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    And when it's finally dawn , the new chapter of life will begin...


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    My eyes knows those stories that the world haven't seen...


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    It's quarter past three, moon had finally made appearance in the sky with those smoky clouds after so long. I know it's still too small of it's phase that people might not even realize this for a day or so that amavasya has passed away and finally it's time to appreciate the beauty and peace moon have to offer.

    It's the moon that have been my companion for so long after you left, and not seeing it for days make me weak . I suppose I live in a world of my believes that truest form is the one which we never show to others , it's the one we live with at the times when we are alone . Tonight is one such night when my thoughts are rumbling up again and pushing my inner true self outside.

    Every night after 12 , if I am not asleep, I open my cell phones gallery vault , gazing you, admiring your beauty. You were my moon , I often told you so , believe me you still are , but I don't have any guts left to come and admire you infront of anyone but my mirror image .

    It's not that hard living without you, I mean I still breathe, I still eat, I still watch movies, I still go out with people on week-ends, and lot more . But is that all we need to live? I don't have answers I guess I live for the sake of living or maybe I am not brave like those people who commit suicide in the name of love.

    If you ever come across my path and hold my hand , you will still feel my pulse crying up for you . If you ever hug me again you might feel my heart beating fast with the same excitement of that of a new lover. If you ever make me rest on your lap again, you will see how I sleep peacefully like a child on his mothers lap. I imagine us in the space of no existence with such enthusiasm that I smile on my own thoughts sometimes.

    I know I have no fucking right to disturb you anymore, that you have chose to be happy with someone else, that you have finally found peace. But , I do have right to think about you, to think about us , maybe I will suffer a bit each day , but that's fine by me....

    Kindly let me know about my writings...

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    I started writing on the note that I would express you up a bit more each day, and here I am still wondering why everything ends with my imagination....

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    Things naruto taught me

    1. Society won't accept you most of the times , you will feel outcasted and alone. But having faith within yourself and moving ahead with smile will eventually make people recognize you.

    2. Everyone have their own hardships, and everyone have to deal with them to succeed. So rather then telling others about them , focus on how you should overcome those hurdles .

    3. Friendship and love both can change a person , so no matter what happens look up for your friends and loved ones.

    4. Believe in yourself and keep believing. And soon world will believe in you too.

    5 . Set up a goal , make it your aim and then work over it, don't divert from it even though it looks too far. Because if you are devoted to your goals then you will eventually achieve them.

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    Things Naruto(Anime) taught me...

    Part 1 ....


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    We crave for love,
    We talk about peace,
    Then why so much hatred lies within?

    -Deependra Bhatt

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    I have loved you enough ,that it still make we cry on the nights when I scroll down the old text, reading the false claim about the forever love you promised me.

    -Deependra Bhatt

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    I know you have moved on and you don't want me in your life , or moreover you don't deserve a loser like me by your side. But on somedays do you compare me with your new love ? Does this thought ever cross in your mind that yes whatever time we spend together I did my best to live up to your expectations. Or, in the end I just didn't had any impact on your life and therefore not worthy enough to be part of your memories...


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    Hate love
    For being so
    Cruel over those people
    Who wanted it to stay with all of their heart...


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    It over. Now that you have left me , it's over for you to come back . It's over for your memories to disturb me . It's over for our love to flourish. It's over for my feelings to exist. It's over for our promises to stay stubborn. It's over for hope to shine. It's over for me to think so hard .

    I dont know if it is really over or not, but I wish it would be as easy as said...


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    I feel love has the power to change the world, but its attraction that has held us back for so long .
    We try settling for things which we consider is love, like falling for someone at first instance, texting someone at 2 'o clock at night hours, or being wished good morning and good night everyday. Love isn't just the good time period you spend with someone. Love includes hardships , love includes sacrifices, love includes pain, love includes suffering, love includes sadness, love includes every single emotion. Considering love only as happiness is a myth, it's just attraction , after all we all get attracted to lovely and happy things.

    Love is vast like a ocean don't make it sound like a drop of rain....


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    Hope is a very fine thread, without any scope of further knots.

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    A neonate girl just born in a village,
    Whose faith is unpredictable,
    Due to rivalry of ideas among adults,
    Is difficult to write about.

    A girl aged 16,
    Who hadn't been hit up by puberty due to ill- reasons,
    Who is being bullied at class for her looks,
    Is difficult to write about.

    A girl aged 20,
    Who was raped, and brutally assaulted,
    Falling a victim of depression,
    Is difficult to write about.

    A girl aged 22,
    Who fell in love with a guy at her college,
    Lost her virginity in the name of trust,
    And then was left ,
    Given reason for being just another girl.
    And who still thinks of him as her love,
    Is difficult to write about.

    A girl aged 26,
    With a degree better than his husband ,
    Who was forced to marry ,
    Due to orthodox customs,
    Who now collects wood to run the lamp,
    Is difficult to write about.

