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  • orianawilder 10w


    she was calling his name when she felt herself trapped with ininvisible chains like Jesus on the door but the chain was of evils
    unable to control her body feeling (paralysed) someone else is doing
    Thinking did she written wrong thats why its happening

  • yeklavya 10w

    Sheathe your voice and kneel
    For the ruler of the hell
    Has stepped out of his throne
    Making his way onto
    The land of the dead
    With his bloody feet
    That sets fire upon the touch
    Crushing the skulls
    And burying the rotten deep under.

    Tremor spread across the earth
    Greeting the arrival of the dark lord
    Leaving the animals stunned
    Birds flapped away in fear
    Wind forgotten to blow
    Abysmal odour covered the air
    Reminding his presence
    Time slowed down instantly
    With his mischievous trickeries

    Those huge wings fluttered proudly
    The twisted horns of hellfires
    Scarred their way to his eyes
    That reflected ominous darkness
    Fur covering the lower part
    With the blood dripping down
    From the sharp canines
    Tracing his tight chest
    Slithering down the brawny belly

    The unsightly form of the creation
    Parading through the realm
    In search of wretched souls
    Beware, for he might suck your soul
    In a blink of an eye
    Burning your soul as he drags
    Suffocating in endless pits of abyss
    For you are the sinner
    Inviting him to your own demise

    @mirakee @libertine13

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    Hell's darkness

  • shegram 10w

    #horror_wt, #writerstolli

    I awoke to the sound of water running,
    and something dripping in my eyes
    I tried to rub them but I couldn't move
    my arms, they were so heavy
    I saw something move out of the corner
    of my eye, I yelled for help
    I felt breathing on my neck, and a raspy
    voice, whispered that if I wanted to live,
    I had to play her game
    Whose game? What game? Why can't I
    move my arms? That same raspy voice
    said, "what arms, and then was laughing
    hysterically. I panicked and tried to will
    my arms to move, with no response
    I tried to look down and couldn't, I couldn't
    feel my legs either
    What is wrong with me, what did you do?
    A strange, deeper voice said, " welcome to
    your final nightmare, Cece, you are about
    to be reunited with every person or
    creature that you tortured or killed in your
    life, you have been very naughty, and now
    you will suffer like your victims
    I was scared beyond any fear I had ever felt
    I was used to being on the other side of
    this scenario and I was shaking from head
    to foot, or at least I could feel the shaking
    even though I couldn't feel my arms or legs
    I could hear so many screaming voices and
    animal noises and they seemed just beyond
    the wall I was looking at
    The raspy voice put a mirror over me and I
    had no limbs, there was blood everywhere
    A door opened in the wall and the beasts
    were released from hell, and began feasting
    on my soul, everything went black, just before
    I took my last breath, the raspy voice whispered,
    "Welcome to hell, my murdering sister, you're
    home now!!!!!!!hhheeehhhaahhh!

    Picture credit to rightful owner

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    Scared stiff


  • maolros 10w

    Raise his body from the grave
    Prop it against a tree
    It's not the monster that I fear
    It's the thought of being free

    I stare into your dull, dead eyes
    And wonder where the light has gone
    I stare into the endless sky
    Until the night has lost to dawn

    In the glow of the aurora
    I bask in your defeat
    You're not so scary, anymore
    Without your tearing teeth

    Wasting my time
    being afraid of the dark
    In the morning light
    Your claws aren't sharp


  • nocturnal_enigma 10w

    * An entry for 2 challenges by @writerstolli #writerstolli



    2 new words used as required:

    Zoanthropy = A form of madness involving the delusion of being an animal, with correspondingly altered behaviour

    Widdershins = In a direction contrary to the sun's course, consodered as unlucky; anticlockwise


    * It's quite long. 950 words.
    Take your time to read it.
    (If you want to) ~

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

    Untitle 59 ~

    A teenage boy stands outside a musical-instruments shop.

    His eyes focus on a guitar. The cashier is sleeping at the counter.

    "This is my chance!"; he thought.

    He creeps inside and takes the guitar.

    "Hey!" The cashier wakes up and see the boy.

    The boy run out of the shop; while the cashier shout "Thief!"

    He runs through an alley; as far as he can go and as fast as his feet takes him.

    It's a tunnel. That's where he is at right now.

