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  • iamkoi 5w


    Far far away

    A kingdom lies hidden

    Bees buzzing the day

    Daffodils smitten

    Blue skies and candy canes

    Leaping hearts a joyous tradition

    Some may not believe this world is sane

    Here I stay

    The empress remains

  • iamkoi 5w


    In my dreams you come true

    Travel to a future I wanted to

    I know you dont exist yet

    But you'll come through

    I believe, I believe, I believe,


  • iamkoi 5w


    Wading waters

    Deep blue sea

    The most dangerous things call to me

    Through these icy roads I find my peace

    Piece by piece

  • iamkoi 6w

    Weeping Tiger

    How hard it must be to find the sun, moon and sky

    In shattered light

    The tiger strays far to find it's match

    To find it is the only one left

    In silence it wept

    It's lays under the lonely tree

    "Let me be" It begged the heavens

    "Please, just let me be"

  • iamkoi 6w


    It's so difficult not knowing

    But what if you knew?

    If we could see our lives in crystal balls,

    Would we cherish each moment to the point of extinction,

    Or would we count to our day of death?

  • iamkoi 6w


    It's so difficult not knowing

    But what if you knew?

    If we could see our lives in crystal balls,

    Would cherish each moment to the point of extinction,

    Or would we count to our day of death?

  • iamkoi 7w

    The Sobers

    Is strength a temporary companion?

    It appears in seasons or maybe as gusts of wind from the sea

    You feel like you've battled 1000 kings and won

    Like you can conquer the world with your left pinky

    Or is that borderline arrogance?

    Maybe a hint of a narcissist?


    Is strength a feeling? Do you feel strength?

    I don't know.

    I feel everything and nothing at the same time.

    A waterphone plays within me

    It's ripples vibrate to the tips of my fingers, through the soles of my feet

    I stare blankly at the wall in front of me 

    It's colours 'sober' as they call it

    Remind me of a body, wasted away to nothingness.

    Pale, dull, grey


    There are no more tears to cry

    Or laughs to laugh

    False smiles blind my eyes

    I'd rather live in black and white

    Is that strength?

    I don't know where this is going

    I don't want to go anywhere

    I'm lonely when I'm with you

    I'm lonely with everyone else

    I'm the loneliest with myself

    We must have a lot in common

    Me and my wall

    We are both just sober

    Watching the world run in black and white

  • iamkoi 7w

    Till The Sun Dies

    The devil & death were delt

    Warnings went unchecked

    It doesn't matter

    Where do you go when you don't exist?

    Say goodbye

    Say goodbye

    The glimmer of knights standing by your side

    All day, all night

    Live in your name

    Till the sun dies

  • iamkoi 8w

    A Sign

    If you are looking for a confirmation

    That the path you dream of is the right one

    The choices you're hesitating to make should be made

    If you are afraid of what other people will think when they see the real you

    Don't be

    If you want a sign

    Here's your sign

    Our time of wait is over

    There is no more time to ponder the infinite number of negative outcomes

    To get lost in a dream world inside our minds

    If you want change

    Chase it.

    Your time in now.

  • iamkoi 8w


    Welcome to the new age

    Welcome to the new stage

    Fools become kings

    If you want it enough

    You can be anything

  • iamkoi 8w


    Just wanted to wish everyone a happy new year.

    A new decade as begun.

    I hope all of us find love, light, and happiness within ourselves

    Make your dreams happen


  • iamkoi 8w

    Moon Dance

    Some nights I'd like to run

    To the end of the earth

    Join the moon in its dance in the cosmos

    Only to disappear when the humans awake.

  • iamkoi 9w


    You're a monster

    A monster, monster, monster

    Hide your horns and polish your teeth

    Lay out the boiling pot

    I'm your next big feast

    You take my life and devour my soul

    No matter how much you get, you're never whole

    I lost myself in Kaas' dreams

    Only to find myself torn at the seems

    Your sterile image is far from wholesome

    Look at me, look what I've become.

  • iamkoi 9w

    Blue Pennines

    To think of you is not a thought

    You inhabit the nooks and crannies of my life

    Like the lucky penny in the closet

    Like the rainfall after a doubtful day

    The oceans run for you

    The sky's stay baby blue

    I can't help but wonder

    Do you think of me too?

  • iamkoi 9w


    Nights like these I lie collected

    Drops fall from the sky to wash away my fears

    The stars are aligning

    The fates are crying

    Tears of joy touch the ground

    The little girl turns around

    After centuries, she has risen. 

  • iamkoi 9w


    I carry the sword

    The sword also carries me

    Dance through the darkness

    Straight and pale

    Every fight I win

    A battle within

    Keep the enemy close

    Distract him with a rose

  • iamkoi 10w


    Everyday I feel it in my chest

    Something coming towards me

    A lone train arriving in the dark

    Will it take me somewhere new?

    Will it being something to me?

    I don't know

    All I can do is wait

    The closer it approaches

    The tighter my chest

    The more I know

    I'm ready

  • iamkoi 10w


    Through the pain

    Through the suffering

    The universe swallows you whole

    Know that I'm with you

    I maybe a ghost you'll never meet

    Whatever comes

    Whatever goes

    Know that I'm with you

  • iamkoi 10w


    Through our own destruction

    We find who we really are

  • iamkoi 10w


    Dear moon,

    I saw you tonight

    Wearing your fedora

    Covering the sky above

    So I could wish upon the stars again