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  • pouredonpaper 1d

    आज जब रोया मै,
    मेरे आँसू आपस मे लड़ बैठे।
    किस वज़ह का तू, किस वज़ह का तू
    तू कब से पड़ा था सीने मे,
    तेरे कारण सब है पलकों पे
    तेरा दर्द बड़ा, मेरा दर्द बड़ा
    तू झूठा है, नकली है बड़ा
    आज जब रोया मै,
    मेरे आँसू आपस मे लड़ बैठे।

  • tiny_sparkle1 2d

    If you would have never looked back,
    I would have been a cruel wolf pack.
    Cruel to the every soul I would meet
    You came back to me when in need
    May be you have seen me struggling
    just like I did see you do same thing
    Roofed under one stage though apart
    We were at distance which was hard
    I still feel your fear and fear of it
    We know that it's about one more split
    You came to me like a laugh in life
    Soon turned out to be a habit to abide
    Thereafter was a stage I had to deny
    Deny that we weren't one...
    You still argued and won.
    That was the day our love rose to spring
    We bloomed with smiles and kisses
    Allowing the nectar to flow and giving it to bees.
    Never thought of our love falling to grounds
    The season of autumn had to arrive a day
    There we had to depart and make own ways
    I was stuck thinking of you and past
    I knew you were the same but you passed
    I was dead similar to those of dried leaves
    I would be dust if someone would touch
    My crumbles of dead soul still weeped
    Wanting to be touched by your soul,
    I lay dead over grounds giving up on life
    Flowing with the wind of life,
    I hit here and there like those tides.
    I was tired of weeping and screaming
    Soon I turned to be silence that didn't exist
    No one bothered to remember I still existed
    I didn't either as it didn't make any difference
    It was a hell of world without you in there
    I couldn't bear it longer anymore
    My silence was wearing and tearing
    Tears were no more my part of soul
    Heart broken down like those mirrors
    All my pain poured out itself in rage
    Words gave it strength along with page
    You sleeked through ink even in such stage
    I was getting my breath back in poems
    I felt warmth after ages in the colds
    You were there with me.
    In my every corner, You nestled like a bug.
    I could feel your love crawling in me deep.
    Autumn was about to end and I rised a hope
    You would be back soon with nectar again
    And you arrived sooner than I thought
    It wasn't less than a dream come true
    We sticked to eachother more stronger
    Just like glue and you are now my flu
    I would never be alive if it weren't you
    If I ever had to live with someone
    You would be that soul of my room.
    I know a day comes where we would depart
    Once more like the season of autumn,
    Our love must die once more to live.
    Only fear that holds my heart is spring
    The arrival of spring back again
    Is it gonna be the blooming season again
    for we must dry and love must die once again ?

    - Tiny Sparkle

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    Struggles Of Love

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    - Tiny Sparkle

  • devilfish 3d

    Darkness Swallowing Light

    Splashes of the night
    Lick seductively at the moonbeams
    And firelight
    Sands of solemnity eating spontaneity
    And in it's place
    It leaves monotony
    Nightmarish oddities poking out
    From the fingers of triggers
    That rip out the wires of your fears
    Year after year you tire of sin
    Bathing in tears just to feel like you aren't

  • cruelfang 4d

    Primal Instincts

    Just for tonight, help me forget my name.
    Caress my spirit with every kiss.
    Tease my soul with lustful eyes.
    All I want is to feel you from the inside,
    one steady thrust at a time.
    Keep pace with the fragmented love,
    of the women who've imprinted the sheets before.

    Wrap yourself around my waist; draw me in with the sound of pleasure arising from your lips.
    Let the ache of a wounded heart,
    heal with your teeth against my neck.
    Let my hands wander the curves of your body,
    until the tension breaks.

    I want the boundaries between our bodies, to blur from dusk 'til dawn. And when the daylight comes, all you have to remember is how free you felt while gripping tight.

    Feed my primal instincts, Darling.


