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  • ferdinad777 1d

    Elemental Psyche

    How it feels to be theftful;
    Gets duncish to get forgetful.

    Rumbling tummies that deafen gastrologists;
    Surreal monickers that Takahashi enlists.

    Hunger nudges thirst peckishly;
    Antiperiodicity seeping sheepishly.

    Elements timed on a Dandelion clock;
    Anti-vaxxers' psyche pretending to be Sherlock.


  • _the_introvert_boy__ 1w

    बेहला रही है भूख को पानी में उबाल कर
    ज़नाब वो माँ हैं
    दिखा देगी बच्चों को पाल कर

  • james_taumas 1w


    Awoken at sunset
    Persistent hunger
    Hunt in the shadows
    The city my domain
    Hide amongst the prey
    Varied vintages and bouquets
    Spoilt for choice
    Wine from the heart
    Feed under street lights
    Sustenance for me
    Immortality's price.


  • upsilon400 2w

    #hunger because I wrote this before I had dinner.

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    Famine's dark horse

    Starvation is my teacher
    while Famine is the rider
    edacious as death and time,
    the towns and clowns are weeping
    and no one else is eating
    because there is no more food,
    the rich too could not elude.

    The Devil is the master
    of all the world, his laughter
    echoes in our sin and crime
    and as the horse was trudging
    its clatter counts the dying,
    many struck with lassitude
    for whatever turpitude.

    The cereals lack their water
    and all the living hunger
    and crave the past, once their prime
    that present eyes begrudging
    on yesterday's harvesting
    as the unforeseen prelude
    for one and all's servitude.

  • theemopoet 2w

    The cup with the coffee stain of your lips,
    And every blanket, that caresses you in,
    Lead me to envy's doorstep,
    The scariest of the seven deadly sins,
    They tell me that love hurts,
    And only pain wins.
    Anger, the murderer,
    Pride, its kin,
    Forceful hunger, lost appetite,
    Where do I end, or begin?
    Like a sloth, my clock slows down,
    Life finds destiny hard to pin.


  • jeitendra_sharma 4w

    the fallacy of hard work

    the fallacy of hard work
    to mold
    in a shape
    that would cause
    residual stresses
    invisible to ignorant minds
    a fulfilled life measures,
    look at those
    who are born, out of it
    the factory of death
    that produce unintimate characters,
    who sees life
    with the broken glasses
    in the bits and pieces
    collect it all
    and combine it
    do you see?
    the desires
    that is natural
    and the power that drives it,
    Your institutions kill it
    put labels
    and grade human beings
    further, it gets degraded by society
    mockery and shame
    You raise the lords
    who has brutal forces
    and put down the saints
    beneath the shoe
    You praise the lord
    to satisfy Your need
    and run the hunger business
    to clamp down the liberty
    You make, and break laws
    take more than hundreds have
    and put idols on showcase
    to shut the doors
    that could lead to justice and equality,


  • poornimagowda 5w

    Be An Encouraging Figure To Those Who Have Lost Hope
    Be A Light To The Depressed
    Be A Food Giver To The Hungry
    Be A Source Of Knowledge To The Ignorant

    ©Poornima Gowda

  • mighty_are_the_fallen 5w

    Hallow Pain

    It's such a deep pain,
    I keep trying to forget,
    Every corner another reminder.

    A hallow ache,
    A distant rumble.

    My teeth burn,
    My cheeks shallow.

    I never had much to give in pounds,
    But I had plenty in bone.
    If I had soul left to give,
    I'd give that to.
    Just to feel whole.

    Empty cupboards.

    The scale keeps ticking back.

    Empty shelves.

    The weight of simply things gets heavier.

    Empty fridge.

    It doesn't matter how bad I wanna get better.

  • someone_i_never_knew 5w

    One last cup of Tea

    The Tea I make doesn't taste good anymore
    Everyone else enjoy it still
    But it's not the same, I know

    Same leaves same sugar
    Everything I tried to keep same
    Still it has lost its charm
    I don't know what to blame

    I don't enjoy making it anymore
    As did when you were around
    Everyone just gulp it down but you
    I miss your long sipping sound

    And as you finished your cup
    How was it? Everytime I ask
    Hungry of compliments I always wa
    You knew it all was the only left task

    This taste gonna last whole week
    After You always said
    My hunger keeps growing
    And no-one to fulfill it, nothings been more sad

    My hunger will kill me one day, I am afraid.
    As I watch my skills die each day and my interests fade

    You ain't gonna return
    I know
    I tried denying it
    But reality won somehow

    Promise me, at least in my dreams you'll show up.
    Everytime I go to sleep,
    In my heart carrying this hope.

