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    //Daily I watch you, looking at him, with that look in your eyes
    The look they say, I've in my eyes everytime I see you.//
    You're my first love, Jenny
    I loved you even before knowing the meaning of love.
    If all it takes to have you is fight against the world, I would.
    I would choose you, within a heart beat
    Do you remember Jenny?
    I used to snuck out of house, at nights, only to stand outside your house, feeling I'm near and next to you.
    Remember that letter you wrote to me?
    It's actually letter which said “I like you as a friend "
    But all I could take in was “ I like you"
    “You're my best friend Jack " you used to say. Idk whether to cry or to feel happy!
    The girl I love friend zoned me!!!!
    But then, friendship can be first step to love. That kept me going.
    The way you say “ I love your eyes Jack " held me at place.
    Your care towards me gave me hope.
    It's false hope they used to say, that you love HIM.
    I never believed Jenny.
    The way you look into my eyes didn't allow me to believe you love someone else.
    The day I kissed you, I was in denial, denying that you're someone else's. I kissed you, to make a point. That you belong to me. ME ALONE. That was a bad move.
    But I'm sorry I'm not sorry for doing it.
    That was my first kiss.
    You're my first kiss! I loved it Jenny.
    It made me feel..so.. ALIVE.
    Heart thumping so loud and I had this stupid ear to ear grin on my face. I realized that day, how much I love you.
    When you said “no" instead of “yes"
    That day, I was half dead Jenny. I cried, all night. But I was still positive, that you love me. Now I think about it, I feel... Idk.
    You loved me Jenny. It's just you loved him more.
    You loved me more than a friend, less than a lover.
    It's a plantonic rather than romantic one.
    But you loved me Jenny, didn't you?

    I'm not a poet, but if I am, your name would be my most beautiful poem
    I'm not an artist, but Jenny, If I am one, your eyes would be my best art
    If only I could, I would paint the canvas of my life with hues of you...
    I may not be any of it,
    it's your name, that's imprinted in every phase my life.

    “I search you in every girl I see
    In you I seek myself
    I get lost in the universe of your eyes
    Hoped I would be that universe you dwell in
    I wouldn't miss you for world
    For then I would miss myself
    In your love, I fall, everyday
    Never before, drowning felt lively to me"
    I love you Jenny, always.
    - yours Jack ♥

    #dedicated #firstlove @ak_anjali_daydreamzz @cheerfulmadwoman #julietscorner
    This is really tough one. Just tried......

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    Daily I watch you, looking at him, with that look in your eyes
    The look they say, I've in my eyes everytime I see you.


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    Ki jis raah se tum gujartee ho,
    Usi raah par ghanto khada milunga tumhe mai.
    Tumhari bas ek jhalak ke liye na jaane
    Kitne mausam yuhi nikal diya h maine,
    Or tum ho ki anjaan ho insab baato se
    Ek ajnabi ki tarah tum
    Mere kareeb se nikal jati ho....
    Or mai bas dur tak tumhe niharta rahta hu...
    Par mujhe koi shikayat nahi tumse..

  • ankitpriyadarshi 22h

    तेरी खनकती हुई उस हंसी को दोबारा सुनना,
    तेरे चेहरे पर उड़ती हुई एक लट को देखना,
    तेरे लबों से मोतियों का बहता हुआ वो झरना.
    अच्छा लगा.

    तेरी अंगूठी की चमक का सूरज संग होड़ लगाना,
    बीच बात अचानक रुक कर मेरी ओर एकटक देखना,
    और फिर तेरी बिल्लौरी आंखों का यूं ही चमक जाना.
    अच्छा लगा.

    तेरी नाज़ुक उंगलियों का किसी ओर इशारे करना,
    तेरे मुलायम गालों पर गुलाबी लाली का छा जाना,
    उन मखमली हाथों को थामें दूर तलक चलते जाना.
    अच्छा लगा.

    तेरे चेहरे पर किसी शरारत की झलक को देखना,
    तेरी पलकों का शर्म की ओस से भारी हो झुक जाना,
    या जुदाई के वक़्त तेरे चेहरे पर ग़म की शाम का आना.
    अच्छा लगा.


