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    Darkness filling me,
    Anger consuming me,
    My subconscious,
    thwarting my consciousness,
    I can't breathe,
    I can't hold much longer
    Should I give in?
    No! Have faith, this time will pass,
    I assumed.
    But, it went on and on
    In the end, I lost my grip,
    and I gave in.

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    She was alone and desperate.
    She suffered and lost.
    Loneliness was worse, she realized
    Love couldn’t help her, but words did.
    She fell in love with the letters,
    that made her look deep, and in between each word,
    she created poetry with her heart
    Because that what helped her express
    when she couldn’t, alone!

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    High School
    Chapter 7

    I was getting ready for the cabinet ceremony. We all were. It was so congested in the girls' room that it was really suffocating. Beads of sweat slipping down my throat. It felt like a steam bath, except for the noise, sweat smell, and above all, it was a washroom. I got out as soon as I finished my hair. Cool air blew over my face and god! That's the best feeling ever. I went back to class. There was no one there. Everyone went out for the general assembly. The ceremony was after that. I went to my seat, took the water bottle from my bag and started drinking when I heard footsteps approaching. I was turned away from the door. Someone came into the class and was standing close to me. I put the bottle back in my bag and turned around abruptly. It was Zane. His seat was 2 rows in front of me. And he was taking something from his bag, maybe the vows. I barely noticed. I was concentrating on his looks. He was so hot in his suit and the sweat beads on my temples were back. He caught me looking at him. And what the fuck am I doing? I was looking at him as a puppy waiting for his master to throw a ball to fetch. He came close to me never taking his eyes off me. For one second I saw the old Zane through his eyes. For one second I thought he was mine. And I was his. And now he was standing so close to me that I could literally feel his breath on my face, a warm breeze. Though it was warm, it was like an ice cube on the back of my neck and I trembled. He held out his hands to my side and leaned in close.... and took Adam's bag from the side, turned around with one side glance at me and left. And I... I let myself out a long breath which I didn't know I was holding all this time. I sat there, as memories flooded back to mind.

    9th grade

    We were having a free hour. I think the substitution was Chemistry. But the teacher wasn't here yet. Zane was looking at me from where he was sitting, but I didn't look back. I was so shy to catch him looking at me. But I could feel his eyes on me. And knowing that made me smile.
    "Chemistry lab. Now". Our then chemistry teacher came to the class and said. Everyone was forming a line to go to the lab. I couldn't find my record. It was here. I saw it a few minutes ago. Where did it go?
    " Madi, come on", the teacher said.
    "Yes ma'am, will be there in a minute."
    And they left. I was checking everywhere for my record. My bag, my desk, under it, Jill's bag (the girl who was sitting next to me) and I couldn't find. Suddenly there was a bang on my desk that made me turn around, terrified. Zane was standing in front of me with my record in his hands. I tried to snatch it from him, but he grabbed my hand, leaned in and kissed me. It was shocking/surprising. I didn't even have time to look around to see if someone was in the class. But obviously, Zane checked that out already. Like he wasn't planning to kiss me while I look for my record which obviously he took so that I will be alone in the class so that he can come and --- and yeah -- do this. My heart started sinking inside and my knees felt weak. I was melting on it. When he pulled back, it was like some part of me was taken away from me like I suddenly became incomplete. And I realised that part was him.
    He was resting his forehead on mine. Breathing hard, he said
    "Thanks for the record, see you in the lab." And left. I sat there, feeling his sweetness left on my lips.

    I let myself cool for a minute and I went out for the ceremony.
    House 4 captain was Elec. But he got into a fight with some of the seniors and got suspended for 3 days and was removed from the cabinet post. And I missed it while I went with mom for her joining. Good for him. I mean a bit good for me.
    Matt came to me.
    "You look pretty! Are you wearing lipstick?" He asked casually.
    "Nope, just some gloss". I replied by dramatically pouting my lips and patting my hair back on my shoulder. He smirked.
    " you look good yourself". I said to Matt. And yes he was. His straight, light Auburn hair was all set up and his forehead was visible. Usually, he puts his hair messy and we could barely see his eyes. Why has he covered all his beauty so long? I wondered.
    "Thank you". He said, slightly blushing.
    Everyone was looking good. To be precise, everyone was looking decent. I went to the girls' cabinet members and blended into their conversations. The ceremony was over and I couldn't wait to go spend some time with Rose. I miss her so much. I came back to class and everyone was there. I got in, packed my things and was going to leave when Zane came inside the class and started shouting at me in front of the whole class. I have never seen him this angry, not even when we broke up.

