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  • the_speccy_outsider 12w

    We often find ourselves in the middle of nowhere. What'll happen, is the prime question our mind holds. I feel, our mind is the more pragmatic one. And our heart has the vault of emotions and desperation. Desperation of finding a place to hide when it is pitch black out there and a dazzling rain is pouring. With the sound of thunder calling and intimidating its predators.

    Perpetually hoping that this rigmarole is ephemeral and that the iridescent hues of rainbow will shine its optimism onto the little fighters. As failure is the last thing one expects after going through this tedious fight with our inner demons. We do fail, sometimes, but not always. And those sometimes are hard. Remembering the kind of situation we are in during that phase, our body starts to shudder.

    It ain't an easy task to face failure. But there are various stress busters that help us cope up with this. A catharsis it is, allowing us to bare our soul and ask for a silver lining. A saturation point is nothing less than a daunting nightmare.

    However, in the middle of this, our heart yearns to rant about this preposterous situation life puts us in. And how correct it is, a true cathartic procedure to rant about our opinions, feelings, emotions, thoughts, etc.

    Maybe the night won't let you sleep today, or even tomorrow but you can't keep going like this. The only person you are hurting is you. The day does arrive with everything that is merry and scintillating. It is the night that calls for a showdown. But listen to your heart and don't give anyone this power of snatching your happiness, contentment and harmony.

    Ranting, through words, written or spoken is effective. It is an art though, and hence few are able to handle it. This helps in releasing the unnecessary doubt and chaos. Making us crave, not just for a bright sunny morning but also a peaceful night.


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    Picture credits: To the rightful owner.

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    A catharsis is only possible
    If one knows the art
    It ain't an easy task
    For the ranting heart needs
    To agree on the same

  • _winterkid 14w

    I don't know what I am writing may be too awful to read or too silly to look upon. But I wanna do it cause it's the need of my heart right now speaking total loud and tough to my brain that God damn it start inking and assemble words with all scares stumbling your voice and hands.

    Why the moment we find happiness it vanishes or rather gets halt and turns into unsolved, arduous situations or troubles? I didn't hope for a second life but a second chance for first love but ended up in first love with only life now owned by her, the girl I am madly in love with not for just the moment. However, from the time I saw her till the time I see her again for the very last time which comes in every one person's life.

    I never thought of being so good in narrations and poems proses and many literature arts I learned but in reality, got through her cause If it wasn't her I wasn't here or I would be somewhere else thinking about the happenings that occurred in the past time. But meeting her I just think of the future presently even though her presence doesn't rest in a kilometer area distance and you know why Cause I don't want her to come over any harms or pains caused due to me which could not only give her pain but a broken trust of one she named as the best she could ever have. You love someone and they love someone else no worries we could do that I understand and will wait for the day she will again say that I am the best she ever has and want to have for the rest of her life along with her side.

    It is a hope for many and an expectation for other many people of society, world numbered in millions out there for help and sometimes to curse but listen to me carefully and clearly, I can bear it all cause I have her inside me and I live with her in my heart and love her with all my heart.
    So, if my distancing makes her life happy and cherished will be doing it every time without giving her a chance to ask me for it.

    Stating the truth does hurt but do acquaint us with the extent of a person, thing, and many other which would fit into your little heart-pumping red blood to live the life you have with all satisfaction of either loss or win.

    P.S- Grey's Anatomy again made me lived the nostalgia of times I used to stand for what I have and still do the same but now it's a little bit frightened soul feared of losing you even though the dreams are weaved with your presence making me sleep for a while when I cannot even call you to wake me up when it's morning with sleeping over the call for the whole night listening to your silent breaths reaching to heart as the soothing tone to pump out the oxygenated blood.

    #heartsaysc #redc @writersbay
    the line, written in the background created from the script of grey's Anatomy series Episode 8 season 16.

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    State the truths, even if they hard to confront, the phrase my heart often says

  • preetkanwal 15w

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    #writersnetwork @mirakee
    Image credit goes to Sergio Silveira

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    If my heart could speak,
    it would speak about
    it’s beautiful journey of life.....

    /singing aloud the song of fall/

    Picture credit......Sergio Silveira

  • santor_674 15w

    If my heart could speak, it would perceive my poetries and question me, why you serve to scribe your feelings when I lay by your side to grasp the bleedings of your soul and let it out to the sky , and weaving them into a million bitty shimmering stars !

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    If my heart could speak..