    Ask me for a cup of Tea
    One last time
    Even heavens will crave to have it
    Watching efforts of mine

  • ubhayhastkushal 5w

    घर का खाना

    -Shubham Joshi

    घर से दूर आकर, अब खाने को मैं तरस गया
    नहीं मिल रहा खाने को कुछ अच्छा, अलग और नया

    देख लिया कई होटेलों में जाकर
    लेकिन पछताना पड़ा वहाँ का खाना खाकर

    देख लिए लगवाकर एक के बाद एक कई टिफिन
    लेकिन बेकार गुणवत्ता के चलते, खा पाया उन्हें भी कुछ ही दिन

    जीभ को नहीं मिल पा रहा कुछ अच्छा स्वाद
    कितने अर्से पहले मनपसंद खाया था, नहीं आ रहा याद

    जब घर में रहता था
    माँ से हमेशा एक ही बात कहता था

    कि तंग आ गया अब घर का खाना खाकर
    पिज्जा, बर्गर खाते हैं कहीं बाहर जाकर

    सुना देता था माँ को घर के खाने को लेकर कई बार कटी-जली
    घर से दूर आकर माँ की हाथ के खाने की अहमियत पता चली

    मूर्ख था मैं, जो कोसता था घर के खाने को
    अब तरस गया माँ के हाथ से एक निवाला खाने को

    चलो देर आए दुरुस्त आए
    लेकिन नहीं समझ आ रहा कि क्या खाएँ

    मुझे तो कुछ बनाना नहीं आता
    मजबूरी में, होटेलों में ही खाने, हूँ मैं जाता

    होटेलों में खाकर एक बात मैंने ली है जान
    कि जितनी ऊँची दुकान, उतना फीका पकवान

    मेरी इस समस्या का कैसे होगा निदान
    क्या अब कभी सुधार पाएगा, मेरा अस्त व्यस्त खान पान

    -Shubham Joshi

  • uhan_barman__ 5w

    Diving into your passion, quenching my thirst from your nectar of love, scooping lust from within your hills. Painting you under the midnight hues.
    Stay still as I lay my brush on you while taking a good view
    Pealing petals on the way
    Tasting you just like everyday.

    #erotica #erotism #erotic #hunger #lust

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  • through_a_rabbits_eyes 5w


    Feed me pretty words
    And kind whispers
    I'll eat them up
    Your skin
    Soft under my fingernails
    I can't fight it
    I can't deny it
    You speak so sweetly that
    I'm fighting for a breath
    You feed my hunger
    You torture me lovingly
    I'm dissolving in your hands
    Devouring your words

  • _raut_writes_ 8w


    Aroma of sucess is smell by everybody.. But aroma of hard work and hunger of sucess are not seen............

  • jeitendra_sharma 9w

    in the dream

    dawn without sun
    a hollow hope
    hunger without stomach
    shivering hands, cold heart
    to find warmth I traveled miles
    to see light I followed the stars
    I see nothing, the road ends here
    at a height, the mighty sea roaring ahead
    hear the whiplash, striking fear in the hearts
    feel the cold breeze
    breathe the darkness in
    fuel the fear and burn the frozen man
    look at the moon, hiding behind the clouds
    a flat terrain, jump down there
    or fly above the sea to cross the miles
    come with me
    to the end of the world
    to find unknown answers
    sit behind and hold the rain
    shall go beyond the known terrain
    into the depths of the heinous crime
    towards hellfire and buried bones
    Justice shall be done
    dig the innocence from the sleep
    Sun should not come up again
    let us finish the undone
    and with the mourn, will go towards heaven
    to knock the dead stone
    don't sleep again, wake-up and move along
    see the cruelty of humans
    a broken leg and fallen man
    a war between men
    stop! here are the Gods
    or, a man in the mask, again!
    see the real pain
    a dream of the poor-man
    searching for grains
    in the mountains of golden stone,


  • _knit_es_ 10w

    A Hunger's story

    Never understood his plight
    His ribs ate away half of him
    In this unlit dim
    Recollected his last bite
    Which was a day back yesterday
    None had mercy
    Nowhere was remorse
    Bold men filled themselves
    With brand of ages
    Only his hunger pangs were felt
    By him
    No help for his pled
    He had life , but no life savers
    He lost a life
    On the streets of merciless.