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    High School
    Chapter 6

    "10 hours? Really? 10 hours by road?" I was literally yelling at my mom for no reason, pacing on the hallway.
    "Yea, I will try to come all weekends," she said.
    "No, you can't. You can't travel every week like that. You will get sick travelling that far by bus"
    "I said I will try". She stressed on try.
    I sighed and sat on the couch, trying so hard to keep it together. The only constant I have now in my life is her. And she's moving. My mother is a Nurse. She got the job after she gave birth to me.
    " hey, you are gonna be okay, okay?" She put a hand on my knee and tried to calm me."
    "So it's just me, dad and him?"
    And this 'him' is my brother. Yes, I have an elder brother, Mike who is 2years elder to me. I don't think I am gonna make it with the both of them. Mike is a pain in the ass.
    "You can handle it. Your brother will take care of you"
    "Yeah, you tell him!"
    "I just don't want you two to fight all the time. Your dad will kill you both" she laughed. But I didn't think that was funny, so I remained silent.
    "When do you leave?"
    "Next week."
    "What!?" Yelled again.
    "Shuh, yeah we have a week together. Besides you can come along when I join." She said. I was being calm until she added
    "If this transfer came a week ago, you could have come along and joined some school there."
    I bit the inside of my cheeks. Trying to keep it cool. Now I have to adjust with all these happening. I have to survive this without no happiness at home and at school. Life is greater than I ever imagined. How can I thank God!
    We were having dinner at night when I realised another thing. Cooking. Omg, now I have to learn how to cook. I will have to cook for my dad and Mike. We finished our dinner and I went back to bed. I called Rose and told her about the same. She kinda supported me with all her dry jokes, which at times made me think I wanna puke everything I ate. And my good brother was yelling at some online random guys who he plays DOTA with.
    "YOU HAVE TO KILL HIM YOU ASS****" he yelled on the other side.
    "Shut up Mike, I want to sleep" I yelled back.

    A week passed by with all the horrible things. Cabinet practice, the ignorance of my best friends, and the loneliness. My mom was packing everything when I came back home. She's leaving tomorrow. Mike and I are going with dad to drop her. 8 and a half hours in the car sucked. But the place was so beautiful. One way I was happy that my mom is going to work here. She doesn't have to travel a lot daily. She will have a calm and relaxed atmosphere to work, she doesn't have to bother about me and Mike. She will be alright. I will be too. There wasn't much drama when we said goodbyes. She will be coming next week home. We hugged and kissed. But, the feeling came rushing into my veins on the journey back. Another 8 and a half hours without her in the car. I slept most of the time.

    The first day without mom wasn't that awful, but shocking. Mike made me coffee in the morning while I was getting ready for school.
    "What you want?" I asked him.
    "Screw you, dad asked me too. Don't flatter yourself!" He said loathing.
    I pouted and said thank you.
    "Yeah, whatever. Don't bother me with anything else, am going back to bed.
    " yeah whatever". I said and took a sip. Mm, it's good.

    "Madi's mother got a promotion transfer, did you know?"
    Adam's mom was washing dishes in their kitchen when he came to drink water.
    "How would I know?" Adam responded opening the fridge and taking the bottle out.
    "She called me some time back."
    "Who? Madi?" He asked taking a mouth full Water.
    "No, her mother. She joined also."
    "Seriously? Again?"
    "Again what?"
    "You two fighting again?"
    Adam didn't respond to that, instead, he put the bottle back in the fridge and went back.
    "Adam?" His mom called out, which he completely ignored.

    Adam came back to his room and locked it behind. He fell back on his bed, took his phone and dialled Zane.
    "Yep," Zane said on the other side.
    "Madi's mom got transferred"
    "So?" Adam laughed. Adam has this unique kind of laugh, which makes other people laugh along, even though the joke isn't that funny.
    "What's wrong with you?" Zane asked, irritated.
    "Nothing, just checking on you. Obviously, you loved her once. And obviously, we hate her now, I hate her now." Adam stressed on 'I'. He continued "so I should probably check if you have any soft spot for her."
    "Look who's talking! Listen, I don't care about her anymore. Did u seriously call me to talk about Madi?"
    "Nope, I called to check on you" a wicked grin on his face.
    "Thank you for your concern. I am sleepy. Can I go?" Zane asked tiredly.
    "Oh yeah sure. Goodnight brother!"
    Zane put his phone down. A worried expression came on his face which he tried to hide. No, he wasn't hiding it. He was making himself believe that he didn't care. And then he went to bed.

