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  • olive_pendergast 1d

    "Farewell Sun"

    I placed my hand on top of his palm, sitting dumbfounded on a chair abreast his bed as my senses get a fill of him —the warmth of familiarity, the smell of pine and wild airs, his redeeming eyes and their abundance of light, the sight of his lips tired from its constant yet unfailing smiles.

    "Can I sleep now, Luna?" he spoke with a gentle cadence I'm used to hearing whenever he bids me goodnight. The voice of a serene sea promising a safe journey ahead.

    A bleak nod was all I could muster, my mouth unwilling to respond. I swallowed the lump forming on my throat and for the second time, with a simulated confidence, I nod again. "Y-yes... You may sleep now, Sol."

    Squeezing my hand he said, "I'll wait for you there, alright?" I nodded once more, surprising myself with my sudden tenacity. My countenance must have looked brave at that moment for his face visibly relaxed. He nodded, too. It was as if we're in cahoots. "You try to have fun without me, okay?"

    And then I saw it— his smile as it unhurriedly left his lips, his eyes as the light in them slowly dissipated. The resolved I thought I have crumbled to the floor with the finality of his departure.

    I realized, there and then, you'll know, you'll just know when a soul has finally departed.

    I saw it, I saw it leave. I saw it leave Sol's side of the bed.


    #Moon #Sun #Goodbye

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    "Farewell Sun"

    I realized, there and then, you'll know, you'll just know when a soul has finally departed.

    I saw it, I saw it leave. I saw it leave Sol's side of the bed.

  • simandrr 1d

    part 2 of the end of that chapter in my book. Things he will never see and I will never say out loud.

    #love #end #heartbreak #writing #goodbye

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    I'm saying goodbye. Two years later, it is finally time. Thank you for the lessons you taught me, thank you for loving me unconditionally and for putting up with my craziness and for accepting me as I am. Thank you for showing me that I'm not empty inside like I used to think.

  • art_rotch 1d


    What hurts more
    Is that we failed
    To say our goodbyes
    Tho, you hate it
    I've waited
    But there's just silence
    At the end of the line


  • farheen_dreams 5d

    #ShizukaNobita#Missing You until������ theMylastbreath#Mine#Shootingstar#Baby#love#panda#Sripanda#MyAngelMylove#Pandanewpost#7#last one !��#Goodbye's alwaya not to Easy#Offline

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    Awaited for Die ♥ l♡√E

    Ya jism ab bs kaffan ka talabgar Hai...
    Mirza touna Ana mae darr kar Dey !

    The Body Desire only for Death Dress...
    My love you're late to came to me....
    It's my Departure Time to Heaven...
    My Angels from God call my Name...
    Farheen(Happiness) we'll waiting for you .
    Baby come fast with us♥

  • syedatr 1w


    Good Bye ,
    For Ever !
    May We Will Never Meet again ,
    May We Never See Each Others Filthy Faces Again,
    May Our Hands Never Muss With each other ,
    May Our eyes Be Blinded Which Are Exposed By Duality Of Each Others
    Pretty Face Coated With Honey And Centered With Black Pitch Lies
    May The Blood Within My Veins ,Contaminated By Memory of Yours Never Pumped Back to Heart
    May the Drug Which Will Swipe Every Memory of Yours From The Root of My Brain Will be Invented Soon ,
    So That , I Will Overdose It Until I Lose My Quench ,
    Just to erase Your Name From the Very Last Cell of My Brain
    May I Go To Neptune If You Are On Earth
    So There Will be No End Remain To Ever Meet You Again,
    May We Be Blinded By Flashes Of Storms Or by the Thick Shadows If We Ever Pass Each Other's Ways ,
    May the Tears of My Eyes Be Wipped Away Or My Eyes Forget to Cry ,
    May My Ears be Turned Down To Your Cherry Lips,
    May I Never Hear Your Sweet Melodious voice Again Which Was Like a Decisive Flute Played to Prey
    May we Never Pass By the Same Roads Again so That the Nostalgia will be no Word to Us ,
    May i Never Give Someone the Crown of my Heart Again ,
    May I Never Reach Out to Someone to Laugh With ,
    May I Never Go To Drink Parties Again
    Where Is Fear To Catch You Again ,
    May We Never Meet Again !!
    May The Poison Of my lungs Fill till the Very End
    And May It Will Not Betray Me,
    Like You Did
    And This All Will Happen ,
    When I Will Die,
    When People will Be By My Side To Mourn but Not To Sympathize
    So May I Will Die ,
    Sooner Than You
    So That You will See ,
    What It Is Feel Like To Betray
    With Sweet Words And Pretty Shaded Face!!
    Good Bye For Ever /


  • miss_contendo 1w


    Mana hme alvida kehna nhi aata tha..
    Lekin jane se pehle ek baar mauka toh dia hota..
    Kya pta apna irada hi bdl dete..


  • an_overthinker 1w

    He never wanted to say "goodbye",
    But she left him with no reason to say an another "hi"
    Their story wasn't incomplete,
    But unfortunately it ended with a fluttering sigh.


