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  • illuisveil 3w


    Dick in my pussy make me quit, 
    Dick got me thinking of death, 
    Dick got me weak in the soul, 
    I can't reach out, I can't breathe, I can't walk, I can't talk yet the air in my heart screams of love, 
    I know the lies of love who beseech thy souls full disposal, 
    I shall dont falter, 
    I shall not die again to another, 
    My soul full, 
    My heart strong, 
    My hope eternal wrapped in an ever warm embrace searching for the dream I sought, For falsity shall not set upon me today or ever for no Dick to good for my soul to take!

  • krystallos 12w

    The end of pride month got me thinking about love and how we have to fight for love. I've been struggling with this my entire life. The fear of being disowned by my family and friends because of who I am has hindered me from being close to anyone. I always kept my family and friends at a distance. I'm not sure if I'm ready to come out yet but this piece of writing is just a small step in the right direction for me.
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    Anyone going through something similar or need someone to talk to, I'm here for y'all. DM me on Instagram @krystal_kovathur or @queer_bih

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    Queer love

    Do I actually love everyone and everything or is it just pretence?
    Or do I try to find love in anything or anyone
    'cause I know the love I'm looking for can't exist in my world...

    Why is hatred considered righteous but love a sin?
    Isn't love what makes us human?
    Am I not worthy of love, if I don't love like them?
    Is my love just pretence...?


  • cade2020 105w


    When she puts her arms around you
    When she reaches for your hand
    When you hear her familiar laugh
    When her lips meet yours
    When you're on your way to see her
    When she holds her arms out for you to come near
    When you see her beautiful smile
    When you catch her looking at you
    When she says she loves you
    You tingle

  • georgebenji 121w


    We were just two boys,
    Time really flew.

    When we first met,
    A spark like no other,
    Flew from my chest.

    God, I should have bet,
    The only one who didn't love you was my mother,
    But I couldn't give you a rest.

    Countless hours I fret,
    They say you were like my brother,
    I tried to only show you my best.

    We grew older together,
    I love you.

    When I realized I fell you,
    A new meaning came to view,
    Flew right into my blue.

    God, you are the perfect hue,
    The only time I'm scared is when I'm new,
    But together we grew.

    Countless times I blew,
    They say that we're past due,
    I tried to be the one to woo.

    We were just two boys,
    Who took on the whole world together.