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  • theprotectiveshelter 2h


    आजकल जानवर में ज्यादा इंसानियत पायी जाती है,
    इंसान तो बस एक दूसरे से जल कर मरा जा रहा है,

    खुद के जीवन का महत्व तो समझता नहीं है,
    और जानवरों को भी मारे चला जा रहा है,

    ईश्वर के सामने, तेरी औकात नहीं है ज्यादा कोई,
    पता नहीं कौन से भ्रम में तू जिए जा रहा है,

    सारी जिंदगियां औलाद है, ऊपर वाले की,
    क्यूँ तू ये सारे उल्टे कर्म किए जा रहा है,

    कितना बुरा लगता होगा, ये सब देख कर उन्हे,
    कि उनकी एक रचना दूसरी पर हावी हुयी जा रही है,

    तुझे ज्यादा बुद्धि उन बेजुबानो को समझने के लिए दी थी,
    परंतु तू तो उसे ही खाए चला जा रहा है,

    तुझे क्या लगता है कि कर्मा भूल जायेगा,
    क्यूँ इस गलतफहमी को पाल कर जिए जा रहा है,

    तुझे वो तेरी औकात जरूर दिखाएगा एक दिन,
    क्युकी तू अपने बुरे कर्मो का घड़ा भर कर अपने अंत की ओर खिंचा जा रहा है।

  • kaushikichauhan_ 2h

    dear readers kindly repost this and not only on mirakee but on other social media platforms as well . We need to be on the right side of history.#humanity#pod#kindness#alllivesmatter#speakup

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    Has humanity become cruel to the point of no return? Is there no kindness or compassion left in us? Have we finally made earth a living hell? This year has been disastrous from the beginning but the worst of it is that is has shown the ugly face of human viciousness. We have lost our last shred of humanity. On 25th may, a man was murdered in broad daylight by a police officer in the “land of the free” and the “home of the brave”. The worst part of this is that he was not killed because of the felony he committed but because of the colour of his skin. Yes, he was killed because of RACISM. We thought that we had left this word far behind in history but it haunts us till date. So thank you Britain for giving the world an idea that we know as white supremacy. And don’t you dare say it doesn’t exist because it does. Being fair is so important than being yourself because if you are dark you could get killed because of it. Nelson Mandela fought his whole life against apartheid because he was an inferior in his own damn country. He described it as one of the world’s worst human disaster. And we the most intelligent species on this goddamn planet learned nothing from it. People of colour are still prejudged because of their complexion. George Floyd was not the only one. There are several of black people who have been victims of racism and the brutality. You know what who are we kidding? When we cannot even show kindness to innocent and speechless animals how can we expect us to compassionate towards our own freaking species. Applaud for the Homo sapiens you killed a pregnant elephant for your mere amusement. You are the most intelligent and powerful inhabitants of earth. Sometimes I wonder can we be so cruel to be so brutal and barbaric towards other beings. Then I guess we are all sinners after all because god did banish man and woman on earth because he saw evil in them. But I am not a monster. And neither are you. We are humans and now is the time to act like one. Showing compassion and kindness to other beings is our duty and bringing the murderers to justice is as well. Speak up and speak now .

  • deepak_vashisth 2h

    मेरा साथी

    आज इंसानियत का ये पैग़ाम मिला है,
    कुछ गुनहगारों का इल्ज़ाम सबको मिला है।
    वफादार रहना जिस बेज़ुबान के रग-रग में बसा है,
    उस इंसान से आज, जान देने, धोखा खाने का ईनाम मिला है।।

  • pia_poetry 3h


    How can humanity be so cruel...
    Shame on you Kerala

  • freebirdwriter 3h


    जब सोच में बीमारी लग जाए,
    तो इन्सान होश में भी
    बेहोश ही रहता है।

  • vishu_writes_07 3h


    है खुदा क्या गलती थी उस बेचारे जानवर की,
    की उसे हर किसी ने दगा दिया।

    My holy request to all my friends
    Please show some Humanity
    They also need it.

