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  • _poetandididntknowit_ 3w

    Wide awake while the world sleeps.

    It's late the world's sleeping
    As I should be
    Unable to disengage
    Wide awake
    Alone with silence
    Screaming inside
    Like a haunted child
    Provoking dilapidated thoughts
    Those that
    Would not usually be
    Church bells in the distance
    Diverting the silence
    A distraction
    For the moment
    To regain some clarity
    The voice within my head


  • ylviia 3w

    I want to be able to let myself go
    I want to act like a maniac
    I want to scream out loud
    Throw my stuff away and break them
    I want to cut off all of my hair while laughing hysterically
    I want to destroy a mirror just so I can pick up the pieces and cut myself with it
    I want to drink away my life till I pass out
    I want to run off into the forest in the night
    Just to scare the shit outta myself
    I want to punch the wall till my knuckles bleed
    But I can't
    Knowing the consequences I just stay silent
    While the battle in my head has begun
    Afraid of being judged and called a maniac
    I surpress these desires because I want to keep my sanity
    That's the only thing keeping me from becoming insane
    And sometimes even though that's selfish, stupid and so damn wrong
    I wish to be insane
    To feel no remorse
    And to just not care
    Because maybe I wouldn't be in such pain
    Maybe I wouldn't think so much because I simply don't care
    But that's a wish so inconsiderate and false
    That it goes right outta my brain
    And instead I imagine myself doing all of these things to at least keep me from actually consider doing it

  • sole_survivor 4w

    Rape: story of demons

    Drowning in lust your eyes treat me as a tool
    Understand me i am not for sympathy you fool
    Burning candles with my soul dying in dark
    Pull me out someone is tearing me apart

    Why me the void needs to fill?
    Answer me silence is not your will
    Time heal my wounded scar
    Pain seal the tragic night so far

    Nightmare dreams with sleepless night
    Soul is terrified where is hope of light
    Demon stab me with knife of hate
    Good is leaving me is it too late

    Rain of falling tear
    My heart in fire of fear
    So much anger i have too bear
    Why your ears not able to hear

  • outoftune 5w

    I Disappear

    Often I retreat inside myself
    into a place where no
    one speaks

    Oh... I hear their voices
    muffled and distant

    They all drain me
    the constant pull
    for my attention

    I'm told I'm like
    my father
    but I wouldn't know...

    They lie about him
    in books

    and I disappear...


  • amysticalmess 7w


    And when darkness crawls through the curls of my lashes,
    I hold tight to my bones and close my soul with latches.


  • crazedblush 7w


    Dance with me my love. 
    Remind me of all our tragedies.
    Entice me with the scent of you. 
    Aggravate my soul.
    Manipulate my mind.
    Calculate how long it'll take for me to say no.
    Applaud silently when I don't. 
    Treat me to nightmares.
    Convince yourself that this is once again my fault.
    Hold on to all of that hate you secretly have for me.
    Enlist the help of your family and friends and
    Relish how you've once again caught and destroyed all of my dreams. 

  • outoftune 8w

    In Search Of The Middle
    What comfort must lie
    Between the highs
    And the lows

    A linear surface of thought

    Control of reaction
    Escapes me
    As I long for balance
    In the brief moments between...
    © Outoftune

    A piece I wrote in 2017. I, as many others "suffer" from Bipolarism. I really wouldn't call it suffering.
    I believe some form of madness exist in us all.

    @writersnetwork @writersofmirakee @readwriteunite

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  • outoftune 8w

    With but a soul of a poet
    and the heart of a clown
    His heartfelt intention
    was to not let her down
    But you can't cage a poet
    with the rules of the sound
    For if not for us
    There would be no more clowns...

    © Outoftune 2018

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  • fragment 10w

    Insanity is a Petal

    Irrevocable damage caused by the thorn
    What is blood to the rose
    That does not live but to mourn

    Casting aside failures and lies
    Pretending consequences are anything but oblivious surprise

    Lying awake at night
    Hoping to be reborn

    Fearful petulance
    Turning joyful friendships to scorn

    Ignoring experience

    Unable to accept
    Careful planning and devotion

    Expecting in return
    Unfounded promotion

    Seeking loving ascension
    Living in hurried declination

    Buried in mistakes
    Hiding among snakes

    Aware of every broken promise
    Never ceasing to be honest

    Cursing life as unfair
    Acting on self consumed care

    Pursuing altruism without personal effort or exertion
    Much like picking a rose
    Disingenuous to the danger of the petal's hidden scorn

    © fragment, 2020 (Katherine Bernhardt)

  • quarantinistani 12w

    Neverything isn't impossible.

