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  • caged_ 2h

    ~too celestial to be true•

    ....and when I'm gone, darling would you search for me amidst the stars or would you rather have the charade of darkness rest on your lips through the creeks in our distorted constellations?

  • nightsurfer 3d

    He built his walls so high
    during his prosperity that
    nobody cared to check on him
    during his penury.


  • _transient 5d


    Always special. Just like this one.


  • words_by_trishna 1w

    If tomorrow starts without me

    If tomorrow starts without me,
    Tell my mother I loved her so much,
    but I couldn't say a last beautiful goodbye to her.
    She will smile and tell you, you were the last person I loved.
    Tell my father I had always tried to make him proud and happy,
    but I couldn't make myself live longer and happy.
    He will smile and tell you, you were the reason I always had a smile on my face.
    Tell my brother even though I used to annoy him,
    he was the only person who could cope with my foolishness and sarcastic comments.
    He will smile and tell you, you were the 2nd person in this world I used to love to hate.
    And at last tell yourself, the girl you used to love is here
    in the pages of your journal,
    in the thousand winds that blow,
    in the droplets of gentle autumn rain,
    and in your heart.

    If tomorrow starts without me,
    and if my body is not here to be touched by you,
    if the sound of my words refuse to come out to reach your ears,
    if my eyes refuse to look deep into your eyes,
    if my hands refuse to fill the void between your fingers,
    do not worry then, For I will always be here,
    in the coloured pages of your heart,
    With name of mine written on them.

    ~ Trishna - The girl who has found her heart and got to know it beats on your name.

  • georgian_sid 1w


    A solider, toughest is his life,
    Solitariness is the only feeling possessed by his wife,
    Wait is the only thing in the hands of his child,
    While he freaks himself out in the wild.

    He is bound to accept the orders,
    Lay his body, his soul, his life for the borders,
    The tales of his bravery are rife,
    He is a solider, toughest is his life.


  • brishank592 1w

    आज उस खुशमिजाज से चेहरे पर,
    संजीदा सी मुस्कान है,
    आज वो पहली बार इतना परेशान है।

    आंखों की नमी को छुपाने के हुनर,
    उसने आज सीखा है,
    जिम्मेदारियों ने उसके अलमस्त से
    बढ़ते कदमो को रोका है।

    हो जाती है मुख़्तसर ख्वाहिशे खुद की,
    जब अपनो की ख्वाहिशें जरूरी हो जाती है।

    आज पहली बार अपने कंधों पर,
    उसने अपनो की उम्मीदों के बोझ को समझा है।
    अपने शिकन भरे चेहरे को आज
    उसने फरेबी मुस्कान से ढका है।

    आज उसने जिंदगी से ,
    एक खूबसूरत सच को सीखा है,

    शायद आज उसने अपनो के लिए
    जीने के मतलब को सीखा है।

  • sizzy__aura 1w


    Diving into my past
    While i m looking for me
    amidst of all

  • sizzy_aura 1w


    Diving into my past i was too lost
    Waiting for "me "
    Amist of all

  • phanes 1w


  • delicate_penzz 2w

    Wandering through the unknown.........
    #firstpost #gaze #new

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    I stand still,
    Gazing to those busy streets_
    Sky-scrapers and blurry views;
    Penning phrases, fancies deep_
    Impearling my subtle notions brief.

  • baisakhi_dash 2w

    Happy Valentine's Day

    From strangers, to friends
    From friends, to best friends
    From best friends, to soulmates
    We both lived an unexpected yet the most beautiful journey of our lives ❤️


  • mistae 2w


    While writing the story of your life ;
    Don't let anyone else hold the pen

  • maxi06 2w

    My life in a nutshell

    As the dusk begins, I hang my mask, that absorbed my tears, and allow it to dry till the start of the dawn so that I could wear it again, flawless, for the next day's adventures.
    The lifeless mask has got expressions to flaunt, but I, even though alive, am expressionless!


  • scarletheart_moonlovers 3w

    #firstpost #concrete #tears #writersbay @writersnetwork thanks for the heart ❤

    Pains plunged my tears
    As chaos clouded it
    Sharing those u told statements
    Sowing the seeds of tranquility

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    ns p-
    d my te-
    ars as cha-
    os clouded it
    Sharing those u-
    ntold statemen-
    ts ,sowing the
    seeds of tran-


  • __colours__ 3w

    A lone traveller I am
    to destinations so unknown,
    on my way I meet
    people of all thoughts and forms.

    Few miles I have walked
    and few I have swam but,
    I want to fly and soar with paper rockets and dandelions.

    When I am tired, my feet bleed
    I then sit by the porch
    of that old lady and she
    feeds me stories, sour and sweet.

    Last summer, to a thrift shop
    I sold a part of my blue hues
    for a dollar or a two and bought
    sunflowers, all bright and bloomed.

    I am writing this as I sit
    under the old Banyan tree
    headed to the next destination
    with a ragged suitcase of life and its lessons.

    My soul talks to me when I
    am alone otherwise in rains
    and she promised me she'll
    bring someday water from Lethe.

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #poetry #poems #wordlove #poetsofmirakee #poetrylovers #poetrycommunity #spilledink #loveforpoems #writersofmirakee #wordsmith #firstpost

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    A lone traveller I am....

  • khwabedaa__ 3w

    यादों के कैकटस

    वो कैकटस,
    जिसमें उगे हैं, काँटे बीती यादों के
    हर पल मेरे आस पास रहते हैं
    मैं करती हूँ कोशिश निकलने की,
    भाग जाने की, पर वो कैकटस
    गड़ा देते हैं काँटे अपने मेरे जिस्म
    में कहीं और मैं-
    अंतहीन वेदना से कराहती हूँ
    सोचती हूँ क्या पल था वो,
    जब मैंने ख़ुद अपने हाथों से,
    ये कैकटस बोये थे...
    मेरे ज़ख़्म के हरा होने तक,
    वो कैकटस उसी तरह घेरे रहते हैं मुझे,
    मुँह चिड़ाते और करते हैं इन्तज़ार
    के कब ज़ख़्म सूखें और वो कैकटस
    फिर से मचल जाए
    मुझे एक नया ज़ख़्म देने को

    ©ऋतु नेगी

  • mishraekta 4w

    A long meet up is due.........

    Of me with myself !!!


  • seventh_path 4w

    I loved you for the same reason

    People loves moon


  • aadityasharma 4w

    Hasi aur Dard

    Chehre par rakh kar hasi
    Dard ko chupa leta hu...
    Aur koi nai hai mujhe sambhalne wala
    Isiliye khud ko sambhal leta hu


  • banda_writer 4w

    सुनहरे पल

    तेरी वो आँखे मुझे आज भी याद है
    सुनहरे पलों में बीती वो बरसात है
    चल रहा था संग मै जब वहा तेरे
    लोगो की दबी बातें आज भी याद है

    अब यहां अपना कहूं या तेरा बया करू
    बता सबको क्या उस पल को रिहा करूं
    लिख तो दूंगा मै उस लाल शाम की स्याही से
    पर क्यों ना बात अपनी सीने में ही लिए मरूं

    बया भी करता हूं जो मै चेहरा तेरा यहां
    सजीले नैनों का नूर जो था मुझसे खफा
    सरोवर के कमल से नर्म गुलाबी तेरे होंठ
    सिर तेरा श्याम वर्ण रात से केशो से सजा

    अब समा उस बरसात का भी मै बया करता हूं
    ढलती शाम सूरज के जैसे मै तुझपे मरता हूं
    लाल रंग चहुं और था उस समा में फैला हुआ
    तेरी मेरी समा की बात मै उस पल से करता हूं