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  • soyajax 1w

    Now a days

    Now a days,

    life is full of flaws,

    It doesn’t follow any laws

    It’s full of messy things,

    but you get flying wings,

    when there is someone

    to take care of your messy things.✍️✍️

  • an_anchored_soul 3w

    Those Dark Days...

    There were days I felt broken,
    Quashed ! Destroyed !
    There were days I felt cramped,
    Discontented ! Frustrated !
    There were days I felt lost,
    Unredeemed ! Drained !
    There were days I felt lonely,
    Desolate ! Forsaken !
    There were days I felt restless,
    Turbulent ! Disturbed !
    There were days I felt fear,
    Despair ! Horror !
    There were days I felt suspicious,
    Paranoid ! Doubt !
    Drenched in pain,
    Those Dark Days overshadowed me.
    Until the Day I felt
    The Sovereign's Divine Love !

    - T.S.Sudhish

  • pranav_speaks 3w

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #poeticWednesday #firstpoem #love #life #poetry #poem this was the first poem of my life to be penned down in a chat.

    The first day we met,
    Was my luck at its best
    Too quickly I said what I felt,
    Getting the best answer I could get,
    The rest of the days were my life's

    The price I paid for enjoying your
    Was hearing the sound of my heart
    which breaks,
    If there is something more beautiful
    than Your smile,
    It is the way which I control the tears
    off my eyes.
    It was neither a "U jump-i jump"
    Nor a "U leave I leave" one.
    Short lived it,but the feelings were large.
    You weren't my first love,
    nor my last one,
    But you will have a special place in
    my heart,
    which can be occupied by none.

    When two hearts are loyal,
    fate becomes heartless,
    It was not with the wrong person,
    But at the wrong time.

    I want you to forget this creature,
    As I can't gamble with your future,
    Don't worry about the pain of the
    After all pain is the best teacher.

    I want you to forget me forever,
    For the smiles in your face to last forever.
    After all,
    Who can love me better than what you

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    Cursed creature

    When two hearts are loyal,
    fate becomes heartless,
    It was not with the wrong person,
    But at the wrong time.

    I want you to forget this creature,
    As I can't gamble with your future,
    Don't worry about the pain of the
    After all pain is the best teacher.

    (See the caption for full poem)

  • shantanoo 8w

    We often try to find inspiration externally not realising we just need to have one self talk. And then take our first step just to figure out what we really want to do in our life.

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    My mind said it was dark within
    That's when,
    My beliefs started to grow thin
    So I started to find inspiration outside of me
    Not realising,
    What I was searching for was already within me
    Now I opened my eyes wide open to see
    What I really want to be
    To set myself in search of my destiny


  • khanhamza 9w


    We met in a gentle rain.
    Now the only thing that remains is pain.
    Still remember our first talk.
    When you hold my hand and we went for a walk.
    I recall our first kiss.
    That is what I miss.
    You used to hold me in your arms.
    Now all you do is harm.
    In night full of tears.
    Her voice is the sound I hear.
    She was always near.
    She gave a reason to drink bear.
    All I do is cry.
    Know I was gonna die.
    Feeling alone in a crowd.
    You were the reason why I was proud.
    She was once mine.
    She was like a wine.
    My eyes was blurry from the tears.
    Now she is my biggest fear.
    I can't live without you.
    But you don't have any clue.
    I should've known that in winter we met and in summer you gonna cheat.

  • altairviolet 9w


    I'll doll myself up, throw on my favorite mask.
    Thinking to myself that you're all I'll ever have.
    It'll never work, in this one sided way.
    I've told you I love you, but that's all I'll ever say.

    I never brought it up again, swallowed it back down.
    Buried it inside like the bones you left around.
    I'll forever be there for you, pondering in my own mind.
    Only to show the art to someone who's already declined.

    Oh to be loved by the ones that we are in love with.
    That is truly the dream to be desired within this sad myth.
    The truth was spilled like a glass of wine on the tile floor.
    But all I'll ever be is the depressing whore.

    I was shattered into a million pieces that fateful night.
    Cascading into my own darkness for not putting up that fight.
    Living and waking with overwhelming anxiety.
    As I too struggle to hold up my sobriety.

    Puking on the bathroom floor isn't what we wanted.
    It's all that came up after you responded.
    Don't worry dear we'll clean it all up.
    In our efforts to eradicate the leftovers in our cups.

    We'll bleed, we'll fall down and get back up, we'll love again.
    Maybe it will be for each other, but I must accept that it will almost never be by my own pen.
    It's a bitter, hard pill to swallow, especially with only kerosene.
    The flame was snuffed out, but don't worry baby, we'll still have our last scene.

