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  • keep_the_desire 18m

    जो लोग अपने माँ बाप के सगे नही हुए वो तुम्हारे क्या होंगे।

    ©आरज़ू सेठ

  • megaththenral 13h

    If the beginning is not one,
    There will be no end to it.....
    If there is no end, there is no beginning required....

  • megaththenral 13h

    Every problems have starting and end point,
    We only find out where it's starts,
    We are the one decide how it will end...

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  • dreamer_4 1d

    A fool.. a big buffoon..

    As I broke the hearts of people.. I adored..
    I broke myself even more..
    I thought I was a brute..
    Incapable of love.. understanding.. warmth..
    Who had mastered not having feelings anymore..
    And hurting people nonchalantly..
    But I was only
    But.. a fool..
    I hurt.. people.. I adored.. and broke..
    only myself.. in turn.. over and over..
    I believed.. I was the victim.. all along..
    That it was them.. who were brutes.. incapable of love.. empathy..
    Who only knew how to hurt me..
    But I had been wrong..
    all along..
    Like a fool.. a big buffoon..
    And yes.. regrets.. now engulf me..
    As I am left.. all alone..
    Without the people I adored..
    Having broken their hearts..
    Having been wrong all along..
    Having chased them away..
    and hoping that they might still stay..
    Just like a fool..yes..
    a big buffoon..

  • tenderkisses 1d

    Her wounds took time to heal but yet she still pondered, but alas exposed again with a new kind of pain..
    She licks her wounds once more and listens to the ocean lap the shore with comfort to her..

  • nazeefism 1d

    Have you ever fell in love with your bestfriend??

    #nazeefism #heartbreak

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    Hum dost hii theek the
    Na jaane maiine
    Khamkha itnii ummide kyu laga li thii

    Shayad iss dostii ke junoon ne
    Yeh btaya hii nhii
    ki Hamare khayal badal bhii sakte haii

    Ham dost hi theek the
    Jo waqt-waqt par milte
    Aur bass kuch baate karke apne ghar ko chale jaate

    Na zyada Shiqwa rakhte
    Na hi Shikaayat

    Bass milte
    Thoda apne haalat ko bata ke haste
    Aur thoda tumhare jaan ke rote

    Ham Bass dost hi theek the
    Ham dost hi theek the


  • oddgoddess 1d

    You yearn for me
    Are you willing to learn from me?
    Please don't turn from me when I show you all of my shades Blues and hues that don't seem inviting

    I hope they're to your liking and if not that you'll learn to love them

    Your demons were touch starved nights and honey-dipped lies
    I can love them to silence so they don't torment you when you close your eyelids

    Your skeletons can be mine and still kept private
    Love doesn't have to be sulfuric acid
    That's not how I want to break down your walls

    I want to grow in love
    Not fall

  • anetita 1d

    If Only

    What if I was the happiness you deserved, but never chose to know?
    What if our bond was so deep that it sunk into our bones?
    What if our time together previewed a saga untold?
    What if we never even gave our story a chance to unfold?
    What if we go our whole lives trying to fill a void?
    What if that hole could have been filled if we loved instead of destroyed?
    What if you were my one, and I was yours?
    What if we wasted all our energy fighting this war?

    We could have peace if we tried.
    No wasted years, or any more tears cried.
    Help one another see, where once we were blind.

    In the end...
    If it's meant to be, it's only me you will find.


  • raghuwanshi 1d


    It's weird what love do to you,
    Not able to pull myself through
    Whether I unwantedly want you
    or wantedly unwant you.

  • hrm_dapsalmist 1d

    Notes and Coats

    Hey there,
    I'm not sure why I'm here,
    Neither am I certain you'll get this note.
    Either ways, I'll leave it in the seam of your coat.

    Hey there,
    I'm very heavy, inside and outside.
    An empty feeling sits deep within my guts,
    Crashing along are waves of inexplicable emotions.

    Hey there,
    I don't know what I'm doing,
    Maybe it's because I let myself down
    Or because you vainly raised my hopes.

    Hey there,
    I'm not sure why I'm here,
    Neither am I certain you'll get this note.
    Either ways, I'm still lost and can't find my way

  • poetrynowar 1d

    It Will Take A Lifetime For Me To Recover


  • kemella 1d

    It used to be fast replies
    But now it's just cheap lies
    You used to make me smile
    Now you like to watch me cry
    You used to call me baby
    Lately you've been acting shady
    But tell me
    Is it me?
    Am I not pretty anymore
    Is it my voice?
    Does it irk you?
    I'm so confused, baby tell me what to do
    Did I get fatter, did I get leaner
    Did I get smarter, did I get dumber
    Please talk to me
    I miss us
    I miss what we used to be.

  • solemnmystery 2d


    I start my day with your thought,
    End it remembering you,
    Still folks ask me do you really loved her?



