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  • isid57 2w


    When your eyes blaze more than the Sun....

    When the flight of your imagination is higher than Eagle...

    When the depth of your thoughts is deeper than the Ocean...

    When... you don't wear the fake shrouds...

    Oh man, make sure you don't leave that state, because you are flying above the clouds!

    © Siddhesh Sawant

  • unsung_seagull 2w

    Mind took me
    Hovered on
    Dreamy lands..

    Thoughts took
    A shape.
    A Blue Bird
    Was born.

    It grew wings.
    Was meant to
    Fly high..
    But my throat
    Is a graveyard
    Where words
    Often die.

    A standstill.

    Fluttered wings.
    Poked around.
    Hit some walls,
    For a way out.

    A frustration
    Set in.
    Each day an
    Attempt was made.
    But how do
    You make..

    A Dumb person
    A pen
    With a paper
    Was such a

    And at the
    Behest of
    Ink trails,
    Emancipation came.

    Thoughts flew
    Off my brains.

    Peace is just
    Another bird.
    Poem is a flight.

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #poem #flight #bird #unsungseagull #writersblock

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    Poem is a Flight


  • _suruchi_ 4w

    Quote prompt: "Tread softly because you tread on my dreams " by William Butler Yeats.

    In the fields of blooming reds
    I nod my purple head
    Those colourful petals with beady eyes
    Nod with me as I smile
    Tapping each and every head
    They collect a different shade
    For their petals alluring soft
    Fragile, flying with beady eyes
    As they tread from flower to flower
    In fields of blooming reds
    Blooming reds and purple heads
    Sing an enchanting song for them
    Tread softly because you tread
    On my dreams to bloom once again
    In the field of feathery soft
    Blooming reds and purple heads
    As they nod and smile again

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  • bluemushroom 5w

    Hidden on that frail heart
    was the strong desire to survive.
    Broken wings, mended
    with untainted dreams on mind.
    Seeking shelter,
    behind those
    stones of discouragement.
    Fly like it's the last,
    Soar like a beast was inside.

  • prodigious_girl 6w

    They say
    after the rain,
    comes a rainbow.
    And after the storm,
    comes a great calm.
    It's true.

    After weeks in depression,
    she now breathes freely,
    she looks iridescent,
    she takes flight

    This time she's space-bound.


  • meghna_nandan 8w

    #writers #thoughts #quote #dream #hindi #udan #flight #flyhigh #mirakee

    Im flying for the first time in my life. I widen my wings to the horizon. I want to touch the sky and the stars. Just, I want to fly afar.

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    Ud rahi hu main aaj zindagi mein pehli baar. Pankh faila rahi hu seema tak. Chuna hai asman aur sitaron ko. Bas ud ke jaana hai kahi door.

  • madmuireann 10w


    That’s the thing about roller coasters.
    You crest at the summit,
    Clenched teeth from the clanking...
    And plummet.

    The journey, the lead up?
    It’s terrifying.
    But the wingless live the joy of flight.
    After the fall.

    I want to keep falling.
    I want to experience you.
    Just one more time...


    -Muireann Nic an Gheatóra

  • faulty_puppet 11w


    Aise Kai Mod Milein
    Jin Par Main Ruka Nahin
    Kadam Badhaane Se Pehle
    Zameen Ko Parkha Nahin
    Bahaa Main Kabhi
    Bekaabu Hawa Ki Raftaar Mein
    Chala Main Kabhi
    Nashkar Baadh Ki Pravah Mein

    Socha Na Kabhi
    Ki Anth Ya Anjaam Kya Hai
    Socha Nahi Aane Wali
    Haalaton Ke Baare Mein

    Azaad Baaz Tha Hawa Mein
    Udta Tha Apni Mizaaj Mein
    Khwaab Thi Uunchi Meri
    Uunche The Armaanon Ke Tile
    Udna Seekha Tha Baadalon Mein
    Na Seekha Pav Rakhna Zameen Mein
    Jo Gira Bebas Aaansuon Ke Kunwe Mein
    Gire Mere Sare Armaanon Ke Kamzor Kile

    Socha Nahin Kabhi Ki
    Us Aasmaan Par Pankh Lehraaun Kaise
    Na Socha Kabhi Ki
    Swaarth Ke Jungle Me Ghar Basaaun Kaise

