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  • crickett 1w

    I look around, I see black walls! I'm stuck in my brain! Waist deep in the mud while I'm trying to make it out the rain!! My soul is scarred with pain, I bet when people hear this they will say "Dang" my pain and your pain ain't the same! I look in the mirror I start to scream! I'm tired of this I'm tired I want out! Trying so hard but always having doubt! They say you should ask for help well I'm screaming.. but no one listens! Just wanting to hurt while I'm in rage! Sober thoughts are not for me!

    Wanted me to go sober so I did, I'm thankful I don't have any kids! What I look like being a failure? Setting no example.. for example here is a sample. Ticking time bomb that's what I am..scars on my body and my hands! Destruction is what comes to mind when I'm working on my self like construction! I just wanna break everything and it ain't right! But this is what my brain deals with when it comes to Night...or Day..I still pray but I feel like the sins I've done won't ever let me be okay.. my brain is really torn apart like it was put through a shredder! This the only thing I can think of to make me feel better..I need help & and I pray one day I get it if not just please visit every now and then I'm 6ft below resting.

    When I lost 4 family members in one month it turned me to a different person like a permanent numb...I can't keep a smile if I do I feel dumb. I'm sad I'm scared but in the end, no one will care.

  • fallenangel0106 3w


    Why is it so hard to breathe
    without you?

  • crickett 3w

    I want you..really I don't want you.
    Really I don't want you..I want you.

  • asha16 4w

    Why should I care?

    Why should I care?
    They talk behind my back
    As if I wasn't listening
    I wish I could forget my past
    Childhood for me was good
    Yet I was too innocent
    I didn't know
    Yet it keeps on hunting me
    Whenever I see them
    I hate it
    I hate myself
    It makes me even question my own existence
    Why should I care?
    Just pretend as if it never happened
    I've always been a good girl
    But this was the only innocent mistake
    Childhood memories will always hunts me
    And I will always disguss myself
    I hate it
    When will it stop?
    How long do I have to run?


  • hiral_here_14 4w


    Healing and hurt are almost same ,
    When it comes to you,
    You hurt each second, I heal all alone
    In worthy monsoon,
    I kept waiting for you, but you never came,
    Maybe you never cared,
    How be you giving scares all alone
    And how be I healing scares all alone
    That point, I am not me again,
    Ruffled up in your scars,
    And you won't find me ever again
    In this worthy monsoon of my

  • crickett 5w

    The Silence sets in, the demons begin to come out & play just reminding me that they are here to stay, everything I'm doing good I feel bad..I'm so use to doing bad it's sad..I miss being happy I miss smiling if I could pay to get it back, I would rob a bank and make the deposit quick!! Hoping as I'm evading I don't trip. My Anger triggers me the most of all my emotions! Light the fuse & promise I'll get to exploding, My sadness sets in and just makes me feel invisible once again, Happiness is hard to find I feel like I won't ever find it even if I had unlimited time! But back to my anger I want to get rid of this feeling because I know if I continue I can end up in real danger. I fight these demons and can never touch them I wish I could see them face to face and say Fuck them!! Tomorrow ain't promised which is why I'm passionate about today just thought I would get a lil off my mind as I sit back and listen to my demons play.

    I loved and got hurt, I helped and got hurt, I listened and got hurt no matter what till the day they put me in the dirt I will feel Hurt.

  • brokengypsysoul 5w

    I have so much hurt inside that I can physically feel the pain in my chest.

  • brokengypsysoul 5w

    Trigger warning ⚠️

    Sometimes I think the weight of my pain living is stronger than the pain left when I'm gone.

  • hmadeline 5w

    An open letter to an abuser

    Dear Ass Hole, Liar, Thief, Abuser,

    To The Dick that destroyed the woman I once was,

    How do you feel about yourself? Are you proud? Happy? Do you feel any guilt whatsoever? What goes through your mind, as you lie awake at 2am, unable to sleep? Is it remorse for destroying a happy girl? Or is it about your next lay, or maybe your next high? Do you even give a damn about the damage you leave behind, or are you too caught up in your own pain and you’re blind?

    I used to be so much more carefree, confident, Smiley. Yeah sure I still had some struggles. After all, I’m only human. I had a history of trauma but it was so far behind me. I had healed and learned to cope. I was okay to be alone, I was thriving. I didn’t feel broken. I wasn’t lost.

    I didn’t know what it felt like to have mind games be played on me. I never had someone destroy my sense of reality. Up was up, and down was down. East and west made sense to me, north and south was where they were supposed to be. I had a sense of direction you see? But like a lot of other things you stole that from me.

    Stealing, thief; two words out of a thousand I feel that fit you perfectly. Stealing the life force out of a young girl. A thief of happiness and dreams. Stolen peace, and sanity. No, you didn't just steal materialistic things. The most important items stolen were those of the mind. The material I need in order to survive.

    Destruction of the mind. What a hell I wouldn’t wish upon anyone. The anxiety that was left behind, far worse than when you were mine. Destroying any hope I have of the love I find. Crying in a man's arms of the damage that you left behind.

    If you think this letter was written because I miss you, you are sorely mistaken. This letter was written to tell you that I hate you. Hatred towards you for the hatred I have towards myself. Hatred of all of my aches and pains. Hatred of my confusion and loss of security. Hatred of the exhaustion that has overtaken me. I’m tired.

    I’m tired of my lack of trust in the world around me, or the man I wish so desperately to stay and stand next to me. I don't trust the ones I love not to destroy my life in the very same sense that you tried to take mine.

