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  • samriddhi__ 1d

    Sometimes I feel like I am my own culprit.
    The culprit of my crushed confidence.
    The culprit of my rudeness.
    The culprit of my disquiet.
    The culprit of my melancholy.
    The culprit of my present.
    The culprit of my future.

  • bluecrane 2d

    III. Tomorrow

    What shall it bring?
    When tomorrow comes
    Welcome another hope
    For a new dream
    For a fresh start
    For a renewed life
    A warm smile from the heart


  • jeetspeaks 3d

    Why worries?

    People just become that one day what they are meant to be. We take worries unnecessarily. For example, if one has to become a doctor, she/he will be the same one day; if one has to become a criminal, how long can we stop him/her? It's all our helplessness and limitation that make us worried about the uncertain future.

  • safi___ 3d

    Look into this time spread so vast
    Is it all good or all bad time so fast

    A cry here a laugh there all along
    How can one decide where life will belong

    With sadness at one point down the road
    Equally do we get joy that life can afford

    Even when there is hatred all around
    We do find love in the sweet little ground

    So what do we say how this time has gone??
    A song here a prayer there for the heart's lawn....!!!


  • theemsen 3d

    I would like to tell you

    I would like to tell you
    About my life in every detail
    What I do unlike, or like, everyone else
    An everyday, unimportant but so important
    Details you do not care about.

    I would like to tell you
    About memories I have not yet forgotten
    The small moments, I never show, where the feeling is fixed in the heart
    Images that over time become more difficult to see 
    The forgetfulness that constantly threatens. 

    I would like to tell you
    About my innermost thoughts
    What I think about, and do not say, every time I am silent
    Words that must never come out and form their meaning
    Thoughts I sparingly share.
    I would like to tell you
    About my deepest emotions 
    Those who keep me awake all night, good and bad, and sometimes something else
    Illusions of things that do not exist 
    Emotions I can barely handle.

    I would like to tell you
    About my past, my present, my future
    What has made me who I am, today, and maybe tomorrow
    A time when happiness is not forced
    The future where dreams can be find.

    I would like to tell you
    About everything you do not know
    Shout for you to stop assume and instead ask
    Ask you to not only hear, but to listen 
    Because you know… 

    I wanted to tell you.


  • wisdomirror 4d


    Neither Can You Change
    What Happened In The Past
    Nor Can You Enjoy Things
    Which You Think Will
    Happen In The Future

    Life Is Defined As Present
    So Live like
    Yesterday And Tomorrow
    Does Not Exist.

  • kisherah 5d


    Noble river,
    Prepare thy waters,
    For his visit is nigh

  • akshara_ 5d

    Distraction only makes you miss opportunities for happiness
    when the courage to live in present can bring clarity and even change


  • poornanshi 5d

    माज़ी को माज़ी में छोड़ दीजिए,
    मुस्तकबिल पर ध्यान दीजिए,
    जो नहीं कर पाए उसके लिए माज़रत कीजिए,
    जो करना हो हासिल उस पर तदबीर कीजिए ।


  • jezebelisgone 1w

    Can you not!
    Said Our Future


  • a_gentilischi 1w

    I'm sorry (not sorry) if this sounds a little like something out of Dark.

    This letter is a continuation of the series of letters for the amazing challenge by @writersbay (you guys are the best ��)

    You can read the rest in #wbltsagent

    Happy reading ��

    2021.02. 20
    Written rights : ©a_gentilischi

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    #mirakee #writersnetwork
    @writersnetwork @mirakee
    #thoughts #self #time #future

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    -The sixth letter, found inside my own diary-

    To myself,

    I've been writing all these frantic letters, leaving them in park benches and prisons, blowing them out of windows.

    Last night I found all those letters taped to the last pages in my diary.
    I don't remember doing that.

    Maybe, that's because it hasn't happened yet.

    On the first night we met, you cried. The snowflakes caught in your eye lashes burnt less fiercely than the tears on your cheeks. But I never asked why you were crying. I suppose I was too busy crying myself.

    But now I realise who you are.

    You cried for me.
    You wept in SYMPATHY, remembering the pain of your own past.

    Your past is me.
    You are my future.

    After that you became my muse.
    You filled me with hope till my words bloomed like lotuses under the sun, over the rippling surfaces of paper.
    You gave me INSPIRATION.

    When I didnt have the courage to absolve my own sins, you taught me how to do it.
    You showed me FORGIVENESS.

    You shattered my cold humdrum life and pushed me headfirst in to the Oblivion of change, thereby breaking my chains.
    You gave me FREEDOM.

    Thank you, my future self, for giving me these precious gifts.

    Now, it's a pleasure to meet you face to face, even as I write, because you and I are one.

    This moment is the place where past and future converge.
    This is where WE become ME.

    So once again, thank you for the sympathy, the inspiration, the forgiveness and the freedom.
    But most of all...

    Thank you for the love.

