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  • renukashastri23 10h

    God's plan

    God plans great plans
    Plans are indefinite rivers
    Rivers of flowing moments
    Some past and most future
    Waiting to catch them
    Not a option
    But walking with the flow
    Helps to persist
    secret of the journey
    No one knows
    Getting divided or United
    Almighty knows
    Beholding belongings of belief
    A long way to flourishing ends
    Endings begins new beginnings
    Beginning are always uncertain
    Uncertain a trait of humankind
    Humankind lacks kindness
    Kindness leads to a path
    Path of righteousness
    Righteousness lighten darkness
    Darkness diminished by hope
    Hope recites poetry of love
    Loves serves purpose to life
    Life's gift given by God
    God plans are always great!
    © Renuka Shastri

  • krisassy101 11h


    Drifting away
    From here and now
    Where can I go to rest?

    I hide myself
    Away from the crowd
    But does anybody cares?

    Lost in my thoughts
    I die every second
    What dafuq is wrong with me!

    Running away from my fears
    I found myself falling
    To the bottomless pit

    Noises in my head
    Demons I created
    Oh God, please I need a break

  • krishnsaheli 12h

    मोरों मनवा बड़ो अशांत
    जाने कौन गली में ढूँढू
    मोरों खोयो श्याम
    ढ़ूंढ़त ढ़ूंढ़त तोय मेरे मोहन
    सुबह ते हे गई शाम
    आजा जल्दी दर्श कराजा
    ओ नटखट घनश्याम

  • ayushi_mridul 13h

    दुनिया की रचना करने वाले चित्रकार से प्रार्थना है कि सबके जिंदगी की कैनवस में खुशियों के रंग भरे।��
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    ओ चित्रकार!

    मेरी ज़िन्दगी को तो तूने
    बस आकार दिया है,

    रंग कब भरोगे?


  • nemoz_words 13h

    Krishna tap me to sleep when am sad
    Krishna play the flute of happiness when am glad.

    Krishna is my soul saviour.


  • inked_feeling 14h


    है ईश्वर ! मुझे इस काबिल बना दो,
    जो खड़े है मौत की दहलीज पर
    मेरे शब्दों को उनके जीने की
    वजह बना दो।
    किसी के दिल को दे सकूं में खुशी,
    मुझे ऐसा हुनर सीखा दो।।


  • _un_familiar 14h

    From last 2 years
    I've been writing wretched words
    And listening to sad songs
    And with puffy and red eyes
    Between sobs and sniffs
    keep on asking
    Questions from god
    Why can't I get back the love I'm giving
    I can wait
    But, how long ?
    What was all those gestures?
    Did I get them wrong?
    Weren't you telling me
    It's him,
    Where I belong

    BG credits : Pinterest
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    Strings are
    but strong
    To end
    this distance
    Between us
    Pulling me along

  • beeba_benny 16h

    Dear Kabiraa,

    Being my Secret santa,
    Time took toll and we became best friends.

    And now,

    Thanks for being my Atropine
    When i feel low,
    And my Amlodipine
    When i go tachy.

    Talking to you late nights
    Raises my endorphines
    Our funny talks and cute fights made my vacation nights.

    Teasing each other,
    Chatting through poems, Immensely planning about the future
    Time took toll and we became best friends.

    Together we had a wonderful start
    No one can ever make us apart,
    Our friendship is pure
    When i feel lonely you resuscitate and cure.

    Kabiraa you're always there for me
    When my spirit needs a lil lift
    I cannot thankyou enough for that
    You're truly an extraordinary gift.

    Though there are diamonds up in the peaks,
    Lovely pearls deep in the ocean,
    Those treasures do not mean as much
    As our friendship means to me.

    If there comes a day when we can't be together anymore,
    Keep me in you heart I'll stay there forever and more.
    For time took toll and made us best friends...