    The next day, the day of the Cabinet ceremony, when I came to school, everyone was asking me about my mom. What the hell? How come? At first, I thought it was Rose who played the BBC. But then I realised it was Adam. Rose isn't here. She's in CBSE. My mom called his mom yesterday. It has to be it. Damnit, Adam!
    I was pissed at him for that. Everyone was looking at me with pity.
    "Hey, Madi" a girl from our cabinet, whom Adam was totally crushing on the other day came beside me.
    "Hey" I smiled.
    "How are you feeling?"
    "I am okay, why?"
    "Heard about you mom"
    "Uh, she's not dead, actually," I said putting an uncertain expression on my face.
    "No, no I mean, I know what you go through with all the boys, not talking and all that. This would be terrible."
    I didn't respond to her. Her presence started annoying me.
    "Adam told me not to talk to you, but still you are on Cabinet and all, so I thought I will say hi"
    "Oh, hi. And thanks for the hi." I walked away.
    That just made me so mad. Adam, my best friend since childhood told some girl he barely knew not to talk to me!
    Wth was he thinking?
    I came into class. I looked at Adam, who didn't even look at me.
    I got cranky and sat on my seat. Everyone was busy talking and laughing and writing notes. I just sat there. Took in everything. And thinking about the 2years I am gonna spend in this hell.

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    Long Distance

    Who said you are away?
    I see you every day,
    In my mirror, my own reflection
    I hug you every day,
    While I sleep, my pillow
    I talk to you every day,
    To my teddy bear
    And one day my reflection, pillow and bear
    will talk back to me, and I will continue to wait...
    Forever, if it takes

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    She craved that one feeling,
    which she was scared to express.
    Things buried inside her,
    the desire to be loved, respected and adored.
    She didn't weep but waited-
    for the right time and the right soul.
    She believed in true love
    and she still thinks she's on her way towards it.
    Will she ever make it?

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    हाँ वो स्त्री है

    हाँ वो स्त्री है
    सब की सुनती है
    और अपनी करती है
    थोड़ी मर्जी है उसकी
    थोड़ी शर्म भी है उसमे
    एक धागे की नहीं
    हर धागे मैं बुनती hai
    हाँ वो स्त्री है

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    She didn't believe anyone, but him
    Her trust for him was bewildering.
    She defied the words of her loved ones,
    she battled the darkness that engulfed their light.
    She believed in them and their love.
    After all, trust is what holds a connection

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    So guys this is dedicated to my bestie

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    If you're alone I will be your shadow
    If you want to cry I will be your tissue
    If you want to hug I will be your teddy bear
    If you need a bestie I will be me.

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    Word ➡️【 नजदीक】

    शायद से..��

    मैं ना याद करूँ,
    तो अब वो याद भी नहीं करते हैं..

    मैं ना बात करूँ,
    तो अब वो बात भी नहीं करते हैं..

    शायद आजकल मुझसे दूर हो कर,
    किसी और के नजदीक रहने लगे हैं वो..।

    -रोली रस्तोगी
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    More than anything , true friendship requires two things
    If you don't have these ..Dude you aren't friends

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    Word ➡️【 पल】

    कितना अजीब है वो।��

    रूलाते हैं
    हंसाते हैं
    दर्द भी वही देते हैं
    और वो ही राहत के दो मीठे पल भी दे जाते हैं।

    -रोली रस्तोगी

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    #hindishayari #shayrilovers #jazbaat #feelings #ruhaniyat #gulzariyat #writingsociety #writersconnection #yqhindi #hindipanktiyaan #loveqoutesandsayings #quotesilove #quotesofinstagram #quotestagram #bestiegoals #bestquotes #hindiqoutes #cutequotes #motivationalquotes #quotesoflife #quotesoflove #friendshipquotes #relationshipquotes #lovingquotes #happyquotes #quotesforhim #lovequotes #lovequotesforhim

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    High School
    Chapter 5

    I felt...honestly, I don't know what I felt. It was too late to back down. As unexpected, they just ignored the fact that I was even there. After they arranged the lines and positions accordingly, Zane was standing next to me. Two feet apart. I tried controlling my uncontrolled breath, which he probably knows btw. Sweat dripped down my temple but I couldn't move. I saw Adam and Tyler mocking at Zane. Okay, that's on me too. Zane will be angry at me, just because his best friends giggled when he stood next to me. I ignored the tension, whatever it was.

