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  • gutzwvw 7w

    A Poor Laddoo

    Lived always indoors.
    Till he moved outdoors.
    Then he found more doors.
    An everlasting corridor of doors.

    He was so deluded.
    For the choice was expounded.
    And he felt haunted.
    Where to live.

    Where to dine.
    Where to pine.
    Where to design.
    A dodgy plan of divine division.

  • antasraogautam 7w

    Room 666 - The Revelation ( Part 2)

    *Knock Knock*

    I knew this time.

    The door continues to knock for another 5 minutes.

    I decided to stay awake and checkout as soon as the sunrises.

    *around an hour passes by*

    Time appears to be freeze.

    It's like an hour has passed but the clock still indicates 3 am.

    I was struck, imprisoned in that time frame.

    I had no option other than to open the door.

    It was Fenriz.

    "Oh! So finally she escaped.", he said.

    " Who? Your daughter?", I asked with a feeble voice.

    He replies, "Yeah!! Seems like she told you....."

    Before he could finish, I ran out of the room. Ran across the hallway, ran down the stairs and reached the reception.

    No one. Not even a sole individual stood.
    Even the main entrance was sealed.

    I was trapped.

    I went back to the room.

    "Her spirit fouled you. She made you see what you probably feared, which your soul couldn't withstand.", Fenriz tells me as I entered the room.

    "So where am I?", I asked in a state of confusion.

    He continues , "In the realm between life and death. I warned you, I told you to leave this room. Told you that this room is meant for her. Sent you a letter, told you not to open the door(here, door to the soul)."

    I sat down and whispers, "Means you are lifeless. You are the spirit of Fenriz."

    - Indeed I am lifeless. Her spirit took your body.
    And now you are dead even without being dead.
    And she is alive being dead.

    *psychological laugh*

    - If she wished to live then why did your daughter commit suicide?

    - She never committed suicide. She was killed. She was pushed off the window.

    - Who pushed her?

    Fenriz looks at me with an evil smile and says as if he was proud- ME.


  • antasraogautam 8w

    Room 666 - The Realization
    (PART 1)

    I was in Haiti for the bureau's fieldwork.

    Staying in Room 666 of Hotel Revelation.

    I was having my dinner.

    At the dining, one of the staff members asked, "Are you staying in Room 666?"

    I said yes.

    His badge marks his name as 'Fenriz'.

    He whispers, "Leave that room. That is meant for her."

    His strange response perplexed me.

    At reaching the room I found a note which reads-
    'Beware of what you choose because some rooms are not meant for everyone and some doors are not meant to be open for everyone."

    I inquired about that note with the hotel manager but he refused that they have sent any such letter.

    It was late at night.

    I decided to change my hotel the next morning.

    I went to sleep.

    *Knock Knock*
    *Knock Knock*

    I wake up indistinctly.

    Looks out. It's pitch black.

    The clock shows 3 am.

    *Knock Knock*

    -Who's there?

    -Room service Sir!!

    -I didn't call for room service.

    -The lady staying with you did.

    I was terrified with fear.

    I opened the door to rush out.

    But Fenriz was standing at the door.

    He stabs me with a knife and whispers in my ear, " I warned you. This room is meant for my daughter. She died by falling off the window. Her spirit lives here."

    And stabs me again.

    I waked from fear.

    *sighs in relief*
    It was a dream.

    Looks out. It's pitch black.

    The clock shows 3 am.

    That was an exact setting I saw in my nightmare.

    *Knock Knock*

    (To be continued.....)

  • thornsarose 13w

    Her, Haunted

    You’re standing there,
    You’re petrified, at what stands before.
    A skinny girl with sunken cheeks.
    Her eyes are dead and raw.
    You know she’s captured your attention
    When she starts to move and sway.
    She beckons you to follow,
    And you can not stay away.

    She danced as if she’s haunted,
    There’s no music to be heard.
    It’s like she tries to tell a story
    Yet you can not understand her.
    She twists, she bends, she contorts
    Her broken body and her bones.
    In this asylum, in its chamber,
    That was once her only home.