    Still holding the guitar, he begins running his fingers through the strings.

    This is his first time playing a guitar. But, he already plays it so well.

    He falls asleep in the tunnel. It's been nights that he hardly sleep.

    While he is sleeping, a train comes forward in a widdershins direction.

    He hear the sound. In a drowsy manner, he tries to stand. One of his feet; his left foot get stuck in between a railway track.

    He stumble; then, fall, yet, tries to get up.

    But, it's already too late.

    The train hit him hard. He feels an intense pain.

    His body is there, lying on the ground.

    He looks at it. Instantly, he knows, he is already dead.

    It's dusk. The sun has settling down.

    The moon begins his night-shift.

    But, it looks bigger than ever. It's like a lunar eclipse phenomenon.

    He posses his own dead body and move his limbs.

    Suddenly, he start to howl like a wolf. He is in a zoanthropy state.

    He darts towards the moving train and attack the train conductor.

    Then, he moves forward.

    The passengers see him and start to get panic.


    "No! Zombies!" As one of them point to the train coordinator.

    2 zombies becomes 20.

    A girl is the only one who survives as she jumps off the train. She safely lands on the grasses.

    She watches as the unstoppable train crashes and explodes.

    She is grateful that she is still alive.

    She walks alone in the dark until she arrives at the same tunnel.

    Too bad the guitar is broken. Or else she can try to play it.

    She picks up the guitar anyway. She thought to get it repaired.

    She arrives at the town that the teenage boy came from.

    The cashier of the musical-instruments shop get scolded by his boss; for sleeping during work and also because of the guitar get stolen.

    "That's the guitar!" The cashier exclaimed

    "So, you are the one who stole it?" The boss asked her.

    "No, it wasn't me"

    "Yeah. It wasn't her. It was a boy"

    For returning the guitar, (even though its already broken), the shop owner a.k.a the boss gave her a dollar.

    She happily takes it. After thanking him, she bought a bread with the money and eat it hungrily. She was starving to death!

    The bread was only 50 cents so she had a change of another 50 cents.

    9 p.m.

    The night is getting darker.

    Its a silent freezing cold dark night.

    The shops in town are closing.

    The residents of nearby townhouses supposed to be sleeping. (Or maybe there's some of them who are still awake.)

    As for her, with nowhere else to go, she has become homeless.

    So, she lay down at the corridor of a shop-lot.

    She was about to fall asleep when suddenly, she heard a scream.

    There is a woman not far from her.

    What makes her scream?

    Out of nowhere, the horde of zombies from the train crash invade the town!

    Their voiced eachoed, "Brain! Brain!"

    But, they are supposed to be dead!

    Wait. They already dead. So, that means they just can't die again?

    Everyone in the towns are running away from the zombies.

    Some get eaten anyway.

    She see the zombies crack open peoples heads and munch their brains like snacks.

    It remind her to the sentence 'The zombies ate your brain' that appear after players lost Plants Vs Zombies game.

    It seems that the reality is more terrifying than the game.

    She sense a breath at her neck. She turn around and see a zombie try to attack her.

    She dodge it and stumble down.

    Her 50 cent falls from the pocket.

    She picks up the coin.

    The zombie is right in front of her and it grab her wrists.

    She pushes the coin in one of its eyeballs.

    It shrieked in pain. "Argh!" (Which sound like a pirate).

    Another zombie comes to attack her.

    But, a man goes between them.

    No, not a man.

    He's a zombie too.

    He is the teenage boy, the one who attack the train conductor before and the one who started all the chaos.

    "Go! Run! Now!"

    She wonder how he still has his conscience, that apart from being a zombie, he was a human too.

    She runs away from there. Not even looking back.

    Out of a sudden, there's loud sound of thunder and lightning strikes at the dark sky.

    She stops out of shock.

    The zombies look at the sky.

    They are attracted to sound and light.

    The rain start to fall heavily.

    But, its not a normal rain.

    Its an acid rain.

    The zombies cry hysterically as the water corrode their skin.

    She quickly stand under a shelter.

    Not long after that, all the zombies die.

    This time, its a real death. They will not come back alive again.

    Their corpses are everywhere in the town.

    It will take much time to bury all of them.

    She is the only one who survives from the zombie apocalypse.

    How could she keep living there, as everyone else has gone?