    After the practice, I was sitting on the corridor, leaning on a pillar. I was bored. I watched my friends talking to others, laughing, teasing. I was jealous and sad. I couldn't even stand the thought of them being so close to others especially when they don't talk to me. Adam, as usual, flirting with a girl whom he barely knows. Everyone was busy, even Matt. He was my only friend and he just stood there laughing with them. I was hurt. I started to pluck the small leaves of a plant and began to make a flower bed out of it. Yeah, I was that bored and I didn't know what to do. Tears started to swell in my eyes. My vision started to blur because of that. I didn't look up, I didn't want them to know I was crying. I sat there knowing no one will even care.
    Suddenly someone patted on my shoulder. I didn't turn.
    "You sitting alone?" Carol giggled.
    That's it. I couldn't take that anymore. I was trying so hard to control my overreaction, now it's just busted. I stood up and I walked to the girls' room. I went inside, I made sure no one was inside. I got into one, and I cried without making a sound. I was feeling heartbroken. And I don't know why, because this was expected.

    I sat there and I thought about how we used to be...

    I and Rose were at the bus stop.
    "Hey, mad!" Adam called out.
    "Seriously? It's just 4 letters, you can't call me Madi?"
    "No, that's no fun, plus you are mad."
    "Hahaha omg, you are hilarious" I rolled my eyes after the fake laugh.
    "You don't encourage my jokes now." He pouted.
    "You want me to laugh at your stupid dry jokes?"
    "Nope, I want Rs 10, do you mind?" He flashed his unique version of a smile.
    "I wanna buy sip up"
    "You just had one"
    "That's yellow. I want red."
    "Grhhh, ask Rose"
    "Heh, I brought him yellow. Now it's your turn." Rose said and turned to wave at Tyler.
    "Fine, but no more, okay?"
    "Okay". Adam took the money from me and left.
    I turned to see Tyler glaring at me.
    "Mm?" I mouthed.
    "Nothing, I mean, it's very generous of you, so what about me?"
    "What about you?"
    "Sip up?"
    "I am so sorry, I need to pluck more from my money plant."
    "Ewwww, am I supposed to laugh?"
    "Your wish". I said and saw Rose laughing.
    "Why are you laughing?" I asked Rose.
    "Mchh, BUS!! Come on!"
    "Bye Tyler". I waved at Tyler and we got on the bus.
    I was sitting by the window when I saw Adam running towards me with two sip ups in his hand. He came to the side and gave me one just before the bus took off. He bought one for me. A Red one.
    "Thank you!!" I screamed so that he can hear me.
    "It's your money". He screamed back and waved me bye. And when I turned, everyone on the bus was staring at me including Rose.
    "What?" I asked and started sipping up.

    I washed my face and got out of the washroom. I looked in the mirror and made sure I didn't look like I cried. Everyone left class when I got in. I took my bag and sat on the school steps, waited for Rose. And there she was.
    "Hey, mad!" She called out.
    "Seriously, it's just four letters, can't you just call me Madi?" I asked her.
    "No, but you could do the same. My name too has only four letters, try three." She smirked.
    "But your name pronounce the same both way."
    "Ahh, not really my problem".
    We walked to the bus stop.
    "So, how was your day?" Rose asked me.
    "Not bad"
    "You mean 'bad' bad?"
    "Which part? The part where I am standing next to Zane for Cabinet ceremony?"
    "Okay, that's not 'bad' bad, it's 'worse' bad".
    "Yea, I have to get used to it"
    "Now, wanna tell me why you cried?"
    "I didn't cry". I scoffed confused.
    "I can read your face and you know that". She pitied.
    "Nah, I was just being emotional. You know!"
    "Yea I know".

    When I reached home. My mom was sitting on the porch.
    "You are early!" I said removing my shoes.
    "Yea, I got good and bad news".
    "Which are?"
    "I got a promotion Transfer, two in one, tada" She smiled.
    "Oh". This day couldn't get any worse. "To where?" I asked.
    "Far". she said.

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    Dear best friend

    You turn all grey of my life into rainbow

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    Kamala Harris, the first Black woman to become Vice-President of the US. A real feminist shows women how to achieve this and not how to remove their clothes in social media in the name of freedom and rights.
    When googled the definition of "Feminism", this is what we get-
    Feminism, the belief in social, economic, and political equality of the sexes. Although largely originating in the West, feminism is manifested worldwide and is represented by various institutions committed to activity on behalf of women's rights and interests.
    Feminism is a belief and not an act. People act according to their twisted version of the meaning of feminism. Many people who define themselves as feminists don't even know the real meaning and intention of that word. Feminism is not about dominating men or overtaking them in everything. It was created for gender equality over the right things, which definitely not includes nudity or freedom of awful speech. If a man says something bad, doesn't mean a woman should do the same. Be better than that. Change them instead of changing yourself to being bad. Be an inspiration to all the men. Earn everyone's respect, not just other feminist's. Don't fight for power, fight for Empowerment.

