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    The one who used to believe in love
    Now believes in karma.

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    a single soul was born with pride
    (or with racism)


    not a single one of us
    ushered love onto
    planet earth

    the blood of Jesus
    bought it


    almost like when im corrected
    for bad grammar and people are
    so confused on how I still don't
    GOT WITS? I'm a tad tar heal and
    half Ebonix. A bit twisted kinda like
    any human being repping as a living
    God or Goddess! Again scratching
    my head thinking how do you
    function walking around so


  • depthandmeet 1w

    Vajah...True love

    Ab mere ...
    Rakhne ki vajah tum ho....

  • creepywriter 1w

    Stop it whatever not good for your soul.

  • mrudu521 2w

    #in love

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    उस की मोहब्बत को कुछ इस तरह से निभाते हैं हम....

    वो नहीं है तकदीर में, फिर भी उसे बेपनाह चाहते हैं हम.....!!

  • ankit183 2w

    #In the deservement and extension of money and property we just forget to live while dying for happiness..... !!

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    Death... (My loyal friend)

    When I was born, I was dying for warmth,
    And as I grew, I was dying again.
    Dying for affection, for love.
    I was dying simply for a friend.

    Though I got all of these,
    I was always dying for more.
    Dying to get older,
    Dying to escape life's pause.

    I was dying to find someone,
    Dying to settle down,
    Dying to be happier,
    To have someone to wrap around.

    I continued dying every day
    Until I hit 99 and grew weak.
    I was dying to see my family,
    Dying not to fade; this I began to seek.

    And then I saw it in that light.
    I was finally dying for something to give,
    And I knew that I had been dying for so long
    That I forgot how to live.
    _________________________( Ankit Shukla)...

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    All her unpublished poems are lies in her eyes.

  • expressed_emotions 2w

    Bharosha kar liya hai ,
    Tumhe biswas karna chor diya hai ,
    Tumse yakeen hata liya hai ,
    Tumhe apna na kehna maan liya hai ,
    Bharosha kar liya hai ,
    Tumhe biswas karna chor diya hai .

    -Divya Soni

  • mrudu521 2w

    #in love #thee only way I can express my feelings

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    To the love of my life

    I remember I didn't believe in love
    I thought there was no true love
    I was cold hearted person
    for some reason
    I have never imagined myself with anyone
    but, know you are my very one
    you opened your heart just to let me in
    it was hard for me; I thought love was a sin
    but, you opened my eyes'
    I know I have never trusted guys'
    I gave you hard time
    I made you wait so long
    you didn't seem that you were giving up
    and you never did
    we did everything that couples do,
    that I never knew.
    Now you have won my heart
    and, I gave it to you...

  • my_world123 3w

    You're the happiest person
    #belive #in #one

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  • pkwriter 3w

    dil ki baat

    dard hota tha aksr dil main rkh kr .
    Acha hua jo tumko bta diya.
    arso se btana chah rha tha main.
    pr tumne to pl bhr main mere armaano ko tood kr
    dil ko dhuka diya...

  • sakshi665 3w

    Pretty woman

    Be a woman with grace

  • mrudu521 4w

    #in love

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    मीलों दूर है तू मुझसे,

    फिर भी मेरे सबसे करीब है तू...

  • xenabrao 4w

    #In the loving memory of my grandmother.. major missing

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    Papa Ammi

    Likhu to kya kya likhu
    Wo shaqsiyat thi aap....
    Wo khoobsurat, noorani
    Yaadein thi aap...
    Wo mohabbat, wo pyaar,
    Wo haseen yaadgaar hai aap...
    Har zidd ko poora karne wali pari thi aap...
    Wo ghar ka chiraagh,
    roshni thi aap...
    Aaj bhi aapki yaad me namm hoti hai meri aankhein,
    Ab Allah se dua hai Jannat me mile aap....

  • dreamdarer 4w

    true#in all aspects.

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    There is a time for everything
    But time doesnt wait for you to act upon it.

  • kiritbaria 4w

    #In love

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    Love Shayari

    Teri aankhon ke dariya mein dub jaana qubool hai,
    Tere khwahishon ke pankhon se ud jaana qubool hai,
    Bas ek baar tum hame dekhkar muskura do,
    Phir tumhare kehne par hamara mar jaana bhi qubool hai.

  • joycemush 5w

    The conversations between thoughts

    "It brings me to my knees.."
    That's how it makes me feel.
    Weak. Broken. Incomplete.
    I know, I know I'm hard to understand,
    and the things I do are bad.
    I know some struggle to keep up with me.
    But no one ever tried to tame this unstoppable transition.
    You tamed it all.
    The anger, the rage, the fire that burns inside of me.
    Tamed me.
    Locked me in a fucking old cage,
    and threw me in that hole of emptiness.
    “It makes me want to scream and let out the pain inside..”
    Laughing in my face when I saw the tears in your eyes,
    for what you've done to me.
    And like a flaming volcano, 
    I roared back at your laughs.
    Thinking we could never match. 
    “How she poisoned our minds with her wrong decisions!”
    But little did I know how snakes role around us.
    Fooling you, 
    fooling me. 
    “and he... He left me, believing her. 
    He left me for her when I accepted everything he put me through. 
    And my mistake was that I loved all the drugs 
    he struck up in my veins!”
    And how stupid was it for me to accept this cage, 
    the cage in that empty hole of darkness, coldness. 
    And made a home out of it. 
    And every time you left, 
    the room grew colder and colder. 
    It's chilling, it's iced.
    It's the coldest can ever get. 

    “He just left. No last words, no closure to anything. 
    No chance to explain, correct what she lied.”
    And you kept leaving, every time, I grew colder and colder, 
    until I'm frozen inside out. 
    “I.. I feel like I'm dead. That being this cold.
    I heard only dead people grow this cold..”
    And the darkness is darkening and dimming. 
    Like a grave, I feel like you have buried me. 
    “But I still have this dimmed candle fighting me to keep hope. 
    That he will come back. One day, he probably will.”
    And I wait for that moment, 
    that moment where you finally come in, 
    bringing your flames and volcanos into my house, 
    back to me, and set us both on fire.
    The ice you froze me with, you melted it. 
    “And I know, I know that even if he came back one day... 
    He will just leave again, and again and again..”
    And every single time you leave, again.
    The same happens all over again. 
    “Because he saw my scars, 
    he saw that I'm not that pretty face 
    That curved body everybody else loves to see, 
    he saw how broken and full of flaws I truly am. 
    He saw me for me”
    And it shocks me into oblivion degree of agony and pain, 
    that I lose my mind, every time you walk away...
    “But because of the way I feel for him, 
    I will always delight in the awful taste of this suffering,
    he seems to put me through, forever.” 

  • avinashkumarjha8809 5w

    खफा होंगे ।

    मैंने कभी सोचा ना कि इस कदर हम जुदा होंगे

    पास होंगे तो पर एक दूसरे से खफा होंगे ।

    और यह आजकल के लोग हमें अपनी मोहब्बत

    की दास्तां सुनाते हैं शायद इन्हें ये नहीं पता यह दास्तां ही

    हमारी कहानी से शुरू हुए होंगे । । ☹️☹️

  • _heart_ 5w


    Wo manjar bhi kitna haseen
    raha hoga
    Jab hum nautaki aur muskurahat
    hamara 100 taka khara raha hoga..

  • 3_am_quotes 5w


    एक अजीब सी लड़ाई हाँ मेरे दिमाग़ और दिल के बीच जिसका फ़ैसला आज तक मुझपर नहीं हो पाया
    कभी लगता हैं दिल सही कहता हैं तो कभी लगता हैं दिमाग़