    Or isn't it?

    © quarantinistani

  • anushairfan 14w


    Writer’s block,
    silence talks,
    weaving stories
    of contentment.

    The euphonious sound
    of our hearts
    sings about joys
    of dwindling distances.

    The world seems intoxicated
    under your intense gaze.
    Staying away was transgression
    against the bestowed blessings.

    In a thousand different ways
    you set my heart ablaze.
    You filled me with admiration
    for the rewards of patience.

    Your love, kind gestures and thoughtfulness,
    makes me long for our togetherness.
    You are both, dreams and reality.
    Colliding in a moment of insanity.


  • sjhawthorne 15w

    Mania's Promise

    Mania is insanity's level playground
    Highest of highs
    Lowest of the lows
    Tormenting the tender heart
    Placating the incessant demon
    Resident in the corrupted soul
    Abiding to hatred projected from illness
    Life only adding to the deception
    Blessing of evil desertion
    Binding the being to suffering
    Cloaked promises of missing substance


  • sjhawthorne 15w

    The Mind of a Twisted Man

    A twisted man bent by time
    Once strong of mind
    Non-sense tumbling out words
    Rationalized through horrific experience
    Haunted scenarios
    Played through flashback
    Grotesque imagine haunting
    Pulling apart sanity
    Twisting fact to fiction
    Leaving disable reality
    A fragile frame remains
    Reasoning crashing into oblivion
    A twist man stands no more
    Falling into tirade of failed logic


  • likwidsay10 17w

    #Thinking #Insanity #life

    I was pondering human nature and the habitual habits we do everyday came into focus. I thought about how we go about our days doing what we did before but what occurred to me was what we're expecting from being so expectant about what a planned day looks like. We expect it'll be the same as the day before but really we know its not going to be the same as the day before. Isn't insanity's very definition defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result? Wouldn't that make us all insane by default? Cause due to human nature we're creatures of habit. We do what we've learned. The reality of life is that you can do the same thing twice in life and normally you'd expect it to be the same but it can turn out with a totally different result. So does that really make us insane? I remember some one once saying, "Where all God's mad men." I often wondered what that exactly implied to.

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    A Thought Out Loud #1

    We do what we've learned~


  • london_sky 17w

    Fall Into The Deep

    {April 22, 2027}

    I'm going down into my mind of deep slumber, where everything is making me forget to remember.

    The chaotic ticking of a clock hidden somewhere in my mind.
    I hear a whistle then a windchime.
    All of it joins together to create a sickening rhyme.

    The voices within me shaking and making sure everything is aching.
    My thoughts fly and fly but never reach my mouth let alone my actions.

    A soul inside a dead man's body on puppet strings, being controlled by many things.
    The songs that I hear twisted against me in time.
    How can I defeate the band of shadows within my mind?

    The angel and demon face off wondering who will take me in the end.
    Whether I will fall to the dark under the knife or fall to the sky where I am meant to fly.
    Either way I have no future.

    The strings pull me here and there soon enough I have no care.
    No thoughts, no feeling, nothing but missing emotions,
    As my mind follows those potions.

    Every breath a sword hits my lungs, every heart beat I have done something wrong, every word I lose something to myself.

    Dancing and dancing with a menacing smile while the inside of me has been lost in my mind's file.

    Who can reach me? Who can accept me?
    Can I really show what is hidden behind this mask?

    The monster inside grins as my mask covers it once again.
    What is going on?
    Why is this all restarting once more?
    I thought I left my blood on that door?

    Soon enough I am dragged away to the sleep full of imagination and evil.
    Hoping I will fail to wake and defeat the devil.

    I cry and reach for the edge of the cliff where my hope stands but instead I am being tugged farther and farther and I can't escape.

    I am falling into a punishment I deserve but can't take.
    I can't breathe, I am suffocating.
    But no help comes and I am left decaying.

    Alone, alone, alone, alone
    So alone I have been for oh so long.
    How can I suddenly trust this song?
    You gave me this light but why does it feel so wrong?
    I don't want to follow it because I know I will fall.

    Crying here on the edge I grasp one last time for my last breath.
    Instead I wake up to reality confused of where I am, only to see I made a mistake while in my mental state.