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    High School
    Chapter 4

    I was numb for the first whole period, staring into the monitor in front of me, having no idea what Damian is teaching. Yeah, I missed two weeks of class so.. Expected. We went back to class after that hour. I didn't know where to sit. Not in front of the boys' bench anyways! I sat near Anna. To divert me from my own suffocation, I asked Anna for the notes. I started writing down.
    "Hey, guys!" A teacher came into our class.
    "Good morning teacher" everyone got up from their seats.
    "Susan here?" She asked.
    "Yes, ma'am" Susan, one of the other girls in my class got up and went outside to talk to the teacher. I saw they were arguing. Not really arguing, but the teacher asked her something, which Susan replied "No".
    Susan came into the class, looked at me and mouthed " I am sorry." I didn't get it until the teacher outside called out my name. I went out.
    "Hey, Madi right?"
    "Yes ma'am" I smiled.
    "Madi, the thing is, we need one more girl as a school's house captain. We had everyone. But one girl left school just 2 days ago."
    I was confused! "Why me?"
    "Susan cannot. She's not confident enough. My question is, are you?".
    "Ahm, I don't know"
    "You are from CBSE, right?"
    "Yes ma'am"
    "So I hope you know how this thing works, and how to handle it."
    I thought about it for a second. I wanted this for a long time. I always wanted to be part of the cabinet. I wanted responsibilities to handle. This was my chance and I was willing to take that.
    "Yes ma'am, I think I do" I replied.
    "Good, so you will be house 2 Captain and you will have the ceremony practice during the zero hours on the ground." She said and left.
    I got back in class. The day was boring. I ended completing most of my notes. Got to know most of my teachers. Then I spent time looking around the people who hate me. There he was, Elec.
    Elec hasn't talked to me since 9th grade. He hasn't changed a bit. Still tall, lean, same round specs, straight black hair till his eyebrows, innocent smile. One thing I noticed is that his pimples are almost gone. I think he sensed my eyes on him. I could see him glancing sideways at me. Disgusting look on his face. I haven't seen that in a very long time. It felt good to see that again, I kinda missed it. Then I turned to see Tyler. I felt sad looking at him. I knew him since childhood. Him and Adam. I thought we will be like the best friends trio forever. I scoffed. I was so dumb. Tyler is a good kid. Well, he was. I don't know him anymore. He looks big now. Guess he's been working out. I remembered the time when he used to come to my house with his family. Wearing those high waist trousers. His head was like a pumpkin, it still is, heart-shaped with a bit of hair grown on his forehead. But, he's a genius. I smiled at the thought of our childhood memories. I don't really know what Tyler thinks of me now. He talks to me but I know he hates me too. I never thought all these will end up like this.

    It was lunch break when Matt came and sat next to me. There was no one else in the class. Matt is the only person who cares about me right now. He was a friend I needed at that moment.
    "You okay?" He asked me.
    The girls in the class went back to their hostel to have food, which means I am gonna have to eat alone in that class with all my haters.
    "Yeah I am fine" I smiled at him.
    "You know they talked to me, a week ago."
    "I know. Rose told me. I am happy that you got back your friends" I looked down.
    "They will talk to you too" he patted on my shoulder.
    "I am not sure of that anymore. And I didn't mean to end up here again."
    "You know it's not your fault, they just want someone to fight or ignore. Now that they don't have me, they got you. That's it" he said like that would make me better.
    "Maybe, maybe not. I don't care seriously. I am not here to fight or make them talk to me."
    We were silent for some time and then he said: "you know, you can go and sit with bio students for lunch, you don't have to sit here with them".
    Maybe he was right. I didn't want to give them what they wanted. A fight with me. I took my bag and before I left, I said thank you to Matt.

    Matt didn't talk to me either till 10th grade. He gave up later. We are best friends since then. And I thought he wouldn't talk to me after they talked to him. But, he still does. And I am happy. At least I have someone.

    It was soon zero hour. I went for the cabinet ceremony practice. The practice already started and I was rushing to the spot when my eyes popped out of my skull.
    OH MY GOD!
    The 13 cabinet members in there, Zane was standing there, house 1 male captain, Adam was sports captain, Tyler was the head boy, Elec was house 4 captain. This is great! Thank God, Matt is school marshal. My head started spinning when they all looked at me at the same time.