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  • mahi_ghane 11w

    हा मै इसी धरती का लाल हूं
    जो सदियों से बिछड़ा हूं
    तू तो औकात से बाहर निकल गया
    और मै अभ्भी पिछड़ा हूं।

    हा मै इसी धरती का लाल हूं
    जो सिर्फ रोटी,कपड़ा और मकान के लिए बेहाल हूं
    तू तो पढ़ कर चांद पर पहुंच गया
    और मै अभ्भी एक सवाल हूं।

    हा मै इसी धरती का लाल हूं
    जो तेरी खुशियों मै नाचू तो गुलाल हूं
    और तू चाहे खरीदे अपने हवस मै मुझे
    फिर भी समाज पर मै मलाल हूं।

    हा मै इसी धरती का लाल हूं
    जो पैदाइशी हिजड़ा हूं
    तू तो औकात से बाहर निकल गया
    और मै अभ्भी पिछड़ा हूं।

  • poem_juhi 15w

    Is your body and mind really you??

    What's your body is supposed to be??
    Is your mind..... always in glee???
    Your soul must matter to you... not me!
    Ask your body..... currently how is she?
    Weather is it really you....or fulfilling society needs???
    Do whatever makes you happy.....in this world of miseries!!
    To gather praising......you lost self ! Who was amazing!!
    Being tired of life...is not the only solution,
    Do what makes you happy! Will end all the tensions....
    But make your body and mind , choose the right way!
    And.....depict your true talent which you might lay!!!!
    As...... who you are, is not really you!
    In this beautiful journey of life.... small incident matters too!!
    So.... know your mind and body from head up to shoe!!

  • backstorypoetry 16w

    We are so busy judging people, isn't it?
    There social media profile has become the way of judging for others.
    Stop judging people based on their social media.
    You never know who they actually may be.

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    Your social media profile doesn't define who you are.
    Your personal appearance does.

  • anjureddy 18w

    Deep down we do (

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    When we say " I don't care " most of the times we actually do care and it's hurting

  • shrey_awaken_words20 22w

    You Hate Me...?
    Ohh wow...!!!
    For your kind information,
    Who are you?


  • captain_arz 25w

    Ale le le �� #IDontCare ��

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    Kitna nadan h tu Ae insan,
    Jinpr teri muskan ka asar ni pdta,
    Unpr tere gham ka kya khaak fark pdega...


  • gelukzoeker 28w

    Tell them how lucky you were.Tell them no one can take my place.
    Tell them the way I held you when your world was falling apart.Tell them how you left when I was falling apart.Tell them that I gave you everything I could and it still it wasn't enough.Tell them that you kept lying to me.Tell them the way I loved you and that nobody ever could.

    #totallyrandom #devilinyourheart #iamdone #idontcare

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    And when they ask you about me....
    Tell them;
    You broke that girl's heart,
    the one,whose only intention was to see you happy,
    while you destroyed her.
    The only girl who gave you everything
    and yet,it still wasn't enough.
    The only girl who loved your flaws more than your perfections,
    while you made her question her own worth.
    The kind of woman you only get once in your life,
    but when you did,you lost her.


  • soullular 29w

    Will You ?

    I don't want much in this life,
    Just love me a little bit more everyday,
    Day after day,
    Month after month,
    And year after year,
    I don't care,
    Even, if you love me just a little bit,
    I hope your love lasts forever
    Will you love me a little bit ?


  • she_d_r_e_a_m_ 30w

    ����.. #stayaway.. ❤️

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    Karne dete hai na jo karte hai apki burai
    Aise choti choti batein

  • nashibmusic 32w


    I said I'm back
    Your silence said I don't care
    You never give me your full attention
    If this love was a party
    Mine for you'd be a feast my dear
    Whilst you'd leave me with the leaftovers of your heart

  • prakratipatel_2 48w

    Jo humari baate samjha nhi vo hume kya samjh pyega....
    jo humhe abhi hi chord kr chla gya vo sari umar bhar sath kya chal payega....

  • bryleigh 48w

    I deserve more than what you were giving me.

    #goahead #goodforyou #Idontcare #itllbeok #thoughts

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    It's all coming together now
    How bad you were for me
    How you influenced me
    How you scarred me

    It's all making sense now
    The reason that we broke up
    You just weren't right for me
    You made it so hard

    Everything with you was difficult
    The conversations, the emotions, the  time spent

    Everything you did made me feel like I wasn't good enough
    Everything you said made me feel like I had to change

    So go ahead, turn around and leave
    It won't matter

    You can take me as I am or you can watch me as I go

    But you can't beat me down like I let you do before.


  • whatrealityisthisagain 50w

    The Moment I Started Living, was the Moment I Let Myself Die

    The moment I started living, was the moment I let myself die. 

    It wasn’t being raped that broke me. It was the betrayal after. I would have taken the blame. I would have accepted and understood to save that friendship. Instead, I was more than abandoned. 

    I was pushed off the cliff. 

    It wasn’t my insanity that made me fall faster. It was the lack of support. The lack of time people were able-were willing to spend to catch me. 

    It wasn’t because I was raped that I flushed all of the pills I could find in the house. It was because I knew I was plummeting, but everyone else was turning their heads... I looked for any pills I'd missed only a few weeks after.

    I didn’t ask for help to get attention or to complain. I begged for help because I was scared of myself. Because I’d tried to fight alone, and was losing. I asked for help when I was too tired to battle the demons, when I wanted to end the pain.  When my tank was empty, and I didn't have enough fumes to keep me moving forward.