  • sarahrachelea 1w

    I don't wanna see you with anyone else
    It's miserable and hurting me
    It's too painful for me

    ~ Devastated and exhausted

  • hanibletheone 1w

    I'm So Tired

    Back and forth
    It's always a problem
    I'm So Tired
    Cutting my wrist
    Loading the gun
    Tying the robe around the pipe
    Standing on the chair
    Placing the robe around my neck
    I'm sorry
    This is it
    I'm So Tired

  • realityisokay 1w

    It's time to forget about you.


  • wordsoftrey 1w

    The Glitz, The Glamour..
    Her Charm, Her Venom
    Her love, The pretense
    Her brain, The emptiness
    Her clit, Hell’s gate
    Her wants, Unending
    Her name, Hoelosho.


  • rez_leksmeh 1w


    We have reached the final adieu before the eternity could end it
    It's no secret that you caused so many scars that are still bleeding
    And regrets can't fill the mind
    But the warm memories can soothe scars
    But what if the memories later become infectious?

  • rescuedsoul 1w

    It's not easy to say Goodbye,
    But in the end, we all have to.
    One day, we'll surely meet again
    and that time there will be no more
    sorrows and we will be at peace again.


  • love_you_poetry 1w

    Enough happened before summer
    Ruined dreams and lost hope
    My heart isn't the same drummer
    Sealed away in an envelope

    A love that wasn't supposed to end
    And a friendship torn away
    Something that could never mend
    Unwilling to meet halfway

    You broke my heart and laughed at it
    Dreams I shared with only you
    Living only till the last slit
    I can't try to start brand new

    This is the end, my eyes fade
    Goodbye my friend, the plan is played

  • flower 1w


    All the songs about sunsets remind me of you endlessly,
    It's funny, how I forgot to count the number of sunsets I watched with you,
    Because I thought sunsets was ours,
    And we were forever.

    Maybe some stories start and end on the same note,
    Ours was hatred.
    But, honey, how can you hate someone so much,
    If you never loved them fiercely in the first place?

    You build this bridge between us,
    And, even if you burned it down to ashes,
    You'd still find me waiting and watching over you from the other end.

  • jaded_angel_ 1w

    I've been trying to say goodbye to you for awhile. In different ways and from varies angles.To you I'm overthinking, over analyzing, but really I'm just over breaking. I'm over getting my hopes let down, my mind played with, and being strung along. You see, I've been here a thousand times, and there is always a goodbye. I am damaged and jaded and I want to believe that someone one day could look pass the cracks and find beauty in my mosaic broken heart. But I don't know if that will ever be possible. I see so many red flags, that I am constantly trying to run from you. You also don't seem to want to stop me. So, I'm trying to say goodbye to you. In different ways from different angles. I am trying to tell myself that you, although a man of my caliber, are just too good for me. Maybe if I met you at a different time, we could of hit it off right.I would have kept your interest long after hello. But I'm broken now, so let's just say goodbye.I know it's coming, so I'm just trying to beat you to the finish line.

  • wordsdontlie 2w


    For the times that we missed,
    For the times that we kissed,
    For the times that will never come back,
    For the times that make guess the things I lack,
    Let's say each other a goodbye,
    You are no longer need by my side.


  • aspiring_queen 2w

    Last Time

    I see you for the last time. Your luscious golden locks. Your shining blue eyes. Your classic white polo shirt and blue jeans. Your funny jokes. Your dazzling smile. Your beauty that only some will see and appreciate.

    Goodbye, dear.

  • hanibletheone 2w

    Past away
    In other words
    That's means
    I'm free
    Don't cry
    Just say

  • rimmi24 2w

    ਔ ਦਰਿਯਾ,ਲੈ ਚਲ ਮੈਨੂੰ ਵੀ ਉਸ ਪਾਰ...����
    ओ दरिया,लै चल मैनू वी उस पार...����
    अग्य़ार - stranger
    ख़ाना-ए-दिल - house of heart
    रहबर - leader
    महरूम - deprived
    अंजाम-ए-उल्फत - consequences of love

    Title translated in Punjabi by @mm94deepsea ��
    #mirakee #mirakeeworld #hindiwriters #poetry #hindipoetry #hindiurdu #urdulove #UrduPoetry #alfaaz #penandpaper #goodbye #notalone #emotionspouring #lovetowrite
    Don't want to tag anyone! I apologise ����

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    ਔ ਦਰਿਯਾ
    'ओ दरिया'

    किसी अग़्यार को ख़ाना-ए-दिल का रहबर बनाने का
    बेमतलब सा इरादा करा हमने;
    और वो भी आए कुछ यूं के इस दिल-ए-वीरान को
    आबाद सा घर बनाकर चल दिए!

    महरूम तो ना थे अंजाम-ए-उल्फत से हम भी मगर
    जाने क्यूं वही एक हाथ थामना चाहा हमने;
    वो दरिया-ए-ज़िंदगी के किनारे सुकून से भरे अंधेरे में
    उसी हाथ को छुड़ाकर उस पार चल दिए!

    दूर फ़लक में चांद और सितारों की चमक तक ही
    खुशियों का मंज़र समेट कर रखा हमने;
    वो उन सितारों से भी आगे देख सकते थे,
    सो अचानक अलविदा कह कर ये मकान खाली कर चल दिए!