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  • mishthi_2212 6w

    The Proposal

    I just look up in your eyes
    To find my escape from the universe.
    But you just shy away secretly
    And then steal a moment to gasp at me.
    With that winter glow on your face
    And the blushing crimson tint on your cheeks
    Oh Baby you look pretty in your tees.

    The tender touch of your skin
    Soft gentle and pure Akin
    The fragrant smell that you wear
    Yes the one that drives me to a different world
    The sweet whisper of your voice
    And the delicate touch of your lips
    Oh Baby you are just intoxicating to me.

    Those curls twine around your face
    Gently kissing your forehead beneath
    While your eyes sparkle the glitters for you
    Hypnotizing the world with that quirky attitude
    A static combo of crisp and crunch
    The deliciousness everyone wants to munch
    Oh Baby, you make me fall for you all over again...

  • mishthi_2212 6w

    Darling, you are a gorgeous mess.

    Darling just embrace the gorgeous mess that you are,
    For you look pretty with your naked scars,
    And how you sync the rhythms of your heart with a six string guitar,
    The world be your stage as you perform like a star,
    To those who have known you from afar,
    Be done and dusted as the ashes of a burnt cigar,
    Bidding adieu and au revoir.

  • mishthi_2212 7w

    You are my poison.

    Your hands fit so perfectly into mine,
    Our destiny carved together so fine,
    Celestial stars revere our bond,
    Outstretched to the horizons and beyond,
    Shading the sunshines, and days gambled into nights,
    Oh! But this just seems so right,
    Falling for you I lost my sane,
    For you are the poison I would drink over and again.

  • feaira 14w

    Broken Eagles

    The pain is etched on their faces
    But only those who know them well can tell
    That the joyful smile is a spell
    But the mask has fell
    And that sorrowful bell rings with its proof
    But those people won't believe the truth
    Instead cherry picking what issues to support
    They treat racism as a courting sport
    And people as replaceable
    And they are violently burning the steeple that sits at the top before heavens gates
    They are the seven sins
    A blissful sense of ignorance
    They have chosen their own fate
    To fade away in the texts of history
    Their sense of "importance" is a mystery
    And the broken fixtures
    And the crumbling trust
    Makes me think that society has started to rust

  • feaira 14w

    Inspired by Beyonce:Freedom

    Walk away I'm gon shine just like thunder
    Walk away like you do...

    Gonna rain gonna rain o'er the mountains
    I've got those sadness blues

    Wish you would
    Wish you would uh uhd
    Get a simple clue...

    I'm trying ta lift you up up up
    When I get the newsss
    My voice is ringing truth
    I've got nothing to lose!

    Shine a light
    Shine a light on the injustice
    Listen to their story too oo

    Walk away I'm gon shine just like thunder-er...
    Walk away like you do...

    Pave a way
    Pave awayyy
    I'm tryna show you proooof

    Gonna rain gonna rain o'er the mountains
    I've got those sadness blues

    Lord I've been wrong
    I know this fact to be true

    Shine a light
    Shine a light on the injustice
    Listen to their story too oo

    Listen to those lions roar
    Don't let the bodies hit the floor
    We want to be peaceful with youuu

    I'm trying ta lift you up up up
    When I get the newsss
    My voice is ringing truth
    I've got nothing to lose!

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  • feaira 15w

    Diverse Directions

    Inclusivity is a NEEDED approach in order to use everyone's skill sets

  • feaira 15w

    Wounded Eagle

    Never join a sinking ship
    Unless its for somebody you might miss
    Oh things have gone so amiss
    My laid out path has started anew
    And the trail of tears always leads back to you
    To the broken American values, to the pain in their eyes, to the mentally ill stuck on the streets with nowhere safe to hide
    To the potential immigrants waiting on our shores
    Only to be sent back and ignored
    To the politicians on their knees
    Wondering why they say to them "I can't breath!"
    To the disappointed father up above visiting us in the form of a dove
    Such beautiful creations but we have created such devastation
    To the plastic clogging up the oceans
    Ruining nature's sense of motion
    To the women staying silent for fear their husbands may become violent
    To the fireworks in the sky
    Crying goodbye to the eagle once flying so high
    I wrap you in my embrace
    And hope to find a trace of your patriotic face
    To the ones with haunted smiles and sliced arms
    Remember tragedy takes time to triumph over
    Remember the best of changes come from peaceful actions
    Remember I noticed your pain and while it cannot be easily tamed our hearts still remain, our eyes still see and your names will never be lost to dust
    Your names won't be just in history books
    Its etched on our souls
    Your stories forever to be told
    I know I shouldn't hold the world on my shoulders
    But still I feel like with each breathe a boulder of tears rolls down my throat making me choke
    Its time to blow away the smoke, the teargas
    What's beneath it all?
    Subconscious biases rule them all
    Pretending to stand tall
    But really cracking bit by bit
    The establishment starts to feel the hits
    But I'd rather have handshakes and progress
    But justice... Isn't instant
    And Band-Aids don't heal traumatic memories...