    If my heart could speak, it would let out words that never utters when your dreamy eyes linger to mine and I would just vanish into them, while my heart throbs me towards you and pour out words that plunges into you and your heart gallops the moment it catches , and grasping up the words , our hearts bound to hover upon the contentment of eternity!

  • bclark2681 15w

    Voice of My Heart

    If my heart could speak, it would
    Admit to being at times sad, it would
    Boast to being full of happiness, it would
    Flutter about being in absolute love,
    And it would speak about my joy of
    Writing and deciphering poetry, as I
    Attempt to create a piece that will capture
    Your heart so it can speak of my poetry

  • zoya_charmz 15w

    "Peace" is the word that has been erasing in a barbaric way full of nuisance. Yes, it's a guilty feeling within me and I can't take it any longer. The paradise I am looking for has never been existed or might have existed earlier I never know. I'm in a state of solitude indeed.

    Cacophonic voice of the crowd haunts me now everyday and as I can't hold myself, unwillingly start to pump faster and I instantly suffer breathlessness. Shivering out of fear and dull, fatigue I might look then but certainly I am nevertheless a fighter inside.

    I'm a plumpy organ made up of various muscles but the softness inside me is still breathing. The deep branches and lining balances the gravity of my inner soft corner which still lies in your bed of innocence. I crave for the beam of light and never the unreasonable darkness of sorrow in reality.

    I wanna live, smile, laugh till the end. I feel like the most enthralling journey of my life is at stake whenever I see the gloomy face after the end of days. I am a living creature though and I wanna share a bit of me. I can ease your violent impulses. I am thus a beautiful entity.

    // I am more of love, I am being myself all through my persisting journey.
    I'm within you~I am your heart~I'm undefined.
    ❛I AM❜ //



  • wilmaneels 16w


    I wish you would treasure me more
    I feel torn at times
    It's not even because I am fragile
    I just wish you would choose *us* more
    Don't let them walk all over your soul
    Say no
    Walk away
    Don't explain yourself either

    Choose you
    Choose me
    Without having to give a reason

    ️Your heart has spoken

  • wanderingmind_2k4 16w

    #heartsaysc @writersbay

    My heart would tell me
    To stop listening to people
    To stop filling my glass
    With the wine of overthinking
    Making me dizzy

    My heart would tell me
    You are precious
    and believe who you are
    Love you for you

    My heart would tell me
    I am there
    When you find yourself no where
    I am there
    Where you yourself don't feel aware

    My heart would tell me
    Dont torture yourself
    You are like a rose
    Full of beauty
    So don't wither away
    And bloom your fullest

    My heart would tell me
    Stop thinking about the shadows
    After the darkest hours
    The light would shine once more

    My heart would tell me
    Kindness is a flower
    Even after getting plucked
    It remains an alluring beauty
    So don't feel bad for being kind

    My heart would tell me
    Don't fade away in loneliness
    Don't let your demons take over
    Shine through the crowd
    Scare your demons away

    My heart would tell me
    Trust yourself
    When no one else does
    Believe in who you are
    And for the things you do

    My heart would tell me
    Discover the shades of your love
    Pouring your love
    To find a rainbow

    My heart would tell me
    Stop looking for happiness
    and be happy in the moment

    My heart would tell me
    Be friends with happiness and sadness
    They create a string of moments
    Don't let one them take over
    Destroying the balance

    My heart would tell me
    These moments are knitted into a sweater
    A sweater for the age of old
    Warmth in the times of cold

    My heart would tell me
    Don't end the life in the journey
    You will regret not seeing the beautiful end
    As life is like a video game
    Tough but worth it!

    My heart would tell me
    To stop trying so hard
    You deserve to have some rest

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    If my heart could talk


  • wanderingmind_2k4 16w

    #heartsaysc @writersbay

    If my heart could talk:

    1. It would tell the darkness it has seen.
    2. It would explain in all ways it was broken.
    3. They would start believing me.
    4. It would tell the suffering it went through with each beat.
    5. It would sing the melodies of tales never spoken of.

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  • ratha_virus 16w

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    #witersbay #heart
    #women , #genuine_readers


    Core in the chest
    Lie a small heart
    Numerous detained veins of love
    Of her with him, torn apart
    With his demise on the battlefield

    Paused! Predicament,
    Empress,wanted to be hailed,
    Veiled her face with fake feelings
    The war, tormented her,
    To hear the mewling of the one in the womb

    Unnoticed! Hideous look,
    Grostesque clothes, covering
    The bleeding ground, her belly.
    Heart's already wounded so hard!
    Hard to face the plethora of mortals.
    Unknown malisons spat on her face
    Heart's aching with the dilemma,
    Whether the child? Or die?

