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    The odds

    Two days after everyone found out that Joe has left her home. Reylands police department recieves a call from greendale police department having confirm the missings from the town. The department told them about it and the officer on the other side said that they have found a dead body and the id shows the name as Joe and the address to the reylands.

    Police officers immediately left for greendale and on reaching their at a hotel, they had found the body of Joe. It was a suicide and there were cuts on both the wrists. The room was all covered with the blood showing how much she had suffered before dying.
    Greendale police department said that she had checked in on 4th April at the evening. The next day she had breakfast and dinner and after that she never ordered anything, but when she did not ordered anything and did not even opened her door for room service, they opened the door with the master key and found the dead body.

    Reylands police departmnets made arrangements and took the body back to the town. Joe's parents and her friends were informed for the inspection. When Lara and hwr friends reached the station Joe's parents were already there. The officer took them to the morgue and as he uncovered the face of the body Joe's mother fell to her knees taking her name again again crying. His husband trying to capture her and himself as well. On the other hand Lara,Lee ,Sam and Andy standing right behind them. Lara couldn't bare herself to see the deadbody of her best friend so she ran out of there.

    Lee followed her out to.check on her. Following Lee ,Sam also came out taking Lara's name in anger and saying,"look what you did to her, and now you can't even look at her."
    "this is your fault Lara, you took us to the mines in search of your damn devil, the inspiration for you to write down a story." he said.
    "Sam shut up , you don't know what you're saying."Lee said.
    "no ,i am not going to shut up, she needs to listen this." Sam said.
    Lara was shocked what does he man by this. What was it that she needed to know and didn't knew about it when all her friends did.

    "when we returned from the mines, did you ask her if she was okay?"asked Sam.
    "No, why? Because you were busy taking care of the person you like the most." said Sam.
    Explaining more he said," You didn't even talked to her untill you needed to go back in there. She was affected by that place, so much more affected than Lee was."
    "but you didn't even bother to pick her calls."Sam said.
    " well guess what now you have great story, and you can write it down." Sam stormed out of the station after saying all that to.Lara . Andy folowed him out of there.

    In the state of shock Lara looked towards Lee and asked,"did you knew about her condition?"
    Lee didn't said a word but the silence had all the answers she needed. She sat down at the chair and started crying not just at the loss of her best friend but also at tge feeling that she, herself might be the reason for it.


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    The odds 10

    The next morning Lara and Lee decided to meet Joe at her house so they went straight up there. But when they arrived at her house her parents told them that she went school early.
    So they also went school and tried to find her and to talk to her but she was not at the school either. It was odd as she never ditches school. After the school got over Lara and Lee told everything to Sam and Andy and they all started looking for Joe. They also tried calling her but it went to voicemail. Now they were getting tensed after what the dream they had last night.

    They also called her parents to ask if she returned home but to no one's surprise she was not her house as well.

    Things were not right after calling Joe's home Lara and her friends decided to look at the mines one time. On their way to the mines Lara receives a call from Joe's mother and what she has to.say left everyone in shock. She told her that Joe has left the house.
    Her room doesn't have her stuff like clothes ids and other things.

    "What" Lara said in shock.
    The car stopped and everyone in the car looked at her as their face ask her the same question, what happened?
    She told Lee to take them to the police station and they started heading for the police station.

    On rhe way to the police station everyone has just one question,"where is Joe?"


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    The odds 9

    After returning from the police station Lara dropped off Joe at her house and as she left she saw her staring at her in the mirror. She didn't thought most of it and just went straight to her house.

    As she reach home her parents asked if everything was fine and she said that it was. They had dinner. And Lara went to sleep. It was like every other night nothing different but as she went to sleep she heard a knock on the window as she reach out for the window she saw Joe standing there, and crying and asking for help.

    As she opened the window to get a hold of her. She was in the mines once again and Joe was there in shock and as she turned and said,"Lara, help me." And just like that someone or something took her deep in the mine as her scream fills the mines.

    Lara woke up all of sudden to realise it was just a dream. As she was going for sleep once again her cell phone rang, it was Lee.
    She picked up,"hello, Lee are you fine?"
    Lee,"yes, i am fine but i don't think someone else is..."
    "Who are you talking about?"asked Lara.
    " well, i just had a wierd dream..."said Lee.
    "About Joe" both of them said at the same time.
    Both of them were in shock. Why both of them would have a dream about Joe.
    "what do you think should we call her and ask if she is okay." Lara asked. But Lee refused to do so as she would not go anywhere at this time of the night. And suggested to talk to her at the school the next day and they both agreed.


