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  • in_fragments 2w

    "February isn't freezing this year,
    it is raining and puddling up instead.
    They're calling for an early spring,
    but it feels more like
    there was no winter at all.
    The days were muddy and mild- humid, even. For the first time,
    there was no snow.
    Barren tree branches
    loom above our heads. They fly about in the warm wind,
    like the bony fingers of elders as they scold
    misbehaving children.
    "Look at the mess you've made!" The trees
    say to us. "Look at how sick I've become...
    you're only making it worse, little one..."
    Their roots, the birds, the sun, and our minds
    are all devolving into confusion.
    Things don't know whether they
    are growing or dying,
    the entire atmosphere is being tossed
    into a tornado
    of uncontrollable change. It's ripping into everything
    and sending objects mercilessly
    into the ether; humanity stands shakily
    at the edge,
    senselessly waiting to fall in.

    But there is still a chill to be felt in the air,
    traces of the season still linger,
    for catastrophe
    doesn't happen all at once.
    It sneaks up,
    like a frog placed in a pot of gradually boiling water,
    doomed not to feel the heat
    until it's being burned alive-
    but we are not frogs, and this earth is not yet
    a boiling pot.
    The same way that climate
    does not equal weather, a lost battle
    does not mean a failed war, and
    the only way out of this
    is through. The only thing to do
    is keep moving. Pay attention. Compile data and ask questions. Rethink everything
    you ever thought you knew, regroup.
    Rinse and repeat.
    We can teach ourselves how to mitigate,
    to stare destruction in the face
    and fight it, tooth and nail, whether we
    end up winning or not.

    Plant native seeds in the soil like life
    plants seeds in your mind-
    seeds of thought, creativity, motivation. Seeds and trees
    are now weaponry.
    Sit in the shade of the forest while you still have it there,
    for the first step to saving the earth
    is simply
    reconnecting with it. Take care
    of yourself, keep away from toxicity.
    Tend to both your internal
    and external environments-
    body and earth-
    and realize that one can directly influence the other.
    The world we know is shifting fast,
    so think about what
    you are going to save.

    Humanity itself is coming to a crossroads.
    A battle between good and evil,
    stasis and destruction,
    life and death,
    is upon us.
    The futute of our existence
    hinges on the brittle branches of leafless trees. Every moment in history
    has culminated into this one:
    Healers or killers? Heroes or cowards?
    A brave new world, or no world at all?
    The choices are up to us.

    What will become of us all
    this spring?"

    Connect to your environment, connect to yourself, and save them both. It's really that simple. But not that easy...
    #narrative #poem #freewrite #climate #change #winter #spring #trees #sky #life #death #change #nature #writerstolli #readwriteunite #writersworld #mirakee #pod @writersnetwork

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    February isn't freezing.

    Seeds and trees
    are now weaponry...

    What will become of us all
    this spring?

  • bloodievampire 6w

    call me baby

    today you call me baby and i felt my heart melt.

    you’re giving me all the reasons to fall in love with you; oh boy i’m head over hills for you.

    it’s shameful how loyal i am to you. i don’t lust this is love i have to put the blame on you.

    today you call me baby and my heart melt, but i fear i’m not the only girl you call baby.

    so please don’t call me baby for that isn’t my name. just keep it simple and plain for my name is jane.


  • bloodievampire 6w

    after dark

    My mind goes in places i do not want; it roams the darkest streets I've never seen before.i stay awake way passed the healthy times im supposed to be asleep. everyday i wake up go to school to try to piece my life together.

    Im fairly happy during the day, but my mind is sick at night. I have no where to run i have no where to hide. Drugs? Alcohol ? im as sober as it gets, but this void i cannot fill. How do i maintain the perfect person everyone sees.

    I'm falling apart in the inside, please believe me i try not to think about all the dark things that drag me into depression. As i said before my mind is sick and after dark i cannot contain the thoughts that bring out the worst in me.

    Its this thing called life that keeps attacking me but day after day i try to pertain the person that everyone around me adores. Im breaking mommy and i wouldn't dare put this burden on you.

    I’ll be very selfish of thinking to take my life away; i won’t front as if i never thought of it before. It seems like after dark im not safe alone with my thoughts to roam. After dark my mind goes in places i do not want..


