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  • ydv999 19h

    बेबसी क्या है ? लाचारी क्या है ?

    दुनिया के सारे गम सहे ज सकते है पर बेबसी का गम कभी मत लेना ।

    #helpless #lost #faithless #low #emotions #original #father #responsibility #afteralongtime #spreadlove #help #parted #silent #silence #feelings

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    बेबसी वो एक एहसास है जो आपको तब होती है जब आपका चाहने वाला किसी चीज को चाहता है और आप उसे वो दे भी सकते हो ।

    पर वक़्त कुछ ऐसा है की आप वो ख्वाहिश पूरा नहीं कर सकते।

    बेबसी उसी को कहते है मेरे दोस्त ।


  • soulless_fearless 1d

    Can u help me
    Can u save me
    Do you even feel me
    Hear my heart scream
    Begging you to help
    Help my trapped soul
    Trapped in this gloomy suffocating atmosphere
    Hold me hug me make me feel
    "It's going to be alright"
    Because I have lost all my hope
    To survive


  • alloutlife15 1d


  • mho_zeta 1d

    The Gun

    There's a gun.
    It's pointed at a girl.
    It's loaded,
    I know because I heard the click and the bullet fell noisily into it's chamber.
    It's probably the only one-
    Not to harm many but only one.

    She seems placid and a little beguiling
    She smiled too.
    Does she know something that nobody else knows?
    Her glistening eyes hide secrets
    These secrets will forever be hidden I know,
    I will keep it that way.
    "It's ok ", she barely whispers.
    Why do I feel so calm?
    I feel light, as if airborne ,
    I seem to be soaring away from all the hate and chaos-
    I am rising above the petty world of Man.
    I feel limitless. I feel Free.
    Is this happiness that's shrouding me?

    And then with a sudden jerk I come back,
    I stand face to face with her
    The gun's still loaded and aimed to hurt
    It will hurt, won't it?
    There's fear now.
    I can hear the rhythmic thumping of my heartbeat, gradually quickening its pace.
    There's adrenaline flowing through my veins
    I feel the gun's weight,
    My finger finds the trigger.
    "It's time" I say,
    Her eyes are strained on mine,
    I smile.
    She is me.

    And then there's the loud deafening bang.
    As the darkness descends, I am well aware that her secrets are there to stay,
    Just as promised.
    Nobody would know her pain.
    And the mirror shatters just like her broken soul.


  • bhargav_ 1d


    Love is not blind
    Human are
    Love is not connection of hearts
    Its the connection of moods

  • nightingale28 2d


    You are my inspiration, you always know what's the best
    You are the reason with peace i would rest
    You always help me fight away my fears
    You always know how to wipe away my tears
    Your conscience and compassion, teaches me how to live
    You teach me how to be kind, to forget and forgive
    Your beautiful soul is the closest to my soul
    You help me out when my emotions aren't in control


  • myemmagination 2d


    Friends are someone that actually wants to be there.
    When you're sad,
    And even in agony.
    Friends will be understanding.
    Friends won't act like your friend and use your opinions against you.
    They wouldn't twist your words then tell your friend something you probably didn't mean or didn't say correctly.
    Friends wouldn't be going, "Sucks to be you" when you're stuck.
    They'd help.

  • myemmagination 2d

    I've grown to not care, since that seems to be the norm here. #there #alone #betrayed #cries #help #sympathy #abandoned

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    I was there
    When you cried,
    And fell.
    When I cried loud enough for you to hear,
    Screamed for your ears only,
    Hid in obvious places,
    Ran to you,
    And fell in front of you,
    You weren't there.
    Where were you?

  • lonely365 2d


    He walks up to me, but I don't want him to. He just keeps coming for he must intrude. Intrude my mind, intrude my thoughts and all my nightmares he continually haunts. What do you do when your demons come for you? Mind, body soul..Do you act a fool? He's come to speak to me, what do I say? He's come to mold my mind like clay...I don't know where to go, I don't know where to run. But he just keeps coming closer and closer, his footsteps like the beat of a drum. My heart syncs to the steps I hear. The closer and closer it becomes abundantly clear. I have nowhere to hide, I have nowhere to run. So please just pray I don't pick up a gun.

  • zina_zoo 2d


    I'll teach you
    how to get through
    the hard times.


    Believe me,
    it's all you need.

  • caliginous_9 2d

    Kabhi kisi ko mere aansu dikhe toh batana us insaan ko gale lagana hai mujhe


  • fieryblizzard 2d

    Often times it's the strong ones who need help the most,
    Because whenever they truly need help and ask for it,
    They're either taken lightly, a simple pat on the back and a quick "you can do it, you're strong"
    Or simply brushed aside since people assume that they'll easily get over it because they're "strong",

    Just because we're often strong
    It doesn't mean we Always are

  • mara_pain 3d


    Tears in my eyes,
    Where do I start?
    Who do I run to?
    I'm ruined,
    My depression is back again.

    Not good enough,
    I feel,
    Tears soak my pillow,
    I can't take this,
    I need a razor,
    I just wanna cut,
    But instead I take my Bible.

    No one to help me but God,
    No one to run too only God,
    Bills need to be paid,
    How will my landlord understand?
    Understand that I lost my job.
    But in God i trust,
    That everything will be fine.

    How will my bills understand?
    How do I pass this test?
    God why this hard exam?
    What's happening to me?

