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  • conquer_from_within 2d

    There's always a reason for that unexplainable bond.

  • zs1204_ 3d

    i love you

    Everytime I say
    "I love you", trust me-
    I mean it more.

  • imariba 3d

    What am I good at?

    What am I good at?
    The lingering question nag me at every moment
    Unable to find my answers, always losing
    The answers always changing, uncertainty galore
    Maybe I haven't yet tried my hands at everything
    To find my metiér
    The one in which I could find me living
    Enjoying every moment of it, languishing in the challenges
    Relishing the successes and savouring the failures that come with it
    Which fulfills my material, cerberal and social satisfaction
    I want a niche like that
    But I couldn't find yet
    What do I know?
    What life's keeping for me in it's future shelves
    Whatever may be, I am trying
    Trying to acculturate with the changing times
    Trying to be a better human being
    Trying to not judge people anymore as I once did
    Trying to Know everyone has their own story to tell
    Trying to lend my time and ears, also, a helping hand at times
    Trying to grow my own opinions on every thing without fear
    Trying to question everything forced upon me
    Trying to make my own choices, good or bad
    Trying to be more responsible and accountable
    Trying to work hard, also, have fun
    Trying to figure out on my own, everything
    Trying to evolve myself politically vigilant
    Acknowledging the struggles of my yesteryear men and women
    Trying to raise my voice to any injustice or inequality
    Trying to make myself a good citizen, to serve the country good
    Trying to juggle between work and family
    Not once complaining, not once sacrificing one thing for the other
    Trying to see the bigger picture always
    Trying to see the world as it is, or may be, as it should be
    Trying to enjoy the vast nature, every little thing of it
    Trying to be grateful more and more
    Trying to leave a legacy out of my life

    So, What am I good at?
    Again, I am trying
    Maybe I am good at trying?!


  • sxlitvde 4d


    Still stuck in the same mud
    Still drenched in the same misery
    Still drowning in my sorrow

    Still holding on to the feeling
    Still hooked to your energy
    Still stuck with the thought of you

    Its hard to say out loud
    writing a poem to feel better
    you are a demon i still wanna play with
    the pain of your thought
    feels way better than
    a faded memory

    i hate to say this,
    but you are still a part of my life
    it angers me yet its true
    i loved, i learnt but i still wanna learn
    i wanna take all the pain there is,
    so that i can run out of hurt.

    Still wanna burn the thought of you
    Still wanna heal from it
    Still okay with your decision.

    Grateful for your existence
    its a great thing you happened
    you opened my eyes to a world of more
    more love,
    more bliss,
    more light.

    Still hurt
    yet i still,
    respect you
    care for you


  • itsmelakshika 5d

    The mirror is indeed your best friend cause it teaches you to live the way you are change is good but with the SAME you.
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    It was morning time.
    when I saw myself at that time.
    I was indeed different
    wanted to ask the ɹoɹɹᴉɯ what it meant!

    The mirror replied -
    the way you are now will change somehow
    you are meant to change at different stages
    like minutes,seconds and hours said the sages.

    I did not find what the mirror meant that time
    but it wanted to tell me
    just be the 'SAME' and you will be fine.

  • the_sassy_dutta 1w


    When you think about your disappointments,
    The number of screw-ups...

    Do you also take a moment to count your blessings?
    Do you also appreciate the good you've around you?

    The answer should be 'Yes'
    Believe it or not, if you aren't thankful for what you have..
    Having more won't make you any happier..


  • lonelywhale 1w

    Gratitude helps you fall in love with the life you already have. You've probably heard these words a million times before but I want you to hear them again and really embed them in your heart. BE GRATEFUL. The reason I chose this topic today is because right now, the situation we're currently in makes us go crazy and thus ungrateful. Here, picture this : Your school/office is shut down indefinitely. You're attending your classes/meetings via online. You can't go out of your house. You haven't met your friends in over a month. You're required to buy masks. You always have to look out for sanitation. Life couldn't be worse, you think but guess what, IT COULD BE. It is worse for a bunch of people out there. You see people losing their jobs, homeless, infected with no money to pay for treatment, quarantined away from their families. You feel uncomfortable. You shut down your TV and choose to scroll through Instagram. Sound familiar? It does because I was like you. Ungrateful and only selectively empathetic, until I realized that for us, we can look away from the heartbreaking news whenever we want to but for the people out there, they can't because that is their life now. Discomfort and unsafe. So I chose to be grateful. Everyday penning down in my journal the things I'm grateful for today. I have my family, my friends around me safe. I have online classes through which I can still attend school. I have daily food. I don't have to worry about jobs. I can sleep peacefully. I have  the ability to buy masks, have the means to be sanitised, and most importantly, I HAVE A ROOF OVER MY HEAD. Of course, life has become tougher, there are more challenges and more new ways that I need to learn how to live with and sure, for some people it's hard mentally too. People have problems, they feel locked in, suffocated, experience anxiety and issues as such but trust me, if everyday you practice the habit of listing down 5 things you're grateful for, it will be easier. Whether it be one percent or fifty percent, it will be easier. If you're reading this right now, chances are, you're doing quiet okay.
    And for those of you who are already thankful for what they have in life, kudos! You inspire me. Let's take a minute now and think of 5 things you're grateful for. I'm not kidding. Do it. Did you feel better? If not fully, then a little bit right? I hope you find it in your heart to be thankful for wherever you are in your life. Take time to be thankful today because you can always have more but you could also have less. Stay safe. Stay healthy.

