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    On the shoulder of the mountain the walkers are inflamed
    Drinkers entertain themselves with warm alcohol
    Euphoric devotees joke cheerfully with friends
    Mystical hunters avoid the noise while tightly hugging their destination
    The researchers came in the name of the noble science and leaked a peaceful secret there
    All come with the aim of taking what's available there
    Even if it's just a moment and a piece of a story from a digital camera and then you take it home, your ego is still left there.
    Although gratitude is expressed because of the beauty of nature
    But it's on the basis of buying and selling desires

    When nature suffers...
    There's no comforting him because the fun is neatly stored in your carrier.
    And just be a stain under your hiking boots and then you rinse while swearing

    When nature cries...
    His devotees then worked together to decorate his face but forgot that the one who suffered was his soul
    Because you used to come and collect your poison there.

    Drunk mountaineer
    Falling from consciousness into the abyss of delusion
    Euphoric mountaineer cries and mutes As he gets lost and dies floating while his mouth is filled with raw food
    The mystical hunter's climber lost his body or consciousness there.
    Mountaineering researchers return with a million dreams and make the greedy smile broadly and then plunder

    The trees are dead...
    The melodious chirping of a deserted bird...
    Unique and beautiful animals are terrified...
    Between his teeth and bones
    Fresh and clean water flowing with a tone that makes the soul calm
    Now it's dirty and smelly because of the noble hands that feel power

    Oooh... My God!
    If your beautiful face is damaged by their hands
    Then what about the others?

    Oooh... My God!
    If your holy love they retaliate easily betray
    Then how can they cry and scream for your help?

    Shut up the tree...
    Calm down bird...
    Peace beautiful animals...
    Silence the water...

    Believed Love will not die!
    Rest assured true lovers will come for you!
    It's still one reason the souls of true lovers are always together!


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    The hand of love is not cruel

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    Don't touch with hand but with heart