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  • vswrites97 1w

    कुछ तो कहो

    जितना कहेंगे
    उतना कम सहेंगे...

  • vswrites97 1w

    मेरा दर्द

    आजतक में लोगों के दर्द को महसुस कर अपनी कलम के जरिए बयां करता आया हूं फिर अपने दर्द को कैसे छुपा लू? नहीं ये मुझसे नहीं होगा...

  • whosthisgirl 3w

    Lately, I've been the worse version of myself. I do not want to hate but I can't help. Forgiving is not an overnight task. Ironically, at the end of the day, I will feel guilty. #heavy #frustrating #headache #mirakee

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    It's not easy to tame the hidden beast side of yours that has been awaken.

  • i_am_solanki_ritu 3w


    तुझसे ज्यादा तो मेरी चाय
    ने वफ़ा निभाई है,
    जब-जब हुआ तेरी यादों में
    सिर दर्द एक-एक
    घुट ने दी दवाई है...

  • lostsoul2894 3w

    मुसीबतों की जड़

    दोष दूसरों का नहीं, ना ही किस्मत का है.. बल्कि उसका है, जिसे जाने अनजाने.. हमने अपने जीवन का एक अहम हिस्सा बना लिया.. इतना, की आज उसे अपनी जान से भी ज्यादा संभाल कर रखना पड़ता हैं। #महंगी मुसीबत

    और एक सच्चाई यह भी है, इसके बिना आज के जीवन की कल्पना नहीं की जा सकती।


  • sanjeevkrpandey1998 7w



    Hope is negative word, And I hope

    I'll lose this PAIN , or gonna gain intensified INSANE
    Everything and everyone seems to be against me,
    like I'm in the opposite LANE
    I can't read the proper name of cylinder ,its INDANE.
    It's like the bombarding of bomb, in my BRAIN
    Like happened to kill Osama bin LADEN It’s exactly the SAME

    I’ve lost my conscious or I’m about to?
    I lost the battle, it was me again I , well I fought too !

    It’s sweating summer, but I’m suffering from COLD
    I’ve not crossed proper twenty, but now I’m OLD!
    I used to say my heart is prestigious and my soul is incredible
    Some read aloud the word written on my soul ! It’s “SOLD”
    I was in search of my last quote but it wasn’t available when I SCROLLED

    Who write when it’s the ache in the HEAD
    Who fights when it’s definite loss AHEAD

    Well i do this ALL
    I can see each brick of my room’s WALL
    I ain’t call Eminem is God , not Bohemia is legend Not Minaj is Queen
    I used to listen every hour but now I quit listening song at ALL
    I will leave everything , I will leave my body among Y'ALL

    I will leave my dead body among you
    I will leave everything on earth
    I will leave everything that is EARTHY
    But before that please let me make myself a little WORTHY
    Pandey ji is baar to tumne had hi KAR DI !

    The worth of mine should be at least one tear out of their EYE
    When i will go AWAY !

    I’m gonna BURN to EARN the tear of my CONCERN

    I’ll TRY that my heat will DRY the tear of your CRY

    With this if i won’t wake up whole DAY,
    Then this means God take up my soul AWAY,
    So from my side god bless you,
    good bye and have a nice WAY to get the nice DAY



  • _iankitsingh___ 9w

    Habits, Headache, and Jazz

    I am more, I've been thinking,
    It's been over thirty years.

    The first ten, were the formative ones,
    They say!

    Then the second half was all about, building morals and education.

    The third half is almost about to complete,
    I have a headache that won't go away, and a newfound interest in Jazz!


  • __chaitra__ 11w

    Though world makes me freeee.....
    Architecture coarse makes me busyyyyy

  • rishky 15w

    Two days of heartache is better than lifelong headache.

