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  • adimishra02 1w

    Hey Unknown,
    This not a passage, no shoot for the glory
    Maybe you do, but I don't have a story
    An uncooked platter, ideas nonetheless
    You keep stirring, while I digress

    I am a emotion, it's all I have even been
    They keep on amassing, lately it's been lean
    I think they had a falling out, seems silence won
    The tyranny fell, as others succumbed

    No, this once, I am not stepping out to battle
    Gonna wait this out, there'll be no war cry
    No, finding alternative bout
    There'll be dust sitting down, while I stay still
    Till I come in terms, with this gap to fill

    #here #abyss #emotions

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    Hey Unknown,
    This is not a passage, no shoot for the glory
    Maybe you do, but I don't have a story
    An uncooked platter, ideas nonetheless
    You keep stirring, while I digress

    ©Aditya Mishra

  • adimishra02 2w

    My heads throbbbing, my hearts aching.
    And it not gentle, it's a strong tug and I keep falling in this abyss.
    At the dismal sight, I see you.. I see you reaching out
    But I am never gonna catch it, hold your help
    As I did see you tug me down, here
    And here I will stay.

    ©Aditya Mishra

  • malavikavipin 5w


    Much harder than you ever think
    Much harder than you ever wish
    You are there in the mist of pain
    You are there in the pile of trash
    No one sees you as I do
    No one could feel you as I do
    Yes, I do still...
    Yes, still I do...
    I do for you, for me
    Just one more time for the sake of love
    I will do it in a new way
    For the sake of us, fair!
    Much harder than I could love
    Much harder than you ever wish



  • your_self 6w

    Is Communication important in our lives and why is that so, if at all it's been indulged with the self !

    Here is a fundamental scripture of words flowing across you're activities, signs, mails, memes, posts, texts and lot more to one other or a group of people. There are certain ways in expressing out you're message, simultaneously the potion making sense because of enthusiasms, anxiety, excitements, anger, happiness take you along with the moments carrying you with feels making it.

    Dependingly when you're current situation - is out of track you may sight the attention with anger, sorrow.., If the same situation is carrying it's path in a peaceful manner, you would be definetly enjoying, joyous lot more.., So you're actions are taking place and reacting in forming up a relationship with any being in it's way.

    Most of the being's in this beautifying globe is found with many species interacting with their mediums and having lots of things in common, which would be differing with expressions, looks, sighs, movements, verbal, non-verbal speaks etc..,

    Terminology in understanding the concern towards every being creates some feeling, lots of emotions carrying it and maintaining the standards with you're humbleness, ability to listen, reach your message without harming, genuineness, responsibilities, patience, confidence.

    Adding some things which lack upon any conversation recreates the presence and absence for the reality wherein that absence of you're presence remains until you're next arrival with the words and quality to you're feelings in expressing out some point of view actually matters.

    Best reward out of it creates a satisfaction in progressing with the quality of being to reality. Understanding emotions and carrying the feel of speak to it's actual peak in reacting depends upon you completely.

    Uniqueness of talk which make you walk along with the words in reaching to a certain destination is been decided by you, so beware of you're being because the lost second couldn't be returned back to it's original form. Broken glass could never be the same but after creating it with a new version, that speaks with the presence of handling cautiously.

    Lot of seconds awaiting for you to make your being for this reality and I hope the best to come out of you in the process of gaining successful victories for being you're path of all the parts of life in a successful and significant.

    Be successful in flourishing with the control towards you're words.


  • quarantinistani 8w

    And Then

    Then is Now.
    Now was Then.
    Now is Here

    and will never be There,
    for There will be another Now
    and this Now will no longer be Here,

    for it will have become Was
    and what Was 
    can never again Be.

    So Be Then in the Now,
    for it is the only Now you have
    and the only Now you know,

    the only Now that matters
    before it too becomes a Now that Was
    and will never again Be.
    © Goro Moto

  • sonususanv_ 10w

    #"Our life is an unpredictable one."
    Are you 1 among the people who think so...?
    #Here are some of my thoughts on LIFE.
    I feel that atleast 1 of these might be experienced by you too..