    To those who chose to riot instead of protest, Let's keep the violence away
    So our voices will be UPLIFTED
    KNOCK it OFF
    For we...we...

  • feaira 16w

    Restart Our Departed Hearts

    I told god to hit restart
    Said I had played my part
    But my heart couldn't hold in the chaos
    My mind couldn't comprehend the bloodshed
    My feet couldn't stand to touch the shattered glass soul that I now was
    My patience, my sanity, my grace were gone without a trace
    But instead of a fresh beginning it became a time of reckoning
    The broken smiles could no longer pretend
    The tears could no longer be boxed away
    The fears of the general public would come to stay
    The children would no longer be able to play
    I just don't know what to say
    Poetry won't make it all okay

  • feaira 16w

    I do not have a diamond mind
    For my psyche cannot be defined
    With simple rhymes

  • feaira 17w

    We The Unafraid

    A president's power is temporary,
    However, we the people are permanent
    Resilient and ready for change

  • feaira 17w

    Our Purpose

    Resilience grows from chaos
    Those uncomfortable moments, the defeats, the anguish
    If you never struggle you never gain
    So, don't place blame
    Rather, keep your chin up and get to work
    Don't kick your feelings to the dirt
    Just remind yourself of your purpose first

  • vessel_poetry 17w

    'Of Things I No Longer Do'
    Share yours! ❤️

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #vesselpoetry #nigerian #girlswhowrite

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    I no longer ask
    For a definition
    Of Love.

    They tend to
    Force on Her,
    The traits
    Of Those who have either
    Treated them well,

    Or not at all.


  • feaira 17w

    A Blend of Beauty

    Beauty in humanity still exists
    We just get caught up on all the misfits, the violence, the anger, the hurt
    We look for the victim
    We look for the criminal
    But we don't look for the reason why
    We get lost in our own bliss
    And forget what we have missed
    And we forget to see the colors in the flowers are all different for a purpose
    Red, blue, orange, yellow, beige, pink, brown, black
    Oh why is it like that?
    It's meant to celebrate differences, its a fact of nature
    But while you can't erase your skin
    You can erase the racism that lies within

  • feaira 17w

    The Smell of Wilted Love

    Begins with that silly white rose I kept from our first dance
    Once so pristine, uncreased and in high esteem
    Now has faded into an unseemly gray
    Picking it up like a fragile babe
    The crusted leaves crumple like memories blown to the wind
    I knew it would never be me, in fact it shouldn't be me
    Our aspirations so widely lie apart
    But while we didn't look good on paper
    We were the beginning of art
    Those faded petals are the mildewed pages in history books
    Born to be left behind
    Never to be rekindled with time

  • feaira 17w

    Starry Wonder

    He gazed into her constellation studded eyes to find an orb of sin hidden behind
    Oh such delightful thunder
    Its no doubt she's a starry wonder
    Lost in her mind
    Out of our atmosphere
    I can't help but cheer
    As its clear she's found herself finally clear
    Out of the milkyway
    She decided to make her own way
    As she was reaching out for something she couldn't define
    While he was wondering if she had lost her mind!

  • feaira 17w

    Thorn in my side

    Racial injustice
    Suffocating our freedoms
    Destroying our patriotic kingdom
    And disrupting their potential
    Why do they wonder why we distrust?
    When they demand respect while stabbing others in the back
    While not everyone's corrupt
    The system is crumbling
    Let's not cover it up
    And ENOUGH is enough!

  • feaira 18w

    You Vanished

    Take your shadow off the wall
    Your slumped stance used to stand so tall
    Your empty stare has lost its flaming glare
    And I can't stand the way you say ''words"
    You were once so passionate so perfectly flawed
    But nothing meaningful comes out anymore
    Your hug feels robotic
    Your advice is hollow
    Your hands are a chilling cold
    And your smile... It trembles
    And when you think no ones looking
    A frown takes over your face
    Its as if the old you has been erased
    Not a trace left behind...
    to remind me why I used to call you mine
    Instead you are a used soul, just emotionless and confused
    And I'm cradled in my own embrace once more
    But at least I didn't fade away into the mundane tainted grays
    At least I stayed even on the darkest days

  • feaira 18w

    Dropped and Cropped

    Grab those metaphorical shoes by the door
    Your underestimating expectations just don't hold a sway anymore
    And its time you got the memo
    Stop popping by to say a silent hello
    Because I'm cropping you out of the picture
    You've become an unwanted fixture
    And there's no place for your sickening scripture
    In the center of youthful embers I'm the flame
    Who foiled your plans and exposed you as a sham
    Let my potential slam you to the ground
    Because I just broke your corrupted crown

  • feaira 20w

    Tunnel Vision Tumor

    Why is beauty considered a weapon when the greatest threats are the thoughts and misconceptions in our minds?
    The solution to misconceptions is to step into that discomfort and stop ignoring those who have galvanized beliefs
    Instead of backing away, start tackling your stereotypes and give us a chance to use our voice
    Or you can stubbornly sit back content in your own glory
    Missing entire era's of life stories