    A girl aged 28,
    Who is being beaten up in the name of dowry,
    Who cry silently at night,
    But holds up to marriage because of her children,
    Is difficult to write about.

    A women aged 35,
    Who waits for her drunk husband to return,
    Looking eagerly at the streets around,
    Hoping that he is still fine.
    Is difficult to write about.

    A women aged 50,
    Whose child is half her age,
    And is being forced to go through same hell as she,
    And still remains quiet ,
    For the sake of customs of family ,
    Is difficult to write about.

    Women who are hard to write about,
    Are the one who live there lives,
    In the village unknown to maps,
    Living many roles in just a single life,
    Are the women difficult to write about...

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    Womens who are difficult to write about...

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    I was born with it,
    "A weak heart " ,doctor said.
    Well he was wrong about it,
    Its 24 years since then and I am still running in the streets which were once considered a horrible pathway
    For my soul.

    So back when school had reunion groups at eve,
    I used to paddle my cycle slowly to the roads
    Leading to the big old banyan tree.
    "A CURSED BANYAN TREE " , to be precise.
    Afterall this is what the people around the area said about that tree.
    But who care, I needed a companion and so does this tree.

    Lying between those roots,
    I used to imagine the beautiful things in life .
    Motivating myself, to be the best.
    Setting examples which were a mere shade of my

    Maybe these things and I had a lot in common,
    And they taught me if they can, then why cant I ?

    Moon taught me that, to look beautiful I had to start by growing slow, till I am like it , big ,bright and beautiful!

    Banyan tree taught that, to look strong , I have to take path like no one did before, and dig my roots myself .

    Sun taught me that , its ok to pause for a while before taking a step forward . There will always be another day.

    The Stars taught me that , its ok to burn sometimes to light up others to prevent them from going in dark.

    Books taught me that, there is always something new to learn.

    Mountains taught me that, I have to hold my head high amidst the passing difficulties.

    This is what it is , a short , precise way to mention ,

    All glory comes from daring to begin.

    I chose my imagery to help me move ahead, and here I am inspired and happy, I guess this is the best glory ...


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    All glory comes from daring to begin..

    - Ruskin Bond

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    The night sky looks different today,
    Moon is hazy due to the clouds,
    And yet it's still the most beautiful
    Among any other elements forming up the sky.

    Moon makes me remember you,
    The beautiful you.
    How you used to manage to look beautiful
    Even though my friends knew
    You were the girl ,
    That sucks love from hearts ,
    And make people suffer in ways unimaginable..

    Moon makes me think of you,
    Wolves must have been in love with the moon,
    And now see how they long for it, every night.
    Just like me whom you have drained thoroughly,
    Yet wondering how long do I have to wait,
    For you to return.

    Moon makes me imagine you,
    Moon fades other,
    Even the bright gaint stars whom light it steals ,
    The moon fades it all .
    Just like you who was but my mere projection
    Of beauty.
    But still you outshadowed me.
    Maybe few things are meant to be,
    To be left burnt ,
    To make others suffer the least.

    Moon makes me think of you,
    The moon grows with phases and fades with phases ,
    Just like you,
    Who showed me love in times of your need.

    Moon makes me think of us,
    The stars , the wolves and me .
    The loyal losers
    Aren't we???


    @mirakee, @readwriteunite ,@writersnetwork

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    Moon makes me think of us,
    The stars , the wolves and me .
    The loyal losers
    Aren't we???

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    I am just another guy,
    With lean body ,
    And short height,
    Dusky tone,
    And not so cool smile.

    I am just another guy,
    Who is shy,
    With less friends,
    And not so amazing life.

    I am just another guy,
    She said she feels lucky to have,
    But gets rejected,
    On the basis that ,
    I am not her type.

    I am just another guy,
    With million dreams ,
    In small eyes,
    But not worthy enough ,
    To stick to anything or anyone in this world of lies.

    I am just another guy,
    Who wants to be like those
    Lucky guys .
    With great number of friends,
    And such a happy life.

    Before you ask me anything else,
    I just want you to know ,
    I am just another guy.
    The guy who is but a shoulder for others
    And meant to be passed by.

    Do you still wanna know who am I???

    #positivity #quoteoftheday , #pod

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    A girl from the other day asked me,
    Who am I???

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    Are you ready??
    Are you ready to be the part of my journey.
    Journey through metaphors, imagery and certain punctuations.
    With easy words, but heavy emotions.
    Mixed up well with love and hatred.

    I promise ,
    I promise to look right into your hearts
    And then pull out the madness stored within.
    I will unleash you , the real you, the broken you.
    And maybe I will try to mend your pain.

    How long was it when someone asked you,
    Are you fine?
    How long was it when someone knew that
    Your smile was meant just to cover up for you
    In the world of back bitchers!
    How long was it when you talked to yourself
    And told yourself that it had been enough already.