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    The odds 8

    After coming back from the mines and getting talk to Lee it became clear what did he saw and what happened in the mines on the first day. Police has been in and out for questioning about the body or anything wierd that they saw when they were at the mines.
    They have to say that whoever the person is, she was from town but somehow there has not been any new missing cases. And due to the condition of the body it was hard to say who was it. Police has also said that the body was of a girl, age could be 18. The only thing to trace the identity of the girl was that she had silver fillings in one of her teeth. So police also asked to the dental hospitals about the people who had that treatment like that in the past days. But still no clue.

    Lara and her friends were all trying the best to tell them everything they could remember.
    Lara also told them that one of her friends also had tooth fillings and that she got it from a clinic and not the hospital. As it costs less than the hospital.
    Lara told them that it was Joe who had fillings in her tooth and she would be able to tell about the clinic more clearly.

    Police called in Joe and asked her if she had any fillings in her teeth but she refused to know about any clinic and also said her teeth are all good and she doesn't need any type of fillings. So why would she have it?? Police did not asked any further questions.

    On their way back to home Lara asked to Joe, If her tooth was alright and if she told the police about the dental clinic. Joe hesitated at first but then she said yes she told them about the clinic.


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    A Demonic Heritage

    I blinked as I regained consciousness. I had hit my head hard, or had someone hit me? Then I realized I was holding a bloody knife in my hand.
    Blood? How?
    What the hell has happened here?
    I was trying to focus but my head was pounding as if as deathsman was splitting it with his axe. A sharp pain that didn't let me think straight.
    I was looking around, trying to figure out where I was. The room looked dusty, ancient, abandoned, full of antiques. A chest with golden flower ornaments ... A huge medieval chair, maybe a throne, but with a broken leg ... Some chandeliers made of thousands of small crystals hung with heavy spiderwebs ... And a canvas, very impressive, but cut wide open in the middle ... Wait this looked familiar ... I knew this place from my childhood days. I used to play hide and seek around this old furniture. This was my grandfather's house and I was lying in the middle of his attic. I came here because my mother had asked me to take care of all these things after my grandpa's mysterious death. My memories came back like small puzzle pieces ...

    Ignazius, my grandfather, had died about six months ago, yet no one could tell what had happened to him. At first the doctors thought he had had a heart attack or a stroke but no trace of this could be found so his death remained a mystery. He had lived in his Victorian mansion all by himself for many years. Since my grandmother had died at the age of fifthy-one, he had isolated himself from our family and the rest of the world. Ignazius was considered to be weird, some would have even said he went completely bonkers, so no one cared about him or took him seriously anyway.
    Years passed by like this, actually almost two centuries, without hearing a word from him. Then one day I had received a letter informing me that my grandfather had passed away and that he had named me to be the new owner of his ancient mansion. All this came to me as a big surprise because we weren't even close. The last time I had seen him, I had still been a little child of five or six. So at first I wanted to decline my heritage, it felt weird to accept it after all those years. But then I got curious about it and I told myself, I could take a look at it at least once and then decide what to do about it.

