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  • kikupandit 8w

    #rain gives me an unknown reason to live life

    #iloverain because it loves me back by showering it's Love for me

    #raindrops sound turns out to be a soothing music for me

    #riding on the wet roads, is just an amazing thing I love to do

    #walking barefoot on the wet roads, Ohhh... I just love doing this...

    #mywish is to get wet in this rain till my heart says ' OK! lets go back to home now ' ❤

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    I Love Rain....

    You know why ?

    Because it's a symbol of EverGreen Life!
    Unlike the Summers
    It Brings Life even out of a barren Land,
    Unlike the Autumns
    It Never let's a Tree to be all Alone !
    It cares and loves for the entire of Us... !

  • kikupandit 10w


    Yes I have many more reasons to love rains
    I feel it's warmth that is only for me
    I feel it's cuddling around me
    I feel it's effort to make me smile
    I feel it's a life that induces my life to live....

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    A reason to Smile....
    A reason to forget sorrow...
    A reason to find peace ....
    A reason to relax and enjoy it....
    A reason to sit back and feel it....
    A reason to have a cup of hot coffe.....
    A reason to miss you and cry.....
    A reason to feel happy about myself ....
    A reason to feel the magic of God's shower....
    A reason to thank this beautiful eternal nature....
    A reason to sail paper boats in the little puddles.....
    A reason to plug in earphones and listen to soulful songs.....
    A reason to to feel that I am still alive...

  • amy_s_life 45w

    Dear Rain

    You are my everlasting love
    I'll never forget.
    The pain that lit up the stars
    Playing tricket.
    The seven stars in the sky
    Dear Rain, dance with me and get drenched.

  • scribbler_shruti 111w

    Rain: it lessens the distance between clouds n earth.. as infinite is imaginary..!!

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    Nights & Love

    Ek baar to kabhi yun bhi..
    Ek raat guzaaro tum;
    Apni saanson se mere baal sawaron tum:
    Kehdo un lafazon ko apni nazron se;
    Meri doobti kashti ka sahara ho tum.!!