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  • marcellemae 17w

    I have a dream... of a world where the mixing of generations, nations, colours, creeds and cultures defies the desire to label, segregate and seperate what was, and is and will continue to be the evolving shades and fabrics of humanity. Where the doers are outdone by the believers and the truth seekers, the breathing, living, loving lining of humanity that sees within. Past the shells of our souls, past the judgement, the fear, the blindness, the I am, you are... past the racism, elitism, egotism, whitism. Past the cast, half-cast, high-cast, low cast. The divisions of the who will eat and prosper, dining with others dying at our feet. Bound by our differences to become indifferent. To become one. I have a dream that I will rise up to meet the inequalities in our society. That I will stop saying, that’s so terrible, and start charging my energy, my bank account, my purchasing power, my choices and my speech, to begin to lift the fallen, to push power to their direction. To remember the fortune of my position, and that change is not just my ability, it can be my decision. Our decision. To have a voice and use it.

    Tapestry © marcellemae

  • johnraplord 40w

    I Have A Dream, No Love Poems.

    Am Wild,
    Wild Enough To Hit The Metaphors
    Lame ?
    Feel The Poem Know My Reaches, You Know ?
    Tracks Are Snitches
    Steal Me Riches They Life Stinks
    Fuck Me B*itches
    Death Insists
    Tell Me, Life What We
    Met Her For ?
    Apparently Its Craziness
    And Maybe
    I May Need Me a Lady To Make Me A Baby
    Where Am From The Freaks Turns Me On
    They Call Me By My Rap Name
    So They Won't Forget
    How The Nigga
    I Used To Kill The Beats
    No Hands
    Am Left With
    The Repeaters With No Plan
    Now Its All They Got
    Still Y'all Make Mo Fan
    Am Just Saying
    Its Funny,
    Putting In My Best
    Separates Me From The rest
    You Bet We Settle For Less
    Every Man Must Be Stoned
    Point Me To Steven
    I'll Make Him Wonder
    How I Curse And Bless
    Life Is Tricky They Feel Me
    And Act Like They Seen It All
    How Hard being Me, And More
    Your only Human
    We Poor, Eager and Bored
    Dreams To Be Peter and Paul
    We Got Dreams
    Dreams We Birthing Would Make Martin Loot A King

  • iwyz1604 50w

    Milk and Honey

    I dream of a world beyond.
    A paradise only my mind can behold
    Where rainbows fill the day skies like nature's true chandeliers
    And where beautiful auroras fill the night's skies like nature's disco lights

    The simplest things in life are free and yet freedom will cost you an arm and a leg, but if you are lucky enough, it will cost your life.

    I dream of a world beyond.
    A sanctuary of peace, harmony and solace;
    A land of Milk and Honey
    As promised by God to Moses and the Israelites.

    I dream of a world without adversity.
    I dream of prosperity.
    I dream of equality.

    Is this a fantasy?


  • mar9iech 84w

    I dream of dreams
    I'm on cloud nine
    I dream of me

    Like boundless sea

    none to fear
    no one to please

    I dream of life
    so different from mine
    I dream of love
    that I call all mine.


  • bramo_flash 118w

    The youth are people with the perfect dreams and brilliant ideas, the problem is that when we come back to the real world, we leave the dreams in the fantasy world and silence the idea. It's high time we start believing and never stop dreaming. It's time to start living our fantasy. Try everything.


  • joematia 135w

    The worst thing in our culture is that white and black culture are separate. White people are complacent, follow the system, school, college, job wife, kids, retirement. Then act like they werent taken by the hand the entire way. Black people still are viewed as separate, sometimes even as lower, so much to where we have kids in school thinking the only dreams they can achieve are with music, sports, or sell drugs. How could we let this be apart of our culture, to label an entire group of people and let them feel pinned, and go on to act like they victimize themselves. People are told what to believe, and we need to stop the people pushing these beliefs, because all violence needs to stop. Whether it's white on black, black on white, black on black, poor against rich, rich against poor, should be irrelevant. Lets begin to heal our nation instead of persecuting each other. #love #ihaveadream #America #wethepeople #forthepeople #hope #change #poetry #poet #pod #poem #iam #the #prodigy

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    The Kin Of Pontius Pilate

    People act all pompous and great, act pious then forsake our own kind, Pontius Pilates hands washed to save face and hide away, behind curtains and drapes, then go to church to imitate, more lies if you say you believe in his grace, then offer none in prejudice ways, whites are complacent, weak, just want to keep pace, with everyone else in the race, we keep black culture down with a bitter taste for it in our mouth because they're in gangs, talk in horrible slang, have ridiculous names, runaway fathers, baby mamas that let they're booty hang, act like we’re the ones that gained, succeeded only by merit, yet arrange the system to go with our grain, then act like we don't do the same sins, wonder who's buys and pays for the drugs, who funds the game, supports the murders by shooting up veins, we are cause to the pain, moreover we deny our part we played, and the black man is the one who paid for the crimes, as we blame them, a whole culture we look at as a waste, all we are doing is copy and paste, what we hear others say, all these people we think are just a disgrace, can help it, its just innate? While we act fake and just imitate, they're standing cast aside emaciated,the man that deals to keep his family fed and kept safe, better than starve with minimum wage, risk being in a cage, then friends start to act strange after that deal that wasn't so straight, now a buddy's doing time with eight counts of intent locked up like an ape, wondering if his family ate, now it seems there's a snake, whispering secrets so we have to take someone's life cold blood in the rain, so you add another stain to your soul marked in pain, police found your name anyway, a murderer we all see as strange, and denigrate, but they never go out with a bang, fighting and killing so they don't hang in prison with no release date, we don't see that hate because instead there's hope in its place, that God will allow their people to refrain from increasing the hurt, strained to no end with images of nigger, slave, and lesser person ingrained in their brain, and we act like we're self trained because we are that delusional and crazed we think we put the work in to amaze and please god, we're in such a haze, how can we be the same people that believe in grace? Then go on to state, we need to help the poor, as we feign glory, then act tamed, be aware of your shame, because I want to tell the people of a different race that id be no different as I embrace them, show that some contemplate about the how we mitigate this evil, then I sit and pray for the vision to be framed in my head and let it dissipate for the whole world to feel the flame

  • rohlerach 141w

    We are all different
    Yet there's a similarity
    We are all different
    Yet we are all humanity

    We are all different
    We see with some humility
    We are all different
    But all deserve equality

    -Rachel Rohler