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  • f_deesia_poetry 1w


    The sway of my hips

    the soft of my lips

    the craze in my eyes

    wears no disguise

    grace of my walk

    music in my talk

    love in my heart

    can’t you see, I am art.


  • __kratika__ 3w


    No. 1 Don't lie to yourself.
    No. 2 Ask this to yourself every now and then, "Is this what you wanted to do?"
    No. 3 Have patience, you will achieve what you long for only if you keep trying.


  • f_deesia_poetry 4w


    Today is my birthday
    another year survived
    another milestone marked
    and just like yesterday
    the wind, the sun, the earth
    the moon and the stars
    are not done with me just yet

    I could tell you about
    how I forgave and was forgiven
    how I am remembered
    and maybe forgotten
    how I’ve grown
    the battles I’ve won
    the white flags
    and bended knees

    I have done all that was expected
    expected to feel accepted.

    Yet I still wish for wings
    I still wish to do the things
    bucket list things
    list that was lost
    lost in the decades
    decades I have loved
    loved everybody but me

    How much time do I have left?
    a day? a year ? another three decades?

    So No,
    today is not my birthday
    It’s the day of my rebirth
    I throw three handful of earth
    three handful at my flaky dead skin
    because today
    I am reborn

    and tomorrow,
    the mirror will smile back at me as I whisper
    I love you!!


  • nocturnal_enigma 14w

    I Love Me ~

    (Me part)


    I love me!

    Me Me Me




    You used to be..
    fascinating to me.

    I don't know...
    what made me




    But, now

    I don't know
    who you are




    Stop looking
    at me!

    You're just a

    of me!



    Why you
    just stare x2?

    It give
    me scare x2!



    No more

    when I see


    I can't look
    at myself

    in the eyes



    (Reflection part)


    Would you
    just stop

    all the cries?

    and lock
    your eyes

    with mine?



    You suffer for years.
    Voices in your ears.

    Wipe your tears!
    Swipe your fears!


    You're gonna
    be alright.

    I know you
    can fight!


    Just trust me

    I'm not just
    your reflection.

    Not just
    your imagination

    I'm your...


    So, look-up!

    Let's smile,
    my dear.

    Let them see
    from a mile.

    I wanna hear...

    you say...
    "I - love - me."


    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma


    #ILoveMe #SelfLove


    Another entry for #blue_eve_04 #challenge by @cyan_rose

    * Made-up song

    * My 21st song #NuEmSongs

    * I'll upload the video-recording to my new Youtube channel that I've made, later.

    * 566th post

    * 13.10.2020; 5.57 A.M

    * I look creepy, huh. ��

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    I Love Me ~

    (Read Caption)
    * Edited selfie
    of me with
    Old Mirror
    effect in

  • natanalatress 18w

    N not for everyone
    A ambitious
    T tenacious
    A about my business
    N natural
    A adventurous

    I know who I am, and I love myself enough to know that I wasn’t designed for just anyone and I’m content with being alone. I’m ambitious and know exactly what and who I want in my life. When I start something, I’m hell bent on finishing it. I don’t believe in starting things and leaving them undone. If I touch it, I will accomplish what I started. I’m about my business so don’t fuck with me, unless you’re serious about me, I’m not the one to be messed with & I promise you, you won’t win! I love who I am, and have no desire to follow anyone or all these nonsense trends, I’m complete and happy with who I am as a person, all that extra shit is for the birds baby, so feed them if you must! I’m comfortable in my own skin. I’m adventurous, and not afraid of change. New experiences bring growth & if you’re stagnant in life it maybe because, you’re afraid to make the necessary changes to be a better you!


  • goodforutoknowme 26w


    I hear arguments going on inside of me, where no one is no one wins, there is only fight of me with me, there is only hate from me for me, there is lies from me about me, I wanted to know who is who or who is me, then I heard them talking it's just befoling me i am the one who is creater of all this, I am just the space in time which has only silence and only infinity.......

  • theia_00_ 31w

    Sometimes I love myself so much.
    Other times, I don't really hate myself, I simply love others more.

  • chinu27 33w

    Love me or hate me,
    I don't care!
    After all, you are not my destination,
    for which I'll grapple with everyone.

  • lil_mee 34w

    Be yourself and love yourself.

    People keep on saying 'i want to be like him or her' but that's wrong. You shouldn't aspire to be someone else, we should be ourselves. Our own personality, character, smile ... everything, be you, be proud to be you, love you, and never ever care what people say about you that's their opinion and not yours. Just be you, be the the best you that you can be. You only live once so, make sure you live your life being you and not someone else...it is your life, not theirs.