  • eccentricwriter99 10w

    Sometimes physical attraction on contact is like a show of invisible fireworks just waiting for the signal.

    #lust #love #hunger #desire

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    He never knew the feel of true hunger until he brushed against her skin

  • jeitendra_sharma 11w


    bourgeois earning bloodstain
    white-collar oppressors
    gaging the voices
    coming out of the stomach
    I see no virtue in sitting on a pile of grain
    while the famine is causing starvation
    Who made these rules?
    who had signed the contracts?
    the preconceived notion of people in power
    molding and bending rules to live
    an illusion of growth, who holds the means
    on the bottom down, a battle of survival
    these corrupt termites eating the structure
    a structure, that was promised to all
    lies of equality and freedom
    where are the culprits of human beings?
    lords are decaying in their houses
    materials produced out of blood and sweat
    riding the human slaves
    see, the lords of the modern world
    with false hope of two-time meals
    breaking the bones to clampdown them
    fear in the eyes and hunger at the stomach
    see the beautiful creatures of demigods
    who was created to satisfy the lust
    and needs of bourgeois
    bureaucracy is modern autocracy
    endless forms to fill
    and harsh punishment
    when asked about filling the empty stomach
    there are always two options
    either to choose the side of powerful oppressors
    or to stand for the weaker sect
    repercussion become invalid
    as one knows the brutality of lords
    when challenged, the result is a massacre
    man-made hunger and blame is on Gods
    who is chained with golds and silver
    lustrous materials blinded the lords
    who couldn't see the people, standing behind in a queue


  • singh99puja 11w

    Am i really hungry?

    A constant hunger for beautiful things prevails and it increases day by day. Hunger of things, beautiful things, even if i don't need them. Hunger to achieve more and more even if my necessity is fulfilled, hunger to eat more even if my belly already bloats. The peace is left behind but the bank statement is rich. I am in hunger for more but am i really hungry?

    -Puja Singh

  • the_moon_kid 12w

    Nowadays , the news of *rape cases* are not uncommon. Every month , there is a case of rape where the victim is murdered too along with getting brutally raped.

    Everytime the cases are of different scenarios.
    The first spine chilling case was of NIRBHAYA . In our capital city *Delhi* , a girl became a victim to some sexually hungry men. She suffered , she fought but at last gave her life.
    It took so long to punish those culprits ! And most probably one of them was a juvenile . If he was not an adult , how could he get so much of guts to rape a woman ?

    Again , the Kathua rape case. Rape in a temple . Seriously ? A little girl was raped in a holy place where people used to worship "goddesses" ?

    Is this how our country is developing ?

    These are only two cases which I've mentioned . But there are many more horrific rape cases too.

    "Kidnapped , raped and burnt alive". This is the news we've been reading today. She is a doctor in Hyderabad.
    What the hell is just going on in this country ??
    Nobody is safe. Not a single person.

    From a foetus (amniocentesis) to a lady of any age (rape) , nobody is safe !!

    And yeah , the reason is not her *clothes* , but those men's terrific hunger . Their mentality and their illness of mind.

    If we point out a mistake on a girl's cloth saying that she wore short skirts or tops , does long salwars or sarees help in saving that girl's life ? No even it couldn't.

    Those victims still cry for justice and ask from heaven , when women will be safe ? .

    Rape is a crime. Stop it !

    #abhimanya_s #mirakee #writing #rape #victim #crime #culprit #murder #justice #women #hunger #tears #life

    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @readwriteunite

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    ".....when women will be safe ?"


  • keithallencovell 12w


    Hungry for the dimming
    Holding with the weakened

    © 2019 Keith Allen Covell