    She wasn’t very old, maybe
    Fourteen at the latest.
    Her face was mangled and distorted,
    She’s been turned almost faceless.
    She danced along the metal beds,
    Like a spider, she was silent.
    In a whirl, you’re in a daze,
    Stuck in this abandoned asylum.

    You want to scream and shout,
    But you’re trapped in this trance,
    As you watched her twist and bend
    In her horrifying dance.

  • ivanmaximusedwin 13w

    Zombie Wife...

    Last night in town,
    I saw Lisa in gown,
    In zombie style,
    With horrible smile,
    She was chasing me,
    To bite me you see...
    I ran to save my life,
    From a zombie wife,
    She cried "don't you run my dear,
    Let me take a love bite come near"
    But I ran away,
    It was dangerous to stay...
    As now my zombie wife,
    Is a big threat for our lives,
    So if anyone of you who meet Lisa,
    Run or she will take your bite like pizza...

  • jaded_angel_ 13w

    If you dont want a heart that's haunted, then stop inviting phantoms inside..

  • citrine_goddess 14w


    Frozen still
    Numb to the feel
    I can feel it here
    No light
    The devil is near
    Tears and goosebumps
    Please don't get me
    Closed eyes
    And Hail Mary's
    Over and over
    Begging and praying
    Please go away
    It leaves my space
    Gone for now
    Till we meet again


  • kelvin_mathew98 15w

    #mirakee #girl #friend #life #friend #morningz #memoriez #thoughts #haunted #thoughts #scribbled #truth #girlfriend @mirak
    അവൾ യാത്ര ചോദിക്കാതെ എങ്ങോ മറഞ്ഞു

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    അവൾക്കായി എഴുതിയ വരികളെല്ലാം അവൾ കാണാതെ പോയല്ലോ
    അവൾക്കായി പാടിയ പാട്ടുകലെല്ലാം അവൾ
    കേൾക്കാതെ പോയല്ലോ
    അവൾക്കായി സൃഷ്ടിച്ച കഥകൾ എല്ലാം
    അവൾ അറിയാതെ പോയല്ലോ
    ആ വസന്തകാലത്തിലേക്ക്
    ഒരു തിരിച്ചുപോക്ക്
    ആ പ്രഭാതരശ്മികളുടെ ഓർമകളിലേക്ക്
    ആ യാമങ്ങളിലെ നിലാവിലേക്ക്
    വരുകയായി ഞാൻ

  • lackintalent_16 18w

    Your thoughts always catch me off guard,
    sometimes -
    walking amidst friends,
    in a movie hall,
    while smoking pot with mates,
    in a shower,
    like a poltergeist catches,
    its new victims to haunt.

    My brain has become
    your personal graveyard,
    where I hear nothing
    but the songs you played on lyre,
    your fickle voice,
    never goes away,
    unless I gives into oblivion,
    unless I give into you.
    I thought this distance
    will create enough resilience
    to entrapped your presence
    but its not enough,
    there is nothing that fade
    your voluminous thoughts,
    not even the toxic ecstasy
    I consumed,
    the sinfulness of people,
    that pull me out of this loveless sin.
    Mi amor, Tell me,
    How do I overcome these thoughts,
    how do I exorcise your ghost
    that haunt me,
    like that bent neck lady,
    or should I scummbed under it's trance,
    trapped myself in
    that forever house of hill.

  • kanama 18w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word short tale on Haunt #haunted memories ��

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    More than human, memories are Haunted

  • deepika_nair 22w

    ABC poem ��
    Here I have used the letters GHIJKLMNO ��

    #poetrywednesday @mirakee #deep_creep

    @the__meraki__ If you know ,you know ����

    #poetrywednesday #mirakee @mirakee #writersnetwork #writersbay @writersnetwork @writersbay #dark #thoughts #haunted #horror #horrorstories

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    ABC poem

    Going towards her, I sensed something wrong
    However I still moved ahead
    Inching closer and closer, I could smell blood.
    Jerking down i saw her slit throat ,
    Knees broken ,Head bruised ,
    Limbs broken and she was stock-still
    Much painful and horrific was that tragic sight,But
    Nobody knows till now that this was just
    One of the many deadly dreams that I saw.