    So one rainy afternoon, I packed up a few things and drove all the way to the old Victorian mansion. It still looked as impressive as in my childhood days. It resembled a museum with its old paperhangings, the ancient furniture and its huge portraits hung upon every wall. Even the air smelled dusty and full of history. This house was like a remnant of long forgotten times, fascinating and mysterious at the same time.
    As I wandered through the numerous rooms, something seemed to pull me up the stairs like an invisible force that I couldn't escape. So I climbed up step by step and reached my grandfather's attic. I could feel this suction getting stronger as if I was attracted to a magnet. Slowly I unlocked the door and it swung open with a loud creak. A ghostly silence welcomed me as I entered the room full of fear and suspense. What would I find in here?
    The air seemed to be filled with a silent humming that kept vibrating in my bones, leaving me bewildered and fascinated at the same time. The room was full of antiques just like the others. At first glance there was nothing special to it. But then I saw it ... Framed by some medieval chairs ... Placed in the middle of the room like a relict of a saint ... A huge blank canvas. The scene looked almost surreal. Why would my grandfather keep something like this up here? Had he started painting after my grandmother had died?
    The white space seemed to pull me closer and I gave in to it. Step by step I kept approaching it, inhaling its mysterious aura, unable to resist. As I gazed at its blankness, a sudden transformation was about to begin. At first I thought it was just a shadow or a change of lighting, but then I realized that one side of the canvas was shifting its color ... Light-grey ... Middle-grey ... Dark-grey ... Black.
    Was I hallucinating? This couldn't be real.
    As I got closer, I could observe that black paint had appeared on the canvas, there was no doubt about it. Maybe I should have turned away, run while I still could, but I was unable to take my eyes off this painting no matter how hard I tried.
    So I kept staring and the transformation continued. A redish glow started to form behind the fabric, very light and subtle at first, but with every second that passed by it grew more intense and bright. A pair of eyes appeared right in front of me, one eye on the black side, the other on the white part. The thought of Snow White's magical mirror crossed my mind and almost made me laugh. This was too weird to be true. But then those evil red eyes focused on me and every cheerful thought was gone. They were looking daggers at me like the devil itself, they didn't blink or move, they would just stare. And every inch of my body that was touched by this gaze was on fire. The smell of burnt flesh started to fill the air but this couldn't be real.
    And then all of a sudden there it was ... A laughter ... None that was filled with joy or happiness ... But one made of malice and pure evil. I couldn't tell where it came from. I didn't know how to stop it. This merciless laughter kept invading my head like a pulsing inferno. I was afraid to go insane, started to scream to make it stop, but the laughter just grew stronger and louder ... "It's the canvas." This thought hit me like a bus. I had to destroy it. I had to end this insanity ... But how?
    I looked around ... A weapon ... I needed a weapon to win this war. My brain was paralyzed by this evil voice inside, it wouldn't let me focus, I couldn't see clearly. I was slowly losing my mind but I couldn't give in ... There it was! An ancient knife, maybe an old pirate's comrade, lying on top of one of my grandfather's chests. It wasn't far from the place where I had been held captive, but still every step I took felt like I was lifting a heavy weight.
    Nevertheless I had to fight my way through.
    And I made it, reached out and got hold of the old knife's handle. It lay perfectly in my hand. I would put an end to this insanity. "Focus on the eyes! Hit the knife right in the middle!", I kept telling myself. It became my mantra to survive. Just a few more steps ... It took me a lot of strength and concentration ... I took aim at the canvas ... And I hit it very hard. The laughter turned into a sharp bloodcurling scream as I ripped open the fabric. Then it fell silent. I felt a triumph, release, it was over ...
    But what was that? Blood started to run down the canvas where I had cut it and the voice seemed to get closer with every breath I took. The blood felt hot under my feet, like lava burning the ground and it kept flowing like a river, aiming to drown me. I couldn't get away. And as the room got flooded with this liquid fire, the canvas opened even wider. Red evil eyes were staring right through me as a dark shadow emerged the painting. The voice in my head was rising once again, louder than ever as the shadow approached me at a pace that was faster than light. I could feel its heat floating through my body as it hit me hard. Then everything around me turned black ...

    I blinked once again as I became more aware of what had happened. Maybe it was just a dream. Maybe the dusty air had made me tired and I tripped over one of the antiques, fell and hit my head. But then again there was this canvas and the knife in my hand ... I wished I could shake off this confusion.
    I was trying to get up, my legs felt so weak, it was a struggle. Just when I thought I had made it, I heard it again ... The evil laughter in my head ... A brain-splitting noise ... A thick blackness started to cover the room like an inescapable haze.
    It was here ... All of a sudden it became crystal clear to me what had happened ... That's how my grandpa died ... I had released a demon ... It would kill me too ... Now ...


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    Yesterday something weird happened. I woke up to see that chaos is happening outside as I can hear voices in my mind and those voices are freaky brutal and only and only screaming my name. But when i opened my eyes �� I came to see that no one is their and everywhere it has pin drop silent. Only the voices that are coming that's from outside my room. And when with all my guts and courage I opened the door, it just my younger brother was watching Doraemon. Then i realised its jst a ' Devil Dream' but I got scared like hell which never happens with me.!

    #dream #horror #horrorstory #horrortales

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    " Dream "

    Yesterday something weird happened. I woke up to see....

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    Yesterday, something weird happened, I woke up to see somebody has switched off the fan of my room.

    I live alone.

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    I am the daughter of darkness, a child of night.

    The blood which tunnels through my veins sloshes ice cold.

    Frostbitten and barren is the hunk of stone which animates my soul,

    Yet, beats no longer.

    Birthed by thy cosmic mother, I am bound to her highness,

    For I am moon called, as I am her huntress.

    Impregnated with a rabid ruthlessness,

    I am equipped to punish those in dire need of reparation.


    I am gifted with a gleaming onyx pelt which insulates my armored flesh,

    As jagged rows of serrated teeth line my skull crushing jaws.

    Barbed talons protrude from massive bear-like paws,

    Made for carving human flesh from bone.

    Orange are my eyes which see through your cloaked facade.