  • dill_ki_kalam_se 2d

    Ek gulab tere nam ka hmne v tod liya
    Teri purani yado ke nam kr diya
    Paudha v kh rha kya kroge usko yad karke
    Usne to tumhare jindgi me jahar ghol diya

    Nhi.. nhi.. mujhe pta h sach kya h
    Q h mujhse dur wo q wo bewafa h
    Yad to aj v ati h use meri
    Hr Sam ko ane wali hichakiya gawah h

  • ujjain 2d

    ❤❤ first love

    Trust me your first love is always special but unfortunately some love remains incomplete

  • saurabhdvd 3d


    Pehla pyar bhi anokha tha,
    Sachai kam dhokha jyada tha


  • julyhues 4d


    She doesn't look in the mirror 
    she seldom smiles
    what magic his words have on her
    she smiles all the time 
    without any reason or rhyme 
    no therapists could ever give her  a placebo
    he effortlessly works on her broken ego
    she aged but his charm is still the same
    he comes and sweeps her clean 
    like a silent hurricane 
    she closes her eyes 
    puts his words on repeat 
    he plays and she skips a heartbeat
    if this is not love
    then consult the dictionary
    let her know the meaning clearly
    or maybe in some next life 
    she would grab a piece of his love pie
    Until then his thoughts would make her high

  • swadeka 5d

    #father #love #firstlove #life #endless #lost #daughter #world #best #experience #hate
    I admit that I do miss him sometimes.

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    First Love That I Lost

    I don’t know if I love him or hate him, but if he were here right now by my side, I will love him so much. He will be my first love. A love that I would never trade for.
    Since I was born I have never seen him. Maybe because I was to young to remember back then. Than what about now, why don’t I have any memories with him right now. Actually, ages wasn’t the point. He was not here from the start. Since the day I was born he was not here by my side.
    Even though I know that I don’t have him, I also never wish to have him or ask anyone about him. If someone wants to leave than we should also have the door wide open for them. Asking others about him will makes me end up getting hurt and it will also hurt others around me.
    Only if he was here, only if he was here from the start. Than thing won’t be like this. If he was here, than I would know if I love him or hate him. I will have a experience of how it feel to have a father in this life. He will be the best man in the whole universe for me. He will be the first man who hold me and embrace me in his arm. Our love will be endless and I will never trade my father for anything. It is not a love that I lost, but it’s the love that never started.

  • yaara25 5d

    Har musibat aasan lgti h,
    jb maa gale laga kr poochti h sb thik toh h na ???

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    The corner of my memory, A brown piano settled on one side
    In the corner of my childhood house, A brown piano settled on one side

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    Mohobaat nahi hai koi kitabo ki baate! Samjhe gaye jab roh kar kuch kategi raat! Jab choori ho gaya toh pata chala Dil tha hamara karte teh hum bhi kitabo ki baate

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    Sochta hoon ke usse naa yaad karo. Sochta hoon ke usse naa yaad karo kambaqat ye dil nahi manta hai
    Waise toh koi wajha nahi hai usse bhul jaane ki
    Waise toh koi wajha nahi hai usse bhul.jaane ki
    Lekin koi wajha bhi nahi hai usse yaad rakhne ki

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    The spark

    He said,
    I dint love you for your winsome smile,
    I dint love you for your shapeliness,
    I dint love you for your pulchritude,
    Heck, we dint even say a 'Hello',
    But, you had me at first glance,
    We were like flint and steel,
    Creating spark upon spark!


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    অনভিজ্ঞ প্রচেষ্টায় অধম এর ছাত্র জীবন এর দর্শন ফুটিয়ে তুললাম ছন্দের দ্বারা। কোনও প্রকার গাফিলতি হলে বা গুরুচন্ডালি দোষ প্রত্যক্ষ করলে অবশ্যই সংশোধন করে দেবেন।
    #studentlife #dedicatedtoall #backbencherthoughts
    #phraseoflife #firstlove #teenagelove #thoughts #poetry #diary #life #inspiration #friendship

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    ছাত্রের দুর্গতি

    ভাবিতাম এরা গিয়াছে স্বল্প বয়সে,
    প্রেম সাগরে ভাসিয়া
    তুচ্ছ তাচ্ছিল্য করিয়া দিতাম উড়ায়ে হাসিয়া
    কিন্তু এখন দেখিতেছি,
    এরা গিয়াছে প্রেমের সাগরে ডুবিয়া
    পরিণতি কি হইবে, যাই আমি ভাবিয়া
    ছাত্রের দুর্গতি বসিয়া আমি ভাবি,
    ভাবিতে ভাবিতে আমি, হইয়া গেলাম কবি।

  • thesananpost 1w

    I want you!
    I want you so bad.
    Somedays I want to beg you. I want to go down on my hands and knees in front of you and grovel for your love because I can't imagine my life without you.
    What does she have that I don't? I know she's gorgeous and of course she deserves your love but, she doesn't crave you the way I crave you.
    She doesn't know you the way I do and she will never love you more than I love you!
    So please come back, just come back to me.