  • akira_kurosawa 22w


    When memories decompose,
    Unlike bodies they don't stink.
    Rather, they fade away
    In silence.
    You fail to notice,
    But on a cold evening,
    As you sit,
    With headphones on,
    The lyrics of some shitty song,
    Creates a ripple in that cranium,
    That eventually,
    Forms a lump in your throat,
    And flows down as a tear.
    That's when you know
    That you are haunted by one.
    Uughh! Memories...
    Damn these memories!!

  • harini_ 22w

    You try hard not to lose your face
    Some nervousness of reveal follows you
    Miserable feeling when caught red handed makes you ashamed

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    Lying is one miserable feeling i totally can't bear

  • kelvin_mathew98 23w

    ഇരുട്ടിന്റെ ലോകത്ത് വെളിച്ചമാകാനും
    വഴിതെറ്റിപോകുമ്പോൾ ശെരിയായ വഴി കാണിച്ചുതരാനും, മനസ്സാകെ ചൂടായിരിക്കുമ്പോൾ
    ഒന്ന് തണുപ്പിക്കാനും, ഡിപ്രെഷൻ അടിച് വട്ടയിരിക്കുമ്പോൾ അശ്വസിപിക്കാനും , സ്വപ്നങ്ങളെ വലയിട്ടുപിടിക്കാൻ പ്രചോദനം നൽകാനും ആരുമില്ല എന്നുള്ളതാണ് ഇന്ന് പലരുടെയും പ്രശ്നം.

    മറ്റൊരാളെ മനസിലാക്കാനും സ്നേഹിക്കാനും കഴിയുമ്പോഴാണ് ജീവിതം അർഥവതാകുന്നത്.

  • nitinnairwrites 26w


    Haunted by the past
    A broken soul mends another,
    But shatters that to a million pieces
    Never to mend again...


  • quaintrelle_08 28w


  • smily_aina 28w

    Submission for challenge
    #blue_gen_16 @bluepuppy01

    (Based on a true experience of my cousins)

    THE HAUNTED WELL- [Tales of the supernatural]

    In the heart of a murky woodland, stands a sombre well, aloof.
    Home for a lonely wandering spirit, where no sentient soul sets a hoof.

    As the luminescence of the full moon night
    Falls upon the depths of scummy waters deprived of the light,
    Rippling the moon's reflection, pops out what's supposed to be its head.
    Instead, what you see is the gory cross-section of its neck, pale and dead.

    Climbing up the slimy walls,
    Never losing its grip in slight,
    The beheaded soul, peeks out the well,
    Like playing hide 'n seek with the eerie night.

    Lurking around every nook of the woods
    Looking for may be its lost head?
    Sometimes it looms the countryside,
    Impersonating any resident of a cottage
    Unhindered, never posing a threat.


    This was what those munchkins were told
    When they visited their grandma's abode.
    With curiosity on the high, stealthily snuck out in delusion,
    To display their new-born bravery, to bust out this fabrication.

    Those townies frantic, to the landscape, arrived carefree,
    Unbothered by the desolated ruins when
    The crunch of the dried fallen leaves startled those three.

    With adrenaline rushing and racing pulse,
    The epiphany of horror got them on the edge.
    At lightning speed they climbed
    The nearest tree their eyes could find.

    Their thumping heart filled the quiescent atmosphere
    At the obscure sight of the imminent spectre,
    Gripping tight the branch they mounted
    Awaiting a miracle to occur.

    After what seemed a dreadful eternity
    The spirit crawled inside its dwell,
    While they were shocked static still
    Vowing never to approach a well.

    The dawn soon broke the deadly silence
    Mother nature portraying its benevolence
    The kids ran away at once, under the pretence
    Of hallucination, unwilling to accept such existence.


    #smily_aina #ceesreposts
    #supernatural #ghoststory #haunted
    #ceesreposts @writersnetwork

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    The Haunted Well

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    In the heart of a murky woodland
    Stands a sombre well, aloof.
    Home for a lonely wandering spirit
    Where no sentient soul sets a hoof.