    " Life, it is not always what we expect.
    Usually, expecting is our greatest drawback,
    Expectations may lead to disappointments.
    At the same time,
    Life has it's own way of surprising us.
    The best moments of our life happen,
    When we least expect them.

    We never understand the importance of something,
    When we have them.
    We understand one's value,
    when we lose it atleast for a second.
    And that's what is seen in these days,
    Where we all are going through these
    tough times due to Corona.
    Now, at this moment of social distancing,
    We have understood
    the value of socializing with people.
    We have understood how close we were,
    with our neighbors , friends, our offices,...
    and the list never ends.
    We miss our rides in our cars, bikes...
    We have learnt to use our resources
    For our needs and not for our greed.
    In the meanwhile, we spent time with our family.

    Life has its own way of teaching us.
    Whatever problem that happens in life,
    It will definitely have a solution.
    So whenever a problem comes,
    Tension is never a solution.
    Stop wasting time,
    thinking why the problem is haunting you,
    Instead, think...
    and you will surely end up with a solution.

    We are human beings,
    And Mistakes do happen in our life.
    No one in this world is perfect.
    Each one has their own flaws.
    Experiences in life, is our best teacher.
    These experiences mould us.
    We are who we are today,
    only because of these experiences.
    Never blame yourself for the past you had.
    Be happy that you could come back from all those
    And became the person you are right now.

    Live the present moment to its fullest.
    cos... It's a blessing.
    Today can never be enjoyed tomorrow.
    Be happy and thankful
    For all the blessings you have received.
    Pray for all your needs.
    If it's God's will,
    He will surely hear your prayer.
    If not,
    The best is yet to come.
    So keep smiling,
    And enjoy this wonderful blessing,
    'The Unpredictable Life'. " #life #inspiration #thoughts

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  • walkerofpaths 10w


    Deep blue skies,
    I'm soaring,
    Wind so cold,
    When you're this high.

    Watching from my perch,
    I see the whole earth,
    As it dies.

    I see the movement,
    But I hear no sounds,
    This far from the ground,
    Up is down.

    I think I'll stay here,
    Away from all your fears,
    Watching from the edge,
    Of the earth.

  • nancybhardwaj19 11w

    I was here. -T.F
    I was here too. - V.M
    - All the bright places

  • user_unknown 12w


    Don't waste your feelings in someone who's only intention is to make fun of your feelings

  • love_your__life_18 15w


    Wo Jo Mera Tha....
    Woh Sirf Ek Bhram Tha ...


  • aka_natasha 15w

    Let Me Stay

    Let me lay by you
    You can lay by me
    Why do you hide
    I know you have needs
    If you care, let me stay and lay by you.
    Don't say no and to go.
    If you care, let me love you
    If you care, love me for the rest of your life.
    📷 💋 ❤

  • love_your__life_18 16w


    So true to love here...

    So fake to live here...


  • next_to_newworld 17w

    #here is one life for everyone so enjoy ur life from ur heart ��

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    Zindagi ek safar hai
    Ek esa safar jaha
    Har insaan ko
    Ek ese daur se guzarna parta hai
    Jo daur unhe
    Sahi maino mai
    Zindagi ka matalab samjha deta hai..
    Isi safar ka dusra naam hai

    Iss zindagi mai har insaan ko
    Apna aapna safar tay karna zaroori hai
    Ek safar jiska koi naam na ho
    Ek gumnam
    Ek anjan sa safar jaha
    Akela hi aao ja sakte ho
    Koi bhi sath nahi hota
    Yeh zindagi aapka hai
    Koi aapki iss zindagi ko poora nahi kar sakta

  • sometimestheworstme312 19w

    False Loyalty - Betrayal - Hurt

    Thought you was my Everything.
    Turns out, your Nothing special.