    It isn’t for lack of trying or planning that my funeral was never held. It’s because whenever I tried, I blacked out and was suddenly living a new day. In a different place, a different time. It wasn’t because I didn’t want to drive off the cliff. It was because the time-laps stopped me when my family wouldn’t. Or when I came to, I was too exhausted to get off the floor I found myself laying on.

    It wasn’t the one who hurt me that fed my firey rage. It was the people I went to for help that didn’t listen or were too scared to try because I was scaring them - all the while I was scaring me too. It was how they’d tell each other how much I was overreacting or using my situation as an excuse. 

    It wasn’t my anger that dug deeper through the pits of hell, it was all of my “support” digging with earplugs and asking why I didn’t pick up a shovel to help. 

    It was the ones who promised to help telling me to suck it up. The ones who promised to be there when I was in desperate need telling me they were too busy to talk. 

    It was the hours alone in my room when I didn’t know if it was night or day, that I cried on my floor after begging my mom to stay. 

    It was my drives home when I called my sisters to keep me from driving myself off the road or into the wall just to be told I was stronger than that or I was being dramatic and to calm down. 

    It was when I was drained and in the kitchen staring at the knife I held, calling my sisters for help to be told they were busy. Or when I was laying on the train tracks calling person after person, and no one picked up. These were the nights and days I blacked out and found myself living the next day. 

    I was going to die. I was going to finally escape and kill myself the very day I went to my doctors for a leave of absence from work. I had enough energy the day the note was signed. I didn’t care what it took. A small part of me thought of everyone else, so I made sure the police would find my remains so my family didn't have to see the mess I would be. 

    I was done. I was empty. I was a hollow shell with a glimmer of myself that I wasn’t willing to share with the rest of the world because it didn’t deserve her!

    It wasn’t texas that saved me. It wasn’t a doctor’s note or leave of absence from work. It wasn’t family or friends or animals. It wasn’t hate. It wasn’t love. It sure as hell wasn’t support. 

    It was the lack thereof that finally helped me make up my mind. 

    Texas was my resolve. Texas is where the little glimmer left of me was finally let go. 

    The day I died was the day I started to live. 
    The day I stopped caring about living for others. 
    The day I stopped caring about helping others. 
    The day I stopped caring about hurting others. 
    The day I stopped caring. 

    None of that glimmer survived. None of her made it through the climb or the flame. She didn't even try to stay. I once tried to bring her back, but there was nothing left to bring. 

    Somedays I miss her, but she did her time. This world didn’t deserve her purity. 

    She earned her freedom. 

    She left me in her place. She may have been sad, but mostly relieved. Because she was tired of giving everything and receiving so little. 

    I know those around me miss her. 

    Most everyone who knew her don’t like the me that clawed her way out. 

    It may hurt her, but it’s funny to me. How the very reason I exist, is because they let me die. 

    They may not have pushed me off the cliff, they may not have hurt me the way that one “friend” or man did. But they didn’t try to catch me. They didn’t try to help me up. 

    Instead, they grabbed a shovel and dug a grave deeper than the deepest pit of Hell. A grave deeper than demons dared to go venture. 

    An isolated place, with no one around. With no pain, no chaos, no light, and no sound. An oblivion to rest in peace, and that’s where I stayed, so I would never be found. 

    So no. I don’t care if I offend you. I don’t care about those relationships, I don’t care how mean or terrible I sound. I don’t care that my words hurt, or that I’m not trying hard enough. I don’t care that those bridges have been burned or I’m not willing to help like I did before. I don’t care that I talk too much or don’t give in like She did before. 

    I don’t care that I hurt your feelings because I guarantee you’ve hurt me So. Much. More. 

    Whether you meant to or not, that doesn’t matter. Because you all left me suffocating and scared. She wouldn’t come back with me through the fire and grime. She entrusted me to finish things here, and meet her back in the grave within at MOST 1 or 2 months. 

    I found I like me. I’m meeting her as you are, but she’s scary and fun. And has decided she’s worth fighting for. 

    The Me I left behind, is finally at peace. While the me that’s emerged has more power and strength than either of us can believe. Not nearly as much as the one in the grave, but a hell of a lot more than I’m able to explain. 


  • anthonyhanible 62w

    Don't Say It

    I'm sorry
    I love you
    I don't care
    I hate you
    Don't Say It
    Unless you mean
    There's no take backs

  • miss_uaua 62w

    Its never about how much you know..
    Its always about what you dont know..
    Knowledge is never highlighted..
    Its always your ignorance that the world will pick out!

  • mahi_ghane 63w

    हां में इसी धरती का लाल हूं
    जो सदियों से बिछड़ा हूं।
    तू तो औकात से बाहर निकल गया
    और में अब्भी पिछड़ा हूं।

  • cicimoon 63w


    I am 100% miserable with my life right now…

    I am not sure why.

    Things seem to be running fairly smooth.

    I am concerned about where my husband's head is?

    My body is completely falling apart?

    My mind overwhelms me so, 

    There have been many late and/or sleepless nights, 

    And some extremely early morning hours.

    My thoughts are not good, to say the least.

    I feel as if I have completely lost any control that I once had.

    I am not okay.

    I'm desperately trying to move forward, 

    But it feels as if the weight of the World is pushing back against me, 

    With every ounce of energy and strength, it has. 

    This one is harder than any I can recall.

    Will I make it?

    The answer is, "I don't care."

  • purvbhoj 65w

    Sometimes you just don't care what people think about you and your life for it makes no difference to you

  • princess14 65w


    I don't care
    who loves me
    I don't care
    who hates me
    I only care
    For who
    Cares for me

  • ursakhil 66w


    They don't understand what you went through in life. If you are in a good position, they will praise you. If not, they even don't care about how you are.
    So, don't expect anything from them. Give your best to your life and enjoy the show played by them accordingly in your life.