    #bestfriend #medicalterms #pharmacology #medicines #god'sgift #dedicated

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    My Antidote


  • imariba 19h

    Learn, unlearn and relearn

    What's your excuse for the way you behave?
    It won't take a second to shun your narrow-minded false beliefs
    If you are willing to take the change
    Do we still need all those differences between us
    In this momentary dance between life and death
    Where nothing is guaranteed in this uncertain world
    When an earthquake or a virus can completely upend the life
    When the line between truth and false is fading
    With false news choking us everywhere
    With leaders blatantly delivering racial, communal slurs, derogatory remarks
    As part of their mind blowing campaigns
    When the chasm between rich and poor widens, good and evil blurs
    War and competition making lives more miserable
    All that is needed is just to join our hands and help each other
    Instead we live fogged by the same old dogmas, bigotries, desuetude beliefs
    When God is seen through kindness, compassion towards each other
    We still commit the same mistakes, begging forgiveness at end
    We live in a world that is so very modern
    But our actions time and again proves archaic
    Time to learn, unlearn and relearn
    Treat people and every other being with respect
    Time to learn to keep our moral compass so high
    Where one's responsible for one's actions, without excuse
    Time to unlearn all those fanatical prejudices
    All dumb beliefs we feed ourselves with
    Making us anti-human, anti-nature, without excuse
    Time to relearn the compassion and ethics
    Try to see the bigger picture, the truth and the power of unity, without excuse
    Take that one little step, be a leader in the world of followers
    For the world is to coexist, not to only exist
    Along with equal share to animals and mother nature
    For our only duty is to make this world a better place
    To leave our children a world with meaning
    A World with peace and equality
    A world built on kindness and solidarity
    A World as it should be, not as it was
    So, What's your excuse?


  • ciara1 22h

    Foodless Pandemic

      I feel bad about the Murder of George Floyd's death and it is good that people are taking a stand against police brutality, and inequality of injustice against our black communities. What I had seen on the news of a number of people protesting against police brutality. While watching that made me think that if hundreds of people are out there around each other knowing that a virus is still spreading. Why am I still in the house? The enemy was tempting me to go back outside and do the things that I always did every summer before this pandemic. I felt like taking long walks again because I really enjoy walking and I also felt like hanging out with my boyfriend again once week going places. I had gone to the lord with that problem because that was bothering me. God gave me the wisdom that I still need to be still.  Joining my church's conference prayer line weekly is being an encouragement to me to stay put, and to not engage in what other people are doing in the world because that is ungodly. Stay at home.
    How I feel about the looting, rioting, and how people are going against the laws of the land? I feel that the looting rioting is not justified. It is ungodly of those who are destroying properties like restaurants, grocery stores, and banks. 
     On the 1st of Monday was when I got my monthly check to pay me and my mother's rent. I had gone to Chase Bank on 95th n Stony Island. There were glass windows and ATMs that had been demolished. It was only two ATMs that were working at the time. I had to wait in a long line and made sure I was not close to anyone. I thank God at least one bank was open because paying the bills is important. 
      I was hoping that a grocery store was opened as well because my mother had kept badgering me that all the stores were probably going to be closed. We had driven around all the grocery stores in town. Jewels Osco, Save A lot, Dollar Tree, Ultra Foods, Pete's, Family Dollar, Aldi's, and Walgreens were all closed. Some stores that we passed by were set on fire. God help me because this pandemic seems like it is getting worse. I kept praying and hoping that it would be one store opened and it was. It was a mini-market that was opened on 75th n Jeffrey, which I do not like going to because it has a lot of gang activity going on in that environment. I did not have any choice to go there since all the other grocery stores were destroyed. Thank God that I did find a store that was opened because I really needed food for me and my child. God will always make a way for us. God will always do the impossible, believe that.


  • ridhima_1 1d

    Just try and keep belief in yourself!

    Turn your wished dream in reality!
    Then, just it's not possible that you can't achieve your goal!
    Anything in world that you want to achieve, just have patience and an ability to hardwork...