    The fear I felt that night, a type of fear that I never thought I’d fathom. The feeling of the oxygen leaving my lungs like deflating balloons staring at eyes as glazed as the moon is bright. The pain in my face seething so red and tight. Trapped in a single room house with nowhere to hide. You tortured me day and night

    The battle I faced when you spent all that time committing the crimes yet I was the one justice seeked to find.

    A year of fighting, and another year just trying to survive the aftermath. The vicious cycle of feeling like I’ve healed and the next revisiting the fight. A year of praying to God you don't kill me, and a year praying that I don't have another nightmare tonight.

    You, The reason I feel scared at night, faced alone with new battles to fight. You, a memory so distant, yet so profound. The person I blamed when I lost my Sweet that night. Because the battles I have to fight are far more than anyone can right.

    One day, you won't haunt me at night. And I can finally have something right in my life. One day you’ll be forgotten and I can love soundly and bright. And I’ll trust him and I won’t be the one alone at night.

    With hatred and nothing kind,
    The girl that's left to fight.

  • wifey_suicide 6w

    #spokenword #poetry #writing #depression #suicide #alive #thoughts #hurting #sad #emotional #pain #tears #artist #hopeful #glad #proud

    If anyone knows the number to the suicide hotline number for your hometown, please comment it below, so everyone has a chance to life ❤️

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    That One Thing

    The more I feel, the more I want to be free from misery
    I know there’s a lot people who care for my well being
    Since the only person who doesn’t like me, is me
    Or so it seems
    It’s not because of the way I hate my hair
    Or how I hate how I can paint a picture and it comes out quit nicely
    I love my talents and my teeth
    I love my height
    It’s the thing inside my beautiful round shape head

    It’s the thing that lays around all day and doesn’t have to get out of bed
    It’s unemployed from its laziness
    Yet it still has the power to tell me what to do and how to think

    Because of it, I can’t sleep
    I can’t eat
    Some days turn good days, into not so good days
    On those days, I hate my talents
    I hate my teeth
    God forbid for me looking into the mirror
    Darken eyes
    Like my brain just took a swing right into my eyes
    Like an abusive ex boyfriend, but this time
    I am stuck physically and emotionally
    Without my brain
    I would die

    I would probably no longer stuffer the way I do, if I didn’t have my brain
    But no, you’re not allowed to think like that
    Even though suicide is just abortion for the depress

    There’s always that one thing that sits there
    Calling your name
    That one thing that is willing to tuck you in at night
    That one thing that keeps you from ending it all
    From a man made object to the simple fact of you’re afraid of death

    All I can say is, just like you
    That’s me too
    I’m glad that one thing is keeping you alive today
    You should be too

    United States Suicide hotline line: (800)273-8255


  • yours_fortune 9w

    Unfortunately karma is gonna hit you hard for breaking, treating or hurting people who had nothing against you, but good intentions for you.


  • the_half_soul 14w

    :knowing someone is never enough
    we can never know someone enough


  • plaintive_tears 15w

    In the end we ended up with self love or keep hurting ourself..

    #pain #broken #selfcare #hurting

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    Nowadays, I love coffin more than


  • words_worth_life 15w

    Let it hurt until it don't hurt nomore...


  • dalypoems 15w

    I'm torn

    I'm torn.
    My heart is hurting in so many ways,
    It fights my brain for happiness,
    Even though my brain could be right.

    I'm torn.
    I am really happy but also I'm really not
    And I dont know what needs fixing
    But deep down inside I do.

  • quotescribe 16w


    Deep inside heart ❤ something hurting
    In darkness of night I am grieving
    My eyes are crying & I am trying ✊
    Breath the peace & put the sorrow flying


  • zainabnajmi 17w

    Is It Okay?

    is it okay if i wake up heavy-hearted everyday?
    is it okay if my favorite hobby is to daydream and imagine a world without myself in it?
    is it okay if i believe that the world would be indifferent to my absence?

    is it okay if my mind has sucked the life out of me and it has left nothing within, but a poison that continues to fail in taking my life away?
    is it okay if i'm selfish about ending my pain for eternity by passing it onto others?
    is it okay if i don't know how to love someone selflessly?

    is it okay if i am not a good person?
    is it okay if i don't know how to be a good person?
    is it okay if i don't care enough about becoming a good person?

    is it okay if i don't know how to celebrate the unadorned pleasures of life?
    is it okay if nothing excites me anymore, but a mere thought of dying sends a chill of purpose down my spine?

    is it okay if i search for melancholy in everything around me?
    is it okay if i can't find a sole purpose in life?
    is it okay if i am floating through life meaninglessly without any ambitions?

    is it okay if i always feel lonely even when i have people looking out for me?
    is it okay if i feel like i don't fit in?
    is it okay if i don't fit in?

    is it okay if i want to spend the rest of my life locked inside my room without having to see anyone ever again?
    is it okay if i am worthless and can contribute nothing to this world?
    is it okay if i don't feel the desire to contribute anything to the world?

    is it okay if all i think about is death?
    is it okay if i sometimes talk to death?
    is it okay if death becomes my best friend?


  • citrine_goddess 18w

    Frozen in time

    You left me with my arms wide open
    Drowning and choking left all alone in my tears
    My heart you stolen left me all broken
    Frozen in an hourglass for years


  • inbetweengreys 18w

    Hurting again

    Chest heavy, blood runs hot
    The skin burns when it touches the cold air
    My heart stings
    I am surrounded by people, family
    ready to burst into tears at a moments solidarity
    I am breaking yet again
    A fool I was, thinking I was healing.

  • mentally_till 18w


    I wouldn't have minded growing old with you. Growing old alone is horrifying. It won't stop, won't slow down.

    I remember when we were kids. Feels like just a few months ago that we were teenagers. 21 now, but soon I'll be old. I wonder what our lives would have looked like.