  • in_fragments 7w

    It's never too late to take back control. 2020 and Beyond. Make it count. ������
    #questions #freewrite #newyear #2020 #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #writersworld #mirakee #writerstolli #pod #poem

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    Existential Questions for 2020 (and Beyond)

    Does magick exist?


    How do you get excited to travel
    when everyone is from everywhere, and there's no place on earth that hasn't already been touched by us?


    Whose idea was it to stuff us into these separate bodies anyway,
    knowing that we all are made up of the same consciousness,
    and where we come from we are one?
    Is it some kind of cosmic irony,
    a joke among the stars,
    that loneliness has always been
    the most visceral,
    the most harrowing,
    of all human emotions?


    Is love so elusive and fleeting
    because these human bodies are
    the real barriers to it?
    Is loneliness in fact more natural for these bodies
    than love?


    When it's clear that someone you love
    can't join you any further on your journey,
    how do you muster up the strength
    to go on without them?


    How can I manifest my art,
    transfer blood cells and brain matter
    into terrifyingly vivid reality,
    when these fleshy hands
    are just so fragile? Is there even a point
    to beginning?


    Are we all just little pieces of God,
    hilariously unaware
    that the individual we are seeking to worship
    is ourself?


    Why do we keep asking questions
    to which we know there are
    no answers?
    Is it because if we found out about them, we would no longer be human?


    Why would our souls be so willing
    to rip themselves apart from each other,
    to experience what it's like to be a mortal individual,
    if we didn't have the privilege
    of complete free will to choose our destiny?
    Will you still say it was never up to you
    when you're old,
    on your deathbed, unfulfilled
    and teeming with regrets?
    Who was supposed
    to make sure you had none?


    Do I still have time?


  • shiroku 16w

    This is just a short, #freewrite where I illustrate my #uncontrolled_feelings on the #TeamTrees movement.

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    Wait of the Earth

    Music is the lively
    Energy that fills me.
    Transporting me distant
    From this dying planet.

    Where all I do is lay,
    While all we do is waste.
    And all you do is pay
    These personalities.

    All you do is tweet,
    “Another livestream!”
    This was an awesome wait
    The great tree-planting feat.

  • neongypzy 17w


    Anger flows through my chest
    Down my spine it lay to rest
    For if I choose to not let go
    Forever a ghost will haunt me so

  • neongypzy 18w


    Under water I gasped for breath,
    as I slowly sank to my peaceful death.
    The person I had been was no longer me,
    So forward I must go, for I am finally free.

  • butitrefused 19w

    I become,
    like a flower that blooms
    and withers away by fall.


  • in_fragments 21w


    When I'm around other people,
    I can never seem to find
    anything to talk about.
    The way society speaks has become too safe,
    too disingenuous.
    We fluff each other up
    but our words
    hold no weight,
    so I don't do well discussing
    light topics
    with people who are expecting
    light responses.
    I couldn't truly tell you
    who I am, what I do, or what I aspire to be.
    Those questions are
    too loaded. They don't have friendly,
    digestible answers.

    Idle chatter and gossip are a chore for me, because nothing
    about my brain is ever idle. It is
    the kind of brain
    that can scare people away-
    for my life is a series
    of instilled fallacies and unspeakable, uncomfortable truths. It is one of
    secrets, false realities,
    phantom pain and misplaced memories.
    Alienation, isolation, dissociation, self-deprecation.

    I am the product of a childhood
    I can't remember,
    a series of events I don't recall
    living through,
    sensations I have locked
    too far away to reach.
    I have seen Evil
    behind the eyes of a woman,
    and felt it in the hands of a man. I have met it
    inside of myself.

    I have suffered far too much,
    I am constantly being haunted
    by things.
    I struggle to find my own shadow
    in between all of these spectres.

    I am

    an amnesiac,
    a banshee,
    a lonely little girl,
    a lost boy, a zombie.
    A dead-eyed people pleaser,
    a moody witch all in black,
    a vengeful monster,
    a blank slate, a puppet,
    and a blooming rose garden.
    I am somehow all of these things
    at once.
    It's really no wonder
    why I'm so bad
    at small talk.


