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  • rhythm_of_the_heart 7w

    Yesterday, I walked these roads
    Amidst the chilly morning breeze
    The ground draped in dew
    Consoling my tired blistered feet.

    And the fog lifted,
    Presenting before me a vista
    Of laughter and love.
    Raindrops fell softly on me,
    Petals from the heavens above.
    All around, there were people
    Friends, family, lovers, workers,
    Walking and chattering along the way.
    As the fog lifted,
    I smiled and savoured the day.

    Today, I walk the roads again.
    This time, drenched in fear.
    The ground, with streams of blood,
    There was an explosion here.

    And the smoke lifted,
    Forcing my eyes on a grave
    Of murder and loss.
    My tears fall hard on me,
    Is this all a life costs?
    All around, there are people,
    Those friends, family, lovers & workers,
    Strewn everywhere on the streets.
    As the smoke lifted,
    I walk alone, as the Soul Reaper reaps.


    A little painful, but this is what I felt. How destructive we can be. The aftermath of terror is just eternal pain. #fog #mirakee #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #writerstolli #pain #suffering #death #life #diary #thoughts #love #poetry #inspiration #smoke #terror

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    The Fog Lifted


  • bethinkful 15w

    Mama, she cried, Mama
    Where are you?
    Mama, please…
    Don't leave...

    He pulled her arm into him
    Fear dense in the air.
    Mommy, let's go to church
    A small, quiet voice…But why?

    Her brain fogged over
    The wise ones told her
    Empty, intend
    Wait for what comes.

    To that, she cried
    Make me a mystic
    Hopeful, at peace

    Just make me ONE

    Because the sun is still bright;
    The world didn't dim.

    So in this time, this shell...

    Where shall I go
    And what is there inside?


    #bethinkful #mystic #fog #onlythegooddieyoung
    Image by Kasuma (Pexels)

    In memoriam of: JB, EL, & MK

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    ...The sun is still bright;
    The world didn't dim.

    So in this time, this shell...

    Where shall I go,
    And what is there inside?


  • whatrealityisthisagain 15w


    I’m walking on clouds,
    My feet refuse to touch the ground.
    Through my blurry vision, and the muffled sounds,
    Your faces are the only clear pictures, 
    Your voices - the only clear sounds. 
    The fog lets nothing else through. 
    But him...
    And you. 
    Where did tomorrow end?
    When did yesterday begin?
    I bite my lip, 
    Until blood is drawn.
    To drown the taste of you from my mouth,
    To force your touch from my lips. 
    How long has it been since I slept?
    When did I last take a breath? 
    They’re here again...
    Did they ever leave?
    His soft brown eyes and yours of green and grey,
    Again stare down at me. 
    I scratch my skin until ruby drops surface,
    But your touch never fades...
    Your presence still remains. 
    My consciousness is fading, 
    Not unlike that night.
    I blink. 
    His chocolate eyes stare back beneath my eyelids. 
    He takes my breath away.
    I scratch. 
    I bleed.
    Your touch still lingers.
    Perhaps if I scratch harder?
    What day is it?
    What hour?
    What year?
    Has the sun shone? 
    Has the moon beamed? 
    I should be sleeping,
    But cannot close my eyes. 
    Saltwater trickles down my face.
    It burns now,
    So I must still be alive. 
    My womanhood has scabbed,
    But you returned. 
    It bleeds again. 
    My arm and foot hang from my bed. 
    Please, I beg.
    Please! Take me away! 
    But the monsters never come. 
    The demons stay away...
    Not even Hell will accept me,
    No matter how much I plea. 
    The fog is thick,
    I can hardly breathe! 
    But it’s still not enough!
    That knife looks sharp,
    What if I
    How did I get to my desk?
    I thought I was lying in bed?
    This cliff is high,
    If I fall,
    Might I fly?
    Now I’m getting dressed? 
    But no.
    I was just at my desk?
    I hear a noise, but no ones around.
    It was in my head again, 
    so I laugh instead of frown. 
    You haunt me.
    I can’t escape.
    I can’t watch romantic movies,
    Or read beautiful stories.
    When they kiss or hug,
    When they lovingly embrace,
    I see me, him, and you, 
    And that night of broken faith.
    Why couldn’t I say no?
    Why couldn’t I claw his face!
    You’d keep me safe? 
    I shower,
    But am never clean.
    It hurts.
    Not only my skin, 
    Scratched and raw by my own claws,
    But my head,
    My heart,
    My spirit.
    My mind. 
    My choice was made;
    Though, Not by me. 
    My body was stolen.
    How could you do this? 
    How could you take them from me? 
    I beg for help,
    But no one seems to listen.
    Now the fog engulfs me,
    The clouds refuse to set me free. 
    When was the last time,
    I could truly breathe? 

  • jan 16w


    No se lo digan a ella, ustedes mirakee,
    son testigo de mi fuego y mi ceniza.
    No le digan,
    mientras ella atiza la llama a otro caldero
    mi fogón llora su rescoldo con pobres brasas

    No se lo digan a nadie, ni a ella
    Ni brasa ni fuego


    #fuego #ceniza #brasa #fogón #llama #testigo #love #life #inspiration #poetry #thoughts #friendship #diary

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    No se lo digan a ella, ustedes mirakee,
    son testigo de mi fuego y mi ceniza.
    No le digan,
    mientras ella atiza la llama a otro caldero
    mi fogón llora su rescoldo con pobres brasas

    No se lo digan a nadie, ni a ella
    Ni brasa ni fuego


  • canadian_cowboy 17w

    She had lots of secrets.
    The truth was too painful.


