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  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 7w

    Since a span more than a decade,
    No visit by any human or human like has been paid.
    They say that the house is cursed & haunted,
    No baby was ever allowed to be born & raised.

    It is a nerve-racking tale of a three-month old,
    With fair pinkie skin & hair of gold.
    Giggling at the musical rotating rattle,
    She lied merrily in her comfy wooden cradle.

    Neither did she soil nor wet her pants,
    Yet, they were taken off by those sinful hands.
    The beast in his body & sick voracious desire,
    Blew the innocent soul off to calm his lusty fire.

    They cleansed every nook, every single curtain & bedsheet,
    But the fresh cologne of the newborn ceased to deplete.
    The marks of blood still surfaces and vanishes,
    The house smells as if every day her tender body perishes.

    The rattle rotates even when no winds blow,
    The cradle oft swings crazily, to and fro.
    Squeaky cries of the baby are heard every night, too late,
    Those who tried to occupy it were compelled to vacate.

    The tiny soul wanders restlessly within the four walls,
    Every night the house quakes with her helpless calls.

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  • ciara1 29w

    The Abandoned House Up The Block

    Sitting there in wonder waiting on the bus in the dark night, 
    who were the people that lived here in this terrible sight?
    The house is empty and the windows are silled,
    the house is now at a stand still.
    They are all gone away,
    There is nothing more I can say.

    Through these broken glasses, and walls blow the dreary and sharp:
    They are all gone away,
    Nor is there no one today
    To speak to them about the good or bad:
    There is nothing more I can say.

    Why is then we go astray?
    I wonder where they stay,
    They are all gone away.

    Why do kids come here to play?
    For them has left this house is wasted skill:
    There is nothing more I can say.

    Pondering and asking my mother who was the people whom lived in that abandoned house a block away?

    Why are you sitting by an abandon house anyway?
    But when I always sit there, I pray.
    You better pray somewhere else before you get taken away.

    But mother, whose going to snatch a grown woman away if I stay?
    It doesn't matter if you are grown or a child's play,
    They go come and snatch you away.

    Whose coming to snatch me away?
    They say, that abandoned house a block away is cursed by spirits in everyway.

    I don't believe in spirits, and who is they?
    Our neighbor Tammy and some other neighborhood said.
    Well I don't believe in what other people say.

    Who did they say who lived in that place?
    They say, a man and a woman lived there and both was killed there.
    How were those poor people killed that stayed?
    They say, the man killed his wife and shot himself in the face.

    Were these people black folks who lived in that place they say?
    Yeah, and your uncle say, he sat there one time in the day, 
    And he felt something hard touch his back, he say, it felt something was trying to pull him in that place, 
    But as he turned around he did not see no one and he walked away.

    That abandoned house up the block has been boarded up 30 years til this day.

    Well that was why I thought I heard shrilling noises in that place,
    It was probably there spirits wandering around in the day.

    Seeing that house is ruined and decayed
        In the House up the Block
    They are all gone away, faded away, decayed away and  moved away to an evil space,
    There is nothing more I can say.


  • spilled_ink_473 79w

    Haunted house

    Welcome ladies and gents, boys and girls, trolls and vixens, maidens and knights. To inks haunted tour ... Please buckle in and Godspeed...

    Can you hear it happening?
    the cracking?
    The endless tapping.
    Joints rubbing one another.
    Toes curling, nervous slapping.
    That dripping bloody splatters.
    Twisting ankles ..clanging shackles.
    Screeching songs of laughter.
    Lips biting, hair pulling.
    Adrenaline pumps in anger.
    It's coming for you but we're just getting started. We're only at my head ..if this scares you. Then take the next stop or you're sure to be dead.