    These are just random thoughts I was having. I hope you found this piece well penned. Thank you for reading. Stay at home everyone.❤️

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    So I chose to be grateful. Everyday penning down in my journal the things I'm grateful for today. I have my family, my friends around me safe. I have online classes through which I can still attend school. I have daily food. I don't have to worry about jobs. I can sleep peacefully. I have  the ability to buy masks, have the means to be sanitised, and most importantly, I HAVE A ROOF OVER MY HEAD.


  • she_wrote 1w

    Just a grateful person , penning down how grateful she is to be on this platform.

    Mirakee for me has been an abode , a place where I have poured my heart and senses without feeling judged or scrutinized. I have met soo many beautiful people through this platform and I am grateful to everyone reading this ����

    #happy #writersnetwork #inspiration #grateful #change #positivity #beingalive #mirakee #pod

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    Everything changes
    When we decide to let go of the support we though we needed
    Everything changes
    When we chose to trust our backbone more than their grip in our lives
    Everything changes
    When we acknowledge the presence of virtues and abundance of universe
    Everything changes
    When I becomes we ,
    And We become Grateful to be alive

    Being alive is the greatest treasure that I have with me
    I can do anything ,
    maybe not everything in this life..

    Yet being alive gives each one of us with an opportunity
    to learn from our bad decisions
    to love one more time, a bit more this time
    to cherish everything that we have ignored earlier
    To bring glory to our ancestors
    To be an example for our successors
    To leave a legacy

    So, I am choosing to be grateful to every breath I take today and every heartbeat I get to hear
    Kanchan Balodi

  • wilmaneels 1w

    -Little blessings-

    Such a difficult word
    Especially when things have changed so drastically

    Let me tell you what I am grateful for

    Everytime I get to inhale and exhale
    Especially when it comes so easily
    Every morning I open my eyes
    When my feet cooperate with my brain
    The movement of my arms

    That I can appreciate the sun
    Even when Winter is approaching

    Life is HARD (in capital letters) at times
    But I remain grateful
    For friends that became family
    Little blessings that if you add them up
    They become the mountain
    I saw while down in the valley

    The freedom to express myself
    The gift of writing sometimes
    The simplest of words
    Yet, they still resonate

    I am most grateful to God for without Him I would not be


  • m_syed46 1w

    When you are ungrateful about life,
    Make sure you are grateful for being alive.
    Thank Lord for the blessings you have!

  • thatgeekgirl 2w

    "Thanks Tanka"

    Simple joy is found
    in unwrapping gifts received.
    An affirmation;
    What resounds softly beneath
    is: "Yes. You have been thought of..."


  • keerthana_t_e 2w


    Looking back to see how far you have come is a worthy analysis if, you don't forget the people who helped in the coarse path travelled to get there.


  • _harmony_in_the_dark 2w


    Oh how I sometimes wish to be
    Nothing but invisible.
    How it seems everything but
    Happiness and calmness.
    How I am questioning all of it
    And how I wish all of it to be over now.

  • _harmony_in_the_dark 2w

    I know nothing and it feels like I'm learning to be a person. And this time a better one. I want to apologize for so many things but I already have so many times that I feel sad by doing it one more time. My past is not an excuse to keep behaving this way but you must know that I have a lot to unlearn. And I'm not perfect. So I would understand if you leave. But I want you to know that it was never your fault. And thank you. I needed you. I needed you in this lifetime. @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @mirakee @mirakeeworld @mirakee_words #love #you #thankful #grateful #poem #peotry #poetic #shattered #unlearn #mine #yours

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    How easy you make everything look
    And how afraid I am with that
    How nothing is complicated with you
    And how nothing is simple in my heart
    You make me feel better and have no clue
    How utterly terrified I am of you.

  • sharmistade 2w

    After storm

    Starry nights,
    Sky full of glow worms,
    And a little heart
    Staring through the clouds.
    As the warm smile
    Melts the crispy cold winds,
    I realise
    Love is so simple.


  • artofwabi_sabi 2w

    The woman who maintains an attitude of gratitude will always go further and win bigger

  • waterbird 2w

    A special thanks to that special someone for always being there...

  • hungrywolf 2w

    Stop complaining about the things that you don't have and be grateful for all the things that you have.


  • spadesunderground 2w

    He's stars in his eyes
    His heart a bright blue
    From fighting through the lies
    To get to what's true.
    Ambitious and bold
    Though at times, a bit cold.
    Inside him, it's warm
    At least that's what I am told.
    Yea, maybe there's
    A little bit of venom
    Hidden under
    All that denim
    But give him a pen
    And he'll write for us
    Give him a sword
    And he'll fight for us
    Yeah we know for sure
    That he's right for us
    Protector till the end.


  • ladysag77 2w

    Each day ushers in renewed hope for innumerable possibilities. Go out and grab ahold of what life has to offer. A beautiful gift effortlessly given to us each day by God��

    #lifeisagift #grateful #attitudeofgratitude #goodvibes #spiritualawakening #spirituality #spiritual #abrandnewday #thankyougod #intentions #grace #hope #faith #love

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    Stirring restless yearning awakens my soul
    Searching for meaning makes me feel whole
    Drawn to the light breaking outside my window
    A new day is dawning building today's crescendo
    Mystery awaits as my curiosity builds
    Energy flowing, I feel tingles and chills
    Excitement and possibility for anything can happen
    Greeting the day with carefree abandon
    Thank you God for another chance to wander
    Leading me to forward with gusto to ponder
    Hope's on the horizon as I gaze into the sun
    Dreams reigniting feelings understanding we've only just begun
    Bursting with song, a pep in my step
    Life is what we make of it and this I do accept
    Love is the magic, the glue and the answer
    Moving through this world as a graceful dancer
    Grateful for this day, this life is a gift!