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  • an_orphic_flanuer 14w

    Mother's Homecoming

    The flute of 'homecoming' is being
    played on a distance.
    Once again, the touch of frost is
    felt on the cheeks.
    A dormant hope blooms in the heart,
    'Maa' is here again with us.
    The raft floats under the autumn clouds,
    birds chirps after receiving the news.
    A breeze that blows, a pain that relieves,
    the smell of 'shiuli' flowers cheers
    up the twigs and leaves.
    A pleasant morning full of dew,
    Once again, everything seems to be new.
    A longing that ends again.
    'Pujo' begins after a year again.


  • anshi___ 27w

    Getting back to your home is the solution of everything no matter how long you wander away.
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    Home coming when mother is sad
    Home coming when life gets bad
    Home coming when people are mad
    Home coming cause I am glad

  • _nainaaa_ 31w

    #poetry love#Tb#A work that earned me first place in competition#Spilled thoughts#Homecoming theme..............

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    A Call Back From My Home

    Life sure is unpredictable,
    It changes with the coming weather.
    The day I reached Wuhan,
    It was the coldest of last December.

    Now in this hour of chaos,
    Fear and panic is what carries the breeze.
    He conquered the World,every village,every city,
    And I couldn't escape nightmares of infected fleas.

    The news every morning,full of grief,
    Reducing the World into a blackened ball.
    All that keeps me moving and alive,
    Is that one timely lifeline call.

    Even the freezing deserted nights,
    Can't kill the resolve I've built.
    When all this comes to an end,
    I'll fly back to my cosy quilt.

    'A return by this very Winter,
    Even if all that remains is my bones.'
    A keen promise to my parents,
    For it is a call back from my Home.


  • nah_olos 32w

    Going Home

    Deep down inside I know you always wanted me to stay
    With a heart full of feelings that will never fade away
    I'm searching through my mind to find the words to say
    That will bring your love back home to me one day

    by nah olos

  • marianotsaint 35w


    As far as I can remember..
    I have always run free..
    Away from home.
    In search of things I don't seem to remember...
    I have learnt a lot of life lessons..
    I have been hurt..
    I have experienced the fear and the thrill..
    Of going to unknown places..

    Some days I sit back and rewind...

    All the people and places I have left behind....
    Over these years that I wrote to you..
    In my diary...
    Defiant to share my vulnerabilities with you
    I remember crying as a child holding on to you..
    As you left.......
    You kept leaving me and I never understood why...
    Your absence made me stronger...
    Am bold because of you...
    I love you...
    I missed you....
    My teary eyes turned to angry stares..
    And now am coming home...
    To you...
    To Maria...
    To our dogs, cats, farm house..
    To begin again.....
    I may run away again....
    But I will always come back...
    Because am the kite and you are the string
    You have been protecting me over these years....
    Made sure that no one breaks the string
    Connecting me to you....

  • imikxox 40w


    " Wouldn't it be a bliss if I was the only one you favoured ?"

  • ainnonymous 41w

    When the Universe brings you a real one, your transformation begins, because love heals. It always does.
    #homecoming #love #soulmates #life #painispurpose #healing #transformation

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    "Homecoming - April 11, 2017"

    Dear 2017 self,
    The person you see in front of you today feels like home, doesn't he? The strange sense of peace and fulfillment that you've never had before. No anxiety, no adrenaline rush, as if it's a routine thing to meet him.
    A wave of calmness and solace taking over you upon seeing that face for the first time. The face you want to sleep and wake up to, every day, for the rest of your life. The face you can immediately find even if lost in an ocean of humans. The face you wish to be the last image that your eyes see before closing forever. The face that doesn't seem unfamiliar, it never did.
    The face with a soothing smile and eyes emanating love, affection and purity, leaving you awestruck as little kids set free at a theme park for the first time.
    The presence that feels dreamy and unreal yet comforting. And warmth that you feel even from a distance.
    The laughter you shared, genuine and healing.
    All of it, every bit about today, feels like homecoming, doesn't it?
    And ahead of you are new dreams, of living with love and freedom.
    It's the beginning of a new journey, where you'll be loved unconditionally; where you'll forgive and be forgiven; where you'll have your other half with you and you will be complete.
    A new life built on dreams, a happier one.
    This one person will be your lifelong support and remedy - a compensation for everything that has ever been taken away from you and everyone you've ever lost.
    But hey, you're naive and don't realize yet that you will not find this person anywhere but within.
    The one you see outside is just a mirror of what you have inside, and is here only to introduce you to your real self, one that can be loved unconditionally, one that deserves as much forgiveness and acceptance as it has always given freely to others, and one that is resilient enough not only to survive storms but come out of them as a better person.
    This real human will soon be gone and you'll have to be all that you wanted him to be and all that you wanted to be for him, but for yourself. You'll learn to trust yourself the way you trust him and extend the same kind of love and compassion to yourself that you found in him.
    The person you're clinging to is not there to stay but to help you heal and evolve into a better version of yourself.
    Be ready to be hurt. It will tear your soul apart to let him go, and when you'll finally do, you'll blame him for not staying and yourself for not being good enough. You'll be angry at him for not giving you the remedy.
    When it happens, let it be.
    For it will take a while before you realize that departure, too, is a gift from him.
    Because the remedy you saw within him is what he mirrored from within you. The answers you wanted from him are, in fact, hidden inside you.
    He's not your home, dear younger self; he only feels like it because you see your reflection in him.
    So when life will take him away, you'll mourn and cry, but it's going to be a catharsis for all the pain that you've been burying inside since forever. It will heal the wounds you never know existed within you.
    And when your vision will become clear again, you'll see he never went away. Because in fulfilling your promise of having his back and supporting him no matter what, you'll learn to become him for yourself. And then, the only thing you'll be certain of, in a world full of unknowns, will be that you've come home to your lifelong support and found your other half, within you.
    Love and strength,
    Three years wiser and stronger Me


  • princessesierra 48w

    Home Tonight 3

    And we'd draw lines together
    In the sand/ And watch the surf run wild
    Let the days grow old around us
    Let the sun sink below the sea line

    These crazy dreams dancing free
    Starring me and you in the old Wild West
    Help me open up a new chapter
    To a story ending here tonight


  • singh_riya 54w


    Cuddled in the blanket of love,
    Covered by the shadow of concern.
    Shivers & stillness in the outer world,
    Brings the warmth needed in any bond.
    Being a string of festivities,
    A reason for reunion activities.
    When life is a mess, making us pissed,
    Home & Homecoming is the only bliss.