    With love,


  • jeetspeaks 1w

    Past is not dead

    People might have been heard saying many times that past is gone, past is dead, past is buried, and past is undone. I admit that all these statements have some characteristic value but these statements are fully true. According to my knowledge, past is a foundation on which our present and future is based. If there's no past, no present and no future are possible. Do we understand that? I think that at least makes some sense. If it makes some sense, then where do all those previously made statements stand? Are they not false? Think about it.
    On the other hand, I consider past is equally important as the other two times are considered. Just imagine, if I didn't have my parents in the past, how would I take birth?☺️It would be absolutely impossible, right? Nevertheless, why do we give so less importance to past? I'm going to tell you why in the following paragraph.
    Past is considered to be buried because it is already gone and if something wrong is done in the past, we feel like we have nothing in our control so, better not to talk about it, but to forget it. People have this tendency that since we couldn't do anything about it or it is undone now, let us forget it as a nightmare. But, past is also a fact. It never stops following us. We may pretend to have forgotten it, but it never forgets. The dark alleyways follow our bright streets. We may have seen movies describing past following people like witch haunts. This may be true. Everything is cooked in this fertile brain of ours. It keeps retaining those stuff on which we focus more.
    In a nutshell, all I want to say is, without any reservations, that like other two entities : present and future, past is equally important which we cannot escape from. If we remember our mistakes, possibly, we won't commit any further mistakes. If we forget, we may commit some new ones. Now you choose, which one is wise?

  • jan_balan 1w

    Mini-travel to life-long travel

    Once I came inside the place, it was bit dark. Dark to core. There was no sign of sunlight or electricity. It seems this was one way road. The road which has to be broken and make it into pieces. If not? It has to go on. Once the door closing sound reached my ear. The place started to flicker. Flicker went on for minutes, later there was a permanent light in the room. Chambers were seen. They were bit rusted. There was no sign of usage for past four years. As I walked for minutes, the dust were spread all over the place. There was a voice...A known voice, I heard the same voice after many years.

    Is this voice made me happy years ago??
    Made me to feel those cloudnine moments again.
    Made me to think for many years???
    Made me angry for those small lies??

    Yes, the travel to reach your heart took me many years. There were unanswerable questions thrown in front of me. Those were hard during that moment. But again, they were simple to look through. Hope the travel journey smoothen our life.

    Let us walk together now atleast in peace.

  • muhammad_edun 1w


    I've heard enough about the future
    While I was a kid I was told I was the future
    And all the things I wanted could only be achieved in the future
    Growing up it was all I craved for
    Being a parent, like my parents had me
    Nobody told me about the bondage
    Nobody told me when exactly was the future
    I'm all grown yet still hopeful for the future
    But now I realise the future doesn't really exist
    The only future of life is death


  • backstorypoetry 1w

    Sometimes, not everything that you want will be yours.

    Sometimes, not all of the dreams you dream of will become reality.

    Sometimes, you feel hurt but you have to let it be in order to see others happy and

    Sometimes you win sometimes you learn.

    Just keep your head up my dear; accept the reality that not everyone will always be there with us.

  • jeevan_krish 2w


    Hoping for light in my life,
    I'm feeling worse day by day,
    Slogging my ass off whole day,
    where will this efforts takes me
    Being Starving or being prosperous...


  • leowords08 2w

    The worry of the future and the dreads of the past
    All is futile, can only help in driving a man wild
    Just take moments as they come and savor your beautiful life
    Make every second, every minute and every day come alive....

  • avaiswa 2w

    ശാപവും പുണ്യവും ഒരേ സമയം തലയ്ക്കുമുകളിൽ കറങ്ങിനടക്കുന്നു എന്ന തിരിച്ചറിവിൽ ഭാവിയേ കുറിച്ചോർക്കാൻ ബഹുരസം.....

  • amitwriter 2w

    Work hard to secure good future


  • raveena77 2w

    Me,Myself and I

    In this world everyone runs for something
    somebody runs for their careers ,education
    of course somebody runs for nothing but I shall,too chasing my ambition.

    People build themselves a path to chase their goals but I don't wanna follow anyone's path that they left so.

    For chasing my ambition I build myself a path.The end of the path is like a door or an end, but mine path is kinda different than others cause I don't even know whether the door exists or not.

    But i'm keep going ,if it does exist
    Do I have the key to open that door?

    Answer is " I don't know ".

    Mine path is full of obstacles,it's too hard to overcome besides it's full of dark,can't see further (FUTURE),don't know what happens next but one thing i surely know that it'll take so long time to finish it.

    All I need is to do trust god and be patience.

    So "ME Comfort MYSELF that I never get lost".

    I hope,one day I'm gonna knock the door and I believe the door will open,Indeed.

    People often mocking me,Bullying me rather than encouraging and they are said that I'm nuts,outta mind,weirdo, crazy and even my family and friends think so like that.

    Actually I'm quite agreed with them because "yes!! I'm different"
    The way of thinking is different ,my ambition is different ,my path that I choose to chase my aim is also different.

    They said "you are gonna lose it"
    But I never listened to them besides none of it matters,if you're clearly know
    -Who are you.
    -What are doing.

    I'm so distress about their notion to describe me.

    I sacrificed everything that I have for my ambition, now I've got nothing to lose but my ambition.

    "Eventually I can achieve "
    What about you?

    Does this story means anything to you?

    Just keep going♡
    Just keep going ♡

    @words vibe