    So, she decide to continue her journey by walking to the next town ahead.




    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

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    Untitle 59 ~

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    Photo Credit:
    To its rightful owner

  • mahtobpensdown 10w

    Part 3. Do read and write what you think in comments.

    Ps - I haven't seen the movie and this is purely an imaginary story.

    Image credits - The Young Messiah


    (in continuation with kid and nun convo)

    Kid – I can sense it. Why are you struggling to ask?

    Nun – Stop bossing on me

    Kid (laughs) – Who I am to the boss on you? You are enough for that I suppose

    Nun - huh? What do you mean? (perplexed)

    Kid – I am just what you seek

    Nun – Explain then

    Kid – You are acting on your master’s sayings. You want to take revenge because of his order. Ask yourself do you really want that?

    Nun – True, go on…

    Kid – Why are you afraid of what will be the result if you defy your master’s orders?

    Nun – What do I do then?

    Kid – Give up that fright and become free

    Nun – How?

    Kid – You can do it. Just believe and act on it

    Nun – Okay (Still unable to make up her mind)

    Kid – Fear is what is stopping you from the next step

    Nun – Why did I come looking for you?

    Kid – You did not. I came just to help you out.

    Nun – What are you? A small kid? (irritatingly)

    Kid – (ha-ha) Yeah, maybe

    Nun – Tell me (ordered him)

    Kid – Stop frightening people and see the change in yourself

    Nun – What??

    Kid – Every one has own good and bad points. It’s on the person what to give weight to.

    Nun – Stop your lecture, please. My head is paining now

    Kid – It will obviously, because I am removing all the bad thoughts from you. I am doing a makeover on you.

    Nun – Without my permission?

    Kid – Did you take my permission before lifting me up and bring me up here in the sky?

    The nun fell silent and realized she had no choice. It was a simple tit for tat, and obviously nothing wrong in it. Soon they both returned to the ground. The nun felt light-hearted and as big baggage of her head had been taken away. She was cheerful on their return and still wondered who this young lad was exactly. The kid had started walking towards the gate of the orphanage silently.

    The nun called him loudly and made him stop at the gate. She ran towards him in full speed; panting heavily to reach the spot before he disappears.

    Nun – Who are you

    Kid – I just told you up in the sky, I guess?

    Nun – I repeat, please tell me who are you (pleading)

    Kid – Oh! That was quite fast (laughing) I did not expect such a drastic change so soon

    Nun – I have learned my lesson. Please tell me WHO ARE YOU?

    Kid – I am the same to whom you pray daily. I am Jesus Christ.

    Nun – Almighty Lord, heard my prayers. I bow down to you.

    Kid – I listen to everyone’s prayers.

    Nun – Really? Why you took so much time?

    Kid – I am always with you, right beside you holding your hand. You never realized it.

    I will be always with you; now and forever.

    Saying these words, the kid slowly started vanishing away from the sight; fading his light. The nun stood at the gate, soaking the whole experience and digesting the whole film that occurred with her since days. The message is clear – be fearless, God is your friend, be a potential but honest worker and you will win. 


    Ps - This is my first attempt in writing a story and i am sure you will enjoy reading it.
    Please ignore grammar errors. Your feedback and suggestions would be appreciated. Do respond in comments.

    #horror_wt #challenge #mirakee #writerstolli #writersnetwork #ceesreposts #julietscorner
    #fright #pod #story

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writerstolli @harshad09 @mikeanthony @thewordplayer @thoughtsprocess @shaiz_fs @shegram @rashmi_jha


    Ps - I will respond to the comments and appreciation later as this whole piece gruelled me completely.

    Thank you so much for the appreciation and lovely comments �� Grateful ��

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    Fright (part3)

    (in continuation with kid and nun convo - Final part)

    Kid – I am just what you seek

    Nun – Explain then

    Nun – I repeat, please tell me who are you (pleading)

    Kid – Oh! That was quite fast (laughing) I did not expect such a drastic change so soon

    Nun – I have learned my lesson. Please tell me WHO ARE YOU?