    I can track the faintest traces of your putrid stench

    As it marries noxiously among the pine musk of forest.

    I hear a whisper amongst the breeze,

    "He's made his move", say the trees,

    I can hear your footsteps as they crunch on the cadavers of leaves.

    There is no escaping your gruesome fate

    Within this cage of trees and soil,

    As the slaughter moon peeks her luminous head over the tips of firs and pines.

    I rally to her majesty as I sing my song of blood,

    "In these woods where I creep
    I prowl these lands for souls to reap,
    Thou shall perish for their sake
    Executed afore they wake,
    Now, thy life is mine to take"

    Anointed with moon’s blessing the forest is frenzied,

    Filled with torturous delight.

    Your essence will surely spill this twilight.

    Panic drives you forward, as I stalk you from behind,

    The chase is relentless.

    In dead silence, the violence commences.

    Blood spatters the ground,

    It trickles through earth then drips gently into water.

    I was made to protect thy sons and daughters

    From monsters,

    So I tore you to pieces

    Like a lamb for slaughter.

    You stole their innocence,

    Beating it cruelly from their dainty bodies,

    Just another prize to be taken, a new feat to conquer.

    The virtuous child that once smiled warm and bright

    Beams no longer.

    So it brought me great pleasure to see your dead eyes bulge from their sockets,

    Mouth paralyzed in horror as I sank my teeth into your sour flesh.

    As I feasted upon your squirming body and gnawed on your crisp bones,

    You hoped that I would spare your life,

    And mewed incessantly for compassion.

    Each of your victims pleaded to be spared in a similar fashion,

    And yet,

    You showed no mercy.


    You marveled at their tears

    As you became energized and excited by their fears.

    And so you took them.

    Took them to a place no child should ever have to go.

    A place where your fantasies run wild

    A horrid space behind the hidden door down below,

    Where cries and screams hang in the moldy air like an echo.

    You deceived their trust and marked them as prey,

    For your atrocious acts, you, and all creatures alike, shall pay upon venery day.

    Not all monsters are born with fangs and claws,

    Some are rather charming, good looking,

    With perfect teeth and strong square jaws.

    These predators hunt innocents and then groom them to believe

    That they love and care for these children in a way no one else can perceive.

    They hold each little one hostage, shackled by guilt and shame

    Force-feeding each child lies as a tactic

    To accept the crushing blame.

    It is not the child’s fault,

    No, they are NEVER responsible.

    They are but a casualty in a wicked game

    Orchestrated by savages in disguise

    Performing as caring women and charming men.

    Look closely,

    For the truth behind their deception and lies

    Is visible within their predatory eyes.

    I am Luna,

    Daughter of darkness, a child of night,

    And in this forest so black and deep,

    I roam these meadows for souls to reap,

    To right the atrocities

    Conducted by human monstrosities.

    -Cynthia Cán

    ©Cynical Wolf

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    The odds

    They say everything has a price, it doesn't matter if the thing is good or bad. So, just think if the good things has a price, don't know what it might be but just think about the price that is paid for the bad deeds, wishes or whatever.
    In todays' world we all have seen movies and shows regarding devil worshiper and of the devil being summon on the earth by its worshiper.
    Well i have a similar story surrounding the same topic. Now its up to you, if you take it as a fact or fiction. Here we go....

    In the town of Reylands, 1996 tragidy hit very hard when the workers in a limestone mine all of sudden started getting sick. They started having blood vomiting. They became very sick that many of the workers died due to the sickness. According to the doctors they had those sickness due to the limestone and it affected their lungs and it resulted in death of thousands of workers.

    But, many of the people and the workers who survived it, has something else to say about the deaths. They think that the mine had been a home of a devil who was awaken due to the efforts of his followers.

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    The spirit crystallizes itself
    I look forward to see it's real realm
    A kingdom of wisdom
    Not a realm of fear
    Believe me; you belong here

    Magic, magic, magic
    I love to see magic
    Magic from life; flow
    My spirit, my soul
    All around me
    I'm prepared to glow

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    I felt her vein engorging on her temple
    Her throat drying up while asking to breathe
    Her eyes looked like a rabbit as they pooped out,
    The breath was warm as it escaped her mouth
    Her limbs writhed like a snake,
    And her belly trembled for air,
    The fine masterpiece of art my fingers left,
    While choking her neck,
    It was a satisfactory play,
    That gave me another day,
    To keep a Slayer inside,
    ........to survive the wrath I brought on myself while discovering the truth of horror within me.