    One man army, the mother!
    Most difficult battlefield, her womb
    Opponents are ruthless,
    Poking her stained heart,
    Coronary arteries torn apart,
    Blood sheds without a clot
    Gash, chiseled
    It's the most painful aciurgy!

    No knives that shred. But the
    Society's poker cards piercing,
    And tasting the blood of helpless!
    Lesions are about to tear
    Veins are the hawsers that grasp it

    Infront of the ordnance of mouths of society
    Don't know, to whom she should whine
    Feelings bottled up flowing
    All over the cold body with blood
    Mouth, sealed. Eyes, closed!
    The truth is unknown,
    Until the maimed heart speaks!

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    Maimed heart


  • 300roses 16w

    I'm your Heart

    I'm your heart,
    I live in you.
    I have something to say.
    Do spare a little time
    to hear me out.

    Go gentle on me,
    I'm not as tough as I seem.
    I'm fragile like glass.
    When I'm thrown out carelessly,
    I would shatter into pieces.

    Go light on me,
    I'm not as spacious as I seem.
    My capacity is limited.
    When you pile burdens on me without cease,
    I would collapse under the weight.

    Go easy on me,
    I'm not as tireless as I seem.
    I need my rest & beauty sleep too.
    When you work me hours on end without break,
    I would drop from exhaustion.

    I'm your heart,
    I live in you.
    Do cherish me
    " I'm you & you're me "


  • _still_in_mess 16w

    What is symphony of died emotions?
    Pain, guilt, regret,damaged heart,
    Bleeding with triggered survival
    With reassurance of trust
    Blooming with scents of dried petals

    What is metaphorical presence of heart?
    Symbol of love ,
    Flesh bleeding with purity,
    And then it's presence in veins
    Ironically poison the impetus breathe.

    What is arcane of tears?
    Multiple ambivert clouds around,
    Breathing to convey ,
    Right lucid love aura of living,
    Pairing to read the therapy of life.

    //Painting the life just to somewhere find love and somewhere bury the lies/ hate in grave of death//


    #heartsaysc #writersbay

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  • veloc1ty_ 16w

    Stupid: ✅
    Cheesey: ✅
    Temporary: ❎


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    If my heart could speak, she'd be the only topic it would ever speak on. Coz that's what it has been doing for the past year, going on and on about an angel it saw through my eyes, an angel too good for a mortal where my heart lives.

    If my heart could speak, it would keep blabbering about how love is the only thing that flows through it. No, not blood, but it's her who is pumped in and out through the atria and ventricles. Even the map of my heart reads " Muse city ".

    Each variation of that map has a different image of her, and it's pretty obvious that she looks good in all of them. Each set of heartbeats observed through a sound meter spells out her name. So when it's beating, it's nothing but chanting her name.

    If my heart is allowed to speak even for a minute, it would seem like a minute of advertisement about her or a campaign that's been run in her favour so she keeps getting elected again and again coz my heart can't stand the sight of another girl.

    If my heart could speak, I won't listen to it coz my heart is what they call a rotten egg or a disloyal friend. Although it lives inside my chest, the loyalty it shows is only towards her. And even though it beats regularly, it's not for me but for her. My heart is a leech and I am what they call a suitable host for this parasite of love.

  • bonitasarahbabu 16w


    If my heart could talk,
    She would tell me to open up.
    My heart would tell me to take a chance,
    And would remind me that she is strong.
    My heart would tell me that she can handle it,
    More cracks and breaks, she can take it.
    My heart wants me to be happy,
    She wants me to give love a chance.
    My brain says no,
    But my heart says yes.
    I'm at the crossroads,
    I don't know which way to go.
    My heart is encouraging me,
    I just don't want to deal with the pain anymore.
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  • inked_selenophile 16w

    If my heart could speak,
    then it would have screamed all the chaos which I hid.