  • soram_1410 2d


    Is this word really exist?
    Is it even possible to do so?
    To walk away from some one who was not part of your life but who was your life
    Is it possible to forget all the memories you have gathered ?
    Is it possible to be on the same places with someone else where you have spent best moments of your life with that person?
    Is it possible to hold another person's hand and forgot the one with you have spent many nights by just holding hands under the sky?
    Is it possible to feel someone else inside you when you have spend thousands of days and nights with loved one?
    Is it possible to kiss on someone else's forehead when you have spent your whole life with the

  • paulwrites 2d

    #poetry #heartbreak #lostlove #poem #poemoftheday #writersnetwork #anxiety #depression

    Sitting on the back porch
    Staring up at the nighttime clouds
    Voices in my tortured head
    Once quiet become too damn loud
    It seems I can barely separate
    The truest facts from painful fiction
    And now thoughts I never wanted
    Cause nothing but endless friction

    Why won't it rain so I can dance
    Every worry into the darkened sky
    Above my head the stars laugh at me
    As every memory makes me cry
    And I just want to let it all out
    Every feeling I can't express
    But if I can't find peace of mind
    How can I even begin to rest?

    Sitting on the back porch
    I think I feel the beginnings of rain
    But no it's just those returning tears
    Little drops of falling pain
    I turn my head hopelessly skyward
    Trying to see where it all ends
    But it just keeps traveling on and on
    Lost loves rarely return again

    By paulwrites March 2021.

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    Back Porch Poetry #1

  • snehadas_css 2d

    I know you're looking at her,
    She's beautiful,
    I don't know what she looks like,
    But if you're interested,
    Like you said so yourself, she's definitely special,
    She stands out of the crowd,
    You say she's out of your league,
    But what if something was actually possible between you two?
    Would you still not take a chance with her ?
    You would of course...
    I wonder what she's like,
    You said you did like her, there was some potential,
    And honestly I'm just jealous of her,
    It hurts, I don't know where to go with my feelings,
    I'm like a homeless without a home,
    No place to turn to, no place to go,
    It hurts to know that you like her,
    It's just that you don't believe there's a future with her
    But what if there was?
    (Sneha Das/ChristySeraSwiftcc)

  • myquerencia 3d

    Broken Promises

    Now I'm waiting at our ledge
    Just like every night
    Waiting for you
    Like I've always done
    Promises were made to be broken
    Just like our memories
    Not a wave not a hug
    Not even a goodbye
    Followed me like a shadow
    Just didn't know when that shadow slipped away
    The hands which held me
    Hands which held the lines of fate
    Now seem empty
    You used to show me the stars
    Now you're gone to live with them
    Hoped to make it to the other side
    Maybe the chance just slipped away
    Were quick to grab an opportunity
    Maybe not fast enough to catch a proper grasp
    You told me you hated when I cried
    Slowly you became the reason of my tears
    I was begging you please don't go
    You just left in an instant
    All that's left now is half broken memories of our ledge
    The one true time I hold on to
    Now maybe you aren't with me
    But just know, I'll always be waiting
    Run through the distance and spaces between us
    To find you, wherever you are


  • solemnmystery 3d


    First movie together...

    She :- Are you ok?
    He :- Hmmmm.........

    ( His nervousness of living the dream moment gulped his words. All he could speak is hmm. That moment was so precious for him, he kept watching her for the entire time. Her mere presence made him the happiest person. )

  • dreamer_4 3d

    A long shitty poem about loving someone..

    If you're ever truly mine..
    I will live.. every day.. just to see you smile..
    And for that smile.. I know I'd travel to the moon and back..
    Yes.. that line's a bit tacky..
    and maybe even cheesy..
    but my love.. trust me..
    you do make me want to fetch the stars for you.. travel to the moon.. and back..
    If you're ever with me..
    it will be a wonderful feeling..
    to see you beside me.. and smile..
    as we walk beneath..the moon and the stars.. under the damp street light..
    all alone.. just the two of us.. with me completely dazed..
    with your hand in mine..
    And if there's an ocean.. I find..
    I will take you there.. and run from you.. and hope you chase me.. cus baby.. I never want to run away from you..
    but to you.. into your arms..
    and hope that you catch me..
    hold on to me..
    and never let go..
    because I know I won't.
    And if you're ever mine..
    I will live every day just to see you smile..
    cherish you as flowers cherish the sun..
    as the night.. cherishes the moon..
    If you're ever truly mine..
    I will live everyday.. just to see you smile..

    Till then.. I hope you know..
    I love you..
    And I will always love you..
    Even when you fall for someone else..
    Even when someone else catches your eye..
    And makes you want to be with them more than you've ever wanted to be with me..
    I love you..
    And so then, I will let you go..
    For a person who will make you so much more happier than I ever possibly could..
    If she is the one you want.. yes.. I will let you go..
    And I will still be yours..
    Even though you may not be mine..
    The world may call me a fool..
    But I will still worship and adore you..
    And even then.. you will still be the only one I see.. in this whole wide world..
    with millions of people in it.. yes.. I will still have eyes thirsty for only you..
    Because.. I love you..
    And I will always love you.
    And every day.. I will miss you.
    wonder about you..
    And if I ever have the chance to love you.. like you're mine..
    I will.
    And like you once said, I will soak my soul in efforts to never make your heart ache too..
    Till then.. I will simply wish you stay..
    And hope that you know.. that I loved you..
    Intensely.. passionately.. madly like a loon..
    to the point my heart aches.. and almost breaks..
    I'll hope you know.. that you're the air..
    I breathe everyday.. to live..
    that darling.. you're really all I need.
    that I lived and breathed..
    just for you..
    just a glimpse of you..
    just for the want of your warmth..
    just to hold your hand..
    just to be around.. you.
    Oh.. darling.. trust me..
    you're the reason I even exist.
    you're the best thing that's ever happened to me..
    And if you're ever truly mine..
    I will live everyday..
    Just to see you smile..