  • blackcasper 24w

    Still going at it with this free write challenge well lifestyle #freewrite #free

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    Shoot for the stars

    Shoot for the stars and don’t look back
    I skip a lot of words
    My mind moving faster
    moving faster than my body sometimes
    Trips over self
    Cause I was suppose to be there but wasn’t there yet
    Shoot for the shooting star
    Flying across the globe
    Be the star everyone wishes upon
    Finding myself trying to grabbed the man from the dark
    Without grabbing the wrong
    Satan songs
    & his thoughts
    Don’t delete this
    It’s a free write so let go
    I’m trying to release demons that have enter my soul & hidden in crevasses of dreams and songs
    Maria Maria
    Santana grooviest song
    Want my guitar to sound like Maria Maria
    Kiss me Maria maria
    oh sexy notes of the song
    Dance around Me you beautiful sound
    Morning 5:31 and I have too much going in my head
    With constant negative
    I’m Shooting for the stars with weights on my back
    Trying fly with all this holding me down
    Is it me who causing my downfall
    It’s only me to blame who else
    Who else could it be
    For the reason your still no one
    Don’t blame the crooks in the river
    Or the one ray of light joyfully not shining on you
    You have to create your own light
    Fight the demons or lose
    Fight the war inside and stop being a pacifist
    Fight or go away
    Go crazy as you rot away
    Fight get up
    And fight
    Take back what’s yours
    Your body and soul
    Jazzy sounds
    And relaxing phrasing
    Sets your soul in loops
    I love music like no other
    My soul is music
    I Needs music

  • tinyy666 25w

    Beautiful Disaster

    There she lay.
    In all her chaos.
    Her head constantly filled-
    With existential dread...

    She tries to calm
    Her racing mind.
    However, with a heavy heart
    She continue to lay...
    Not knowing...

    Not knowing when or if
    She'd find the will
    Or the strength to finally
    Get back up...

    And when she finally
    Does take the leap to get up;
    Nothing will stop her.

    She will rise;
    Higher than her own
    Insecurities ever held her down.
    A prisoner of her own mind..

    She fixes her crown.
    A crown of thorns
    And she remembers;
    That life,
    Is just one colossal
    Beautiful Disaster

  • blackcasper 26w

    My goal is to post a freewrite on Mirakee a day, even if it’s cruddy or crazy, whatever it is I’m posting it. Enjoy y’all day #freewrite #SoWhat #Jazz #weekend

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    Free-write (So-What )

    How should my weekends look like ?

    Should they be productive or relax
    Should I read books or play the game
    All I know is I need haircut like today
    But what does a relaxing weekend look like to me ?
    I should go outside for at least two hrs or so
    What about Brooklyn ? idk it will happen one day for sure
    Do you wanna go
    Yeah I do
    But I also wanna do hundred million things too
    But what do you wanna do ?
    I honestly don’t know
    But haircut is the most important
    That’s for sure
    I wanna play my guitar and learn how to play,
    “so what “
    I don’t get it
    If miles was using modes and notes, so why are the guitar covers using complicated chords and stuff ?
    Keep it simply
    Guys keep it simply
    The beauty in all things is simplicity
    Idk but it don’t make sense to me
    All I know is I had to write this morning
    Write everyday that’s what they keep saying it’s the only the way to improve even if it’s not considered poetry
    Momma said I fall on myself every year I guess that’s true before I break out of the gross lazy blues
    So what du-du-du -duu
    I like ya ummm
    And I wanna love ya du du du du
    So what ummmm
    I don’t give a fuck sha-bang
    About what others say du du du du
    I want ya ummmm
    Pretty mama du du du du
    You so fine ya cha pow
    If I had ring, I would wife ya hmmmm
    So what du du du du
    That I don’t know ya ohhh
    But my soul do ummhmmumm
    And that’s enough boo ohhhh
    So what du du du du
    Just Kiss me du oh du oh du oh oh oh
    Tonight, come on girl
    And you feel du du du du
    How I feel cha bang pow boom
    So what
    This jazz has me feeling
    So good
    So what
    About how others feel
    What I’m suppose to be doing this weekend
    Idek I guess how ever you suppose to feel

  • blackcasper 26w

    A little song

    there you go
    with your rainbow kisses
    there you go
    got me feeling different
    & there you go
    baby your love I miss it
    baby I hope you are listening
    cause this is a commitment
    to the colors of our love
    & the aura of our feelings

  • autumnwillow 28w


    I’m alive, but I am not living.
    I’m awake, but only breathing.
    Flowing with the current; treading water.
    I’m ready to let myself drown.
    Incarcerated; daily, links are added to my chains.
    Years of passive acceptance built my prison.
    Held here by my own fault.
    Now there is no escape.