  • orianawilder 10w



    that old betrayal is still eying to ruin
    save me and everyone sks

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    Horror state

    A monster is
    a human lost
    his passion
    his love
    stucked in jealous
    build walls of superiority
    to trap self
    and block roads of love
    in absence of love
    water dries
    emotions vapours
    body numbs
    heart freezed
    senses deserted
    ache in stone heaviness
    knife tearing
    mud mashing
    brutal level of sorrow
    when human didn't accept
    done mistakes
    blame others
    curse and kills
    mentality to Rob
    never follow god
    wants to destroy
    the happiness of other
    breaks divine law
    lures to lust
    a hollow cramp
    of thorny pins
    where only
    destruction visible
    hope searches place
    mend mistakes
    say sorry
    God will forgive
    turn back
    be human again
    only love
    can melt
    iced heart
    from fear
    finding peace

  • harshad09 10w


    As part of today's challenge, it was to write a verse on horror film or a character
    This work is based on the 2007 movie 28 WEEKS LATER
    To be true , I haven't watched the movie and this is a hypothetical creation of a lady who is carrier of zombie virus and enters the city of London
    Nothing to do with the plot or story of the film
    This is purely lmaginery and hypothetical


    Ohh dear..
    Nothing such as to fear
    This dark is now so very clear
    Now don't hesitate....come near

    Don't even look at those blood clots
    They are part integral of my gaming plots
    Don't stumble upon the scattered bones
    They really are like my ice cream cones

    Never be curious about the flesh and all
    It's like my destiny , or rather my duty's call
    Alarmed you look seeing all those unseen killings
    But honey, why don't You think about my feelings

    To have some love , to make love with you and only you
    I have been waiting for years thousands and a more few
    And you're here, behaving like a frightened white white rabbit
    Who told you eating flesh and drinking warm blood is my habit

    I have a body beautiful hot and passionate too
    I am the goddess of love whom you should woo
    Despite that , you're just worried about my like dislikes and my hobbies
    Sweetheart , I am the most beautiful and sensuous amongst all the zombies

    Image credits : TheDigitalArtist

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    Love me dear

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  • poetess_for_you 10w

    I was just living happily in isolation and one day I met the horror people from the outer world

  • dishang8614 10w

    Image clicked by me
    From the horror cult movie "Elvira: Mistress of the dark

    Mistress of the dark

    Immense blackness
    Mistress of darkness
    I dance and laugh with fear
    I sing and drink, vengeance I cheer
    Come and stay on my bloody angst
    Abyss of darkness, crying infant
    As I held in my arms, heaven's cry
    There's no joy but hell on dead sky
    Misery, let me borrow your wings
    Whispering, shattered harp's strings
    Years I loved alone this sorrow
    Bloodstained of rotten tomorrow
    My heart a tumor of forsaken
    Now a temple of inferno, once you've taken
    Behold! a cold blooded,cloudless beauty
    Reigning in darkness, my mournful duty
    Once more, hear my lullaby curse
    Screaming demons inside my purse
    Ring the bell, lend me your ears
    Catch the shadow of my tears
    As I offer my dark love, would you dine with me?

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    Though you killed me a hundred times
    but you can't escape the terror I buried into your heart,
    I will forever your dark, sunken mistress

  • mahtobpensdown 10w

    Part 2. Do read and write what you think in comments ��

    Ps - I haven't seen the movie and this is purely an imaginary story.

    Image credits - The nun and Google images


    Was the nun playing with the kid or the kid was playing with her?  (Continued)

    As they stepped into the garden, the darkness was replaced by bright sunlight. While this brought about a smile to the kid’s face, the nun became a bit tensed. She could see her plan dwindling and was clueless about what next. Soon, the nun and kid were joined by a little pup who was very delighted to be out in the open. The radiating sunlight from background pierced the nun’s mind and she was petrified. Will she fail to do the assigned task now? If yes, what awaits the next in her journey of life?

    Questions galore in her soul and it twitched a little. The little kid was having the time of his life; enjoying playing and dancing with the pup. Simultaneously, he was keenly observing what the nun was up to or was he waiting for the right opportunity to pounce on her?

    The nun brushed off her confusion and walked towards the kid and his playmate. She picked up the pup in her hands and was slowly cuddling him. Although pups love being handled and caressed by strangers, and always wait for it, this dog went in a complete opposite mode. It started barking loudly and wanted to just get off from the unknown lady. Had the canine too figured out that the nun was a little fishy?