  • angels_halo_shines 29w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word one-liner on Haunt

    #empath #empathmind #oneliner #writersnetwork #mirakee #ceesreposts #life #haunt #haunted #me

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    I came back haunted, it's still blowing my mind today.

  • ciara1 29w

    The Abandoned House Up The Block

    Sitting there in wonder waiting on the bus in the dark night, 
    who were the people that lived here in this terrible sight?
    The house is empty and the windows are silled,
    the house is now at a stand still.
    They are all gone away,
    There is nothing more I can say.

    Through these broken glasses, and walls blow the dreary and sharp:
    They are all gone away,
    Nor is there no one today
    To speak to them about the good or bad:
    There is nothing more I can say.

    Why is then we go astray?
    I wonder where they stay,
    They are all gone away.

    Why do kids come here to play?
    For them has left this house is wasted skill:
    There is nothing more I can say.

    Pondering and asking my mother who was the people whom lived in that abandoned house a block away?

    Why are you sitting by an abandon house anyway?
    But when I always sit there, I pray.
    You better pray somewhere else before you get taken away.

    But mother, whose going to snatch a grown woman away if I stay?
    It doesn't matter if you are grown or a child's play,
    They go come and snatch you away.

    Whose coming to snatch me away?
    They say, that abandoned house a block away is cursed by spirits in everyway.

    I don't believe in spirits, and who is they?
    Our neighbor Tammy and some other neighborhood said.
    Well I don't believe in what other people say.

    Who did they say who lived in that place?
    They say, a man and a woman lived there and both was killed there.
    How were those poor people killed that stayed?
    They say, the man killed his wife and shot himself in the face.

    Were these people black folks who lived in that place they say?
    Yeah, and your uncle say, he sat there one time in the day, 
    And he felt something hard touch his back, he say, it felt something was trying to pull him in that place, 
    But as he turned around he did not see no one and he walked away.

    That abandoned house up the block has been boarded up 30 years til this day.

    Well that was why I thought I heard shrilling noises in that place,
    It was probably there spirits wandering around in the day.

    Seeing that house is ruined and decayed
        In the House up the Block
    They are all gone away, faded away, decayed away and  moved away to an evil space,
    There is nothing more I can say.


  • paulwrites 12w

    #thehaunt #ghosts #haunted #hauntings #ghoststories #writersnetwork #shortstory

    The Haunt
    By Paul D Aronson

    I arrived at Harkening House in Autumn, going up the old stone walkway like a leaf blowing carelessly across an unkempt yard. The house was in a state of disuse, and had been for a long time. Rain gutters hung loose from the edge of the roof. All of its windows were either broken or missing, the result of vandals, weather, or perhaps just time. Paint peeled from its outer walls, flaking off like old layers of dead skin, revealing the bare wood of its construction. I looked at it wondering why the place hadn't been torn down or dismantled for scrap. From where I stood and observed it looked near unlivable and I could just imagine what sad state the interior was in. I doubted it could be salvaged, for even from here I could see a small section of roof was missing, perhaps damaged by storms or some other natural disaster that permeated the dark woods in which the structure stood.

    I went up the front steps, careful to avoid the places where wood had rotted, for fear I'd fall through and be swallowed up by the cold earth upon which the house was built. On the porch, an old swing, missing some of the slats from its seat, hung on a rusted, dual chain, its once bright red paint now faded to a pale rose color marred by dirt and caked mud. And though a light breeze blew enough to tousle my blond hair, the swing on its chains did not move.

    I reached for the door. I noticed the knob, perhaps once shiny brass, spun freely as if the mechanism inside had been removed or damaged beyond repair. I imagined once I opened the door and stepped over the threshold I would find the place had been gutted by urban explorers or homeless people trying to scavenge what they could. But I was wrong. Inside the house everything looked new and untouched as if the dwelling had just been finished and was now ready for tenants. With a twinge of fear I shuddered, for I knew this was a haunt, full of tragic memories and the lingering presence of all that had gone on before.

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    The Haunt