  • j_xxi_xviii 31w

    m&m pancakes

    Your red rimmed eyes pleaded for me
    to marry a different kind of man
    I remember soft cocoa powder like dirt slipping through my ruffled socks as we hid in the back yard
    rushing to grandma's
    gritty voice crackling over the phone
    innocence pooling off of my tongue
    begging to go back
    you still wiped at my salty eyes
    sobs taking away the gift I was given
    threats bombarding my utopia
    I remember m&m pancakes in the morning
    freckles interrupted by
    purple bruises and gnarly cuts
    my dad's soft baby blues
    reveled the lost, veiny glare from the night before
    distrust and forgiveness mangled my heart,
    I thought I was his little girl.

  • zuzeth 31w

    In the dark in the shadow of this nation
    There’s a voice sayin’ “you’ll never be free in the land of freedom”
    We’re so tired of this bullshit
    And we wanna break free from this bullshit
    Family separation
    Little children in cages
    Little children being rape
    This nation is known for it’s hatred
    & it’s also known for it’s trauma trauma inflicted on people people
    This nation is built on its trauma
    & yes ima spill all the drama


  • j_xxi_xviii 32w


    My bones snap, pop
    my life has just begun
    inside it feels it was meant to be severed
    cranking up the dead beat muscle in my chest
    just for it to keep me up at night
    tick, tick, tick
    my mind paints an ominous night
    conjuring up Nostalgia,
    she'll tickle at my ribs, choking for air
    her mouth hovers over mine
    exhaling bittersweet memories
    tick, tick, tick
    Regret presents herself pressing on my sternum
    it concaves pricking into my lungs
    tears biting against clenched eyelids
    tick, tick, tick
    Paranoia will set in,
    wrily tongue slithered into my brain
    whispering soggy lies
    but I'll always believe them
    soft blue hue tints the window
    tick, tick, tick
    Anxiety comes with the day
    knobby fingers tightly wring my dial
    tightly strung up my strings.
    then, swiftly snips off my voice
    like a dainty strand of hair

    sitting up, my bones crackle,
    cracking, crinkling through my day
    warning me...
    tick, tick, tick

  • poetryexpress 35w

    Take me

    Leaning into my ear
    he whisper
    Its mine


  • in_fragments 36w

    Logic does not equate to intelligence. Reason and emotion complete each other.

    Sometimes Logic speaks, but he doesn't understand. He will wax poetic and lecture using purple prose to distract you from the fact that he is confused by true nuance. He loves to challenge the world, and at the same time cherry-picks who gets to challenge him back. His words are empty, and you know it- he continues not to see how scared this should make him.

    Sometimes Logic talks, but she doesn't like to listen. She persuades herself to lock away her emotions and send them in a rocket to the moon on her mind. In a mental chamber of her own creation, cultivation of thought stops. Growth falters behind stagnation. Her reasoning becomes her delusion, and her delusion becomes her downfall...
    #prose #freewrite #logic #feeling #life #pod #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #writersworld #mirakee #writerstolli

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    Sometimes to gain understanding, one has to close off the mind and open up the heart. Stop thinking and instead, start feeling.
    Always, to listen, one has to stop talking,
    but there's no room for reasoning with someone who's too afraid to do so.

  • annaonni 39w

    Am using space to dribble out bad poetry and experiment with silly thoughts. It feels slightly safer than the usual social media platforms. Come be silly together! #poem #silly #draft #raw #freewrite

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    Love is a Black Hole

    I am not sure when time and space
    Started to suck so much
    But I imagine it started with the tracing
    Of dimensions through blips of data
    Hurtling through at incomprehensible speeds
    Until it didn't matter where I was or where I was going
    Or if there even was an I left for me to be