    She refused to let him go and was boiling with anger. If this irritation grows, it could have a worse impact on the pup and boy. Having sensed this, the kid moved a step forward and hit the nun with the football present in the garden. Shocked by this unexpected hit, the nun revealed her disguise, her true appearance.

    The nun was none other than an evil spirit who came on the earth to fulfil her unfinished tasks as a part of punishment given by her master. Her punishment was to kill a hundred children or face the master’s wrath. What better place other than an orphanage would suit the deed?  However, the spirit failed to realize that wherever there is a bad omen present, the good omen is present at the very same place right before evil sows his seed, and if that is not the case, a good spirit will reach the point no matter how one tries to stop it.

    The kid collected his football and kept smiling while looking at the nun. As he smiled graciously, the light behind grew to be stronger. It impacted the spirit, and she left the dog to run towards the kid. She picked him up and rose high in the sky but couldn’t reach to a conclusion for the next act. Even if the small boy was in her hands, he was still smiling away unaffected by the change in circumstances.

    Nun – Who are you?

    Kid – I am you. I am a youngster. I am present in everyone.

    Hearing this answer, she was again dumbstruck and began laughing sheepishly instead of her horrifying laughter.

    Kid – Go on, I know you have more questions.

    Nun – How do you know that?

    Kid – I can sense it. Why are you struggling to ask?

    Nun – Stop bossing on me
    (To be continued)



    Credits :
    Movie - The Nun
    Actress - Bonnie Aarons

    Ps - This is my first attempt in writing a story and i am sure you will enjoy reading it.
    Please ignore grammar errors. Your feedback and suggestions would be appreciated. Do respond in comments.

    #horror_wt #challenge #mirakee #writerstolli #writersnetwork #ceesreposts #julietscorner
    #fright #pod #story

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writerstolli @harshad09 @mikeanthony
    @thewordplayer @thoughtsprocess @shaiz_fs @shegram
    Dwindling - gradually diminishing in size, amount or strength
    Petrified - so frightened that one is unable to move
    Galore - abundance
    Wrath - anger
    Omen - an event regarded as a potent of good or evil
    Evil - profoundly immoral or wicked
    Sheepishly - in an embarrassed manner


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    Fright (part2)

    ...this dog went in a complete opposite mode. It started barking loudly and wanted to just get off from the unknown lady. Had the canine too figured out that the nun was a little fishy?

    Kid – I can sense it. Why are you struggling to ask?

    Nun – Stop bossing on me
    (To be continued)


  • joas1612 10w

    Movie : Autopsy of Jane Doe
    Picture credits to the editors of the movie.
    A perfect horror movie, everyone must watch it once. This movie says about pain of the Jane Doe whose body is to be Autopsy. She take revenge for her pain. The interesting part is that not by killing them, by realising them how its pain.
    #horror_wt #writerstolli #writersnetwork #mirakee
    @manisha1216 @irfana_pinky @mayera_2611 @mona05 @astag_nope

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    No one can realize
    How its like!
    How its pain!
    Untill they experience it.

  • randomrhapsody 10w

    #horror_wt #writerstolli #dailychallenge #Bitesizedfiction

    Credits - Count Dracula (1970 film)

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    It's Dinner Time!

    It was almost his 12am and he hadn't had a morsel yet.
    His stomach craved for some food but he would have to step out for that.
    He pulled on his long overcoat and hat, carefully hiding his face.

    As he turned around the corner, he saw her moving away far ahead. High heels, halter dress and a string of pearls around her slender high neck.

    His sharp teeth glistened against the street lights, as Count Dracula smiled and glided through the street towards his prey.


  • stop_my_mind 10w

    Struggles of your inner soul
    are those inner demons
    which have their own names
    like depression, anxiety,
    fear of losing what you love,
    insecurities, rejection,
    anger, anhedonia, jealousy.....
    Inner demons like VALAK (conjuring 2) can be fought
    Only when you know their names
    Only when you acknowledge their existence
    Only when you see how they broke you
    Only when you can call those struggles by a name

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    Inner demons like VALAK (conjuring 2) can be fought and defeated
    Only when you know their names
    Only when you acknowledge their existence
    Only when you see how they broke you
    Only when you can call those struggles by a name

  • aafiya_21 10w

    Movie : THE RING (I regret watching it for days)
    #horror_wt #writerstolli

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    The story of grief needs to be told
    For how long are you going to withhold
    The secrets from the past.
    They will haunt you with a chase;
    to claim thy life in seven days.