  • irene_chid 1d

    Really bad moments

    I have had some really bad moments
    When I try to think
    But my head is clouded
    When I try to be sane
    But the nuts are all losing out
    When I try to be calm
    But my heart pounds heavily
    When I try to smile
    But all I do is cry
    When I fight with my emotions
    And my mind is at war
    When I hate to live
    And almost regret everything
    But in all those moments
    I could still feel you somewhere
    Giving words of comfort
    And tidings of peace
    For all those moments you never left
    For all those moments you made me smile
    I will always be grateful


  • divyabulchandani 1d

    It's not okay

    It's not okay to give up,
    Without giving your best.
    It's not okay to leave it,
    By just saying it's a waste.

    It's not okay to say I can't,
    Just because you are tired.
    You can have some rest if you want,
    But never leave it and get retired.

    It's not okay to blame someone or something,
    And let it make you coward.
    Be strong enough to deal with everything,
    And feel empowered.

  • mahtobpensdown 1d


    The swan of goddess just
    passed by the sky
    It was checking how earthlings
    are doing these days
    Disheartened to see the the grief,
    and so many wrong doings
    It went back to goddess with a
    heavy heart
    Goddess was delighted to have her friend back, it came back after a long
    She asked the bird about the whole
    situation on Earth
    The bird let out a small wail, it was
    an indication of not so good
    The goddess realized, something
    heavily disturbing was seen
    She touched the swan and sucked in
    the history of what was observed!!
    The bird had witnessed rapid dismay -
    People dying, many crying... Tons migrating and storms
    The earth is burning and there are earthquakes... Humanity is struggling
    to survive ��
    She understood that the whole imbalance has surged up
    The bird was still silent, knowing
    what was going on
    She patted him and gave him some food to eat, little water
    The swan cooled down and was
    a bit better looking when showered
    with love��
    The goddess then took it in her hands,
    and spoke to the bird -
    Oh my dear, why fear
    Yes, the situation is not the best
    But why give up on faith?
    My sister Earth is having a bad time
    I know it's painful ��
    But birdie, when the Almighty is there
    to protect her, never be sad!
    I hope you get my point
    Things will improve my friend
    For this is the rule of the universe...
    The bird made a little noise,
    showing agreement
    It then flew to her shoulders,
    and sat in poise
    The goddess the further said
    My bird, never give up on the good!
    Yes, bad patch comes, turmoils happen
    The earthlings and all universe needs
    to improve as they make mistakes
    We forgive because it's our own creation, how can we let it ruin?
    But always remember, me and almighty
    are there to care for you, this universe
    and mother Earth till
    "my hope took its last breath"



    The above poem is just an imagination and is inspired from a post from @ovais43




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    She touched the swan and sucked in
    the history of what was observed!!

    But why give up on faith?


    "my hope took its last breath"

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  • krishnsaheli 1d

    सांवली सी सूरत जिनकी
    दिल के बड़े हैं पाक
    बोली में मधुरता जिनके
    हैं प्रभु कृष्ण जी आप

  • sarahrachelea 1d

    Every color is a God's lover


  • writingnotepad 2d

    Praise God to please God.


  • ammypunjabi2 2d


    Jab tum apna fearless, dare wala attitude like bahut kuch purane wala chorh diya ho ..
    Time badly giving you the vibes ..
    you need this badly now
    Lets now

  • the_poetic_flo 2d

    Showers of blessings

    Showers of blessings

    We all are blessed to be here ,
    God gave several of true souls near ,
    Yeah we all get hopeless some day ,
    But it is the life we lead god's say ,
    Loves everyone unconditional whomever he send,
    Almighty is the one who is our biggest friend,
    The shower of loves he shed is so pure ,
    People ignores for materialistic lure.

  • khunzaishaqui 2d

    One mind number of thoughts , thousand of fears , million of challenges, billion of doubts but the only hope and Faith is Allah SWT.......