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  • lunatic_pen 1w

    note: self expression when I'm pissed off
    "the drunken Princess" as he addresses me...

    #mirakee #love #game #pain #shout #doubt #sadness #hangover #drunk

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    The Drunken Princess

    You're shout
    Makes my face burning out
    And I don't give any doubt
    My f*ckin' blood drought

    We are just the same
    In this holy sh*ts of fame
    No matter what we gain
    We are both end drain

    You make me feel the same
    As I held my hand in this board games
    People think I'm insane?
    But this all your fault men

    I think I should leave
    In this hallow part of grief
    And don't try to bother me
    As I lost the hand of belief

    And who's to blame?
    In this political game
    I'm just the daughter
    Of that f*ckin lame

    And I say this is over
    And I shall say we are over
    In this pathetic game
    We called hangover


  • harsh_pandey 2w

    मदिरा के जाम में वो बात ही कहाँ
    जिसका नशा सिर्फ सुबह रहे,
    हमरे साथ दो पल तो बिता कर देख
    ज़िन्दगी भर का खुमार हो जायगा।

  • lone_soul_ 18w


    That's the thing about drinking,
    it makes you forget.

    Forget mistakes,
    people you hate,
    people you love,
    what matters,
    who matters.

    And all that's left is the hangover.

  • deactivate_user 23w

    A half year, fourteen days, 4 days,
    I despite everything don't know which month it was at that point
    or on the other hand what day it is presently.

    Obscured out lines

    from aftereffects

    to espresso

    Another drifter

    lost to adore.

    4am alone and on my way.
    These are my best minutes.
    I clean my skin
    to free me from

    I despite everything don't know which month it was at that point

    or on the other hand what day it is currently.

    Obscured out lines

    from aftereffects

    to espresso

    Another drifter

    lost to adore.

    4am alone and on my way.
    These are my best minutes.
    I clean my skin
    to free me from

    I despite everything don't have the foggiest idea why I cried.

    It was only something in the manner you took my heart and adjusted my inner parts and I was unable to perceive the void you left me with when you were finished. Possibly you figured my internal parts would fit better along these lines, look better thusly, to you and us and all the rest.

    Be that as it may, at that point you more likely than not altered your perspective

    or on the other hand made a wrong

    since for what reason did you


    A half year, fourteen days, 4 days,
    I despite everything don't know which month it was at that point
    or then again what day it is currently.
    I supplant bistros with swarmed bars and void streets with broken jugs

    what's more, this town is recuperating me gradually yet at the same time not moderate or quick enough in light of the fact that there's no correct method to do this.

    There is no correct method to do this.

    There is no correct method to do this.


  • wii_sha 24w

    ✨ Lads are from Mars.., lasses are from Venus...

    Enhe thori space chahiye Hoti hai...
    Har waqt sarr par chadna unhe achha nhi Lagta..
    . . . .
    Pr ye v kya kre..
    Unhe Kisi or se baatna enhe Pasand nhi..

    Enhe sikayat rhti hai,.. akhir Kitna kharch Karu Mai..
    . . . .
    Hoga hi.., shokh ek or nakhre sau rakhti hai..

    Ye ek Baar haa naa bol de toh wo màan lete hai..fir sochte rhte aakhir ye naraj kyu ho gae..
    . . . .
    ABB kon samjhae kavi- Kavi enki haa naa or naa haa Hoti hai..

    Ye chahe sau messeges vej le...
    . . . .
    Par ye jawab ek hi message me lipta lete haii..-( kya hua hai tumhe? )
    ABB lo fir sau message samjhane k liye vejo.. ufff..

    ABB kya kare, ye Kaha mangal se ...
    . . . .
    Or hum Kaha shukr se..

    Shukr hai ki hum hai..
    . . . .
    Tab hi enke life mangal hai..

    Or kya , nhi toh humne jabardasti kab ki ..
    Ki hamare nakhre jhelo ...
    Unhe v Pasand hai hum ..
    Thore adhe-adhure Sahi..