  • aadigrv 4h

    बेजुबाँ है तो क्या,सुन जुबां वाले !
    उसका चीत्कार वहाँ जाता,,
    ..जहाँ तू अर्जी लगाता !!

  • crazypanda 5h

    because humanity is the thing which makes us true human. love animals and humans
    be kind too everyone
    this world is made by god with love
    so love everyone no matter whether they are
    human or animal.

    #humanity #love #humans #kindness

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    My heart is drench in tears
    feeling ashamed to be human
    everywhere we learned to love
    love animal, nature, birds and human
    people are fighting for their rights
    one is killing innocent animal brutally
    racism is growing swiftly
    terrorism is increasing vastly
    humanity is vanishing rapidly
    what is wrong with this world
    I want to be a stone instead of human
    because humanity is like a dead one
    universe is watching us
    God is keeping eye on us
    we have to face consequences
    not all are evil ;few are good too
    but we have to suffer with them
    it is the time to return back
    towards humanity
    because we all are human not demon
    love everyone.

  • his_love_2819 2h

    What happened to humanity......???

    Ohh sry !! i called them humans ...
    actually they dont deserve to be called humans...

    I just can't understand how can be so cruel ...?

    She was pregnant. She was hungry. She wandered into a village searching for food ... locals took a pineapple, stuffed with crackers ....she believe them ...she ate it ....the crackers exploded..she was in pain ....she died standing in water ....

    When i got to know this ...i was like ....ohh man!! she did the biggest mistake of her life .....
    She trusted humans .......the shameless creatures
    That's the reason .....humans deserve 2020

    #rest_in_peace #shame #humanity #heartbreak

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    Humanity failed again ....


  • goddess_of_words 8h


    I've always wondered why we treat animals like soulless beings,
    But I've come to realize that HUMANS are heartless and have no feelings.
    Why can't we see their fears?
    Why can't we feel their pain?
    How much more do they have to bear?
    From these,what do we gain?
    We always pretend that we want to make the world a better place,
    Yet,we give a blind eye to the problems the animals face.
    We always pretend that we are pitiful,
    But,kill the animals even if they aren't harmful.
    Aren't they just five senses creature by birth?
    Do they have no right to live freely on the Earth?
    Don't they wish to be loved?
    With all of their survival issues solved.
    We always pretend that we care,
    Millions of animals abused,are we being fair?
    We always pretend to want the animals to be reached,
    But,do we ever practice what we preach?
    All in the name of being the smartest creatures alive,
    But,what does that even mean if we can't put that mentality aside,
    And actually do some real work,
    For if you ask me,we haven't even tried.
    As animals can't speak up for themselves,
    That doesn't mean they can't be fed up of being treated like slaves.
    Some will say our constitution grants the right to make a choice,
    Yet,after animals get slaughtered they don't have a voice.
    We were created only to have a short life span.
    Show each one mercy and let us live as long as we can.
    Their sufferings drag them to hell which they can't withstand,
    Believe me they too cry in a language that humans don't understand.

  • abhayrao 9h


    Are they really so different?
    Those who don't look like us
    Don't talk like us, don't pray like us
    Are they really so different?
    Those whom we hold in fear
    Shackle, chain, look down in contempt
    Imprison, cast out, destroy every attempt
    To see them as people, not something less
    Race, religion, castes its all such a mess
    The demons created in every land, every nation
    Something for civilization to hate
    Something to justify their ill fate
    Are they really so different?
    Those whose love you don't understand
    Societies hate for centuries withstand
    Voices of despair crying out everywhere
    A new age upon us, are we finally there?
    Our ears have evolved, Mozart to techno
    Our eyes have grown sharper, Vermeer to Van Gogh
    Our minds have expanded, Mendel to Thoreau
    Vagner, Keats, Oscar Wilde and Allan Poe
    Equalities champions, Gandhi to Mandela
    Accepted by royalty but not by the media
    Every step they've made, every stride taken
    Every hail storm faced and every faith shaken
    So evolved and yet so primative
    So aware and yet so complicit
    Are they really so different?
    Our their dreams not for their children
    Is their love not enough reason
    Aren't they also people, those we demonize
    Marginalize, terrorize, refuse to accept or apologize
    They are not different, you've made them so
    They are not different, on earth did they grow
    If we all looked, behaved, believed in the same
    Robotic, obedient, bred to be tame
    How will we grow, who will help us evolve?
    Kafka, Dickenson, Galileo, Luther King and Alice Paul
    Ambedkars vision twisted so grotesque
    Every shameful step made, the so called progress
    I refuse to call them the names you do
    Self-conscious isn't that the measure of humanity
    The yard stick used to draw lines of barbarity
    Is human trafficking the only way to know what we are worth
    Every act of injustice, the millions we have hurt
    Society can't move forward till all it's gates our open
    Humanity cannot heal if the cuts keep getting reopen
    Let go of the demons of our own creation
    Are they so different, are they so different?