  • london_sky 17w


    I am currently going through so much mentally and tried to portray it in this poem. However I plan on posting another to sequel this one. To show the insanity of my mind that my subconscious that my past has formed in my mind.

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    Maniac Music Box Dancer

    {April 9th, 2024}

    I hide behind these masks of imperfection, the clockwork pieces in my mind leading my body to perform past exhaustion.

    The clock ticks in my mind as everything within me begins a search to find what is no longer mine.

    Sanity within my heart beginning to wither away as the loneliness comes out to play.
    Every tear, every feeling of fear begins to decay, as the darkness of my shadows release lies instead of what I was meant to say.

    On these strings like a puppet I begin to fall under the hands of my mind's trumpet.
    The call it gives to hide behind the mask once again.

    Tick tock, tick tock
    Repeats over and over as I watch the timer
    The timer of when my life will be over.

    The black and grey voices of the deep blue caress me into the lies I breathe.
    I close my eyes and feel the pain spreading throughout my veins.

    As an angel the torture I put on myself within my humanity causes the girl in me to plea.
    "Please stop! Be a light amongst others! Be a living star!"
    However this demon inside swallows me whole and I can not face that light once more.
    These voices I hear giving me warmth but my mind tortures me to the core.

    I am left for dead at my own fateful door.
    No one to save me, I am all alone, No one to hear me but the voices in my head as I lie awake on this rose covered bed.

    I closed my eyes and saw a dancer of perfection in my visions, but when I opened my eyes she was hanging by acid covered ribbons. Her wings gone. Tears rolling down her face in the dark as her performance was put to a gruesome halt.

    I the dancer in my mind follow the beat of the death beating at my door. Following the steps of people who have failed before.
    I look to the window and see them staring in, the people that love me but can't save me.
    The blank stares on their faces, some worried as they can see past these paces.

    Please tie me up within my mind let me loose to become an art piece worthy to be displayed in the chimes.

    In the distance I hear the piano and the strings of a broken song I once wrote, dragging me closer to my eyes.

    Dancing on and on in this music box world called my mind, I run through all the hallways and doors to find myself in this game of crime.

    Please allow me to be sane past the lies my lips keep on replay.
    Please release me of my mind as the music and clockwork winds.

    Please release my heart into the moonlught tonight.

  • james_taumas 17w

    Villain falls

    My cause just
    Singular conviction
    Sanity unbalanced
    World threatening
    Collateral losses worth it
    Motivation more than money
    Evils deeds caught up
    Paladin advances
    Demise predestined
    Hero and villain
    Same coin.


  • mentally_till 18w

    Admit It

    The other night during a breakdown I admitted that I knew you weren't real. That I knew that I've been talking to no one this entire time. Not a ghost, absolutely no one.

    I've been alone all this time. I must forget and go back into denial. You're still my best friend.

  • normancrane 19w

    Olive Orchard

    Let's lose our minds amongst the olive trees
    Labyrinth of oiled imagination
    Twirl like falling leaves / falling to our knees
    in unbalanced joy and veneration
    of ourselves. For there is nobody else
    but us; there is no other time but now,
    Red flowers bloom. A blue shadow propels
    a still landscape into being somehow
    fluid. Timelessly we swim, wet within
    each brush stroke branch and painted wave of wild
    emancipation— to forget the din
    of the wretched asylum. Vincent smiled:
    Dive too deep and you shall go insane,
    The olive grove remains the other side of the pane.

  • london_sky 19w


    Spiraling and spiraling my memory fades day by day
    I keep repeating to myself I am okay, I am okay
    But the voices the whispers in my head make me cave, make me cave
    But these things I keep saying are just a lie, just a lie
    Or is it because I am so willing to die, to die?

    Is what the therapist told me all a lie, all a lie?
    Or is it just what I am thinking inside, inside?
    How can I really fly really thrive when all I want to do is die, is to die?

    Hands round my neck, black in my face, the darkness creeps it's way, wanting me to play, wanting me to play.
    "Put on this mask, this filter. It will all be okay, it will all be okay"
    Said the devil with a smile on his face, a smile on his face.
    Haunt me till the end as my heart yearns again, again.
    Alone in the sand, fill my heart with the hope I can stand as my life beats again and again.

    Hands over my eyes I tell more lies, more lies
    As everything around me begins to leave begins to leave
    And I am here on the ground alone begging the sky not to bleed not to bleed.
    Who am I to force myself to live when I am not devil in disguise, in disguise?