    Crushed dreams that bounce from left to right in an empty organ ...a shell that houses only pain and grief. Its a miracle how this boy is kept alive. By a brain that holds no peace.
    Red and baggy are the eyes that see no sleep, like a light house that has no purpose. No ships has been around in years but the tower dimmer by the hour. Lips that has kissed beauty so pure like mother nature, and a tongue that has tasted her nectar. Is now left dry and eager for a taste that will make him love again. His neck keeps his head forward and his chin upright as his shoulder slowches in exhaustion. Exhaustion from fighting to maintain a posture that society will accept ...he claims that he hates society but deep down in his tattered heart. Lies a soft pulsing beat. That is quite slow. Demented, erry. It drips toxic waste. A mixter of love and hate a mixter of saliva that he has collected from kisses that was laid on his lips. A mixture of harsh words and metaphors that he can twist into. Beautiful poems. His lungs are filled with the perfumes of ex lovers. An oder that tears him from the inside out. Kindney stones of every rock that was balled up in the words I love you and forced down his throat like a pill meant to kill his painfully past. His stomach meant to store food to nurse his sick vessel is filled with broken pieces of him. Like a dusty broom closet that is used for storage. ..sexual organs that rings pleasure bells only to the ones he lays with but never to himself. His body hold no more secrets. His legs are on the brink of caving in from supporting him ..his feet are tired from his long journey. But nothing is as damaged. As the soul inside this body

  • japanese_girl_hana 82w

    That room was horrible...

    There was a girl named Riza and she lived in Japan. She always wanted to be a doctor. After completing her 12th class, she was soon headed for a medical college in London. Her family was much far away from that college, but her dreams weren't too small to leave. She worked hard and hard and by the time, she earned some money so that she could leave peacefully and start her business after completing her education. She purchased a room in an old house and continued her education. The medical college was beautiful but that room wasn't. That house was almost vacant with only 2-3 families living there,and that corridor where she lived, was completely vacant. She didn't spent much time in that house and was there only at night. She was happy with her life as she started feeling that her dreams are going to come true. But this happiness didn't last longer, as she got a news from the tv that some people were injured and many died during an earthquake in Japan. Photos showed that her whole family died in that incident. Her shock and sadness was very much but she was now more determined to achieve her aim, so that her whole family should feel proud of her. She went on to become a great doctor and soon completed her studies with a 100% score in the final exam. She started living in that room for the whole day searching for the best job on her laptop. She felt different amusing and horrible things in that room, like cups moving itself when kept and shoes getting dirty even after being polished, and much more. She was very terrified. She wanted to run for her life, but she couldn't. That only door of the room was locked. There was no window, even the walls were too strong to break. She wanted to make a call but signals were not there and she knew this all was done by a spirit. The manager of that house was a old, horrible looking woman. She thought that maybe that woman can help her. After some time the door was opened and she ran to meet that lady. That lady, instead of helping her, seized her and killed her with a scimitar. That old lady was soon jailed, but this cannot fulfill the loss Riza faced. Inspections were done and it was revealed that the old lady's son was Riza's friend and Riza broke friendship with him. And this was to take revenge with her. This was truly very inhuman act and that woman was given the death sentence.

    Thanks for reading the content. This is my another trial. Thank you for giving your precious time to me.

  • saraann1994 112w

    House Haunted

    Dilapidated shell resting against sky and earth, reminders of grandeur long past

    Wrought iron rusted red, gates sealed shut by deadly nightshade and disuse

    Windows broken, dirty, lost, whatever soul that once resided gone

    Cracked foundation and collapsed stairs make entry dangerous

    With only the bravest of ghost hunters daring to ease open doors on half hinges

    Darkness prevails, with even the sun and moon afraid to share their light in these halls

    Yellow wallpaper now peeling, stained brown by cigarette smoke and self hatred

    Furniture rotted to the core by black mold, left to breed in loneliness

    Height charts in doorframes resemble deep gouges left in the wrists of broken hearts

    Every mirror smashed in the rage of losing yourself in the void with blue eyes

    The only wish had was one of serenity, but all that answered was the devil with false hope

    Barren and used, nothing remains in this once glorious abode

    Scraped clean and left alone, with only the specters of a false life left behind

    Dancing forever in place where the heart once was, a home

    But now sinking into its own shallow grave, only the dirt left to comfort

    Suicide by willful neglect, house haunted, broken being slowly succumbing to time

  • kslakshmi105 115w

    Haunted House

    My soul is a haunted house,
    Filled with darkened memories, rusted and decayed,
    Frigorific wind of unfulfilled dreams swooshing through it's open windows and doors,
    And ghosts of beguiling thoughts chasing each other throughout its plundered rooms.

