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  • pallavi4 4w


    She waited patiently for him to
    Return home from the war
    And lived facing difficulties alone
    While he wrote from afar
    Her love was true she knew
    He would never her forsake
    She knew he would return to her
    To together a life make
    After five long years he appeared
    Troubled and forlorn
    The man she had loved for so long
    Was far from gone
    She tried to help him return home in full
    His broken spirit she tried to rebuild
    All the while wearing wings of iron
    Living in a cage made of gild
    He tried hard to adjust to life, tired of
    Only being the soldier that he was
    The bitterness he felt inside put his
    Better nature on pause
    While she cooked and cleaned for him
    Never once stopping to rest
    He kept watching, sometimes spying on her
    His mind frazzled like a bird’s nest
    Every time she spoke to another man
    He felt threatened and insecure
    The seed of betrayal had taken root
    And for that there could be no real cure
    The first time he lifted a hand at her
    She was heartbroken and truly shocked
    As time went by the beating became a part
    Of a routine while by him being mocked
    She tried her best to save herself
    From his fists and outpour of anger
    She vowed to run away from him
    Her life was in peril, in danger
    The day she’d planned to run away
    He caught her trying to flee
    He beat her to within an inch of her life
    Saying, “you thought you could get rid of me?”
    She lay helplessly in a pool of her blood
    Knowing fully well that the end was near
    It was better to die than to live with a man
    She had once loved but now had come to fear
    Love died that day and hate won outright
    With her, his anger died too
    All his life he would remember her last words
    “In this life I only loved you”.


    28th of December, 2020

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • jfhpoetry2018 123w

    Song of the Wild Woman

    Precious girl,
    You carry within you
    The embers of hope &
    The smoldering flames of
    So many dreams unfulfilled.
    The yearnings of all of the
    Wild Women, Free Spirits,
    Priestesses, Medicine Women & Shamans
    Who practiced their magic
    In ancient groves & hidden coves,
    Passing down their divine knowledge
    And sacred wisdom in whispers
    Through the ages.

    All of these ladies
    fervently yearning for the day a woman
    Just like you would run free
    With that same fire in her veins,
    To fulfill the dreams & unattainable desires
    Of all the Mighty Females
    Who came before,
    But were denied the right to achieve.

    The blood of your ancestors
    Runs riot through that
    Untameable heart & savage soul of yours.
    Your ravishing body, your unkempt hair,
    Your defiant spirit,
    You in all your feminine glory
    Are the embodiment of promises kept,
    And so many wishes come to fruition at long last.

    Remember this every time life
    Seems to conspire against you:
    You are the breathing culmination of
    The longings & aspirations of
    Thousands of mothers & daughters & sisters
    Who came before you.
    Born into gilded cages,
    Tied into corsets so tight
    they could hardly breathe,
    All wrapped in pretty little bows,
    Meant only to speak when spoken to
    And marry well.
    Never knowing true freedom.
    Never knowing true bliss,
    Never experiencing lasting happiness.
    All living with the dream that one day
    Their daughters & granddaughters
    Would be able to do whatever they pleased
    Without fear or shame.

    So you listen to the voices that
    Scream from within you.
    Hear the echos of anguish carried by the wind
    Of witches burned for healing people
    And innocent girls marked with
    scarlet letters
    For daring follow their hearts,
    For practicing their healing arts,
    For being born the wrong gender.
    You Live.You Love.You Rage.
    And you Fight.
    For you. For them.
    For those women who came before.
    For our own daughters.

    We are the generation
    Our ancestors prayed for in the moonlight.
    We are their hopes made real.
    So you revel in the sun,
    Burn brightly & never let
    Anyone or anything
    Dull your perfect shine or douse
    That searing inferno of a warrior spirit
    You possess.
    You are too important
    To do anything other than
    Honor all those matriarchs,
    Live your life as they never could.
    Hold onto the privileges they never had.
    Hold fast to your rights & your principles.
    Be bold. Be loud. Be fierce. Be free.
    Be your unstoppable, incorrigible, audacious,
    Hell-raising, headstrong, compassionate,
    Provocative, resplendent, savvy, sexy
    Beautifully unique self.
    © Jane Hunter / JFH Poetry

  • acentrix 131w

    Gilded Chalice

    " it was no coincidence when a virago soul
    marched into battle with a gilded chalice; boketto eyes fathomless against a war that could never be won. "

  • lithiumrose 136w

    The Gilded Butterfly

    There was a butterfly whos wings were gilded in gold
    Their light shimmered in the sun, and reflected the moon's light
    Everyone who ever caught a glimpse of her agreed, she was the most beautiful of all
    But despite the praise, the butterfly wept
    The weight of the gold was too heavy for her longing heart
    She wished to soar the open sky
    To fly and feel free like her fellow kind
    What good was her life spent if she could not do what her heart called for?
    So she tore off her wings and replaced them with leaves
    She was no longer the same butterfly as before
    But rather one who reclaimed her purpose
    She could now soar in the air, if even for a moment
    She could finally feel the happiness she had forever longed for


  • sharmishtavarma 145w


    Do you see the crack in my wing?
    Don't worry, it's gilded with liquid gold
    Do you want to hear my heart sing?
    Rip my soul and you will hear it. So cold and so bold
    Observe the crack in my wing. So bold but so old


  • liesandmiseries 215w


    A familiar cacophony recur in my dreams,
    all those words are being played on repeat.
    Caged in a casket, solitarily, my soul weeps.
    Like a prisoner, I am chained,
    to the monsters within I bow.
    In timorousness, I want to accept the cessation of my breath,
    As I surrender my psyche to Nyx,
    I wither away with each breathe.
    Nothing shallow, nothing of shame, I transpire to a quiescent shade.

    Srabanti and Abhishek