  • devilfish 5d

    Twin Bed

    I suppose that I must
    thank you before I go
    Before morning shows
    The way time goes
    In circles and circles
    Now it seems to have froze
    Stopped moving
    I waited for this moment
    And my wish has become a fish
    In a sea of rodents
    A silver platter with a fine porcelain dish
    In the river of my fertile mind
    swimming through my body
    Weaving through my words
    And seeping through these lines
    Lucid dreams possess my body in the ocean
    Where I wait at the bottom and close my eager eyes

    Thank you for coming to the tragedy I leak out each drop of our masterpiece
    Seductively urging me to create
    I won't stop until Cupid batters me
    I know this is stupid but I'm prepared to let your love shatter me
    A midlew drop froze before it lept far from the velvet rose plunging to the depths of my darkness
    With your angelic halo and your strikingly stark heart of light
    My heart is no longer unknown
    I'm no more a stranger in our home
    You showed me the danger in putting flesh
    To a gaudy throne
    I need your hope
    If gravity can make it's force work against me drop it's long sturdy rope
    as it's about to plunge from the top
    And fall to your feet
    Fall into my skin and mesh with my soul
    More than you know more than this pull
    You have to cultivate thoughts before they roll off your tongue and taste them before you let the taste go
    You reap what you sow
    I'm ready to let this place go
    I'm steady when I'm set on my pace away from the constant rat race
    To and from
    To and from
    Day after day night after night
    A ear bursting drum constantly thumps
    While monotony leads at the front
    I head to bed with a little wine and from the Earth an ambrosial blunt
    This kiss is onyx black
    Eclipse my Mercury Leo
    In it's radiance
    Only you could dim the Sun
    My mind consists of a dampened dark dystopia and dirty rose garden
    You're my utopia
    You're my world
    And you're so beautiful my darling

    I'm your muse
    Don't be confused
    You see it two
    July flowers that burst with pigments of Iris ans fragments of the Summer Moon
    And skies that are blue
    We're much better off infused
    Locking eyes to look right through
    But the peculiarities protrude through the window of your starry milky gaze
    Like they want to exclude me from making up my mind
    As if I haven't decided that before I even laid eyes on you I'd stay and if you wandered I'd tire myself into death
    I would never stop thinking of you
    Constantly trying to find
    At night they taunt me
    achingly wearing my body
    Shaking from the shuddering shoulders that found shelter in my summertime affection
    I offer you my protection
    I could be your savior
    Or your human
    I know we detest the fictitious idea of perfection
    If I stray
    Call out to me
    And I'll find my way to you
    I'll find my way
    Just picture what you want
    But I feel the words unspoken
    Leaving nothing to say
    Now head in my direction
    I'll await you when Spring
    Comes in May
    Don't fall out on me
    I'll await you forever
    My flower
    My strength
    Instead of speaking out redundantly
    Reinstated all our intentions
    Let's bleed out the confessions
    And let it be that the fluctuations in our inflexions
    And step back from the superficial
    Because the greed is not the lesson
    To cease from indulging in material
    Is a satisfying decompression
    It won't be long before your urgency increases pressure
    Increase in compression
    Draws me close so your stress may just lessen
    As the ancient calling in the distance draws my attention
    Our love is sacrificial
    And our love is whole
    Devoid of fragments and constructed sections
    Like our heart
    Take my blessing
    Is never going to cease to beat
    It's unrest is eternal

