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  • praveenrmohan2691 10w

    We can't breathe

    We were enslaved and
    we uttered we can't breathe

    We faced appartheid
    We uttered we can't breathe

    We were not even humanized
    We uttered we can't breathe

    We were denied our human rights
    We uttered we can't breathe

    We were put under his knees
    Death was put at ease
    When we uttered we can't breathe


  • ad_aster_per_aspera 10w

    Melanin waved mere melancholy
    Genes paved guilty class company
    Fair fireflies to dark dragonflies
    Heart shines beyond heavenly skies
    Wrinkles blonde whines earthly Floyd
    Whats with that prejudice point?
    If thyself were Black,thy mind not art pitch black.
    If thyself were White,Thee not art quirky white.

  • the_conteur 10w

    All of us with our social media hashtags
    I ask you
    Do you care?

    In an year from now, will you remember
    The ones whose deaths we so loudly protest?
    Do you care?

    Inside our hearts, does it matter?
    Or are we but animals,
    Filled with the herd instinct
    Knowing deep within ourselves that
    There is something out there
    Something bad, a horror
    Do we just join the numbers
    To save our skin, to quell that feeling deep within?

    So I ask you,
    Do you care?

    Do you want clout, or to change all that we post about?
    Do you want to act,be bold and express opinion
    Or rather show indifference, copy paste your statuses about
    Making a difference?

    #floyd #georgefloyd #racism #discrimination #issues

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    Do you care?

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  • sullen 11w

    I close my eyes
    It's all dark
    I open them it's all still dark
    Been black has been put to be subsidiary
    Been white has been put on a pedestal
    Everyday history keeps repeating itself
    The same thing done over and over again
    Black to them is symbol of dirt, the devil, oppression
    A colour of lack
    While white is clean, Angel and dignity
    But it's not about our lives
    It's just we are not humans
    The institutions are roted in hate
    Racism is it's first name
    I am BLACK
    If I get to choose I still will choose black
    I raise my head high
    Am not intimidated neither do I feel inferior
    Been black has taught me to be strong
    To stand up in the face of suppression
    The future will be better I still whisper this
    The story does not end here

    (To be continued )

    To #Floyd who was killed be officers in America
    To the BL(a)CKS all over the world
    We remain UNITED in face of Racism
    #IamBlack unapologetic

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    I close my eyes
    It's all dark
    I open them it's all still dark

  • red_blur 83w

    Shine On You Crazy Diamond

    It's probably lonely nights like these which makes me wonder as to how much I love you!

    Thanks for Pink Floyd and for these mystic nights!

    Shine On You Crazy Diamond!

  • red_blur 84w

    The Fletcher
    Memorial Home

    Only for incurable tyrants?

    What about those who break hearts at every instant? Do they get a special place in your mind or it's all the very same!