  • blackphoenix 10w

    Artistic Perfection

    Not all monster are horrifying
    Not all villains are terrifying

    Sometimes, the heinous evil can be inside you
    Sometimes, controlling it is what you fail to do

    With more, you lose your grip on reality
    With less, you somehow feel thirsty

    Yes, an artist is born
    Yes, a human is gone

    You pay a price
    You descend into a nightmare
    You desire for more
    You are pushed over the edge

    Eventually you lose a bit, or more of you, to achieve that artistic perfection


    Reference - Black Swan, 2010 American psychological horror movie
    Image - Pinterest
    Lines on image - Last lines of the movie

    #horror_wt #writerstolli @writersnetwork #writersnetwork @readwriteunite #pod #mirakee #mirakeeworld @mirakee

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    Artistic Perfection

    I felt it
    I felt perfect
    I was perfect

    ..Read caption

  • platinum_quotes 10w

    I saw that movie
    Sleeping alone in that bed of mine alone is tough
    I am feeling like that slappy
    Will come alive and he ain't happy
    He is going mad
    Making everyone sad
    He is holding a knife
    Everyone, buckle up tight
    Save me
    Tell me it's just a dream

  • sksfantasy_girl 10w

    Horror sleep

    When i saw the story of Anabella
    I was shivering in sleeping
    Felt a wierd fear
    Nobody was aware
    laying in bed
    half in pain
    half awake
    half lost in hell
    only me in the room
    Light was on
    The most horrifying is
    Anxiety with horror story
    scaring in half presence of mind
    the flashbacks of doll face
    with cursive story

    After watching tuyul and pari
    scary imaginations
    traumatised from thoughts
    trapping by monster
    dream came of evil
    someone said in dream we will meat
    at your birthday
    Another horror story
    when i feared of loosing me in trap of demon
    so I prayed breaking down it shouldn't happen from God
    save my life from his clutches
    don't wanna be pawn
    After few days no horror touched me
    He calmed my fear and anxiety
    saved me


  • orianawilder 11w

    When it comes Mar kyu nhi jate
    cursive vibes to hadicapp and death
    and buisness wishes
    cheap imaginations
    I pray their death right now forever
    So safe blooming initial to final
    No disbalancing in their life

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    Hidden monster(A horror state of mind)

    I am fed of my thoughts ready to curse anyone
    Wheather small spirits or old soul by creating disbalancing thoughts about their life like monsters and evil queen of snowhite.
    Just wanna that evil poison die right now and no effect exist anymore.
    Just only safe journey go on in their(new babies,future borns and existing one's) futures.


  • zacksparrow 11w


    She realised someone was standing behind her, she could feel the chills down her spine. Hardly did she look back She was strangled upon the ground. It was like the grasp of Gog and megog (the notorious creature from whom none can escape save those by the Almighty) , she was petrified on the ground and the pain was as though her skin were being peeled off and that jolted her tremendously, she was wailing in pain but the cries couldn't escape her sealed mouth.
    A gush of blood pierced out from the jugulars, she was turning white , her legs tremored erratically as the pain etched to extremity.

    The sun rose the next day-
    She woke up from the slumber when the sun rays falling were burning her skin on her cheeks turning burnt red, there was still the mark of fresh wound on her neck and the torch she had the last night laying down next to her. She realised her eyes as she looked at her reflection on the torch they appeared to be bloody crimson. she could feel the uncontrollable rage, the adrenaline rush was making her outrageous. The carnal desire of the blood upon seeing the dog she used to love to death blinded her humane mind. She is not "she" anymore.
    Her dog "lobby" trembled in helplessness as she sucked his blood completely like a maniac.
    The dog laid dead on the floor.

    The sun sat, the eve fell upon.
    She moved out from her home into the dark woods nearby.
    No sooner than she left whistling of sirens and barricades round her house could be seen.
    "It seemed the murderer gruesomely murdered them, we suspect the act of some cultist or an occult satanic group,
    What psycho murderer they were!", The sergeant briefed the media .
    "Sir, one girl Sarah is missing. we searched almost everywhere, looks like she have been abducted", the other sergeant added.

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