    I've been rather lonely
    Like I'm trapped in a snow globe and time froze me
    Alone with only the darkness to hold me
    please keep this between you and me
    What does this suffering mean
    The sheets and between I thought I saw you in a dream
    You and me a nightmare of teeth
    The friction
    The violently increasing speed
    The claws against the headboard
    The way your small hands knead on my chest
    And the light brush of a bite of your teasing teeth begging to feed on my garden
    As I lay beneath your Autumn Leaves
    The conviction in your speech reaches me
    And when it comes to me I can't even breathe
    When you ask me about what I'm thinking
    I can't breathe
    I can't speak
    When you ask me what we're drinking
    I set the table and prepare a feast
    "How bad do you want me"
    I pant from the rush you know I like when you ask me
    As your cheeks start to flush
    Your passion pouring rain
    Misty foam of crystalline sea
    All cherry red to the touch
    Soft as plush
    Soft as fleece
    In each fervently emitted breath
    In each movement so beautiful
    Dancing with the beat
    In a perfect synchronization
    Temptress as you move your agile feet
    So graceful and faithful to your beauty
    To your being
    Exposing your neck
    Your sizzling skin transferring an indescribably intense inferno of passion
    Internal compassion
    it's euphoria
    It's only begun
    We'll put it to action
    Far from a fairy-tale
    And far from fiction
    You sparked this mindset
    This reaction
    You're the heart of my
    This way
    Is the way that thing's have always been
    And always will be
    But time will never
    Not with your Goddess
    And your poetry
    In our love
    That I bleed through my pen

    You and me
    the soaking wet skin
    The stroking of no regret on your silk dress and your sick sin
    I'll heal your body
    Come to me and drink

    You and me
    All alone
    You and me
    No more phones
    I'm so glad I have you I love you. I was thinking of killing myself the fear isolation and pain is constant like a heartbeat in my head drowning out my thoughts and submerging me in a petrified state of fear I cannot fully explain

  • devilfish 1w


    I think I saw you in my sleep
    Can you keep the sound from startling me
    Cutting into and burrowing into me
    It's all so harrowing the dream in midnight gleams of high beams in Atlanta dreams
    The star that shines so bright it beams
    It boast it seems as if I were ice cream
    Or a midnight creek a grassy stream
    A moonlight dream

  • devilfish 1w


    Shallow water
    Where I come to wake
    To drench in last night's sweat
    I've got my dignity at stake
    I rob the visionaries of their torch
    And of their stake
    The breath I'd make
    Right after I'd wake
    In the dreams of it's wet lucidity
    In between the heat of her legs
    In the flesh
    And water skin
    We mesh
    A God in the flesh
    And water skin
    So wet
    Let diamonds drip like

  • devilfish 1w


    Loop this endless dream
    On a constant rhythmic repeat
    Meet me at the tip of Infinity

  • devilfish 1w


    I'm about to walk in the unopened door
    And I won't forget to leave it unlocked for you
    I won't forget you too
    But at least make sure the expectation is set
    That we both admit we don't have a whole
    You broke that in two
    You spoke that into fumes of I do
    That were laced with words that were untrue
    We can't undo these things
    They happen to the rest of us
    A select few
    Why do you want to blame me for
    The sky I painted blue
    When all you brought was the Moon
    And I brought you the Sun
    I wait for you at the Constellation
    The edge of a silent star
    The ledge of a land not too far
    Come find me I'm your prisoner of
    I'm your orphaned heart
    I'm your heart
    And I feel that
    Into my core

  • devilfish 1w


    Handle it
    I'll manage it
    I'm imagining
    Deep within the tombs of my loving life
    And loving heart
    The womb that was a stove
    Of 3 fiery hearts
    And I leave to you three words in one tiny glass jar
    "I love you"
    To my other 2 parts of the 3
    You'll always be in my heart
    Triplets from birth
    Although we're so far apart
    You'll always be in my heart
    Like the heartbeat that's steady and consistent
    You can count on my persistence
    I love you
    You'll always be in my heart
    I love you
    Even though we're 2 worlds apart

  • gautta 2w

    Judgement day

    Heaven awaits....
    If only it exist.....
    For both ; the blind stone worshiper and the selfproclaimed logical being..
    Upholding their belief , they live unbothered,
    Quite a few times , verbally brawling ,
    With those who dare oppose their notions.

    If he the almighty exist even...
    Does he care for your ideas of him...?
    Will he not let you taste heaven .?
    Or let the bad karma consume you for holding on to your convictions...
    As stated in some books , will he let the serpents drag you to the other lands.?

    Will he take the non believers to be his spoiled seeds.?
    And forgive them when they beg at his gates ..?
    Or will he perish'em .?
    Perish me ...