    Ek Udaan Ab Bhi Baaki Hai
    Khaali Zehen Me Jaan Thodi Baaki Hai
    Koshishon Ki Mere Paas Seema Nahin
    Aur Kai Baadalon Ko Choona Baaki Hai
    Sar Jhuka Hai Mera Kai Dar Par
    Sar Utha Ke Khud Ko Dekhna Baaki Hai
    Aana To Is Zameen Par Hai Aakhir
    Par Chaahat Bhari Do Gaz Zameen Dhundna Baaki Hai

    Socha Hai Kai Manzilon Ke Baare Mein
    Un Manzilon Ke Liye Pankhon Ko Buna Hai
    Udd Jaun Apne Aasmaan Me, Utru To Apna Zameen
    Ek Aisa Zinda Khwaab Khud Ke Liye Socha Hai


  • laconicmiraki 12w


    Running thoughts; Chaos inside.
    There's nowhere, nowhere for my fears or "demons" to hide.
    I have no choice but to face them in my mind or in real time.

    Head-on or Dead End?
    Left or Right?
    Broken or Bruised?
    Which is the path to heaven?
    Which turn leads to learn truth?
    Fact vs Fiction.
    Hope Rising- Lies Demising.
    Fighting or Flying.


  • pallavi4 15w


    I often sit and reminisce those moments
    From an era now long gone
    When I trusted you with everything in my life
    And how easily you would lead me on

    You would take advantage of the faith
    I put in your judgment
    Take my patience and me for granted
    And choose cruel words as punishment

    You found it easy, dismissing me
    And everything I held dear
    While I sat like a bird afraid to fly
    Inspite of the ground being so near

    You cut off my wings and convinced me
    I was much too naive to try to fly
    Everyone around me protested but
    I trusted you instead, I often wonder why

    With the conviction that my inability to bear storms
    Would hinder my flight forever
    I found solace in your treachery which I thought
    Was for my own good, I couldn’t fly ever

    I chose to put my confidence in you
    Instead of trusting my inner voice
    You told me struggling was pointless since
    I really had no other choice

    An epoch passed while I remained chained
    Convinced in my inability to be who I was meant to be
    And then one day found the strength to shrug you off
    And finally began to see the real me

    It took me a while before I could fly
    Before I was strong, confident and proud
    Once I finally got you out of my heart and head
    I reached up to grab the clouds

    Never will I ever see myself through another’s eyes
    Trust someone else more than my own wings
    Ineptness, inefficacy and frailty are just in one’s head
    As long as one keeps a hold of one’s own strings


    12th of October, 2020

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • zeee_zephyrs 16w

    Just a wish... to be away from this cruel world...�� and have some space for myself...
    to love myself
    to understand myself
    and to take myself to greatest heights....

    Hope you all like...❣❣
    #night #flight #moon #moonlight #stars #newday #pen #myself #zeeCollection #zeemoon
    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork

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    In the darkness of night,
    The fire within me ignites,
    To take a flight
    Under the moonlight.
    Keeping all the worries aside
    And standing at the greatest height,
    To grasp the beautiful sight
    Of the stars till infinite.....

    And then at last
    Making the end of night,
    By welcoming a new day
    With early rays of sunlight.
    But it all starts and ends
    In the pen with which I write....


  • xpressoutloud 20w

    Missed flight

    I fly often to new land across the earth
    In this discovery called flight..
    It gives me wings to cross boundaries
    Of religions, culture, human ties

    Today was another journey planned
    To meet my buddy in desert land

    Happily i took a cab to airport at mid night
    The driver drove to the highway with airport in sight
    There was a sudden jerk and then a break
    Car jumped and halted across the lane

    The driver had got a sudden attack
    He seemed in pain, asked me to take other cab
    It was dark, i stopped a passing vehicle for help
    My conscience did not let me leave him in that state
    I did everything i could for his help

    By morning, he was safe in hospital
    With his kin by his side
    Looking at his tired eyes i kept telling him to not apologize

    May be i was destined to help someone today
    I was not upset, flights fly every day..
    I will take the next flight
    May be il have to shell some cash and spend another night..
    But if i could help someone be alive
    I felt pleasure that god chose me for the deed kind....