  • abhidilse 18w

    Dhundh me lipti phijaaon ka nazara dekhiye
    धुंध में लिपटी फिजाओं का नजारा देखिए
    Doobti kashti ko mil jaaye koi sahara dekhiye
    डूबती कश्ती को मिल जाए कोई सहारा देखिए
    Thandh ka ye aalam kitna haseen manjar liye
    ठंढ का ये आलम कितना हंसी मंजर लिए
    Chodiye shimla masoori delhi ka sahara lijiye
    छोडिए शिमला मसूरी दिल्ली का सहारा लीजिए
    Doobakar aalam me aese dekhiye kabhi huzoor
    डूबकर आलम में ऐसे देखिए कभी हुजूर
    Baar baar aata nahi mausam dobara dekhiye
    बार बार आता नहीं मौसम दोबारा देखिए
    Chaay, pakode kambal rajai ka sahaara lijiye
    चाय पकौडे कम्बल रजाई का सहारा लीजिए
    Kabhi to baahar nikalkar manjar ye sara dekhiye
    कभी तो बाहर निकल कर मंजर ये सारा देखिए
    Shauk rakhiye maje lene ka mausamon ka sabhi
    शौक रखिए मजे लेने का मौसमों का सभी
    Dil me har ek dilkash nazaare ka tijara kijiye
    दिल में हर एक दिलकश नजारे का तिजारा कीजिए
    Ye haseen rut aaj hai kal shaayad na rahe
    ये हसीन रूत आज है कल शायद न रहे
    Apni aankhon ko kah ek pal na gawara kijiye
    अपनी आँखों को कह एक पल न गवारा कीजिए

  • writeendlessly 18w

    It's taken
    Far longer then expected,
    But the fog
    Has finally cleared.
    I can see what's in front of me.
    Theres no questioning
    What was hidden beneath it.
    I see my future
    My future is

  • canadian_cowboy 19w

    He tried
    to find
    his way
    through the fog;
    but then
    he realized
    the fog
    was within him.


  • instars 21w

    There is a fog in my soul
    That will not lift,
    Clouding my head, my heart.
    Smothering me.

    Oh for sun,
    Or rain,
    Or thunder and lightning,
    Or six feet of snow to bury me.

  • ashooo 22w

    Thori bhot dhundh(fog) to HR Kisi k Dil pr hoti hai
    Lakin USS dhundh ko wakt pr saaf Kr deny ma he Bhai ha

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    تھوڑی بہت دھند تو ہر کسی کے دل پر ہوتی ہے
    لیکن اس دھند کو وقت پر صاف کر دینے میں ہی بھلائی ہے

  • uttkarsh_15 22w


    Outside covered with fog,
    Or the snow covered log,
    The weather outside haz-y,
    But the mind remains laz-y,
    Just to feel it all,
    There's only one call,
    And that's difficult from any deed,
    It's just the small need
    That's to escape the warm blanket,
    That's no one one from us
    is going to let.......


  • amaanansari17 25w

    तू कुछ यूँ हावी है मुझपर,कि
    कोहरा भी क्या होगा इस DECEMBER पर

  • dragongoose 26w

    Hidden [Power]

    Hidden force
    It is I
    Lift the fog
    Now you see

    ~ Dean Gary

  • kritikassword 26w


    The chill
    Morning speaks loud
    Fog flowing from mouth



  • thesilentone 27w

    Fog on her glasses
    From the still steaming tea
    A book in her hand
    As she casually reads.
    A catch in her breath
    As the climax grows near
    She's deaf to the world :
    The book's all she can hear.
    She's completely lost now,
    Or perhaps she is found
    In this strange paper world
    That's far from the ground.

  • loftydreams101 27w

    Under a Thieving Mist

    Wading through the reeds and vines
    In the dark heart of autumn
    Where the fog rolls to shore
    Each back-breaking dusk

    I bleed the earth dry
    Each criminal voyage
    Weighed down and swollen
    With its far and wide spoils

    I set fire to those nights
    Sent adrift with new friends
    Filling daylight with treasures
    We’ll seldom enjoy

    © William Wright, Jr. 2019

  • calsie 28w


    Now you seem like
    Fog of a winter morning
    Cuz whenever I am with you
    My surroundings become all blurry...


  • quoteathought 30w

    Despite the heavy mist and fog all round her she could feel the crystal clear view of the new future beyond her blurred sight..

  • thesilentstory_ar 32w

    It's my favourite
    season of the year ;
    One with soft cold
    breeze and
    lonely nights , empty roads ;
    mornings with fog
    and drops of water on
    the beautifull green leaves ;
    enjoying the heat , sitting
    right by the fire with a book
    and a cup of coffee in
    my hands ; it's my favorite
    season of the year coz
    Winters are here now !!

  • pinks_me 35w

    The fog of illusion
    deceives the mind,
    the frozen heart
    waiting long
    for the
    storm of love
    melt the ice.
    give way
    to sunshine
    in the land of
    eternal winter.