  • anvaya 16w

    Hug From My Heart

    Hey, I know things are a bit hard
    Some days you feel a bit low
    Sometimes you feel depressed
    Like no good would ever follow

    Life may suddenly look mundane
    Every day feels just like the same
    Nothing seems to cheer you up
    Every activity looks lame

    Heart aching nostalgia
    Of the golden old days
    Stress and uncertainty
    About life's next phase

    Walls and screens
    Have painted your life gray
    Days just pass by like it's
    All work and no play
    Don't worry, it's okay
    To sometimes feel that way

    Sometimes it's okay to complain
    Sometimes it's okay to whine
    And sometimes it's okay to tell yourself
    Everything's gonna be fine

    It's okay to take things easy
    Curl up with a book and read
    Pamper yourself with pizzas
    Or scroll through your favorite feed

    It's okay to just be with family
    Or give your bff a ring
    And sometimes it's perfectly alright
    To just not do a thing

    Don't be too hard on yourself
    Give yourself time and space
    Just do whatever it would take
    To put a smile on that face.

  • mirakeewrites_ 16w

    I am crumbling under the weight of pain you hide,
    I have been dying of breaking all the rules you abide.
    Hasn't it been long since you thought about you and not them?
    hasn't it been long since you forgot to stich your dreams with the thread of self love you used to once hem?
    Hasn't it been long since you held colours in your eyes?
    Hasn't it been long since you told yourself and others truth not lies?
    Hasn't it been long since you smiled with all happiness from inside?
    Hasn't it been long since the path of love and happiness you even tried?
    Hasn't it been long since my garden had fresh blooming flowers?
    Hasn't it been long since you talked to me for hours?
    Hasn't it been long since you out a band aid around me ?
    Hasn't it been long since you lost the goal.you were too eager to see?

    Its been too long, all my broken pieces lay shatterd on ground,
    They broke so silently without making faintest of sound.
    There are so many scars some new some old,
    So many unheard secrets I still hold.
    Its been winter for long in here,
    I have been searching spring , yet its no where near.
    I bleed of hate, I reek of pain,
    Only a few things keep me sane.
    You know when you write, it feels like light,
    nowhere near but at some height.
    It. gives me hope that one day,
    Althought when uts hard ti say.
    I may see the spring ,I have been waiting for so long,
    I may find the right rhythm to life's every song.
    Maybe my broken pieces turn into a beautiful mosiacs some day,
    I may again breathe love and pump hope in the veins,
    Maybe someday I can happy again when it rains....
    Maybe, just maybe can you break me free from the chains of expectaions and duties just for a while?
    Can you please give me a tint on happiness, if not a laugh maybe the faintest of a smile??

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    Oh my heart!!!
    It sometimes tell me thing I don't want to hear,

    Some stories unheard of it whispers into my ear....

  • pen_to_paper 16w

    Sandy coloured shore
    salty water seeps into the ground
    daddy's strong iron hands pounds
    the soft sand
    my tiny hands rolls and molds
    the mud into solid walls
    together we build castles in the sand

    a cool breeze kisses my cheeks
    bucket and spade plays hide and seek
    under a heap of sand

    we build roads that moves uphill
    so high you can see tomorrow's sky
    through mountains big and rivers deep
    seagulls squawk as they quarrel over breadcrumbs left in the middle of the street

    we watch as the water ebb
    the rainbow coloured umbrella sway
    to the rhythm of the wind
    seven waves peeks out of the water
    like clouds formed the day after
    a heavy downpour

    I look at daddy and I smile
    as he picks up one seashell
    holds it gently to my ear
    I hear the ocean's laughter

    we decorate our castle
    with pebbles and pink and white feathers
    we gathered on our walk moments before

    It's not one of those Victorian style castles
    you will find at the end of a magical fairytale
    daddy and I built it from scratch

    right now as the gleaming sun
    opens up its mouth to say hello
    as daddy stretches out his hand to hold mine
    is the only thing that matters not time


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    //if my heart could speak it will say; "right now, matters more than you will ever be able to perceive"//

  • madhushree 16w

    If my heart could speak...
    1. It would tell people who make faces when they see me to kindly stay away.
    2.it would tell my best friend that i have been broken many times.
    3.it would tell my parents that i will and shall be a very proud daughter till my last breath.
    4.it would say to my sibling to start living life with all vigour.
    5.it would say to my old crush that thnx for giving me a lesson for life.
    6.it would say to my old bestie thnx for staying the same admist many phases.
    7.it would say to god that i m lucky to have this life soundly.
    8.it would say to love that come with a meaning or don't.
    9.it would say to muse that continue to inspire me.
    10.it would say to me to never give up....
    #heartsaysc @writersnetwork @writersbay #pod

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    10 things
    That my heart would speak..

  • _nida_ 16w

    @writersbay I just love you prompts, but my pen doesn't cooperates these days��

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