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  • sullen_sage 9w

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    This poem depicts my first impressions and feelings I had towards a girl who went on to become my best and oldest friend. I met her in the 3rd grade and have been friends with her ever since, so that's 19yrs now! We've both changed a lot, but through it all we remained in touch. I absolutely love her, and am very proud of the woman she's become. Happy birthday Britt!!! ��❤️❤️❤️

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    Impossible Girl

    This girl is impossible,

    Like the mornings recollection of a dream the night before, she haunts my mind in graceful strides and fades before I blink,

    An ally of the sun for sure, and how they do conspire, illuminating curvatures what compliment her face,

    Those golden threads of gosomer, obedient cascade, the locks upon her head agree to bend to artful hands,

    Indecisive magic are the color of her eyes, from ocean blue to meadow green, their dance remains eternal,

    And finally, from God himself, a voice that moves my heart, her songs would lyric stories while her soul would rise to speak.

    This girl is just, impossible...

    And yet I can't resist, friend or foe I'm still unsure, but my heart demands the risk.


  • _mist_ 13w

    The Red Top

    The fabric i never want to wash..
    It has this exceptional scent of beach, sand and especially it smells of US...

    The smell of our first meeting...

  • neerajtripathi 15w

    The secret wish of poetry is
    to stop the moment
    I wish i could have
    Freezed the evening !

  • dip_ki_poetry 22w

    पहली मुलकात

    ट्रेन से उतरते ही जो तेरा मुस्कुराता चेहरा देखा
    कसम से! दिल हार बैठा
    चला जब संग तेरे क़दमों से कदम मिलाके
    सोचा! जिन्दगी यही बिता लूं तेरे संग चलते चलते
    वो पहली बार जब थे हम मिले!

    दिल थोड़ा सा घबरा रहा था तेरे पास आने से हिचकिचा रहा था
    तुम्हे बचाने को धूप से,मै सूरज से टकरा रहा था
    की थी हमने ढेर सारी बातें
    जिसे याद कर ,मै आज मुस्कुरा रहा था
    वो पहली बार, मै जब, तुमसे मिलने आया था

    वो सप्ताह तेरे संग ऐसे बिता जैसे दिन का कोई पेहर सा
    यादें वो अनोखी दे गया
    पलको में बसा कर उन्हें, मैंने संजो कर रख लिया
    जाते जाते आंखों को नम कर गया,मिलन ये जुदाई सा
    ऐसा था कुछ यादगार मिलन हमारा ,पहला पहला सा।।


  • so_relatable 26w

    #love #mirakee #firstmeeting #mylovestory #real

    Hey everyone! A BEAUTIFUL incident from my life✨❤️

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    That day - 25 February 2019

    That day, we decided to meet the very first time
    I was waiting at the bus stop
    My heartbeats were fast
    Butterflies were flying in my stomach
    I was blank
    Although I was not feeling confident as I was in college uniform
    But yeah! I was so excited.
    He was late
    And only the last bus remained to take me to my home
    So I went in the bus
    Suddenly, I saw him at the entrance of the bus
    He was looking at me, coming closer to me
    And as he sat next to me, I felt that my heart jumped.
    Me, the bubbly girl , was quiet before him
    I was looking out of the window
    He started talking to me
    I was not able to look into his eyes as my heart was not normal, seriously it was jumping
    Oh God!
    That day, I was at my home in a blink
    Ah, the distance seemed to be short
    When I was getting off the bus, we shook hands
    He gave me my favourite chocolate
    I was thinking how did he come to know my favs
    But I was happy and blushing
    He touched my palm,
    A sensation of warmth was running in my arteries
    That day, I felt the very first stage of my true love

    It has been a year and three months
    Till now, he is on my mind.
    And I fall in love many times,
    But always with him.


  • tanisha_bansal_17 33w

    Strange game of destiny

    Jo aaj k din Mile
    Vo aaj k din bhi sath ni hai


  • ankitpriyadarshi 37w

    कहानी पहली मुलाक़ात की....
    क्या आपको कुछ याद आया....?
    Plz share your feelings about this.....
    #मुलाकात #mulakat #urdu #hindi #hindipoetry #urdushayari #attraction #pehlimulaqat #emotions #firstmeeting #feelings #lovestory @mirakee @nishabd_sharma @monikakapur @singh_piyu @writersnetwork #love #poetry

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    बे क़रार था दिल ये मेरा पहली मुलाक़ात के रोज़,
    अंदाज़ा ना था मुझको, कि इश्क़ का होगा ऐसा सोज़.

    मुलाक़ात हुई, बात हुई, एक शाम हसीं बीत गई ऐसे.
    वो मिली मुझसे इस क़दर, दिए से मिली हो रोशनी जैसे.

    एक अजब सी कशिश थी, उसकी गहरी निग़ाहों में,
    जैसे राज़ खोल रही हो बिन बताए,आंखों ही आंखों में.

    जाते देख उसे दिल पर मेरे कोई उदासी नहीं छाई,
    बस ख़ुद के भीतर ही कहीं एक खलिश सी मैंने पाई.