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    मैंने चेहरे से लोगों को बदलते देखा है...
    प्यार इज़्ज़त जज़्बातों को ढलते देखा है,
    बेटी जैसी भी ख़ुद की जिन्हें चाँद का टुकड़ा लगती है...
    ऐसे लोगों को मैंने दूसरों पे हस्ते देखा है..!!

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    LADKI ki shadi tbhi acchi kehlati hai jab ladka paise wala ho
    Aur LADKA ki shadi tbhi acchi kehlati hain jb ladki khubsurat ho.


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    Living better?

    When your mind tells you that you should hate your life, are you supposed to hate it?
    Do you want to give your mind that much control over your emotions?
    You know there are people who are living in worst situation. Just because you don't get what you desire doesn't mean you should hate the blessed life you have been provided.
    There are countless horror to name, but none to compare with each other.
    Yes, you can't live happily in this world, but rather than hating your life, be thankful for living without going insane.


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    Posting after too long, trying my luck in 2 sentences.
    Let me know what you think!

    #horror #shortstory #horrorstory #2sentencestory @writersnetwork @udit94 @the_story_weed @mistywins15 #ceesreposts #passerby_11 #aurbatao @zoldyck

    Read all of my horror here : #horror_byDan

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    My neighbours keep complaining about my son ringing their doorbell and running away.
    "You're not supposed to do that anymore...rest...please.." I say as I keep a bouquet upon his grave, trying to soothe him back to sleep.

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    Finally, it's my last day.
    Horrifying is that I came to knew about it too earlier.
    My core is burning with anxiety.
    And my eyes,
    My eyes trying to capture each and every thing I could see around.
    Trying to grab and collect and snatch colours and things and people completely.
    Yet, so unquenched.
    My hands want to touch each and every skin that belongs to me.
    Mom and dad and there he came too.
    My hands are locked in their hands.
    Yet, feeling so empty.
    I want to stick to my mom's chest.
    Want to hold her tight.
    Just to feel the place from where I belong.
    Deep, stoned eyes of my father.
    I could swim in the river of tears he is holding tight behind those eyes.
    And my love, your eyes, your damn eyes!
    The way they are staring at me!
    That's the same gaze, full of love and too much care and honesty.
    I wanna make love to you.
    Yeah! Right now right here.
    I want to feel you all over again for the very last time.
    I want to take all these touches, all these sensations, all this gaze with me.
    I am so filled inside.
    I want to shout, I want to cry.
    I want to die before I die.
    #surabhi_awasthi #heartbreak #love #sadpoetry #sadqoutes #poetry @hindiwriters #death #misery #suicide #kiss #relationshipgoals #pain #lips #sweet #chafed #writerblog #longform #deathbed #deathnote #parents #lover #hospital #diseased #lastwords #scary #horror

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    Good bye


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    Poetries wear makeup
    Amazing words
    Scary feelings


  • aarwaii 2w

    Pleadings Of A Ghost

    Dear Reader,
    I write this note,
    hiding in the bathroom,
    with nary a hope.

    I've seen things, Dear Reader,
    you wouldn't believe,
    the rats are gorging upon my intestines,
    many ticks are up my sleeve.
    The ants are breakdancing on my skin,
    melting on the floor like ice-cream.
    The cockroaches are working tirelessly
    digging my grave ever so deeper.
    Lizards are doing backflips, and
    mosquitoes buzzing a melodious lullaby,
    are trying to lull me to sleep.

    No sun is in sight,
    eyes are getting tired.
    walls are coming closer,
    the situation is very dire.
    I search for old photographs,
    to calm my troubled heart,
    but they're laughing at my fate,
    calling me a fart.
    Afraid to go to sleep,
    afraid to stay awake,
    Stuck in limbo,
    I'm Occupying my humble grave.

    I'll run to the roof once I write this,
    as fast as I can,
    up the stairs which would crumble,
    under the weight of a guilty conscience.
    Let this paper plane find
    you, Dear Reader,
    in happier times.
    a call for help from this ghost
    being haunted with no end in sight.
    I've so much to say
    but no one to say it to,
    If this gets out too late,
    let this be my eulogy.

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  • cessara 25w

    The Call

    Draw a circle on the ground
    Round as Luna, white as bone
    To make sure it be earthbound
    Call for Solomon, alone

    Take a dagger, but take heed
    With perfect love and perfect trust
    Is the rule to grant the deed
    Some divine power---'tis a must

    Stand inside, light four small fires
    Offer thy body's crimson soul
    Now invoke what you desire
    Pray it answers at first call

    When warmth doth leave your side and die
    And the sylphs run swiftly past
    Sure as liars often lie
    That the evil's come at last