  • thebhavnasaxena 2w


    If love were the fire
    That could burn my
    World down, tell me,
    Where to find the
    Match, I would myself
    Put my brimstone heart
    Into the flames, and
    Wait in agony to be
    Consumed, for I have
    To know, when I rise
    From the ashes, would
    I be a phoenix, or a dragon
    Who herself breathes fire,
    But I know for sure, I will
    Be a creature that has known
    Magic, and for that, I will
    Put my brimstone heart
    Into the flames of love,
    And wait in agony, to be
    Consumed, a thousand times over.

  • thebhavnasaxena 2w


    Dancing in the moonlight,
    Feathers and pearls in my hair,
    An enchanted evening,
    Stars leave the sky to
    Live in my eyes, oh my
    Heart, it flutters like a
    Butterfly that just got
    Her wings, a kingdom
    Waiting for my reign,
    A crown of flowers,
    The world comes to rest
    In the palm of my hand,
    I walk into my glory,
    My feet unsure at first,
    But oh I have tasted what it
    Is to be powerful, what it is,
    To feel beautiful beyond my
    Wildest dreams; you can say
    It is all a lie, as you burn my
    Books, but I have lived a fantasy,
    And as I gaze up at the moon,
    I tell her, I will forever long to live
    As I did, once upon a dream

  • devilfish 2w

    Valentine's Velvet Cape

    In morning sunshine haze
    And sunset
    with an iridescent glazea of a milky honeydew drop of the moonlight and it's lunar rays of of a twinkling gaze into the truth illuminated with moonbeams of empathy
    And motherly love holding your pain meaningfully and tenderly
    Encompass and envelop me in a blanket of safety
    For when I'm lonely and I need my own company in the intricacies
    The instances where I was not enough for me
    I needed that luminosity to fight the dark that tries of overcome me
    For that i will love me
    Self doubt won't knock me into the ground
    I won't sit i get back up and stay in tune
    I seethe fumes
    I breathe in red
    And blow it out in fumes that change hues and subdue the most angelic tune with a melody of a memory in nostalgic frames of time
    with me and you
    And you and me
    Intertwined and uncombined
    Somehow Apollo's light captured me as it emmites bright thoughts of insight myself and I smiled in delight
    And kissed the Moon goodnight
    In an uninterrupted slumber
    With time that doesn't divide and
    Limitless and passionate
    Felt in blissful energy we cannot see
    In the infinity

  • devilfish 2w

    Slit Throat

    A skilled swordsman with 2 eyes to look
    And a third eye to see
    My tongue is a weapon that I only
    Yield in my home where I lay my head to sleep in sheets soaked in sardonic feasts dripping in gluttony, greed, grease, and the heads of my enemy
    Wearing necklaces of their teeth
    the beasts left in my bed at my feet where they fervently feed endlessly in tormenting agony as their hunger is cursed to never cease and their speech impediment dawn on the wordless pleads with salted fields of rotted crops and infertile seeds
    I sensed it easily the breath you tried to ensnare in your now bared teeth
    You don't scare me
    If my blood is threatened
    I Pierce through tension cut into flesh
    Into velvet mesh of a melting death
    Red rivers swept the current of conflict
    Where I stomp on your crown a crooked thorned now contorted crown
    Aborted from the wombs that put life into your body as it grew to arouse
    I'll grab the umbilical strings and hang you so your feet dangle 3 feet from the ground you won't ever touch until your heart stops to pound
    Cancer crab claws pull you into the opposition of my moon while I drag you to your doom and I watch bubbles dance as you drown to never be found an unsung tune
    I don't have the weak conviction of your splitting persecutory anxiety it elicited glitches of anger as it twitches seeping through the cracks of your limited vision
    Airways closing from the unrelenting constricted pipes not properly fitted
    Now riveting from the ripples that are ripping out stitches of your misplaced ego and tearing the friction from your fake caring
    You're cowardly clenching your pendant
    Don't offer me peace when you were a second ago so charged for this so daring
    I hereby declare war
    In an instant you won't be in one piece
    I won't leave until your existence is no more
    You enter my house and you don't close the door
    You try to get me off center
    A stupid splinter
    You won't leave until I satisfy rage at my Capricorn Core
    I'll destroy you until I hear your fear rip as your hypocrisy falls with your falsified fear
    As the world will hear the earth tremble as your head hits the floor no help to aid you here
    Let my Oriental Mars explode in a watery eruption my waves erode your mood contagion a cacophonous Crackle of cutting corruption
    That oozes in temperament
    An eminent artist and poet
    It's evident watch my essence glowing a ruby red floret growing
    Luminescent full as the Blood Moon
    My wrath a monsoon as it rises now flooding
    And suddenly the bud of eloquence blooms into a nightmare of your every fear
    You're decadent a fetus at it's detriment
    Declination a dilettante beast
    I consume you into the fertile soil where you decay away from the realm of all that is prevalent devoid of intelligence
    I seethe fumes and strike my desert of pity with a monsoon of fury