    लम्हे वो खुशनुमा, जो बिताए उसके साथ पहली बार,
    उन्हीं यादों की बाबत है अब दूसरी मुलाक़ात का इंतजार.

  • iamtwinkle 38w

    First meeting ❤️

    याद है मुझे वो हमारी पहली मुलक़ात।।
    जिसमें तुम मुझ में कहीं खो गए थे
    और हमने तुम्हें अपना बना लिया।।


  • sahilakhan 52w


    It was never an easy story
    Because it revolves around me and you
    When everyone was bragging about their pain
    I was spilling tears on page plain
    Let me assure you
    I am uncertain
    My story have incompetent coincidence
    My mind sinks depression, I long for a peaceful mind
    But god knows I am a sailor and I always survived
    Even if you break me I will smile
    when Our hands united for very first time
    You smiled at me as I did some crime
    Take my love, take it once again
    I want to be yours even if I complain
    Your smile is my life and unhappiness makes me sad
    Will u hold my hand for every instance?

  • justlikeu 54w

    Butterflies in my stomach

    The first time i saw him was yesterday and also the first time i felt butterflies in my stomach. I felt like everything stopped and all goes in my mind like a movie again and again.
    Is this love?

  • priyaaggarwalji 55w

    22 November❤️ #firstmeeting

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    वक़्त फिर खुदको यूं दोहरा रहा हैं
    मुझे फिर उससे मिला रहा हैं
    - प्रिया ❤️


  • season_love 57w

    On Way...

    On way to see you...
    Really excited about our first meeting..
    May I ask you for something please..
    I want to embrace you...
    I want to feel you in my arms...
    I want to see that all this is true and not a dream....
    I want to cry by keeping my head in your chest...;;-))

  • the_alluring_soul 59w

    Pehli mulakaat

    Pehli mulakaat thi woh..
    Kch durr woh khade the
    Kch durr hum..

    Dono ki aankhen kuch is qadar ladi ki..
    Fir kbhi kisi aur se lad hi na payi..


  • _kirtibansal_ 65w

    Tham gya mere paar vaha...
    Jaha mile tha hum pheli dafa..
    Fir dil ne ek naam pukara...
    Jo tha sirf Apka❤️

  • emotional_reader 70w

    The Day I Met Him

    The day i met him
    It was a sunny day.
    No clouds on the sky,no chill in the air.
    And zero chance of rain.


  • himanshuchaturvedi 77w

    Her Illusion

    It's... it's a day of Feb
    the time which I want to grab
    The month when I met you
    how stupidly I smiled and greet you
    The moment I never want to loose
    The past over the future which I want to choose
    Whenever I use to think about you
    your thoughts makes my mind blew
    It's seems like the tales of fairy tells me about an angel
    n the way I saw you is different from all other's sight of angle
    The happiness of that moment is still in my every breath
    which I never be able to forget till the end , till my death
    It was the sweetest moment with the pleasant time
    which always helps me to write the chunk of rhyme
    Why your thoughts always bring a smile on my face
    And how they calm me down , gives me peace and slow downs the life's pace
    Is it a illusion or a magic of yours
    That gives me the memory's pleasant tour
    Whatsoever it is , it's a happiness for me
    And a part of mine will always reside in you , in form of we.


  • shreyajagetiya 83w

    पहली मुलाकात

    थी वो तुमसे पहली मुलाकात,
    हुई थी बस चंद लफ्जों में बात|
    ना जाने क्यूँ फिर ऐसा लगा कि तुम्हें जानते हुए
    एक जमाना हो गया|
    अब तक खोए हुए मेरे सारे ख्वाबों का
    ठिकाना मिल गया|


  • flowoffeelings 84w


    अजीब सी राहत दे गई,
    उनसे बस एक,
    मुलाक़ात हमारी,
    अब सोच रहीं हूँ,
    हर रोज़,
    दीदार उनका,
    किया करूँ ।


  • rajvaibhav 86w

    The first Meeting

    When I moved toward her and said "hi" i was nervous because my eyes were embracing her beauty and my heartbeat was high but hey then i got a reply from her saying a "hi" and then i said she is beautiful she blushed and smiled away and then.....
    I held on my nerves and asked about her number she gave me smile took my mobile and gave me her number ...
    At that time I was lost in her ..That was most beautiful feeling i ever felt .........

  • bekhauff_parinda 87w

    तेरी मोहब्बत में एक फसाना बन गया था 
    मिल कर आया था तो दीवाना बन गया था 

    लोग कहने लगे मुझे की पागल हो गया है 
    मेरे लिए वो बेअसर जमाना बन गया था 

    अपनी इन आँखों को समझा दिया मैंने बंद कर के 
    कि जो अभी देखा है उससे ख़ूबसूरत कुछ नहीं है

    क़ैद कर ले उन्हे जो मेरा हसीं नजराना बन गया था 
    मेरा दिल उस हसीं का अशियाना बन गया था 

    छलक ना जाए लिखते लिखते आब~ए~मोहब्बत 
    ये दिल तेरी मोहब्बत में आशिकाना बन गया था