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    She was raging like conflagration but melting like candle
    This would not have been possible if it wasn't him to handle.

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    Secret he is

    His happiness is soaked in false things. His pain is understood only in the waves of the air. This is all his pain in a silent season. There is only cloth in alphabets.

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    He asked: "what do you want from me?"

    She said: "I want you to love me genuinely, at least once.
    Not in words like you did before, which I thought was love, It isn't actually.
    I know now.
    But I need to know that you loved me!
    I need to feel that you actually loved me!"

    To closure. To love. To me.

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    He Fallen Madly in Love with HER,
    Later he realised that she was just a cute Butterfly...!


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    The loudest sound I've ever heard is of my heart breaking apart on those sleepless nights


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    He is the type of boy who calls girls beautiful instead of hot and sexy.

    He is the type of boy who has conversation with girls instead of giving one word answers.

    He is the type of boy who brings chocolates when you're in periods just to see smile on your face.

    He is the type of boy who asks "you're all fine?" Instead of hru every 5 seconds.

    He is the type of boy who will call you again after you don't answer the first time.

    He is the type of boy who will check on you if you're sick instead of saying take care of yourself.

    He is the type of boy who will love you for all your flaws rather than asking you to change it.

    He is the type of boy who prefers long walks rather than long drives with people.

    He is the type of boy who says "good morning" and "goodnight" instead of gm and gn.

    He is the type of boy who says let's make your mood good rather than to say talk to you tommorow when you said I'm not in mood.

    He is the type of boy who do things for you he haven't did before.

    He is the type of boy to whom if you give a point of hope, he will turn the world around.

    He is the type of boy who will write so many poems for you just to see smile on your face even though he is not good in writing.

    He is the type of boy who can be funny, serious, romantic at the same time.

    He is the type of boy who will take you to the ocean of love if you give her spoon of love.

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    He is the type of boy who will never give up on you if he really believes in you.

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    He never asked. She stopped offering.
    The distance hung between them like solid glass. No matter her effort, she could never break through enough to fully capture his affections.

    His priorities were his egos. To many to count. She couldn't keep track of his emotional insecurities.

    Balancing what she wanted against what she needed was a losing game. Giving up wasn't her nature yet she forfeited by way of self-esteem.

    She valued herself greater then she loved him.


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    Last night
    He puts a smile on her face
    This morning
    She puts butterflies in his stomach


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    She was fair and square
    He was an apple of eye
    And love was done and dusted

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    He was a poem.
    Which she couldn't read.

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    We all know the essence of love, at least once in our life we all have fallen in love with someone somehow without even knowing about it. Yeah I'm pretty normal with romance genre but sooner or later you all have to face this.

    This story for sure is going to blow your mind by the end like what just happened. I hope so. Well please let me know whether you liked it or not?

    First part has nothing to do with this one! #hifil

    @mirakee @readwriteunite @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld

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    How I fell in love with her - 2

    Part 2

    "Hey! Finally, you're here," she said.

    "Yeah, sorry. It took me some time..." I replied, and side hugged her.

    I wish I could hug her tight and tell her that stay like this for a little longer; it feels really nice. It was just a wish.

    After exchanging a few words, she said,

    "We shall order something," and picked up the menu.

    "Yes, I want a coffee, simple and relaxing."


    "Oh, Relaxing! Ha... nice," she gave me a look.

    "Yes, and full of feelings. Whenever you take a sip- just feel its depth," I smiled.

    "I wish I could feel that much," she giggled. 

    At almost 7:30 PM, we decide to head back home, but this was the only time for me, I believe, that I might not get a chance again. 

    Again! Don't you think it happened with someone you already know- or- maybe not? Uhm, wait, I was talking about chance, but how should I ask.

    I was almost lost, and she was talking to me. I didn't even notice what she's saying as I was not present there mentally.

    "So, what do you think I should do?" Tanuja asked.

    "Hmm," I murmured. I was lost.

    "Hey!" she waved her hand in front of me.

    "Oh yeah, I mean, um... sorry..."

    "What happened? Is everything alright?"


    "Yes, yes... it's great-" I smiled awkwardly.


    "Hritik, what happened? Just tell me- I'm noticing you for long now- you're acting weird. What's the matter?" She looked directly in my eyes, and I had no clue what to say.

    "No, no, it's nothing like that," 

    Hell, why am I not able to tell her? God, I'm such a coward.

    "Listen, just speak up. Maybe this is the chance," she said calmly.

    I was completely numb after listening to her, and finally, with my eyes down, I let it out,

    "See, Tanu, I don't know what it is- it's just- just something unusual-you know-"


    "Okay, so, you can tell me, right? I won't judge you for sure," she said with vigor in her voice.

    Heavy breaths, heavy breaths, oh! But, but, yeah- I could feel my heartbeats now- but- this is the chance! This is the chance.

