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    He will be your wolf ladies so do listen up, he will draw out your passions and make u want to fuck, with the charm of an angel wrapped up in lust he will make u feel beautiful then leave u for dust..


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    Hum Dono Ne milke Ek Ghar Banaya hy Us Ghar Bich Teesra Koi Kyu Aaya hy �� #broken #cheat #hurt #leave #breakup #relationship

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    Relationships are not Destroyed By the 3rd Person . They Are Destroyed By The Person Who Entertains The 3rd Person While They Are In relationship


  • nbtasnim 5h

    You and Him

    Written on: 08.03.2021

    It hurts, it hurts so much I wana cry.
    But it was me who pushed you away.
    So why am I hurting this much?
    It was me who told you to leave,
    Then why did I want you to stay?
    I felt guilty, you are everything I ever wanted.
    You were right about everything except,
    You were too late, too late.
    I'm already obliged to someone else.
    That person has done a lot for me,
    No matter how much I hurt him,
    He never left.
    I told him everything about me,
    He loves me a lot.
    I know I can't love at the same wavelength
    I wanted to break it off,
    But he has been trying his best to live for me,
    Saving money to have me with him,
    Even though his health is so poor
    That he can't get a proper job.
    So tell me how can I bear to abandon him?
    Tell me, how can I ever leave him
    All alone?
    How can I be this ungrateful?
    I cannot.
    That's why I have to choose between you and him,
    And I chose him.
    I would rather be destroyed
    Waiting for him to take me out of my cage
    Than give my heart to you.
    He loves me too deep,
    Cherishes me too much.
    I can't leave him.
    I'm at a difficult position,
    That's why I said I never wanted a relationship.
    But you didn't listen.
    I am sorry I hurt you,
    But I have no other choice.

  • slaughtered_heart 5h

    It hurts so much to smile like you never cried even though you have cried so much that no one will ever believe...


  • writeweird 6h

    it's a desolate kingdom

    people fighting people
    it's a desolate kingdom, friend

    scars travel deeper
    and taste bitter at the ends

    'tis kingdom of dust
    will return once all is spent

    filled with hateful disgust
    and days of discontent

    it's a desolate kingdom
    for it's the desolate kingdom

    and that's all it is at the end

    people fighting people
    biting at the clay

    molding debts and demons
    out of statutes to pray

    barren and without free men
    whales come out to play

    the sun won't shine
    for days

    and the sun won't shine
    for days,

    ghosts, you cannot see them
    and they're here to stay --

    it's a desolate kingdom
    for it's the desolate kingdom

    till the end of days.


  • ranger9 10h

    Date the Devil

    He: I can't let you see the real me. I just can't

    She: Why? Why are you so scared to open up?

    He: People run. They always have. They can't handle it , cause they don't understand.

    She: I understand exactly how you feel. But you need to open up, even if it's just a bit.

    He: You'll run for the hills too. I can't lose you.

    She: Then it'll be a date!


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    Yes some people are cruel, but look in the mirror, you can't say for sure you haven't done anything wrong before, I do not ask of you to forgive them but dont let your hatred get in the way of helping them, cruel people and non cruel people, it doesnt make a difference at the end of the day everyone is defined as a person, a truly barbaric maniac that hurt you mustn't be forgiven but look in there eyes and try to find the little cries for help...no one is truly inhuman...everyone was and is born human...people that may come of as cruel maybe going through much more than you know of...defend yourself, forgive or not forgive...up to you but I guess we should all learn to help each other

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    I am evil
    I am cruel
    I am bitter
    I am vicious
    I am brutal
    I am sad
    I am harsh
    I am callous
    I don't want to be like this anymore
    I want to change
    Help me please
    My sadistic ways are my cries for help
    Why is no one coming
    Must I be trapped in here forever
    -gently weeps-
    Help. Me. Please.

  • tashwing 1d

    'Cause, you DO expect.
    And as I always say, nothing is unconditional. Even if it's a size of a morsel, expectation IS there and that's why you experience the emotions of disappointment and grief.
    T H I N K.
    #byme #sexypoetess
    #hurt #unconditionallove
    #unconditional #lifelessons
    #lifecoach #lifequotes

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  • _ashes 1d

    Why is it,
    that hurt & pain becomes poetry..
    But happiness just doesn't rhyme...


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    Just a reminder not to hurt self.

    #hurt #jzpenningmyfeelings #feelings

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    I guess I've to stop hurting myself in the process of not hurting others.


  • writeweird 2d

    nothing matters. not even matter or mass or electrons. nothing will ever escape this universe and no one is waiting on the other side even if it does. maybe it's just god and us, maybe that's all we need. who knows, certainly I do not.
    #dark #pain #hurt #down #depression
    #thoughts #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    i stare at walls all day 2

    if these walls could

    they'd tell you how many
    times i've stood still staring
    at them

    as if any moment something's
    going to give away

    and the moment will

    but it never does

    not here in this

    where the cold sits
    with me

    and the dark hangs over
    my head hiding the many
    nefarious designs

    that wait to take their turn
    and haunt me

    and one by one
    they will

    folding me into
    pieces and scars

    capturing me in my
    thoughts that never grow
    old or die

    bouncing off the very walls
    that can hear me scream

    when no one else is

    when i am all alone
    and still,

    waiting for something
    to happen.