  • rhythmic_beats 10h

    The tragic incident happened in Kerala shocked everyone. But don't daily incidents shock you? Don't you feel bad for those street dogs are are hurt by throwing stones, faces many mischievous acts and pain by humans? Don't you feel bad for them when they are tied and taken by municipal workers as they don't have owners!.

    What about those animals who are killed for making many cosmetics and medical supplements? What about those animals who are killed for making leather and sweaters?

    What about those animals who are killed for satisfying your taste buds? What about those hens, goats, cows and pigs killed for having a meal? Don't they have lives? If you are talking about humanity do show some humanity to them also.

    The pineapple with crackers were kept for the wild boars who destroy the crops and spreads infection.

    ** The elephant was not killed intensionally at all.**

    People of Kerala worship and love them immensely. They are never differentiated, always taken care as their family member only! Elephants are pride of Kerala. In each corner of Kerala resides elephant lover. Ever seen Kerala's biggest and world famous festival, Thrissur pooram? If no just Google it and see how much respect is given to them.

    **You know each year many people are killed by elephants and the elephant itself kills his owner too because they get out of control due to some genetic issues. Still they are not shoot because of love towards them.**

    Indians will only stick exact to what media says! Don't generalize the whole population without knowing and understanding the truth.

    Each life is valuable. Everyone should considered be same. Have some space in mind to visualise things broadly and clearly.

    I will say I feel pain when all creatures are hurt on this earth. Let's open the door of humanity so that there is peace and happiness again.

    #humanity #elephant #incident
    #truth #reality #media
    #rhythmic_beats #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    If you talk about humanity you have already lost it then where come this sudden condolences to elephants just because media produced it in sharp words?
    (Please read caption...

  • ru_malik 11h

    As a human I'm sorry

    They buried their
    Humanity in soil
    They fed the
    Pineapple to a hungry
    Pregnant elephant
    Stuffed with cracker
    And they said they
    Are loyals
    they proud
    They are living creatures
    But I'm shamed on myself
    That I'm a part of humans

    Baby #elephant sorry you will not be able to
    See this world

    #humanity is more imp than #education

    मानवता को तार तार कर दिया
    एक बेजबुआन जानवर को
    खुद को मानव का दर्जा दे
    उसे क्रूरता से मार दिया
    पूजते हो पत्थर को
    मंदिरो में
    मगर थी जिसमे एक नहीं
    दो दो जान उसी को
    तुमने बेजान कर दिया
    लगी थी भूख उसे और
    उसकी नन्ही जान को
    इसलिए उन्होंने pineapple
    को प्रसाद समझ ग्रहण
    कर लिया
    मगर उसको कहा था मालुम
    की उन्हें इस प्रसाद में
    मानवता की राख़
    की उनको मिल गई सजा
    तुम पर करके अंधा विश्वास

    कह गए वो सबसे
    भूल कर भी मत
    करना तुम इंसानो पर विश्वास
    अब उनसे नहीं बची
    मानवता की आस
    अगर कर भी लिया
    तुमने उन पर लाचारी
    में विश्वास तो
    वो तुमको भी कर देंगे एक दिन राख़