    - Rishav Sancheti

  • liathekitten 22w

    Holiday Break

    Christmas Day
    Board games and family fun
    Money for gift and family dinner
    New games and candy too
    I feel chill

    One day with friends
    Day of fun and jokes
    Of smiles and jokes
    I feel freedom

    New Years Eve Eve
    Every person to themselves
    Phone on or off ain't matter
    Skip sleep, skip lunch
    Put a frown, slow movements
    I feel numb

    New Years Eve
    Last day of game and fun
    Last day of mistakes and memories
    Unto a new day, a new year
    I don't know how to feel about that

    About what? No idea
    Maybe being the end
    And the beginning
    At the same time
    I suppose it's New Years Now

    It's like I'm a zombie, though
    Yet I know I'm totally fine
    I don't feel sad...just numb
    Or maybe I'm just tired..
    But..i'm not depressed
    Just lonely
    Or maybe I don't text enough..

    Theres a fucking difference
    Between being depressed
    And feeling distached

  • khushi_choudhary 27w

    You know what's the most annoying thing for me ? it's so known Now!... My headache... it's the most unbearable thing for me..but the fact is am Bearing it almost all the time.. uugh! it shift my work to later to more later and to never.
    it make me feel sick even though am perfectly fit.. Someone is making strange sound or any thing is just beeping me up in my mind.. Gradually it all make sense for me to get a good headache... Medicine , healthy talks are all waste. because it's cause is something different.. Differ from the Menstruation cycle that comes in a month and end soon... differ from all passing cloud people that come and leave ... and Ya! differ from my weekend test which end up! but it's just never over #Headache*whenever you pin me up with something that don't make efforts to make me comfortable it cause headache ... So bad So strong ,that i could not rid off it even after a healthy sleep... Headache is like a small heartic attack for me .. Whenever am broken ,whenever am overthinking and whenever i get alone, it ping me up damn so hard!


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  • ocram_polo 28w

    Another Day

    It hurts to see another day. Time moves along. It never seems to go my way. Right always wrong.
    It feels like I'm drowning.

    All this hate in feel, it's squeezing my throat. Reason I'm frowning. It's keeping me still, making sure i choke.

    Everything is falling apart and i can't do a single thing. All the help i get only remind me the same heart ache I'm in.

    I hate to see another day go by and nothing's changed, but what else can i do but sit , lay, and cry i will be the same.

  • shayra7 31w

    Please let me Sleep
    Take ur Memories with youu
    For God's sake


  • _poetry_queen_ 33w


    Reflection of my inner thoughts and personality
    Your words are photocopies of liar's promises
    Fire added to heat already inside of me
    But I know the way to out your flame even if your ruthless

    Masks and fences were all that surrounded you
    Preventing yourself from being an open novel
    But what if I decided to give you all you didn't do
    Then your heart may be in a path leading directly to trouble

    Patience is one thing that doesn't come with you
    Headaches, laughs and sleepless nights
    So despite all the obstacles they put you through
    Let me show you what it feels to be alright

    Lights, darkness and tempting desires
    Addiction to the agrumentitive temptations
    And now, even though i have outed the fire
    You are the one that has me inbetween patience

  • sarojinipradhan 34w

    Exam tension is moving around our Head ...!!!!
    This Headache is so painful

  • unsaid_feelings 35w

    You are Mine♥️

    You are my baby, my headache, my love❤, my smile, my frown, my wrong❌, my right✔, my pain❣, my happiness, my everything.

  • inihsrah 38w

    Oh my my my my my my this dialogue really make me cry colours and cushions part is so true ����❤
    #dialogue #kartikaryan #mirakee #mirakeeworld #relationship #headache #quotes