    "See Tanuja, I don't know how to tell you, but-"

    She kept her hand on mine, "Just say."

    I looked directly into her eyes, and said, "I like you,"

    She hummed, and I looked away, continuing with an exhale,

    "Tanu, see, it's not something usual to me, okay," and I began like unstoppable rains, "I just I don't know how or when it happened, but I just fell for you the moment I saw you in that market, around 5 months back- that was the very day when I first felt this emotion developing inside me. I am not exaggerating- I literally felt butterflies inside my stomach and had no clue whether I will see you again or not- but look at God's grace- you came to my college..."

    I paused for a while took a heavy breath, and started again, "See, I like you, and your presence is enough for me. If you do not accept me, that's obviously fine as well, but at least don't hate me either for this-"

    I said it all without looking at her eyes. Everything was quiet, and all the chaos vanished. The time was right there, still, for a couple of seconds when she was speechless, and then she said it all. My life changed in the matter of few minutes-- just like this, (finger snap).

    "Wow. That was awesome, so finally, you find your love," Rohit said.

    "Yeah, you can say that, in a way, maybe."


    "Ahaa, lucky guy."


    "Well, I guess, I should leave, I need to go to my spot, and feel that love, and her hand in mine." I smiled.

    "Yeah, please. By the way, for how long you guys are in a relationship?" He asked as we stood up.


    "We are not in a relationship." I smiled passively.

    "Then what about this time with her on your spot and all? I mean, you just said, you are about to meet her, right? And also that hand in hand thing-- What's that then?" He asked, shaking his head.

    I gave a suppressed giggle, "Well, I never said, we were in a relationship. Moreover, I never said, she was with me when I was telling you about all this." I looked at him, "Did I?"

    "Uhm...?" He was puzzled.


    "I think, you didn't notice that I always said, I felt her. Go back to the beginning maybe." I stepped forward, but turned, "And, I don't wanna' leave you with mysteries." I walked in front of him and kept my right hand on his shoulder, "That day she said, 'Hritik you're a nice guy, but right now, I want to find myself and don't worry, I don't hate you, but togetherness isn't possible as of now... maybe in the future." I looked down and sighed. 

    I smiled and went off.

    "Beautiful isn't it..."

    Seemingly endless sky was turning into pink, and then greyish, and steadily into ember red.

    Some stories are normal by the time you get to know what they really mean. This story was just a normal story of falling for feelings and feeling the person you love near you, even if they're not there in their physical forms. Have you ever felt this way?

    A story by Hritik vats


  • hritik_hv 1w

    We all know the essence of love, at least once in our life we all have fallen in love with someone somehow without even knowing about it. Yeah I'm pretty normal with romance genre but sooner or later you all have to face this.

    This story for sure is going to blow your mind by the end like what just happened. I hope so. Well please let me know whether you liked it or not?

    First part has nothing to do with this one! #hifil

    @mirakee @readwriteunite @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld

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    How I fell in love with her - 2

    Part 1

    It was in the midst of March. I could feel the breeze flowing with an enormous scent of peace; neither too cold nor too hot; the weather was just perfect that day. I was sitting on the cliff of a mountain, looking at the gloaming sunset; one of the most beautiful scenes one could imagine, but for me, it's beauty came to me when I felt her hand in mine; her fingers entangled in mine.

    Have you ever taken a sip of hot tea in chilly winters? It tastes darn good, right?

    I felt the same kind of satisfaction, and her head, resting on my shoulder, was the best moment of my life. Everything was simply so beautiful; the seemingly endless sky was turning into pink, and then greyish, and steadily into ember red, and all of it was just mesmerizing.

    Oh! I forgot!

    Yes! I totally forgot to tell you who she is?

    But you might have already guessed that, that she's, the love of my life, but, what if I tell you instead that, she's the reason of my smile; one who makes me blush each time her lips curve in happiness; one who makes my heart skip a beat and whose smile can drive me back to my innocence, again and again.

    In that case, you'll say, my story is also like any other story.

    Oh but, I forgot!

    Yes! I'm crazy like that as I once more I forgot to tell you, how I met her, and how that one great twist makes my story, not so general and instead, quite different from that-- 'like any other.' But it's a normal story.

    Let me take you to my love voyage; on a journey of falling in love with someone, too extraordinary.

    'You thinking, 'How and Why?'

    Well, you'll know soon. Keep reading.

    A few months back:

    Quite dramatically, I first saw her in the market-place, standing with her friends, laughing as she continued to talk. I cannot lie, but be honest here that, that for a while, I forgot about all the earthly ideas and debates. She looked like an angel from the heavens to me, especially when she smiled. The ordinary clock seemed like a lie to me, as everything slowed down, and in the fraction of a minute, months were passing by. It was as if I was part of some romantic Bollywood movie at that moment.