  • thesananpost 1w

    Can't you ever look at me.
    The same way I look at you.
    I yearn for it, somedays my entire being cries out for you, for your smile and your eyes and today's one of those days.
    I end up curling up in my bed like an emotional porcupine biting back my own tears when I see you hand in hand with her.
    It hurts, it hurts so bad knowing you don't feel the same way.
    Knowing you never really will.
    I always thought that hate was the beginning of a love story, not the end of one but, the more I look at you looking at her with that look of adoration that was supposed to be reserved for me, the more my love for you dissapears.

  • julyhues 1w

    When she was eighteen

    She tasted love for the first time 
    when she was eighteen 
    suddenly it came from nowhere
    wrapped in luminous colours
    Her pride didn't let her describe him
    he breathed tranquillity 
    like bliss, he fell from above 
    he disrobed her illusions 
    dressed in sweet almonds 
    he tasted like honey 
    he taught her yearning, longing
    his name echoes to those
    who've walked in his homely knolls 

    from her  dismantled old building 
    he collected ruins 
    unknowingly he kept them 
    only his name can stir 
    speculations, so she locked her lips
    threw the keys into the ocean of silence 
    the feeling that can't be described in words 
    is what flows in her writings now
    Love shines brighter only in the heart 
    who longs for it than in the eyes who sees it

  • purpleenigma 1w

    It's been but mere hours
    The clock ticks away
    Counting them
    1.... 2..... 3.....
    It feels like forever
    An eternity has passed
    Somedays I hate this feeling
    The nostalgia
    Gapping hole anew where my heart once was
    The nostalgia / the sentiment
    The taste / the touch / the longing
    I miss you
    Damn boy!
    I miss you!
    You can make days feel like years
    When we're apart
    It hurts like Hell
    So I'm begging you
    Stop the clock / slow down time
    My soul cannot handle
    This ache!


  • jatangahlot 54w

    Phla pyaar

    Zindgi badi khushaal thi tere aane se pahle , duniya ki khubsurti se anjaan the tere aane se phle,
    Jb tumhe pahli baar dekha tha tb na tum mujhe jaanti thi aur na m tumhe janta tha, pr na jaane ye dil tumhe kyu apna manta tha,
    Hr roz dekha karta tha in pyaar bhari nigaaho se un kaatilana nazaroo ko ,
    Duniya se bchkr aur dosto se chup kr ,
    Darta tha un ankhi baaton se , issliye aaj tum mere liye ek kwaab ho varna kb ki haqiqat ban gayi hoti,
    Pr kya kre iss dil ka , hr rooz m vo thodi-thodi himmte jutaya karta tha ,aur jo tu bolti thi vo sbd m raat bhar dohraya krta tha,
    Garmi ki vo chutiya bdi akeli si lgti thi,aankho me bs teri hi tsvir dhlti thi,
    Intzaar krta tha m ki ye waqt jaldi se beet jaaye, taaki in aankho me thoda toh sukun nazar aaye.
    Vo aakhri raat thi, agle din mujhe school jana tha, kyunki tum ko sb kuch btla kr dil ko sukun pahuchana tha.
    Us din tumhara bada intzaar kiya, socha aaj nhi toh kl shi ,pr aise mahine bitey fir pata chala ki tum toh apne khwaab bunne badi durr ja chuki ho.
    Pr kya kre vo rb bhi humse khafa tha, jb tumse milna chaha, tumhe dil ka haal batana chaha ,vo waqt bhi bhi hmse juda tha.
    Dil bahut khus tha tumhare liye, pr dil me ek gm rh gaya…………..
    Yadon me tere sang bina tujhe bataye mene bade sapne sajaye the , tere jaane ke baad hum ek baar fir khud se mil ke aaye the.
    Dil ko saant kr vo gm mene bhulaya tha, fir yaaron ke sang khub zami ,
    Ab tere baad mere yaaron ka number aaya tha.
    School ke vo din aaj bhi bde yaad aatein h, jo meri zindgi me chaar chaand lagate h.
    Vo din aaj bhi mujhe yaad h jb mene tumko insta. Pe paya tha ,aur mene mushkurakr apne phone ko chum kr khud ke gale se lagaya tha.
    Vo waqt aaj bhi mujhe yaad h” ki m tumhe psnd krta hu” mene tumhe bataya tha,
    Thoda-sa dukh zaroor hua”ki tum kisi aur se pyaar krti ho” jb tumne ye bataya tha.
    Aaj tak kabhi tumhe pana nhi chaha , kyunki khwabo ko kaid karna mera swabhaw nhi. Uspe kisika vs nhi ,ise isse na tum chin saki ho na ye jahan.
    Kahna toh bahut kuch chahta hu zindgi ek gatha h , ye pyaar h ya bachpana ye waqt hume batata h.