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    Kartik Aryan ❤

    Problem yeh hai ki woh ladki hai......aur kya problem hai
    Problem yeh hai ki main chahta hoon ki meri life mein koi problem hi naa ho
    Lekin agar meri life mein koi problem naa ho Toh yeh uski life ki sabse badi problem hai
    And bull shit she is worried yaar
    Usse toh celebrate Karna chahiye
    Because this is exactly what she wants
    Seriously yaar Aaj kal jab Bhi wo mooh kholti hai
    Man karta hai mooh mein kuch thuss doon
    Trust me yaar 6 mahine mein I have had it all
    Sab dekh liya maine
    Abbe kaunsa pyaar, Kaisi relationship, Kaahe ki khushiyaan?
    Relationship ka matlab hi yeh Hota hai to enter into your own happiness
    Uske bad all you have to worry about is
    Uski khushiyaan, uska birthday!
    Uske kutte ka birthday
    Uska new year jo kabhi tumhara bhi new year tha
    Inn ladkiyon ko naa koi khush nahi rakh sakta
    A happy woman is a myth
    Tu batman wali ko dekh le
    Saala jab tak batman nahi bana, tab tak bolti rahi
    Tum toh kuch karte nahi ho
    Naakara ho, napunsak ho
    Main tum jaise insaan ke saath kaise reh sakti hoon
    Jis din Bechara batman ban gaya
    Uss din boli, tum Toh batman ban gaye
    Arrey mujhe toh ek normal insaan chahiye tha
    Main tumhare saath kaise reh sakti hoon
    Sab saala naa in kahaaniyon ka dosh hai
    Bloody Bollywood romantic masala
    Ek ladka ek ladki dono ko pyaar hua, dono saath saath, film khatam
    Iske bad ki story koi nahi batata
    Iske bad ki kahaani main batata hoon
    Iske baad ladke ne ladki ko 2 din hug nahi kiya toh problem
    Hug Kiya to cheap ho rahe ho
    Itna Bhi achcha Nahi lagta
    Saali shopping khatam Nahi hoti inki
    Pehle cushion Aaye fir curtains aaye
    Cushion, curtain se match nahi kiye toh aur cushion aaye
    Mere ghar mein mug itne hai ki unko bechne jaun toh mahine ka kharcha nikal aaye
    Ek toh jo cheez kharidne jaayegi
    Woh cheez kharid ke nahi aayegi
    2-hafte dimag chategi ki table lena hai table lena hai
    5-ghante mall mein bitaa ke ek sadi si chappal utha ke le aayegi
    Aur Phir agle do hafte dimag chategi
    Table Lena hai table Lena hai…
    Office me kaam kar raha hoon
    Phone aa jayega
    Phone uthate hi bol deta hoon
    Baat Nahi kar sakta
    Kitna mushkil hai ye baat samajhna?
    2 minutes kar loge to kya ho jayega
    Arrey 2 minute kar lunga to tujhe kya mil jaayega meri maa
    Thik se to kar paunga nahi
    Aur iske baad I love you bole bina phone kaata to naatak
    Sabse zyaada dimaag ki dahi is mobile phone ne ki hai
    Katiya hi ghatiya invention hai saali
    Trust me I say patta hai saala patta
    Ek toh inke ad bhi dekho
    Lo Ji 1 paisa per second
    Aur phone karo.....Aur phone karo
    Arrey call sasti ho jaane se baat thodi na badh jaati hai karne ko...Phir iska jawab unhe bhi do...Tumhare pass baat kyun nahi hai karne ko

    You have lost interest in me
    Tumhe hmm-hmm hi Karna tha toh maine tumhe phone hi kyun kiya ? Arrey meri maa mujhe kya pata tune mujhe phone kyun kiya ?Jaake Bharti Mittal se puch naa...Tujhe main bata raha hoon

    Uss ad mein naa woh kutta nahi kutiya hai..Seriously shart laga sakta hoon
    Wherever you go, we follow...Tujhe kya lagta hai...Columbus ko pata nahi tha wo ke India nahi jaa raha hai aur galti se pahuch gaya?

    Nahi usko pata tha...Woh bechara toh kahin door jaana chahta tha
    Biwi ke chakkar mein bolna pada India jaa raha hoon...Nahi toh 10 sawaal puchti
    Kahaan jaa rahe ho...Kyun jaa rahe ho...Achcha tumhe pata bhi nahi kahaan jaa rahe ho?

    Seedhe seedhe kyun nahi bolte mujhse kahin door jaana chahte ho ?Aaj tak bechaare ka mazaak udaati hai duniya...Office mein kaam kar raha hoon...SMS aajayega...I love you
    Theek hai main Bhi SMS kar deta hoon...I love you too
    Iske bad SMS pe SMS shuru
    Abbe kaam kya karti hai office mein ?
    2 SMS ka reply mat karna
    Turant phone aayega

    Phone mat uthaa...Toh 10 minutes mein message aa chuka hoga...I don’t think it’s working anymore
    10 minutes mein Babu I love youse I don’t think it’s working anymore..And this is when they are not even down..Ab pata chala ye aadmiyon ko itne heart attack kyun aate hain...Aur yeh, gay bande itne successful kyun hote hai ?