    How do I go back to my father's house?
    A looser I'll be,
    How do I face my self?
    Did I come this far to give up?
    God help me please.

    Show me a sign,
    Help me father,
    This is a cry of help,
    To you my God,
    Please hold my hand.

    You said you have great plans for me,
    Plans of welfare and not for evil,
    God you said it in your Book,
    That you will never leave me,
    Father you promised not to forsake me.

    Here I'm God,
    Once again,
    On my knees,
    Writing this letter,
    Inform of a poem,
    To you.

    I'm nothing without you,
    I'm lost without you,
    I'm a nobody without you,
    I can't do without you,
    God this one more time,
    Answer my prayer.

    I'm knocking on your door,
    I'm asking for your help,
    I'm seeking for your assistance,
    God you promised to open the door,
    To provide for me,
    God you told me to seek and I shall find.
    Please don't turn your face from me God.

    God you told me,
    To cast all my burdens to you,
    And you will sustain me,
    You also said that,
    You will never go back on your word,
    I trust in You Daddy.

    As I summarize this prayer,
    Deep inside I feel answered,
    Deep down I feel it,
    God is working behind the scenes,
    He is making a way for me,
    I trust and believe in Him.

    This is my cry of help to my God.

    Life is a series of Pain.

  • mara_pain 3d


    Alone I'm,
    In tears I cry,
    Why me? I ask,
    Why me?
    Not good enough I feel,
    And again I'm asking for help.

    No one to hear me,
    No one to listen to me,
    Its killing me inside,
    And a mess I'm,
    Death is calling me.

    This demons won't stop,
    The pain won't go,
    Should I slit my wrist,
    And let the pain go?

    I need answers,
    My anxiety is killing me,
    My demons want me dead,
    I want to end it all.

    I'm drowning in my pain,
    I'm screaming and crying,
    Asking for help,
    And the people I care for..
    Are just watching me die.

    Life is series of pain.

  • the_adultoscent 4d

    People say 30s is the new 20s.
    Honestly, I have no clue how that works because personally I feel 20s is the new 60s.
    I literally FEEL it.
    Fight me.

  • myemmagination 4d

    At least I can feel the illusion of you caring. #help #weak #regret #fake #fakelove #fakefriends #pain #chance

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    She reached out her hands in a manner of weakness,
    "You have to give me another chance."
    My gut,
    "She'll hurt you again."
    My hand,
    Reached out for them.

  • humalien 5d


    Do you care about those who spread rumours about you? ahhh???

    then,y the f**k you are getting sad about the rumours!


  • mansi06 5d


    Don’t help people in exception of getting help while you will be in problem.

    You should not be proud of helping people, you are not doing any favour on them by helping them it’s your responsibility to help them as human being

  • dark_imagination 5d

    Yayyy I changed the colour.

    So I have some tEa.
    My stepmum and dad found out I was cutting when they found a fucking blade in my room. Yay. I kinda have lied my way around it but they had evidence I was cutting so yea. But now my stepmum is like I have to tell my actual mum and stepdad because they "need" to know. But it would be better for them to hear it coming from me. So guys will you please help because what the fuck am I supposed to say? "Hi, have you had a nice day? Oh by the way your daughter is a selfharming slut. Just thought you would like to know," LIKE WHAT THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSED TO TELL THEM?!?!?!?!?

    #selfharm #aethetical #aethetics #help #advice #helpme #parents #ineedadvice #tea

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  • sharpie 5d

    #sleep #deprived #high #mania #college #student #help
    Sleep deprivation is my favorite drug.
    You need rest to function and fully appreciate the world around you. Get some rest and stay calm, kid. You've got this.)

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    H I G H

    Did you know that when you get really, really tired, your body goes into defense mode?
    You see, you need sleep and rest to keep going, so when you refuse it, you have to compensate.
    You need something to stay awake, and maybe you don't have half a gallon of coffee.
    Your brain fixes this by overproducing several chemicals, many of which are also produced when you are high.
    You should be tired, exhausted even.
    But you are A L I V E.
    Wide awake with bloodshot eyes and a hypersensitive body; every cell is more energized than you could ever recall.
    You're so full of good brain juices that you don't know how to react.
    Endorphins are pumping throughout you, like an electric charge of ecstasy.
    That's a word for it: ecstatic.
    It's incredible, let me tell you.
    It's like everything just goes away.
    It's like you can finally function again.
    Have you ever felt like you're so slow and heavy during the day?
    Like you can't get much done?
    Welcome to the mania of the sleepless, my friend.
    You'll get so much done.
    For starters, you don't sleep over two hours, and you're too nauseous to eat anything, and you're eyes sting when you look at your phone, so you'll be focused on the stuff you need to get done and you have so much extra time.
    College essays, science papers, photo edits, Art assignments- it's all so easy.
    Besides, that kind of "high" triggers this drive in you.
    You're brave and bold and you don't want to sleep now; so much is getting done and it's so damn powerful.
    The feeling of being free for once, the feeling of having everything done and now, you can do anything you want; and then you use it to get ahead.
    Coding lessons at 3AM.
    Finishing the plot for your next novel at 5AM.
    So what if you look like a mess?
    Your classmates won't go as far as you.
    Hello, MIT.
    How's it going, Harvard?
    I'll do anything, I swear.
    I am invincible.
    Such a pity it can't last forever.