  • anthonyhanible 20w

    The day I missed my flight
    I was heated
    Not once but twice
    In one day
    More money
    Time wasted
    I was so ready to go
    I didn't want to learn
    The airport life

  • rajibalogupta 20w

    There have been numerous occasions when I have missed a flight. Most often it has been because the airlines I was travelling with had cancelled it at the last minute. But there have been occasions when I have missed flights after arriving at the airport at the wrong time, getting the a.m. and p.m. mixed up or getting late because of a cancelled ride to the airport or ridiculously enough because I was busy having coffee in the cafeteria in a silent airport with my phone already in airplane mode blissfully ignorant of the text messages that were being sent to it.
    The poem I have written here has however nothing to do with flying in a plane but is a metaphorical interpretation of a phase in my life when after a lot of uncertainty in a situation of fight-or-flight, I had ultimately chosen to fight to survive …

    © Rajib Alo Gupta | MQ 118 | 07-09-2020 | 17:00
    #unforeseen #mirakee #writersnetwork #pod
    @mirakee @writersnetwork
    #poetry #quote #flight #rajibalogupta

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    I had always wanted to fly
    Across the wide open sky
    Spreading wide, wings of my own
    Soaring to heights, no one had ever flown
    But my wish to fly was a mere trope
    As the feathers were but strands of hope
    I needed some wind under my wings
    Otherwise I was just a puppet on strings
    Days dragged by and I grew antsy
    Raring to go on my flights of fancy
    And then quite unforeseen, came a day
    When I felt I should fly away
    As I had shied away from a fight
    Desperately wanting to take flight
    Pitying myself for my plight
    Not having faith in my own might
    This was not why
    I had wanted to fly
    I had been hit hard by reality
    And all I wanted to do was flee …
    But I’m glad that day I missed my flight
    I was in a shambles, a real sorry sight
    When realization in all its glory
    Beamed and gleamed and dawned on me
    Telling me - flying was not for the fancy-free
    As it was a symbol of uninhibited liberty
    From our own self inflicted misery …
    My wings had got clipped but I was in glee
    For I then knew, in life, to reach high
    I could not merely dream to fly
    That I had to work my way up
    Step by step, to the very top


  • hoorbanu98 20w

    The day I missed my Flight

    Was the day there
    Was an entry of Rightfulness
    Of Time Management
    And I learned that TIME is
    as hard as to catch Just as butterflies. ..

  • impoetry 21w


    I feel like I'm flying
    in an airplane across the country
    but when i look out the window,
    all i can see
    is water, no clouds, no land,
    just pure blue sea
    reflecting the vastness of my soul
    if I ever fly free

  • mylines01 21w

    My dream flight

    to catch an aeroplane
    go where I had plan
    and get there & find
    someone who will make me blind
    after looking & eventually I'll hug
    such that we both dug
    into each other's emotion
    to show missing affection
    unlike others we would
    tell how much we miss
    and that's what we could
    do in love & then make our souls kiss
    this will be the best moment to
    tell you how much I love you

  • dipsisri 21w

    आज एक खयाल आया

    आज एक खयाल आया और बड़ा ही बेमिसाल आया ...!
    तो खयाल था अपने सपनों को साकार करना, उनकी उचाइयों को छूना..!
    ख्याल था अपने मां को बर्तन घिसते नहीं ,
    सोफे पर बैठ कर एक मुस्कान के साथ चाय की चुस्कियां लेते देखना...!
    ख्याल था अपने पापा को लोगो की गाडियां साफ करते नहीं,
    अपनी गाड़ी में बैठा कर पूरी दुनिया भर की सैर कराना..!
    खयाल था अपने नन्हे भाई को वो सारी सुविधाएं देना जिससे मैं वंचित रह गई थी..!
    खयाल था अपने मां और पापा के चेहरे से वो सिकन हटाकर एक चमकती मुस्कान देखना...!
    खयाल था अपने देश को सबसे खूबसरत बनाना,
    और लोगो से अपने देश की तारीफे सुनने का..!
    खयाल था खुद को IAS officer बनाना..!❣
    और सपनों की उड़ान भरना..!✈♥

    Let me tell y'all the theme.This poem is about a 10 yr old girl who got an idea or thought of becoming an IAS officer and make her family lives better.And bring happiness into her family.Hope u love it and visit my profile for more.

  • kuhelika 26w

    Your wings will flutter with the spark of your dreams.
    Just, take off!

  • rupaliwrites 29w

    How freely the feather

    " How freely the feather floats and flies in the Air,
    It is absolutely free of any care!
    The feather enjoys the flight,
    To it's dismay or delight...
    It finds unpredictable placements and sights!"