  • _ambivertwrites_ 121w

    The Lonely House

    I have become
    The lonely house
    That people gape at awe
    From the outside
    But never dare to visit.

    My mind is it's walls
    Rigid and littered with
    The cobwebs of my thoughts.

    Within it,
    Reside a thousand vermin
    My different selves
    My all-time companions.

    Above the cold hearth
    On the mantelpiece
    Photographs stand
    Collecting dust
    The photographs
    Of my beloved
    And my fond memories.

    I have come to appreciate
    This beauteous desolation
    This lonely house is;
    That I am.

  • wifey_suicide 126w

    Pray For All Of Us
    (May not be suitable for all viewers)

    Pray for all of us
    Pray for all of us
    Pray for all of us
    Pray for all of us

    I just spoke with the man upstairs
    But seems like he didn't care
    So I went downstairs
    Hell is the jungle
    And we're all it's Lion, Tigers, and Bears
    I wonder how Haunted Houses always give us a scare
    When we all been in one for years
    Suicide shouldn't even give us tears
    While we're not even honest about ourselves as we look into the mirror
    Hoping for someone else to come out
    But that's some witchcraft shit that nobody takes about
    I just spoke with the man upstairs
    But seems like he didn't care
    So I went downstairs
    Hell is the jungle
    And we're all it's Lion, Tigers, and Bears
    I wonder how Haunted Houses always give us a scare
    When we all been in one for years

    Pray for all of us
    Pray for all of us
    Pray for all of us
    Pray for all of us

    Now as we watch Kim Kardashian get a tan
    We fantasy about where our future will land
    Without doing absolutely nothing
    Just thinking it would just be thrown at us like some starving children
    As big shot makes through his way
    Gives out his money, like he just got paid
    But deep down that's because he got nothing better do with all the richest he got
    He already got all his blessings
    And with all his thots, fuck it
    Playboy they go to rot
    As their *meow* becomes just a jar of lube and a sock
    Because the dude is a pedophile and the whole neighborhood knows it
    His criminal record surely does show it
    But he hates the idea
    So he goes to the man upstairs
    But clearly that motherfucker didn't care
    So pedophile went to his closet
    And got his gun
    Waited for no sun
    As he smoked up his lungs
    Took one last look of the porno
    Now here he comes
    Running through the alleys just to come up at a Cathedral
    A thousands of people standing about
    That the pedophile shoots one bullet and everyone including the lights are out
    I just spoke with the man upstairs
    But seems like he didn't care
    So I went downstairs
    Hell is the jungle
    And we're all it's Lion, Tigers, and Bears
    I wonder how Haunted Houses always give us a scare
    When we all been in one for years
    Suicide shouldn't even give us tears
    While we're not even honest about ourselves as we look into the mirror
    Hoping for someone else to come out
    But that's some witchcraft shit that nobody takes about

    Pray for all of us
    Pray for all of us
    Pray for all of us
    Pray for all of us

  • voidofdespair 145w

    The house of horrors
    Full of terror
    The ghost lurking in the shadows
    Fingernails scratching
    A cold wisp of air lingering
    The screams echoes
    The bell tolls
    Children laughing
    The wolf howling
    Rattling doors
    Creaking floors
    Brave adults marching
    Into their own slaughter
    In this house of terror

    ©void of despair

  • authordonbeckworth 223w


    She came out of that haunted house
    Black dress, tattoos, stilettos
    Glamour on sweet witch's song
    Sung from a place I want to go
    Broken shutters
    Rotted plants
    Chipping paint
    Rusted fence
    Yet she oozes sex on the wind
    "Come home with me, you're such a cutie..."
    She says with bright green eyes
    I think I'll follow
    Like a puppy dog
    To that haunted lustful hollow
    Hold my hand hot demoness
    Pull me just behind
    So I can watch mesmerized
    Your firm supple backside
    Open door that creaks and groans
    Usher me inside
    Close us in the darkened hide
    Where I hope to release pent up moans