    We'll laugh at the good times, and cry at the sad ones too.
    But please always know, no matter what, I'll always love you.
    No roses are red and no violets are blue here.
    Just to rationalize the blood that was smeared.

    Sail off into a fire sunset, unrested, with beaches made up of broken hearts and broken glass.
    Now both of us, have shown our ass.
    Now go ahead honey, we'll release the doves.
    But that's what you get with unrequited love.


  • porcupine 9w


    "Zoo". A poem by my nephew

    So many animals to see
    All for the price of $6.84
    Monkey, gorilla and chimpanzee
    Moving on to see something more

    Next is the big cat cage
    Lions, tigers and lynx
    Hurry over to the stage
    They have an animal that stinks

    Of course it was some skunk
    Also showed off some snakes
    Elephants with their trunk
    Giving handshakes

    Lizards, birds, and a kangaroo
    Bears, owls, and pigs too
    All these animals at the zoo
    Who cleans up the poo?

  • delicatephilospher 10w

    I lost my friend to love

    I lost my friend to love
    And I didn't realise that the smiles
    That reached his eyes were fake
    Because how could it be,
    Eyes dont lie, right?

    I lost my friend to love,
    And I didn't realise that his eyes
    That shone with brightness were
    The light of stars
    Because he was lost, trying to reach back to us,
    But I couldn't find him,
    How could I? Jokes are meant to laugh at,

    I lost my friend to love,
    And I didn't realise that his pale skin,
    Carried the weight of so many scars,
    But he wore the armor without any chunk,
    You can't crack past the armor,

    I lost my friend to love,
    And my last words to him were,
    'I will miss you', because I was leaving,
    And he told me, I always say that,
    And I smiled to my eyes and said,
    I will miss you, because I was not lying,
    With my eyes shining and smile blinding,
    But he was,

    He lied and he was in love or pain,
    And that's how,
    I lost my friend to love.

  • bhumikabhattacharjee 10w

    The Wind speaks

    The Wind is like a carrier of emotions,
    That with its loads sweeps the whole nation.
    From far and distant land;
    It embraces known smells and old memories,
    and fills its stock with vivid stories.

    Distant stories
    Which might bring a drop of tear to one's eye;
    Which traverses to heal one's burning heart sometime;
    Far far away

    is infact the witness of all Crime
    Moments, and Crowned Moments that left a trail on the sand of time.

    Perhaps the only witness,
    As old as Time itself;
    Possesses the power to rewrite the World's will,
    If only it knew to stand still;
    To let the events leave a trail upon its chest.

    But alas!
    The wind has silent secrets to keep,
    Belonging to the conscious World that's fast asleep.

    And the
    first one to realize this in early hours of the day,
    Will find the Wind stopping for no one on its way;

    To leave a trail.

    --Bhumika Bhattacharjee

  • poet_essence_poem 11w


    I walk,
    On the streets,
    Lit up all around,
    Bustling with folks,
    In a blind, mum, crowd,
    The lamps,
    Are the lights I see,
    The silence,
    Drives me weak,
    The despair,
    Drives me back,
    To the screams,
    In my mind,
    That drive me mad.


  • _hiyaagarwal_24 11w

    Best Friends

    You are my bestfriend & I'm so glad,
    Always supporting me in my good or bad...
    You understand me like no one does,
    Finding someone like you the only dream it was...
    I know you are always by my side,
    This thought makes me glow so bright...
    The love we give & the comfort we share,
    I dont know what the world thinks & I really dont care...
    You lock my secrets lyk the wonders of fairy,That what makes you my only human dairy...
    Losing you will give me a heart attack,
    Cause I really love you to the moon & back...

  • ravishankar__discreet_thoughts 13w

    Parallel Souls

    My soul burns
    burns turn by turn
    The thirst of all the lives lived thru
    Thru the odds of this Universe.
    I born - Die - Born again
    My soul chasing yours
    I am loving you all along
    Been loving all the lives lived thru throughout this universe.
    Hey my angel
    I wonder
    whether you ever felt the same.
    I am chasing you
    Been chasing you throughout this universe.
    Won't you come along
    Be mine forever
    return back to where we belong...
    Our souls unified
    Walking rest of the births hand in hand.
    © RS (discreet thoughts )

  • akshatkashyap 14w

    "Midnight Poem"

    Meet me at midnight,
    In the dreams of my shore,
    We'll both sit on sand,
    Under the blanket of moon light,
    And hear the silence tune of waves,
    Meet me at midnight..♥️

  • vickers 14w


    Little marks upon my skin
    From you, who hurt me then
    You hurt and you cut
    but you did not win.
    Now beautiful works of art, is who I am
    Colors spill out of scars
    Like multi-colored stars
    I smile sweetly at my arms
    Thinking about how
    You can no longer cause me harm.
    I am better now.