    I will keep everything raw and transparent
    Between us.
    You can open up to me,
    I promise I will not judge.

    So are you willing to spare your time,
    If yes , then hold my hand
    And let me take you to a place,
    Where we all are alike.
    Where we save each other.
    Where we are true to ourselves and other.

    This is the world of salvation .
    Would you like to join???

    #healedbywords , #pod
    @mirakee, @writersnetwork , @readwriteunite, @bluebird

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    This is the world of salvation .
    Would you like to join???

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    I know you dont care,
    But bare up with me for a while
    And listen to what I have to say

    "I HATE YOU..."

    You must be relieved by now ,
    And thanking god
    That alas in the end ,
    I finally stopped hoping to be with you.
    That I finally stopped blackmailing you with the idea of love .

    Before you jump into more such conclusions,
    I need to tell you that I lied ,
    Yes I lied,
    To make you stop and stare,
    To make you remember those flickering memories,
    To make you reimagine me,
    To make you feel that love isn't something that just waves away with the wind.

    You can call me a lier now,
    But that's one trait I learned from you.
    You lied about loving me,
    And I lied about hating you.
    It's up to you to balance and decide
    That whose lies weighed more.

    #healedbywords #pod
    @mirakee, @readwriteunite, @writersnetwork, @bluebird, @tomorrow_is_amazing

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    I would like to let you know that,
    "I HATE YOU... "

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    I knew I was meant to fall apart,
    That my heart was meant to get broken,
    Just like those dried up leaves which
    Eventually falls off after serving their purpose.
    Afterall my purpose in your life
    Was fulfilled.

    I held a significant purpose in your life,
    The purpose to transform your rusted heart,
    Into a full fledged loving machine again,
    The cost of which I told you
    was just a mere time of yours.
    I used to think that this was enough
    To make you believe that love has the power to heal
    If you meet the right person.

    But nevertheless my work
    Of healing you
    was considered as
    A act of harming you.
    Rumours spread worse than forest fires,
    And if the one spreading the rumours
    Is a girl like you,
    Beautiful as an angel
    But sharing a bloodline of a monster ,
    Then these rumors become
    Destruction of the person who did nothing wrong at all.

    If I just stop beating around the bush
    And conclude my net results ,
    Then you will know for sure that
    Cost of healing you wasn't
    just a mere time of yours.
    It costed me more than that,
    Its something that I dont mention often.
    For it might make me look
    Like a sympathy seeker .
    Well today is the right time to say so
    That ,it cost me my heart,
    Which fell of in pieces after
    Restoring yours .
    But thats what happen when purpose
    Of something or someone is fulfilled .

    Anyways it hurts , and that matters a lot in
    The end...

    #writersnetwork #pod
    @mirakee, @writersnetwork , @readwriteunite @thereshamsharma @bluebird @fairytales_

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    Rumours spread worse than forest fires,
    And if the one spreading the rumours
    Is a girl like you,
    Beautiful as an angel
    But sharing a bloodline of a monster ,
    Then these rumors become
    Destruction of the person who did nothing wrong at all.

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  • umbraa 35w

    Last time I checked our old chats,
    I could see deceptions running in your words.

    Last time I checked our photographs,
    I could feel that I was not supposed to be next to you.

    Last time I checked your account,
    I could see how happy you looked after dejecting me.

    Last time I checked my eyes,
    I could read every lies without any spects.

    Last time I checked my skin,
    I could feel the the irritation that your touched caused.

    Last time I checked my steps,
    I could feel my foot trembling.

    Last time I checked my heart
    I could feel hatred within it.

    Last time I carefully examined every aspects,
    I knew it was me who lost everything...

    Minutes ,Hours, Days, Months , passed .
    I knew the cause of my deterioating mental health was you. There are minature versions of you, feeding like a parasite inside every atom of my body.

    How do I feel about it was the last thing you inquired and like I said, I am all numb, all blank.
    All I can do is congratulate you, for giving me experience of this yet other emotion called "blankness".

    #healedbywords #pod
    @mirakee, @readwriteunite, @writersnetwork @thereshamsharma

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    Last time I carefully examined every aspects,
    I knew it was me who lost everything...

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    This is how I had always been , people had always called me a slow learner.

    Back until last year I used to think of life as some sort of a automatic paddling cycle, meant to move on and on. Death for me , was just another word mentioned in textbooks...

    Last night amidst loneliness engraved in darkness , I discovered life was more than that, not just a continuous event , but a series , with death at end of each phase.

    At 5 years of age childhood dies.
    At 10 years of age innocence dies.
    At 15 years of age kindness dies.
    At 19 years of age teenage dies.
    At 24 years of age love for others dies.

    Its what I have figured out till yet.

    But I am quite sure , death has equivalent role in every phase of life, its the ultimate fate sealed fate though, but at certain age we face a bit of it.

    #death #pod

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    Life comes with the ultimate sealed fate, called death...

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