    And here i thought that i was the bad guy,
    Always apologizing for your Mistakes.

    "Amazing how blind i was."


  • amrutha_writtings 19w

    Flying time

    Time is flying away..
    Like literally its on the speed jet..
    Everything is going to so different..
    Though marriage is a blessing..
    But moving out from your family sucks..

  • nikitapaul__ 19w

    A confusion !!

    He said do you know how painful it is to say i love you and not hearing it back??

    And was that a question or a confession....
    And now he left me in this confusion...


  • pa_luck 21w


    How has home been, boy
    the study lamp, on a stand by
    a crushed paper, sitting outside the bin
    How old has this all been

    The peeling paint on the window frame
    the falling curtain, still hanging same
    bedsheet worn out, from not being laid
    How long has been the collar, frayed

    With no more a routine to step out
    and set up a routine, all around
    the fingers that run for the switches
    How it always, stays beyond the reaches

    The kitchen table, the only chair
    that fixes you, near the flames
    at times when food figures a mood
    How did it water the withering, solitude

    A distant tree, that grew old from a distance
    never made you doubt, it'll ever be gone
    and while you are back, unemployed
    How has home been, boy

  • sometimestheworstme312 22w

    You were my peace

    For that one quick moment,
    You were here.
    But you didnt want me.
    No longer present, sadly.
    Chaos and defeat, thats all thats left.



  • mrspectacular 24w


    There she was,
    Sprawled on the floor.
    Lifeless, in death's cold paws
    He must have been having a galore.

    That beautiful bright day,
    She had left her home full of life
    Everything was okay
    Not an iota of strife.

    Arriving her office space
    She gets herself in the day's mood
    A few hours later, she steps out of her workplace
    With intent to prepare lunch food

    Getting home, her loving husband gives a welcome hug & kiss
    After which, to the kitchen she moves
    While there, trying to cook up some cuisine bliss
    And put her husband on the enjoyment groves

    A call comes through
    To the office, she has to return
    Her food is yet to be ready, what can she do?
    This is no fun
    She pleads with her loving husband
    To understand the predicament
    But unfortunately she is dealt an iron hand
    For such a request-statement.

    For the first time in a marriage so good
    She got a hit from him
    And for what? Unreadied food.
    She gives a scream

    And escapes from the raging fire
    In her husband's heart
    Her vehicle she does fire
    And a course to her office, she does chart

    Upon arrival
    Her bruise, she does conceal
    To avoid upheaval
    Or the secret of what just happened, reveal

    Having a heart condition,
    Badly affected is she by the issue that transpired
    She however, has no premonition
    That her life is about to become expired.

    While trying to move around
    To catch her breath
    She slumps to the ground
    To her death.

    A few hours later
    A staff of the establishment
    Enters in with some work platter
    To her astonishment

    Her boss is on the floor
    Half dead or dead she cannot tell
    She opens the door
    And gives a loud yell

    Other staff rush in
    Confused on how to go around the case
    They stand around as if taking in the scene
    Then one of them rushes out of the place

    To get the police on the line
    The call succeeds
    And before long the office is given a cordone design
    And investigation proceeds

    Upon investigation, the husband is picked up
    Put under arrest on account of the issue that transpired between them
    He is locked up
    With the belief that it was from the issue, her death did stem

    But it actually was not the case
    On her way back from the house
    She was involved in a near accident while returning to base
    With this, her heart found a grouse

    And abruptly slowed pump
    Hence triggering the seizure
    That led to her slump
    And put everyone under pressure.

    But the officers knew not any part of it, length or breadth
    And did not fish it out either
    Hence her loving husband was sentenced to death
    And his life made to wither

    Well, they'll continue their love on the other side


  • bakchod_page 9w

    It's all here

    As you showed up in the minor,
    It may come up to you as adult.
    As you enquire about the same,
    You may get what you did.