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  • surpreet_k 8w


    Allow yourself to grow and change.
    Your future self is waiting.


  • rubykumari3100 8w

    Eventually we all realise that except for a few good friends and family , no other social connections stay in the long run .

  • rubykumari3100 9w

    To my Future Self.

    Hii Ruby,
    I wish you are good. No, don't lie to me because I know you are good at pretending you are happy but the eyes, they don't lie. And I know you better than anyone else in the world . People give advices to their younger self usually, but I am doing this to my Future Self , which is You. I know you can't go back to the past and recreate it. But, you can definitely look forward to a better future and I wish you don't forget yourself in the process of trying to be better for everyone. I guess from your past experiences, you must have known that investing time in yourself is necessary to what extent. You have always put yourself forward in helping people and caring about their opinions. You have wasted emotions on wrong people and gifted yourself with heartbreaks and still remained silent. Never spoke a word about how much a person hurt you , instead cried behind the closed doors and smiled to the world. Your soft heart has more often decieved you and you have been a victim to your own desires. You have expected right things from the wrong people and always got disappointment instead.
    Dear future self, I wish you to be really aware about your emotions and the people you talk to . Soft hearts like you don't have a place in this world, and if there's a place I hope you find your stay there soon. Be the Ruby you loved to be when you were a kid, the girl who never cared for the world's attention for she was her own entertainment . The girl who was "Happy" and made everyone around her Happy. I will make sure you always be the gem of a person you are and the world understanding who you ARE, and most importantly YOU understand who you ARE. I love you, and when I say it you know I don't fake it like people do.
    Take care and save your heart , sweet soul.

  • concerns_me 20w

    Future Self
    I want you to be different than yourself now, but not the same as everyone else you see. Tell yourself to be better, but not because you want to be better than someone else. Mold into your own shape, but not in the same mold everyone else uses to grow. Aim in the direction that your path follows, but not what your friends follow. Allow your self to have setbacks, but do not be scared of what set you back in the first place. See the same goal that I have today, but not in the same spot that I am looking at it from now. I want to recognize you, but not feel as if I am looking in a mirror once again. I know you will be humble, but not crumble under the pressure that your past self has put on you. You will thrive at your own pace as a winner of your own race, but not win to gain glory or fame. I will see you, but not physically or in present time. In that time you will exceed what i have dreamed for years, but do not forget me because I am where you started and the voice of encouragement in your ears.

  • the_empathic_poet 58w

    “Today I will truly forgive myself. I forgive myself for desperately wanting what never wanted me. Today is the day. Today I find my wings. Today I let you go.”


  • cerulaine 73w

    Isn't it better to choose the decision that will make your future self look back and feel proud?


  • dilkhush 79w


    It's not in our power to alter the past.But we still hold grudges for our past actions.It's pointless to hold them but we hold them anyway because at the end of the day we are human and that's what we do.What we have the power to do today though, is to change our grudges into positive actions so that our future selves can thank us for a better tomorrow.

  • renee_d_gross 94w

    25 and 50......

    SHE ate triple cheeseburgers, tons of fries and drank green shamrock shakes way back then.

    SHE eats avacados, ruby red tomatoes forgoing thick cut bacon & pork hamhoks back when.

    SHE loved salted chips, the richest dips and waffles*...waffles*....waffles* galore! (waffles)

    SHE still loves those things...
    but she wants to RELISH future springs...
    now she intakes, what nature makes, hoping to reach her 75th feast and poetic* offerings!


  • nivstar 100w

    My future self
    needs not to worry
    for me now!


  • ialishaaskari 118w

    Dear future Self,
    First of all, the fact that you are still alive to read this letter is itself a blessing, thus be thankful to God. I am doing really fine and I wish all the happiness for you. But remember Life is a mixture of both good and bad times and neither of them will stay forever. In case you are facing a rough time, I want you to know that you have withstand them earlier and came out even more fierce. Last but definitely not the least, I suggest you to love yourself unapologetically because you deserve it.

    Yours truly,

    -Alisha Askari

  • carmen_g 113w

    So I looked up, catching sight
    Of myself in the mirror
    And I saw
    All the people I used to be
    All the people I could be
    They smiled with lips
    That were varying shades of mine
    I stared
    And they gazed back
    With unfamiliar familiar eyes
    Unspoken understanding
    They did what they had to
    So that I could exist
    And I will do what I must
    To become
    Who I am meant to be

    I create them
    They create me.


  • ofsparklesandwords 171w

    Dear Self,
    I wish to tell you this:
    The worries you are losing sleep over, they do not matter at all in a year or so. The people that you sacrificed so much for because you didn't want to lose them, they hardly care about you. They won't be there in 5 years time. The tears you shed now, will be memories you'll cringe at. The challenges that you face, take them with a smile because those will make you face the world as a strong person.

    Most things which mean the world to you now, will be just a speck in the horizon. So stop stressing out so much.

    But remember, the good you do, the kindness you share, the positivity you spread, the hope you give- they'll be worthwhile for your future. One day, you'll get them back. Continue being nice, kind and hopeful because no matter who tries to knock you down, the good you do will always come back to you. Those who want to see you break down, don't let them see what they want to. Be strong, it's hard I know, but you're unique. No one can be you and no one has the right to destroy you not even you, yourself have that right. You'll grow up to be someone no one would've ever thought you'd be. You'd have all your desires and more. So continue chasing your dreams and just ignore all your heart breakers.

    The future is different. The future is mysterious. You are the master of your own fate. Own destiny. So take the brush and paint your future. Choose the correct colours and make your future a happy, beautiful one because you can. Step out, stop being suffocated. You deserve to shine and you will, if you stop magnifying mundane, trivial stuff.

    With love,
    Your future self.


  • ranjini_402 171w

    Dear self,

    You doing well? Since its late December, I'm guessing your exams just got over.

    I'm assuming they went well, but I don't know. There's this really put out vibe I seem to be getting from you even from here, ten years into the Future.

    And I'm here to tell you that these exams don't matter. If there's one thing I've learnt it's that you don't write exams to please anyone.

    You write them to test YOUR skills and YOUR knowledge.

    It's all about how much YOU have understood, not how much people have taught you.

    You're human, child. Remember that.

    I just want to tell you not to beat yourself up like I did. Making mistakes is definitely not a crime. I used to keep pushing myself to get better. Don't make the mistakes I did.

    And if there's one thing I know about myself, it's that I never make the same mistakes twice. So you definitely won't do it too.

    Learn to love yourself. Be gentle with yourself. Tell yourself it's okay to make mistakes. You learn a lot about yourself and create huge scope for improvement.

    I know you strive to be nothing but the best. But learn to take it easy and relax. Life is short to keep worrying.

    Mom, Dad and Big Sis are extremely proud of you, baby.

    I also heard you have a new motto in life?

    "When you hit rock bottom the only way is to go up." - In reference to the movie, Sing.

    I'm proud of you, little monster. Always will be.

    Future Self.