    Shame shame shame on humans
    Rest in peace

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  • usamashaikh 11h

    Let hate be no option
    Its either love or nothing


  • krishnanandan 12h

    हथिनी के हत्यारे

    इंसान हो, दुर्बल हो, निर्बल पर बल दिखा खुद को समझते सबल हो।
    इंसान हो, शैतान हो, असभ्यता की तुम पहचान हो।
    इंसान हो, हैवान हो, इंसानियत के नाम पर अपमान हो।
    इंसान हो, भक्षक हो ,नैतिकता का बनते बड़ा शिक्षक हो।
    इंसान हो, कलंक हो, सांप से तेज़ मारते तुम डंक हो।


  • devikadnth 15h

    Thoughts engraved in a dead soul - George Floyd

    When I was choked, being pleaded to breathe;
    That act of barbarity caused my death.
    You are changing yourself,not your thinking;
    While the world is prospering, you are discriminating.
    Black is the colour associated with power and strength, 'tis the colour of my skin,
    Look at your shadow, oh! my racists:
    It exhibits black within.
    The class of people which you termed "black",
    Freely serve the nation without any lack.
    My soul cries for those fellow masses,
    May their existence not make anymore farces.
    So I urge you,
    I urge you not to create another example of latent racism in the world;
    For our lives do matter,not meant to be hurled.
    None should suffer, no more cries;
    We too are humans, just like the whites.


  • chirag_goswami 16h

    #Humanity getting worst

    Yes, humanity doesn't exist anymore it getting
    worst day by day. They can be the best but they
    choose to be the worst creature on this planet.
    Animals believe that humans are there best friend
    but they don't know that humanity does not exist
    anymore, they don't know that human are the worst.

    It is said that humans are the best creature on the
    planet Earth but when it comes to the worst they
    are the most worst ����

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    Rest in Peace you both need another
    Planet to live

  • samadrita_sinha 16h

    She/He is a fire !!
    Among the thunderstorm
    Apart from everyone She/He is burning in their own flame
    No one is there to rinse off the fire
    But many to provoke her/him
    Yes she/he is burning
    Moving away from the whole world
    From the illogical criticism
    Breaking down all the barriers of racism
    Crying out "ohh my RACISTS look at your Shadow once"
    She/He want to live
    But the barriers are the cause of their never-ending flame
    Her/His last tears urged not the create anymore example of blacks
    "We are same as you whites
    We too have the same red blood
    Yeah we are black but our hearts are not like you all"
    She/He don't want to leave.....
    Please let him/her live




    #racism #skincolour #humanity #humans #love #creed #live #life

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writerstolli

    ~ Samadrita Sinha

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    He/She want to live
    He/She don't want to leave.....


  • la_plume_parlante 16h

    When you don't have a heart to feed a hungry animal (Or even a person for that matter) then the least you can do is not to revel at its haplessness and hopelessness. How can someone be so cruel, so heartless?This monstrous cruelty is totally unacceptable!! THE PERPETRATOR SHOULD BE SEVERELY AND GRAVELY PUNISHED.

    RIP��humanity. What a shame!!
    #mirakee #writersnetwork #rip #humanity #jusitceformotherelephant
    @mirakee @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld

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    Rip Humanity


  • tia_2005 17h

    It was a shimmering and ravishing day
    The nestling and floret remedy up in gay
    The corporals were having ecstasy
    Thus, the emanation was yet to say.
    She came in inspect of food required aid of your
    Ohh!! So precise you aided her ,
    She departed to have her aliment with glee
    But what's it having her aliment
    She ended up there..
    You gave her the aliment with firecrackers
    Did you know,what could be its culmination?
    I awe what did you get by dispatching the two
    But I guarantee it won't enable you to ease in comfort.

    Her condemn was to certitude you
    But what was the teeny one's condemn?

    The indomitable exertion accomplished by you
    Manifested what you are and what you are proceeding to be!!

    #careforanimals #lovethem #humanity ...##
    @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @writerstolli @quotes_mirakee

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