  • bliss__ 36w

    Flipping through all of these magazines
    Telling me who I'm supposed to be
    Way too good at camouflage
    Can't see what I am
    I just see what I'm not
    I'm guilty 'bout everything that I eat
    why do I compare myself to everyone?
    And I always got my finger on the self destruct
    I wonder when I love me is enough...

  • yesenias_song 38w

    Non Apologetic, that's Me.

    If you go through life afraid of losing family, friends or a significant other. You've already lost yourself. Your dreams. You've lost my friend. Those that truly love, support, believe and want happiness for you will ultimately understand. You'll actually gain more respect and understanding by just being you. Then again, if you want and need their approval then by all means do what they say. As for me, I choose to do me without apologies. Respect my boundaries or get lost. You love me, then accept me as I am. Pray for me. Lastly, if you don't that's ok too. Your loss not mine. I have all to gain. I choose me. My wellbeing. My happiness. My life not yours. I have no room in my life for negative, narcissistic toxic individuals. Blood or not. Change or get out. Simple. Most likely, I will take you out anyway.

  • your_blogger_buddy 43w

    Ajeeb fitrat h dil ki...
    Najaane kya isse mehsoos hota h
    Saath me sbke hss lega...
    Pr dard me akela hi rota h

  • ladysag77 46w

    Feeling my power lately and celebrating my accomplishments. I have come so far in a short amount of time. Owning my true nature and connected to my inner child. This is me and I love the woman I am today.

    #selflove#selfcare #selfconfidence #spiritualjourney #spiritualawakening #goodvibesonly #theonlywayisup #innerstrength #powerful #feelinggood #iloveme

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    Feeling myself

    Stepping into my power, feeling unafraid in claiming it
    Coloring my world vibrantly utilizing quick wit
    Passionate, full of soul's guidance leading my way forward
    Confidence shining through no longer feeling awkward
    Watch out world, this girl is on fire
    Aiming to obtain all her heart desires
    Discovering her joy honors her inner child
    Free spirited and wild
    In the best way making no apologies
    Not compromising, seeing all her qualities
    Living my life out loud and proud
    Keeping the promises I make to myself I vow
    Never going back inside that self made box
    Going through my own personal renaissance
    Rising up, this is who I am.

  • am_mia 47w


    I love you

  • am_mia 47w

    Yes! Love is sweet but also painful if you don't get it back.
    Pls follow me��

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    Can i ever

    Can i ever get rid of this feelings.
    Can i ever fall in love again.
    Can i ever be loved for who i am.
    Can i ever live that life have always wanted.
    Can i ever think about others the way i think of you.
    Can i ever see someone like you again.
    Can i ever let you go.
    Can i ever accept the fact that you don't love me but somebody else.
    Can i ever move on with my life acting as if nothing happened knowing fully well there is someone out there who captivated your heart.
    Can i ever be able to let go of my feelings for you


  • am_mia 48w


    Love is that feeling you can't hide from and no matter how much you run away from it, you just find yourself falling deeply in love

  • aliciafiore 49w


    I love the way I dress
    I love my crazy laugh 
    I love my skin 
    I love my hair
    I love the way I do stupid things
    I love that I say stupid things
    I'm too tired of caring what you think
    I'ma do what I want, be who I want and say what I want
    Your silly judgments won't keep me from being ME

  • _vai_dehii_ 59w

    അവളോളം അവൾ മാത്രം ♥️
    #selflove #iloveme #loveyourself #love #life #inspiration #thoughts #diary

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  • queenofdeath 59w


    If I disappointed you, I deeply apologize. I just wanna be me. If that's not enough, I don't care.


  • its_smn 60w

    Mera ab dil nhi lagta!

    Is anjan dunya me, mera ab dil nhi lagta
    K yahan barso reh kr b, isse apnaya nhi jata

    In pur peech raho'n me,mujhe ab dar sa lgta he
    In na-shanasa logo'n me, mera ab dil nhi lgta

    Tareek Rato'n me, in khamosh rasto'n pe chalna ab dushwar nhi lgta
    K pur ronq mehfilo'n me, mera ab dil nhi lgta

    Hal puchne walo! Tum sb ka shukrya
    Lekin ab haal sunane me, mera ab dil nhi lgta

    Samne se dost ka laqab, bhala maloom hota he
    Lekin astee'n k sanpo'n me, mera ab dil nhi lgta