    Because they don’t have a woman to screw their happiness naa...Log kehte hai naa behind every successful man, there is a woman

    But koi ye Nahi bataata ki behind every unsuccessful man, also there is a woman...Aur yeh toh koi bhi bata sakta hai naa ki unsuccessful logo ki taadaat...Successful logon se kayi guna zyada hai is duniya mein...Saala office me kaam kar raha hoon

    Keh raha hoon late ho jaaunga...Toh khaana nahi khaayegi...Phir bhookhi so jayegi...Arrey main keh raha hoon khalo toh dikkat...Kya karoon Naukri chodd doon?

    Phir saale ghar jaao..Pehle inhe manaao inhe khilaao...Inke baad khud ki bhookh toh waise hi mar jaati hai...Inn sab ke Baad bhi insaan kisi tarah...Kone me jaake shaanti se baitha hua hai naa chup chaap..
    Ghadi ghadi
    Kya soch rahe ho???
    Arrey kuch Nahi soch raha meri maa
    Yeh soch raha hoon tera mooh kaise band karoon
    Kya soch raha hoon
    Camera laga doon dimag mein
    Iss sab ke baad
    We never talk....We need to talk...I don’t think it’s working any more.....And main Tujhe bata raha hoon

    You cannot discuss anything with a woman...Because they call it a discussion..But any discussion with a woman is an argument...Aur argument mein toh tu boss unn se jeet hi nahi sakta

    Because of hum aadmiyon ki ek basic need hoti hai..To make sense in an argument...Ladkiyon ko koi farak nahi padta...Sense jaisi bekaar si cheez ki wajah se woh...Argument kaise haar jaye...Ek toh aaj ki baat pe argument aaj hoga hi nahi...Aaj ki baat pe jhagda hoga 2 mahine baad...Yahaan saala yaad bhi nahi hota hai 2 mahine pehle hua kya tha ?

    Ladkiyaan bacha ke rakhti hain...Yeh chota hatiyar nahi...Yeh bada hatiyar hai...Isse badi ladai mein use karenge...Tu kabhi try kar liyo khud ko sahi saabit karne ki...Tujhe lag hi raha hoga ke iss point se tu apni baat ko saabit kar lega..Lekin tabhi ek awaaz aayegi...Ungli neeche karo

    Tune dhyaan bhi nahi diya hoga...Lekin tumhari nadaan si ungli unki taraf point kar rahi hogi...And suddenly , the whole argument will flush down the gutter...Aur mudda ye reh jaayega ki

    How dare you point a finger at me? Kisne banaya yeh rule

    Kisne? Saala woh beech argument mein tumhe joota phek ke maar de toh koi dikkat nahi

    Lekin tum unki taraf ek ungli point kardo
    Saara mudda khatam...Wo sahi tum galat

    Shaadi se pehle woh nagin been kyun bajta hai, haan...Kyun ki band wala bhi tumhe chetawani de raha hota hai ki kaun aa raha hai tumhari zindagi mein...Inka signature tune hai woh..Ab yeh bata woh kya karne aayi thi tere paas yahaan..Same cheez main karoon toh

    Uske Kisi friend ko call karke..Ab yeh problems ginaau toh...Kahegi achcha tumne meri friend ko call kiya.Hmm hmm

    Tum unki sympathy gain karna chahte ho ? Why don’t you go and sleep with her? It’s ridiculous yaar !!

  • soulful_chik 38w

    Hey Migraine ,
    Why don't you just migrate?


  • soulful_chik 39w

    Isse pahle kabhi itna dard nhi hua shayad ��
    #headache #breakup #life #sick

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    Dear headache
    Please let's breakup


  • r_u_s_h_a_l_i 39w


    People come rushing into my life...
    No longer to break or destroy Me,
    But to help me touch that blue, blue sky.