't be described in words
    But you can feel it every moment.

  • mehulrathi_ 133w

    Some moments
    So beautiful and special
    That can't be described in words
    But you can feel it every moment.

  • intoxicating_love_words 138w

    The Nostalgic Hug

    On a cloudy day, cool breeze was touching my bare skin n made my hair strands to fall on my face. The combine touch of cool breeze and my conditioned hair was inspiring the tickles. In this pleaseanig environment, I saw you .. Standing 4-5 feets away.. Yes I saw my love for the first time. For the first time in real.
    My eyes glued at your face. My body got frozen. The cool breeze was still playing with my hair bt now I didnt care.. I forgot where I am. I thought it was a dream. I just wanted to eat you completely with my eyes. You were looking so damn handsome in ur favorite blue coloured shirt with folded sleeves. . The sparkles of your eyes, that naughty smile on your lips n shine of your face, were making me to want you more. I kept staring at you in a statue position. Then you came to me and stopped at one hand distance. I got back in the real world as you touched my nose with tip of your finger. I saw you in front of me and now I was not able to control my self and jumped on to give you the warmest hug. .

    This is how our first hug will be....


  • _yugen_ 145w

    Please bear with me for the medium long post. This is a fantasy about a boy's first hug with the girl of his dreams.

    @nivu_13 @aragorn @_nonyelum_ @laughing_soul @the_nameless_creed @thenomad @reshamthegreat @disha_ @the_pale_rider_ @pingu_pennameofmine

    #writersnetwork #pod #mood #firsthug #love

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    First hug

    I stroll into my quiet hall on an ordinary evening. You stand there hands crossed, looking out the window. The sound of my footsteps whisper you of my presence and your face comes to life. You swirl around to look at me, hiding that soft, straight, sable black hair. I near you and you step back to make room for me; we both stand on either side of the window facing each other and begin to chat. I say silly things and you constantly cover your mouth to hide your teeth. We both stop eventually and begin to talk without words. In a flash, my demons and angels merge into an orphic entity, the process so boisterous like an erupting volcano, spewing pure lust all over my soul. I notice you sense that. Instantly, you do your signature "I-am-shy-but-bring-it" move. A look dead into my eyes, a breath skip, posture straightening, a quick inhale as you look down, some hair tuck behind your left ear, pause for a moment and a piercing look at me again. In all honesty, you are more prepared for it than I am. The sudden realisation of the situation hits me strong. My lungs refuse to breathe under the immense pressure but my brain ignores this and puts my body into action. I measure my steps as my legs numben and stop just a foot from you. You hear my heartbeat and I hear yours, both synchronising to an adrenaline pumping beat. My thoughts are loud and you perceive them well. A part of me wants all of you, a part of me wants to wait. With one leg forward, you lean in on me for the last foot of space. My hands move like flowing water around a rock. The bends of my arms are a perfect fit for your curves, the contours from my jaw to collarbone, a cosy haven for your head. A smile that enslaves angels comes into existence as you hear my weary breath's tune of freedom. Your fragrance mixes with mine and a new cologne is born. You hug me tight and ensoul the moment. Eventually, you look up at me with widened pupils and I notice for the first time, between the brownish nuances of your irises, hues of yellow hide in vain. Your eyes glisten in the soft shadows, giving meaning to the Sun's short life; a nervous move, the Sun's final sight, a lyrebird's love song through the night.


  • quotesunfold 177w

    First Hug...

    वो पहली बार तुझे गले लगया था...

    आज भी कायम हैं, तेरे रिश्ते की गर्मी..
    मजबूती से मेरे कंधो को पकड़े, तेरे हाथों की नर्मी..
    इतना करीब खुद को खुद से पाया था
    कितनी बातें बिन कहे कही थी,
    मेरे हाथों ने तेरे बालों को सहलाया था
    आज भी याद है जब पहली बार तुझे गले लगाया था...

    वो तेरे कांपते होठ, तेरी आँखे जो झुकी हुई थी,
    शायद हमे बहुत कुछ कहना था, पर बाते रुकी हुई थी
    सब कुछ गया था थम, वक़्त जितना भी था, था बहुत कम
    कमर से तुझको पकड़े हुए, तुझको करीब लाया था
    आज भी याद है जब पहली बार तुझे गले लगाया था...

    उसकी आँखों में झांका तो दिखा अपना साया था
    मेरे साये मैं मुझे दिखा उसका हमसाया था,
    खोया उसकी नजरों में फिर कुछ न याद आया था
    आज भी याद है जब पहली बार तुझे गले लगाया था...