  • poetessangge 2w

    Rise Up, Conquerors

    Take it slowly, don't pressure yourself
    just be a flower, always ready to bloom
    and like a plant who take a process
    but later on it will grow
    make your own art
    with all of your heart
    trust in your words
    even in your actions
    so, choose wisely
    put Him in your center
    and ready yourself
    'coz life is challenging
    you can take it or leave it
    but fly high
    feel every moments
    do your best— your part
    so that even if you failed
    you know
    for the next morning
    you are one of them—

  • thebhavnasaxena 2w


    Ice in my eyes,
    Snow upon my skin,
    Here I am, risen another
    Morning, when the sun
    Shines on me, but I feel
    No warmth, my cold breath
    Mingles with the fog, and
    The wish I made blowing out
    Candles on my birthday cake,
    That wish is lost in the mist,
    Don't hold my hand, lest you
    Come to know, I walk these merry
    Streets, like a corpse, no beating
    Heart within my chest, 'cause
    Darling, they made a porcelain
    Doll out of me, look pretty, sit
    Properly, say nothing, they hate
    Tears, so say nothing, so I plucked
    Out my heart, what is a doll with
    A heart good for, anyway; don't
    Hold my hand, or you will catch
    A chill, nothing, nothing, that is
    What you get in return for the heart
    That you have vowed to give me,
    Don't wait to be let in, there is a
    Great winter, deep in my soul,
    Lost in the blizzards of my
    Mind, you will freeze to death,
    And I will feel nothing.

  • thebhavnasaxena 2w


    When you have crawled
    Through deserts and all
    You want is a river to drink from,
    Remember my name.
    When your sins overflow your
    Heart, and the day of judgement
    Knocks upon your door,
    Remember my name.
    Remember, how you choked me
    To death, in the pretense of a
    Lover's embrace, I still remember
    The fire where you left me to burn,
    As I watch another innocent
    Become your prey, so when you go
    To sleep tonight and feel the
    Icy hand of a ghost run down
    Your cheek, say my name,
    'Cause I'll be watching,
    I love the way your lips
    Tremble with fear as they
    Form my name.

  • trust_me_imma_liar 3w

    I discover Sight
    Finding more in you to Love
    Night by naked niight.

    Music comes to me
    In the rhythm of your Love
    Ballads flowing free.

    Pleasure is my sea
    Your body is my sailboat
    Endless this journey.


  • trust_me_imma_liar 3w

    Tum Tum Nah Rhe , Main Main Nah Rha ...
    Badlne Ka Dour Waqt Ke Sath Sath Yu Chalta Rha!!

    Kbh Khaash Se Hum Aam Hue ...
    Kbh Aam Se Hum Niraash Hue ??

    Kuch Galtiyaan Tumne Haan Kii...
    Kuch Gunaah Bhi Humse Hue!!

    Koshish Bhi Tumne Naah Kii...
    Kaha Hum Bhi Kuch Smjha Rhe -

    Tum Tum Nah Rhe , Main Main Nah Rha ...
    Badlne Ka Dour Waqt Ke Sath Sath Yu Chalta Rha!!