  • exclaimer 25w

    Even my font style also in hangover.����


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    It can be reached high level without alcohol.
    When it's about our favourite person.


  • ciara1 29w

    Nightly Summer Words of Auntie Alcoholics

    The first day I took a shot
    was on a Sunday night.
    I had just came back from
     Sunday's church with my auntie that is not so bright.
      My motha insisted that I spend the night.
      I got caught up in one of my auntie's acts, 
      I wondered, what was she drinking that was so vexed.
     I said auntie? What are you drinking that is real big in that pact?
     She said, beer girl, it's call Budlight, what? You want some?
    I don't think I can drink      that, I'm too young.
    She said, you can have some, this won't stung. 
     But ain't beer nasty?
    She said, yeah it is nasty, you want some?
      I'm still a kid auntie, 
    she said, do you won't some or not Cici?
    Agreeing, and pouring narrow drops of budlight down my cup. 
      There, the first day I took a shot of whiskey with my auntie    with a sup, 
    And it tasted real gooooood, with a sip.
     My first taste of a shot 
    drop of beer at 6,
    was gooder than goodies, 
     Ya feel me?
    My second shot was in the night, 
      when my motha 
    threw a summer night family party and most of us hung out on the back porch. 
    I said auntie Felicia?
    What are you drinking that is so small in that pact lying on the porch?
    She said, whiskey, you want me to pour you a lil? 
      I don't know if I can drink that, I'm too young.
     She said, you ain't nothing but 13,
    I dranked younger than that, you can have some, 
    But I'm still a kid aunt Felicia, 
                  she said, have a little Cici?
    Complying, and pouring me shots of whiskey in my cup. 
    There, the second time I took a shot of something with my auntie with a sip, 
    And it tasted real gooooood, with a tip.
    Ya feel me?
    I got caught up with the drunk drunkies, 
     My auntie Felicia said,
     just don't tell yo moma that I'm
    giving you some of these whiskies, 
    My mother never found out the two of my aunties gave me illegal drinks for kids,
     Later that night, 
    everyone was out the door and left cases of beer and whiskey that was big,
    I took em all and hid them
    in the very back of my closet 
                     so I would never forget.
    My motha never found my whiskies and beers.
       That was the moment when my addiction to whiskies and beer became clear. 
                     Mixing my whiskey into
    coka cola pop was palatable, 
                       I haven't had a beer ever since, that was relatable.
                       I haven't had a drop of beer ever since last year's family feast.  
                      Maybe, when this pandemic ends where someone throws a party again,
    I can give another shot of whiskey and beer that is the least.

    © All Rights Reserved

  • wifey_suicide 32w


    Summer is about to end
    While I’m passed out drunk underneath the table
    Nobody is around and I’m mentally unstable
    But it’s okay
    I’ll be alright
    I always wake up with a headache
    That spins around
    Twirls a few times
    Then it drowns
    In the toilet I surround my body
    On my knees like I’m about to say a prayer
    With my arms around holding onto the seat for dear life
    Promising to god, that I won’t do this again
    After the flush
    I rinse my mouth out
    The minty taste doesn’t even taste right
    With a swish of bad life choices and stomach acid
    I can still feel the gritty texture on my teeth
    My head banging like death metal
    As to wishing that I didn’t work today
    As I drag myself to my bed
    I got six hours until then
    I’ll make it through, I promise myself
    So I don’t feel regret as bad
    My body conscious and sober
    While my head is lost in space
    As I lay down and curl up
    Smells around me begin to grow
    The smell of a candle that isn’t lit
    Is probably your worst friend
    As the jaw begins to lock again
    Maybe six shots or seven
    Whatever it was
    Isn’t worth not remembering what I did
    Or what I said
    Who I saw
    Who I just met
    Only the sober remember
    And memories are what create life
    And special moments
    And without those
    What’s the difference on being dead