  • lyann_poet 15w



  • itsme_lany 16w

    I knew you were my only friend,
    The one who notices my tears
    When I cries at night or when I'm at fear
    The one who gave me comfort
    After a tiring day.

    #Firstpoem ❤️

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  • corran_ccg 17w

    I the boy, am a Poet

    Touch me now
    Touch me now
    I feel your breath among me
    You silent whispers float among my skin a burrow inside of me
    They burrow burrow deep through my blood I cannot shake the feeling something is wrong
    Is something wrong?
    Tell me please tell me what is wrong?
    What is wrong?
    Wrong, wrong, wrong.
    The word has no meaning wrong, why do I say it so? Four letter stenciled into my skin floating through the hairs on my neck floating through the veins that pop from my arms they pop and pop and pop and pop
    What is wrong? Such a curious question why should one ask it. Listen to the crackles the twists of a voice you can tell exactly what is wrong.
    Burrow deep in my blood as I tell you whats wrong I cannot sleep at night the whispers of the dead reach through my notes in my leather bound book the haunt me as words on a page they haunt me through the poems I write I cant be free of them I cant be free of them I cant be free of them I cant be free of them.
    Even the burning of a book with no meaning would still leave you whispering on my neck. Whispering just whispering your sorrows to me I seek out your pain I crave it like sweet butter in the morning I thrive off of your tears like tea at night I crave your sorrow I crave your pain.
    So whisper apon my neck inject my blood with your butter I crave your sorrows so I may write them down in my leather bound book of what is wrong.
    What is wrong.
    I feel your eyes I feel their eyes the eyes of a thousand crying souls
    Keep your mouth shut boy or my whispers will turn to spiders and your body will be infested
    Your body will be infested
    Your body will be infested with a thousand crawling spiders and yet when you get used to spiders they no longer bother you.
    Worms of words may bother you yes worms burrowing into your skin like my whispers I'll curse you with worms yet even then you become familiar with the worms under your skin yes you crave the worms under your skin boy they feed you words worms of words and on you go to your leather bound book.
    On you go on you go from whispers to blood to spiders to worms nothing will stop you will it
    No nothing no nothing
    Not the pain, not the wrongs you crave the wrongs and your crave the pain
    You're a sadistic piece of shit
    A poet
    A poet
    A poet
    No, I
    The boy, I the boy, I the craving sadistic boy, I the wrong doer, I the wrong questioner, I the observer over your whispers, I the boy, am a poet.

  • guavamuffin 17w


    its seven syllables first
    but now only five
    then seven and you are done

  • deepraisinghani 18w

    माँ ऐसी होती है।

    मुझे एक तकलीफ़ ना हो, इसलिए वो सौ तकलीफों का सामना करती है।
    मेरी ज़रूरतों को पूरा करने का एक बेमिसाल ख्याल रखती है।
    कभी कहीं हो जाए अनबन तुमसे, तो कड़वे बोल के दो गुट खुद पी जाती है।
    तभी तो कहते है ना पहला भगवान माँ होती है, पहला भगवान माँ होती है।


  • aniket_ki_kalam 18w

    My first poem which i have written for the pain of girl , women , mother , sister ,daughter and our world .

    The word लोग describes a "rapist" .

    #aniket_ki_kalam. #firstpoem. #pain. #reality. #poem.

    @moodygirl. @writersnetwork. @unspoken_diary
    @poemworld. @afifa_qadri.

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    ये लोग भी हम जैसे ही लोग हैं,
    बस फर्क इतना है कि इनकी सोच में दोष है।
    इनकी क्रूरता को बढ़ावा भी हम ही देते हैं,
    क्योंकि ये लोग भी तो हम लोगों के बीच ही पलते हैं।
    उसकी चीखों से ही इनकी भूख मिटती है,
    उसके रोने से ही इनको खुशी मिलती है।
    क्यों हम ऐसे लोगों को अपने बीच पलने दे रहें हैं,
    क्यों हम इन लोगों की भूख को मिटने दे रहें हैं।
    ये लोग रोज़ आकर उसे नोचते रहेंगे,
    और हम एक दूसरे को कोसते रहेंगे।