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  • backstorypoetry 2d

    Give people enough freedom to be themselves even if their actions are hurtful.
    Do they apologize?
    Repeatedly make the same mistake?
    Say one thing do another?
    Take advantage of vulnerability?
    Have zero empathy?
    It says lots about who they really are.

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    Abandon All Hope

    Being left behind is one of the most gut wrenching feeling to have.
    The abandonment is like a ghost that lingers.
    You try to ignore it, but it only ever gets worse, and you begin to question yourself.

    You attempt to find a solution, but often enough people just assume you’re crazy, so you give up.

    You give everyone excuses on why you’re being distant, but if for only a minute, they would look into your eyes they would see your pain they hold.

    “It’s not you, it’s me” they say, but if that were the case why do they always leave me?
    Not everyone can be wrong, can they?

    You fixate on an idea, an idea of what more can you change about yourself until eventually the person staring back at the mirror is a stranger.

    So maybe they do stay, but is it really you they’re staying for, or is it the persona that you’ve created.

    Maybe you’re okay with that, but deep down you’re empty inside.

    Love is like a flower; you can’t just plant it anywhere and hope for it to grow.

    You must find the perfect spot where the soil is turn and its full of nutrients, water, and sunlight.

    But if you put the flower in soil that’s bone dry and forget about it , it will die.
    So you can go through life as a stranger, pretending to be what they want.

    But let me tell you, if you try to force that love, it will never be genuine.
    The love you formed will never grow ,it will slowly dissipate until it’s transformed into something dark.
    It will spread through your body like necrosis.

    Unless you acknowledge it and treat the infection it will continue to spread until it weakens every aspect of you and kills you.

    In life we rarely get a reset button, but I guess that’s what makes love so extraordinary.

    You can’t find great love if you don’t take big risks which means they might abandon you.
    Only you can dictate if they’re worth the risk.

  • wattsonswritings 3d

    Calamity (9/11)

    Been around a thousand souls, (7; a)
    Experienced a thousand vibes, (7; b)
    Still can't fill this enormous void. (8; a)
    Looking for a specific kind. (8; b)
    "Too much of expectations", (7; c)
    Says the more logical side. (7; b)
    Then interrupts the dreamy one, (8; c)
    "Go for it. It just feels so right." (8; b)

    I am sorry if I seem like a fool. (10; d)
    Just in deprivation; deprived of you. (10; d)
    Yours is the most doubtful encounter I pant for. (12; c)
    However, you're the missing piece to make me whole. (12; c)
    Crossing oceans, rambling pavements with wandering eyes (13; b)
    Expecting a familiar face from a long, lost life. (13; b)

    If I am just dreaming, let me sleep. (9; e)
    Waking without you is calamity. (11; e)



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    Is it too much, to ask for?

    I don't know what's going on in his head, I have always been there, put more efforts than anyone should. I have placed him before my friends family, work, studies and even my feelings. I try to be there for him all the time, in his good and bad but I feel very suffocated, exploited and used. In Short, taken granted.
    I understand he is going through lot at this time and nor do I expect him to do everything I do for him. But in a relationship isn't it supposed to be from both sides. I can be selfless, but till what extent. I feel alone, neglected and ignored. What's the use of a relationship when all it has is sadness for you and your feelings and emotions are not taken care of, he doesn't respect me, value me or give me attention.
    I can compromise on some things, but he can't really be responsible or do the normal couple things like informing me when he is out whole day, asking me if I'm ok, if I haven't spoke to him for long time, calling me if I'm not there, asking if I ate.
    I literally have to do it all myself, like saving or wanting this relationship is just all me. He doesn't care about it at all. Doesn't feel like my existence matters to him at all. I don't want to be in constant doubts everyother day if he loves me or not. I don't know what I'm doing is right or wrong. But this is so hurtful and stressful investing so much emotions, in someone and that person doesn't even care about you for a sec. I don't know it could be a terrible idea. But I am breaking trying to fix him, by always prioritising him over me.

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    I saw you
    I needed you
    I wanted you
    I was amazed by your beauty
    I couldn't stop thinking about you
    I had to have you
    I took the plunge
    I had you
    I cherished you
    You brought more beauty into my life
    You were there for me in my dark times
    You eased my pain
    You comforted me
    At first, I looked after you
    I was attentive to your needs
    Somehow I lost that
    I started to be careless with you
    Before I knew it...
    You slipped right through my hands
    Away from me
    I went through all the emotions
    Maybe I loved you too much
    Maybe you became an obsession
    Maybe I thought I couldn't live without you
    But nobody could take me to places like you could
    I was careless and you shattered
    I miss you
    I Broke you
    And this won't be mended.