  • doglover1 56w

    The Homecoming!

    Fed up of the days mundane,
    She fancied the idea of change,
    To quit the life so sane,
    Pack the bags and simply escape.
    where no place shall ever seem silly,
    She found herself drifting already,
    China, France, Vegas, Italy,
    Each one seemed fresher than lily.

    Dancing on the tunes of "Niagara falls",
    "Maid of the mist" was on top of all,
    Exploring the botany in the "Central park",
    Till the legs ached and it was dark,
    Lights on the "Brooklyn bridge" shining bright,
    "Time square" still gave it a tough fight.
    Could "Statue of liberty" be missed at all?
    Manhattan skyline standing tall.

    The skyline reminded her of Mumbai always,
    "Marine drive" on the rainy days,
    Shopping like crazy on "linking road",
    "Juhu chowpatty" and the street food,
    Watching the sun drown in the deep sea water,
    Catching the local train to get home faster.
    Mumbai girl can find peace nowhere else,
    She realised, here itself her heart dwells.

    Wanderer at heart, she would never stop roaming,
    But there always has to be homecoming,
    Combing the beautiful memories through,
    One has to join back routine with energy new.
    For the change once thought,
    Has to be again sought,
    Else it will be permanent too,
    To be a routine, boring true.

  • miraage 57w

    A few days ago someone asked me .. do you miss home?? Well I am living to live the day to go home once again

  • black_0_pearl 64w


    After all,
    From delicacies, firecrackers,
    Rangoli, Diya and lights
    to new clothings and gifts,

    Diwali was all about Homecoming.


  • iamsnehanshu 65w

    Homecoming - Diwali

    22 years and I hated it
    Sitting at home, waiting
    While everyone arrives
    Just like our Shri Ram

    And I like a bharat
    Would wait like 14 years
    For those who weren't here
    friends, love & companions

    Things have changed
    As I have finally moved
    I am a Shri Ram back to
    My ayodhya of people

    Tonight I realise the value
    Of homecoming
    Of lights to this festival
    Of people back to home

    There are colours, in lights
    In faces, in conversations
    In kaju Katlis, in verandahs
    In roads, in stations, in airports

    I am on the other side now
    On the recieving side
    Of the love, and I know what
    Goes through the other end

    I am more absorbing of love
    Now that I know
    People have waited 12 months
    To shower their love, on



  • chitraliporwal 65w


    Mana ki bht dino bad wapsi ki
    Magar apka dil koi kamra nhi jo bhar jaye
    Apka maan to dargaah ki chadar hai
    Jisme lipat kar iye lekhak ubhar jaye

  • the_sassy_dutta 65w


    Festivals are not about the actual occasion..
    It's about the essence they bring, the nostalgic feels..
    When you get to come home coz it's Ghar wali Diwali..
    You find stuff long forgotten while cleaning the house..
    You meet the people who saw you while you were growing up..
    You find the clothes your mum has kept fresh & intact for more than a decade and the memories of which are revived the moment you see them..
    The simplest food cooked by Maa makes you feel like nothing has changed..
    We all grow up.. move on with our lives.. find friends.. who make us feel at home..
    But one thing that keeps adding up is memories..
    So continue making more of them.. Living the moment while you have your baggage of worries by your side..
    We can't avoid the problems but living with them having that smile on our faces & joy in our hearts.. is not difficult either..


  • the_plash_writes 66w


  • lemonsouda 67w

    It's been a year since I stopped using Mirakee
    But I'm back

    #homecoming #welcomeback #thoughts

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    I didn't think that I'd be back
    But here I am
    I wonder how things are
    There's so many things new
    Can I catch up with it all?


  • sheena1234 72w


    What are you waiting for

    Within the four walls

    Of your mind

    Of your heart

    Of your room

    Scraping the thoughts



    With your bitten nails

    Bittersweet coffee 

    Caked on tongue

    Pack of cigarettes

    Filling each lung

    More and more

    With each inhale 

    Costing you time

    Music playing

    So close 

    So distant

    You feel yet miss

    The rhythm 

    Of beats and beatings

    What are you waiting for 

    Within these four walls

    You call home,

    If not


  • osa_joyce 75w

    Greeted with stale fumes
    Received with weird stares
    My brothers no longer give their welcome hug
    My room had lost its comfort.
    A stranger I've become, in my own home

    These enclosed walls
    have heard too many screams and wails
    These wallpapers are witnesses to nonstop stabs
    The vibrant young girl in the frame
    has been ripped apart countless times.

    Too many sad memories
    So many torn chapters
    and broken vessels
    Even my favorite fragrance
    now give me thicken blood smell

    This morning,
    I decided I'm running far away
    in search of my safe haven.
    In case I never come back
    Know that I have found my home.


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  • _krittika_das 84w

    path you
    take, must lead
    you inward, so if you
    ever get lost, you can at
    least find your way home !