    I was standing there, helpless, and all I could do was to keep on staring at her. Don't think I was the one to be blamed here; someone should tell her as well not to smile like that. She was wearing a blue denim jacket and black-T with jet-black jeans.

    Appears pretty normal, right? But then, who cares when you know you’re already falling for someone.

    In the evening when I was alone thinking of her, I questioned myself, 'Why am I being so naive?' but then, I smiled again. I felt as if it was now when I was actually smiling- like my soul was assuring me that perhaps you would be happy this time.

    Time, yes! It is something that can change you entirely with no efforts.

    I thought that incident at the market was only a one-time thing, but then, it happened again.

    A few days later, when I was going to college, I saw her there. It was again dramatic or probably merely a coincidence. I never knew that she's studying at my college. Once along with friends, I asked my friend about her.

    "That girl?" He followed my glance and continued, "She's new here- recently got transferred to our college." Then he looked at me, with his brows still up,

    "Why? All good?"

    "Yeah," I smiled, "even better."

    Isn’t it weird that when you want to see someone badly and that person appears right there without any notice, like magic?

    Magic indeed was there in her eyes; her hazel-brown eyes that perfectly suited that wide-curve on her face. It made her look ever-beautiful. I was shy enough not to talk to her, but I was mad enough to stalk her, although not like a psycho.

    One chance was what I was waiting for, and finally, one of my friends, one day, introduced her to me. She smiled and shook hands. At that moment, I lost the battle of emotions with myself and got still for a while.

    Probably, It is natural to feel this way at such moments, I believe.

    As we shook hands, she smiled and uttered, "Hey, I'm Tanuja."

    "Ye... Hritik this side," I said.

    I don’t know why I was smiling like an idiot at that time.

    That evening, I remained lost in her thought. Within no time, I sent her a request on Instagram, and once that was done, 'When is she going to accept my request?' I kept asking myself.

    After an hour or so, a notification popped on my mobile's screen. Finally, she accepted my request. I immediately sent her a message:

    “Hey, sorry for today. Actually, I’m quite shy."

    After waiting for around five minutes, she replied,

    “That’s totally fine. Sometimes I feel the same when talking to someone new.”

    “Oh, really! Well now, it is kind of nice to know that, at least I’m not the only one.”

    “Haha. For sure, you aren’t.”

    And this chat became a turning point in my life. We started chatting daily, and I didn’t know about her, but to me, it felt like an achievement; like, I’ve won a struggle or something.

    Ever felt like losing everything in a snap? Well, it's something that I'm feeling like right now. Going to my favorite spot- a mountain cliff. From here, I can see the blue turning into red, and I can feel a mild breeze shutting down all the chaos inside my head.

    “And all this happened with us in one day,” I was telling her about an old incident.

    “God, you’re crazy! I’ve never done something as hilarious as this one-- awesome yaar!”

    “Yeah, well. Um...Hey, listen- can I ask you something?”

    “Yes, you can. You don’t need to take the permission, come on.”

    “Would you mind if I ask you to come out with me someday...”

    “Of course not. I will come with you.”

    “Cool then, tomorrow? Café Wink at 6?”

    “Why not! I will be there.”

    The next day, I was so stressed as if I was going for a battle. Well, in a way, it was its own kind of fight.

    Finally, around 5:27 PM, I left for the café. I was on time, and the most unexpected part was, she was there before me. I could see her waiting for me, and I was standing still on the door, looking at her. She was looking beautiful in her white dress. I was carrying chocolate for her. This happened almost 4-months after when we first shook hands. It was the first time ever that we were alone together.

    With each step I took, I felt palpitations of my heart like it's just going to come out. Heavy breath and sweat on the forehead- I could sense all of it happening to me.

    Once she looked at me, I waved my hand; I felt weird.

    It seems weird each time, and I realize now, you all must be waiting for the climax.

    Yeah, I'm like this as well. I just want everything to end soon, but wait! Some things are meant to be enjoyed, and felt deep inside; not to end too soon.

    To be continued......


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    Checking her dp and last seen
    Is that kind of job in which
    I didn't get any salary
    But it gives me some satisfaction

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    She replied 'I love you no more, why don't you understand '
    I understood
    But what about my heart?

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    He was broken,
    Doesn't mean he gave up.

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    . HE had resisted it.Yet..She crossed the limits..
    #love #pathetic #he #worth
    @kirisaki @standbyme @my_penz @broken_figments_of_imaginaiton @kirisaki

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    At last

    She had stabbed him since
    But this time
    She attacked his soul.
    He now couldn't resist flattering he's fine
    He now could've killed her
    He watched her..
    Grow into a monster
    So cruel..
    Still He carried her face in his last refelction.

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    She and He

    Who is she? to you
    She is my friend ❤️
    She is my love ❤️
    She is my best
    She is my gift
    She is my angel
    She is my message
    She is my moon
    She is my music
    She is my mirror
    She is my everything...

    Who are you? to her
    Just a guy