  • lunalight 35w


    "If you want to get in hangover
    You don't want to drink alot
    You don't want to Weed a lot"
    I said
    Everyone in the party shocked
    They asked me
    What's your hangover
    "The voice, saying they love me,
    The voice saying they need me
    The voice saying they never want to miss me
    The eyes wish to see me" I replied
    They again asked,
    Do you get these type of hangover?
    I replied
    "there was a time these were all my hangover"
    Now? They asked
    I Smiled and replied
    "the voice and eyes found their soul"

  • katsie 38w

    My memories

    I still remember the way we had conversation, the way we enjoyed. These all will be my memories forever.

    Yes, that means they aren't your memories as your busy making them with her(him).

  • chetak 41w


    Poem #Hangover
    O my beloved, ever since I have kissed your lips,
    The intoxicating love that was within me,
    Must have given you a hangover too!

    #LOVE #couplegoals #dream

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    तेरे लबों की लाली जो मैंने चुम ली,
    तेरा नशा मुझे था ही
    अब खुमार तुझे भी हो गया होगा।

    ✍️मोहनीष बोराणा "चेतक"

  • sayan251 42w

    IF I COULD...

    When I see you in the morning,
    it brightens up my day.
    There are so many thoughts on my mind,
    so many words I want to say.

    I want to tell you how I feel,
    but the words I cannot find.
    They're all mixed up with my thoughts
    that are running through my mind.

    I've been keeping it locked up
    because I know there's not a chance.
    You never look my way.
    You don't even take a glance.

    You don't even know you're doing this,
    toying with my heart.
    I wish I could just tell you,
    but I don't know where to start.

    Should I tell you how much you mean to me
    or how badly I want to be with you?
    If I were to say these things
    how would you react, what would you do?

    Would you never talk to me again?
    Would you never look my way?
    That would just bring me back
    to where I am today.

    Then I'd start all over
    and choose a different route
    to make you understand
    my feelings that want out.

    I don't know what to do
    or even how to say.
    Maybe I should lock it up
    and keep myself away.

    My heart would ache even more,
    but maybe for the good.
    I just really want to tell you
    only if I could.

  • bottledmoonlight 48w

    The Hangover

    She gave me the high that cocaine and liquor couldn't.
    And the hangover when she left....am still not over it


  • iamshashankpatni 54w


    I was high with the illusion of your love and when its hangover got over, i found me in the addiction of this hangover being getting exhausted with every drop of blood to my heart.


  • _the_introvert_boy__ 65w

    जो जाम उसके नजरों से पिया है
    नशा उसका आज तक नहीं उतरा

  • puchka 66w

    I'm on a high
    intoxicated with words
    he whispered in my ears
    to assuage any doubts
    I had of his love
    Hangover has lasted
    all through these years
    to comfort my broken heart
    Refuse to see the lies
    Pathetic me!
    ©Snigdha Agrawal

  • tonyradsr 67w

    It's not the strong drink cause hangover,

    It's the weak body that gets hangover...

  • dusky_dawn 68w

    I thought you were a painkiller
    -But you turned out to be the hangover.


    #thenotesyouleft #hangover

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    N O T E / N O- 13

    Have you noticed??
    I have been leaving the notes on your doorstep -The Door recognises me now but still it has banned my entry.

    Have you noticed??
    I have been leaving the notes in your letter box -My note being all cuddled up in between those rough edged old letters.

    Have you noticed??
    I have been leaving the notes under your doormat but it seems to ignore them -We signed the agreement that it will hide them from you but the time left unmentioned.

    Have you noticed??
    I have been leaving the notes almost everyday and yet they are somehow
    Getting ignored and i still wonder
    If its intentional or unintentional.

    -Drunk in your love.


  • sandesh17 72w

    Perfume : Love

  • shit_speare_reloaded 72w

    My Drug

    She's my drug and I'm high with her intoxication.....